Have you been wondering how the auto business is growing rapidly with each passing day? At one point in history, the automotive business was generally one of the most receptive industries to emerging technologies. The penetration of the mobile application era has completely changed the automotive industry faster than we could have anticipated. In addition, tens of millions of apps downloaded from the Google Play Store and the App Store indicate a completely new landscape.

According to the recent survey, around 1,500 people use mobile apps to buy a car every day, while around 72% of users said they use their smartphone in the life cycle of car purchases and 52% said that they also use your smartphone to search for new vehicle parts or add-ons. As a result, around 29% of customers use their smartphones even when selecting and examining a new and used car.

Long ago, humans had to go to a brick-and-mortar supplier to buy a used car. Nowadays it’s just as easy to pick up your cell phone and select the car, get all the details of the car, and buy the used car. Lyft, Uber, easy taxi, Gett, and many other taxi aggregation apps have created a new trend within the delivery company. In various and diversified vehicle production activities, vehicle sellers and second-hand vehicle dealers are increasingly turning to mobile applications for ecological, fast, and customer-oriented services.

Market & Statistics

The market for new cars has slowed considerably. Comparatively, on the other hand, the used car market has grown steadily at a rapid pace. According to reports from the 2018-19 Indian Bluebook, around 3.6 million units of new cars were sold and around 4 million used cars were sold and purchased.

Mostly the business of used cars was in metropolitan cities than in other cities mostly purchased cars and vehicles were private vehicles than commercial vehicles being used for commercial business purposes.

Business Model For Used Car Mobile App

There are many business models in the market. The most common business models are discussed below.

Dedicated Application for the Business:

The applications dedicated to the purchase and sale of used cars are the most suitable for professionals operating in the car sales market. Cars available for sale are registered by the business owner (dealer). Customers can search for the cars they want, then continue to finalize the deal. In these types of applications, the car list is updated and changed only by the business owner. Dedicated application models are not counted as standalone business models.

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Application for the seller:

The aggregator model of buying and selling used car applications is essentially an online medium between the customer/buyer and the car dealer. Application owners provide a framework for car dealers where they can post or market their ads. Customers or buyers can browse the available options according to their needs.

Unlike any other application, car buying and selling apps do offer a great set of advantages that ensures solutions to the users’ problems.

Advantages of Buy & Sell Used Car App

Any application available in the market is designed only to resolve the problems of the users involved. Over the years we have been working in the direction of generating better results and strong solutions that reflect in profits. For each of the members involved with your app, we have some advantages to offer.

It is always a win-win situation to hire our buy and sell used car app development team for your project.

For Dealers:

  • Accept requests for test drives online
  • Manage the booking received for services
  • Respond to the queries regarding quotes of cars
  • The payments made through these apps are more secure
  • The dealers can effectively get customer feedback on their cars and products

For Consumers:

  • A wide variety of options to choose from is available in the market
  • Get the price quotation instantly
  • Can sit at the comfort of their home and compare prices of the cars online
  • Allows the consumers to book a test drive whenever possible

For Automobile Industry:

  • They can receive benefits from the services they give like roadside assistance and warranty services.
  • Car inventory’s online and offline integration
  • The cars that are sold on the platform are certified cars that have certain checkpoints.

These are a few advantages that you get when you reach us for car buy-sell mobile app development. We understand creating a platform that cannot hold your users’ attention would not help anyway. Thus, our expert designers bring to the table the most reliable and interesting solutions that could help you be in a win-win situation.

What Are the Important Features to Include in Your Buy-Sell Car Application?

We share here some of the interesting features that would make it easy for the users to interact with your application and help you earn better results. We have been working with the best of the developers and the latest technology and trends to make sure that your buy and sell used cars app stands ahead of your competition.

  • Single tap login: With this feature, users can easily register or create an account to buy and sell used car apps. They can also use social media credentials such as Facebook, Twitter, phone number, email id, and many more for easy and hassle-free access.
  • Integrated Customer Management: Integrating CRM or customer relationship management into your application will surely help you extend the relationship with users or customers of the applications. Adaptive CRM will help you manage customer data, newsletters, and multichannel marketing and analytics more securely and easily.
  • In-Built Camera: With the help of a camera function built into the app, users can directly click on the photos of their cars and upload them to the app to buy and sell used cars. Users can click on 10 to 15 images of their car that cover the entire physical and exterior design of the car. It will also help buyers get all the details of your car before buying it.
  • Full model view: Integrating this functionality into the used car buying and selling app will allow users to get a 3D view of the interior and exterior of the car. You can move the cursor from different angles to get a 360 ° view with precise details.
  • EMI Calculator: Before purchasing a car, users can use this tool to get an average estimate of the monthly EMI. By filling in details such as auto details, loan term, down payment amount, users can get all the details of the monthly EMI.
  • Real-Time Analytics: A dedicated function of the application is to buy and sell used cars for the administrator. With this function, the administrator can extract all the information in real-time in the application such as marketing analysis, financial analysis, and the total number of registered and active users on the application.
  • GPS Tracking: We make sure that the user can spot all the sellers near them. We have been working in the direction of building a strong solution that would make owning a car for your users easy and comfortable. With an acute tracking facility, the complete buying selling process takes a little time and thus the efficiency of the application is also increased.
  • Loyalty Programs: Run loyalty programs in the application to engage more users. Also, if there are sellers who are long associated with them, rewards, cashback, and loyalty programs can make it better for the users.
  • Ad Management: We let your sellers have an opportunity to post ads on the platform that would make it easier for their property to be visible. This adds to the profits of the organization. Also, with better visibility, the seller would sell their vehicles faster and there would be more commission.
  • Easy Comparison: We make sure that the solutions that are delivered to you are designed by the experts and it lets you compare various alternatives available. With the ease of comparison, your user would not have to switch between the windows and thus the process becomes simpler and faster.
  • Scan and Upload Document: Documentation becomes quite easy here. The seller can simply scan car documents’ with the help of an in-app scanner and upload it on the platform to reflect the credibility of the vehicle. Similarly, the buyer can upload their details that would make it easier for them to reflect on the clear picture.

These are just the basic features that we include with your application. Along with this, there are a lot of features and operations that we integrate with the application that helps you stand the test of time. We have been working hard on the solutions that make it easier for the users to interact with them and earn the maximum benefits.

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Development Team Structure for Car Buying and Selling App

Automobile app development is simple if you have a team of talented and qualified developers who are experts in creating dating applications. If you need to turn your thoughts into real things, you need to work with a pool of experienced developers, designers, testers, and qualified managers. In case it is necessary to provide your application to a wider audience, it is preferable that it is available for the iOS and Android platforms.

  • Project Manager
  • UX/UI Designers
  • Frontend Developers
  • Android App Developers
  • iOS App Developers
  • Testers
  • QA Professionals

At Octal IT Solution, we make sure to involve our clients in the development process. We follow agile methodology and affirm that with each milestone, we connect with the clients for their feedback. In case any modification is required, it is done and then the final model is rolled out. For the best of results, it becomes important that the client and the development process are on the same page.

Cost of Buy & Sell Used Cars

Here we will discuss the costs of developing mobile applications from used car dealers. However, the cost of buying and selling the development of native applications for used cars depends on the complexity and functionality of the application. The cost also depends on the mobile app development company and where the application is developed. A robust car app with advanced features will go through the below procedures:

  • UX/UI (60-80 hours)
  • User Panel Development (350-400 hours for each platform)
  • Admin Panel Development (150-200 hours)
  • Dealer Panel Development (350-400 hours)
  • API development (90-120 hours)

At Octal, we assure you to provide you the best services at a nominal cost which also includes the post-delivery services of the application. Any updates at any point in time will be suggested by our team of experts and will be taken care of by our team. The approximate cost of developing an interactive used car buy sell application is somewhere around the US $15,000 (INR to $25,000.


It can be quite a task for user-friendly automobile app development where cars can be bought and sold. Hence, it is best to choose the right kind of people and the right team to work on your project and application. In the ever-growing automobile industry, people are turning to online portals where they can browse through to get the best care of their choice at the best cost. These apps contain maximum information about each car along with pictures, which are quite beneficial for both the consumers and the dealers.

Hire mobile app developers who understand the complexity of the application and how it would function. Over the years our experts have been delivering solutions that stand the test of time and need negligible transformation with evolving technology. The tech-geeks associated with us have been working in the direction of providing futuristic solutions that would help you earn max profits.

If you are looking forward to a team that works like yours, we are just a click away. Get buy-sell car app solutions that would help you earn make great profits and take your business to the zenith within a few months of entering the market.

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