Education introduces us to the world visible and invisible. With time traditional schooling has transformed and adopted new methodologies, but the core remains the same. The digital era offers learning apps for children, which assist them in the process of learning new and interesting things. Education & eLearning Portals and mobile apps are exponentially increasing not just for grownup kids, but also for preschoolers as well as junior school students. Mobile education, as a matter of fact, is a fast-growing trend that people all across the globe are embracing with open arms.

If you aren’t sure how big the domain is, then these numbers are enough to leave you awestruck!

Market Trends of the Elearning App Market

In recent years technology has grown at a pace that is incomparable. From K12 level to college grads and not just students, even professionals love the ease of accessing elearning applications. 

  • According to a study, the market revenue by elearning applications in 2021 was around USD 15k million and it is expected to accelerate at a CAGR of 6.8% by 2028. 
  • If we talk about advanced technology like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, etc. these have played a significant role in the growth and expansion of elearning platforms. 
  • The global elearning virtual reality market in 2021 was USD 65 million and it is expected to reach USD 300.3 million by 2028 with a CAGR of 23.8%. 
  • As we have already discussed, the elearning application market is expanding by leaps and bounds and parents find it really convenient and useful to take assistance from these applications to train young minds. 
  • A study reveals the global online K-12 educational market size is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.6% from USD 789 million in 2021 to USD 12930 million in 2028.  It is seen that educational apps are highly sought after among kids between the ages of 5 and 10 years. 

Data Source: Prnewswire


The numbers clearly reflect the elearning industry has a lot to bring to the table and give learning a new face. 

The next question to ponder is, what makes educational apps so popular?  

There is a varied range of elearning applications available in the market depending on the needs of the user. Some of the most common applications are competitive exam applications, private tuition applications, special learning applications, language learning applications, textbook applications, etc. 

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Educational Applications for Kids

Gen Alpha has seen the world run on technology and it is quite crucial that we fulfill their needs keeping in mind their growth and technology. The on-demand elearning app developers showcase great proficiency in developing applications that use animation, quirky images, and fun activities to make kids engage and interact. 

Fact Check: One learns more from video content as compared to texts. 

A must-have element of your elearning application is video content.  Our dedicated mobile app developers integrate live video streaming, video classes, and other features with kids education applications. 

If you are looking forward to investing in kids education app development, then we have a team that can help. 

And if you aren’t sure how to proceed, here are the top benefits of educational apps for kids that may further strengthen your decision. 

Top Benefits of Educational Apps for Kids

24-hour Availability

One major setback of regular schooling was following a particular timetable. Although we cannot deny the fact it developed discipline in us, sometimes we do not want to learn a particular subject at a particular time. 

With elearning applications, students can learn and see whenever they want regardless of the time of the day. Parents can always check what their kids are seeing and learning and even track progress.

The elearning app development service providers integrate child-friendly controls where the kids can use the app without a problem.   

Interactive in Nature

Mobile apps for kids incorporate a wide range of attractive and interactive activities. The young learners are glued to small activities such as crossword puzzles, spot-the-difference activities, world-building, etc. For kids who have a creative bent of mind, parents can go in for apps with coloring games and origami. Mobile learning is more than textbooks it is an ideal way to expand the various interests of children.

Enhance Classroom Performance

Mobile learning apps can enable children to secure better grades. These apps play a huge role in bolstering these little learners with the skills to complete school assignments with precision. In case a child faces any problem with any subject he can search for the same on his Android or iPhone app. He can also go in for advanced class preparation. This will boost his level of confidence.

Valuable Utilization of Free Time

As children, we had a lot of free time which we wasted on useless pursuits. With eLearning apps, children can use their leisure hours to learn something productive. As parents, we do not want our children to spend too much time in front of a television or doing idle talk over the phone. Mobile learning apps are a good alternative to wasteful internet browsing. They even instill a sense of discipline in children.

Making Children Tech-savvy

Being tech-savvy has become the need of the hour. According to Edison Research, the number of smartphone users below the age of 18 has increased by 600% from 2009 to 2014.   Educational apps familiarize children with the basic facets of smartphones as well as tablets. On average, a child of 5 years has become Smartphone savvy because of mobile learning apps. Regular use of these learning apps makes children confident when they are handling similar technology tools as well as gadgets.

Sharing of Knowledge Gathered

Most of the mobile learning apps for kids are integrated with networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. Kids can easily create their virtual study circles where they can share with their friends what all they are learning about, take part in discussions, and even video hangouts. This ensures the two-way transfer of knowledge. And because of such interactions children can make new friends.

Dynamic Nature Learning

Mobile learning apps encompass a wide form of learning systems, such as text-based learning, videos, infographics, animated graphics, audio narration, multiple-choice questions, and much more. A large percentage of students use their smartphones for eLearning, finding references, books, news, or other productive activities. This expands the horizon of a child as he/she is exposed to different techniques of learning. Go in for a technique that suits the needs as well as the requirements of your child and see what wonders it does for him/her.

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Systematic Form of Education

Learning imparted by a mobile learning app is in a systematic form. Whether it is a storytelling app or a subject-specific app, all kids learning apps ensure systematic education. The apps have built-in databases, where you can store stories and completed assignments for later reviews. You can also access digital copies of references and texts. Mobile learning apps take away the peril of haphazard studying.

Stay Connected with Your Teachers

Even though educational apps cannot be regarded as a substitute for classroom teaching, they serve to be an add-on to conventional teaching techniques. With these apps, students can get in touch with mentors and teachers by means of SMS, instant messaging, and emails. This makes resolving queries and doubts, a very simple as well as easy task.


The elearning mobile applications are accessible in every corner where internet is available. The android app development team and iOS app development team work on a solution that works with minimum to no internet and thus kids can learn uninterrupted from anywhere they want. 

Enjoyable and Informal

Children are averse to boring homework routines. The class-lectures are quite monotonous. Most of these complaints will vanish as a child gets acquainted with these learning apps. The Entertaining graphics, as well as imaginative illustrations, are a far call from regular studying patterns. Also when there is no teacher to check children, they feel at ease. The informal feel of a learning app propels children towards enhanced learning outcomes.

Propels embracing of Better Lifestyle Pattern

Learning apps are not just restricted to classroom lessons. There are so many mobile apps for children where they can learn about daily hygiene tips, soft skills, dietary habits, etc. All such information is given to the students in a lively as well as easy-to-understand way. Children are always keen to learn positive things and mobile learning apps enable them to do that.

And a Bonus Here! 

For institute owners or eLearning providers, mobile apps for learning is a profitable venture.   As the number of learners increases, the cost of eLearning setup decreases significantly in comparison with classroom setup. Therefore, an eLearning platform is highly profitable for businesses aiming for a large number of students.

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The Final Thoughts

So, these are a few of the advantages which mobile learning apps offer to students as well as their parents. Take the help of technology and tide over the barrier of ignorance and lack of knowledge. Download the mobile learning app as per your child’s needs and motivate happy learning. Make the best use of the free time of your child and also from the convenience of your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using educational apps?

Educational apps make it easier for learners to access information and upskill themselves as per their time schedule. With a diversified range of courses available over such platforms, students can adopt a hobby or get professional learning before joining a corporate house. 

Why are learning apps good for kids?

The new gen is tech-savvy and they can handle smartphones much better. Under the right supervision, they can learn and enhance their skills with learning apps. These apps have interactive videos and engaging aesthetics that help learners retain more information.

Do apps help students learn?

Yes. Elearning applications make it really easy for students to learn new skills without compromising their regular studies. Also, they can learn and understand complex topics with the help of videos and interactive learning mediums via educational applications.

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