Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripples, one of the top fintech mobile apps, once quoted 

“As I was looking around, to me, what was happening in the blockchain and crypto world was a movement.”

And it is no surprise how technology in the financial domain is giving tough competition to the traditional methods of delivering financial services. The fintech universe has startups and established financial institutions that leverage the power of technology. The startups are coming up with innovative ideas to replace traditional cards and cash, and the established institutions are trying to upscale user experience by making everything available online.

The market for fintech mobile apps has expanded with increased crypto awareness and investment. If you want to build a fintech app, then a robust market analysis is necessary. It would help if you were well-acquainted with the market leaders, their USPs, and their pitfalls to make a strong presence.

What Is Fintech Mobile App: Long Story Told Short

In the simplest terms, Fintech Mobile apps are the ones that let you make transactions in a few clicks. The history of Fintech can be traced back to the 1950s and 60s when credit cards and ATMs were gaining popularity worldwide. Since then, technology has been changing the common person’s transaction modes. Back then, Fintech was all about back office bank operations and trading, and now it is everything you can think of doing with your fiat currency. 

With time the term Fintech has grown more substantial and more prominent. Advanced technology plays a significant role in giving the industry its face Today. The four pillars of Fintech building are Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, and Big Data. 

The AI algorithm reflects on customers’ expenditure patterns, helping financial institutions understand their users better and offer customized services through fintech mobile apps. RPA, a part of Artificial Intelligence, is used to automate the tasks to be performed regularly. In big data, the market and the client’s investments are analyzed to create new 

Cloud computing saves the data and ensures that the information shared is stored in a protected environment. Blockchain is a growing technology that is decentralized in nature. It can eliminate the need for any third-party integration to make the payments. Best fintech startups use the technology to offer their users a safe and secure transaction platform.

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In today’s world, technology is king, and the Fintech domain is growing faster than any other. Here is a fact that supports the statement: We are in the middle of 2024, and there are already 60 startups that have gained the status of Unicorn. Fintech mobile apps have shown impressive numbers, and the growth is exponential. 

Fintech Mobile App – Amazing Stats

As you decide to invest in the fintech industry, you must understand how the industry is in its full bloom Today. 

  • In 2021, the Fintech industry accounted for $1 in every $5 investment in worldwide ventures. 
  • Around 151 fintech unicorns were added to the list in 2021. 
  • The total digital transaction value is expected to be $7,860,739 by the end of 2022. 
  • By 2025, the number of digital transaction users would be 4,929,55 million. 

If you are looking forward to building an application that can manage your users’ money and help them be mindful when investing, this is the right time to invest. 

Some of the best fintech mobile applications that are ruling the market now can help you build a unique fintech application that makes things easier for you. To get digital wallet app development solutions click here.

Fintech App Development

10+  Best Fintech Mobile Apps You Need to Check Today!

Before we check the list of the top fintech mobile apps, let’s see the types. 

Yes, you can choose from different types of fintech applications in the market. Depending on the operations and functions, you can select the right fintech ideas for your business. 

  • Robo Advisors and Personal Finance: The applications that individuals use to invest and track their expenses. 

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  • RegTechs: The applications that regulate, monitor, and control financial compliances.
  • Digital Banks and Banking Services: The best pay apps and banking applications lie under this segment. 
  • Payments and Remittance: The applications that are used for digital transactions. 
  • Blockchain and Bitcoin: The applications that are used to make investments in the crypto exchange. 
  • Insuretech: The applications talk about insurances and their clearances online. 

Financial app developers list some of the best applications from each category that you can read and review before you decide to enter the market with your application. 

Application NameAvailable OnMarket Value
CoinbaseAndroid | iOS$85.7 Billion
RevolutAndroid | iOS$33 Billion
RobinhoodAndroid | iOS$32 Billion
NubankAndroid | iOS$30 Billion
ChimeAndroid | iOS$25 Billion
FinchAndroid | iOS$15 Million
N26Android | iOS$3.5 Billion
MoneyLionAndroid | iOS$2.9 Billion
AcornsAndroid | iOS$1.9 billion
EarninAndroid | iOS$800 Million
TellusAndroid | iOS$265 Million
MintAndroid | iOS$103 Million

1. Coinbase: Buy Bitcoin & Ether

Coinbase: Buy Bitcoin & Ether

One of the most popular fintech mobile apps for purchasing, storing, and exchanging cryptocurrencies, Coinbase has more than 68 million users. The application has gained a solid customer base and is trusted by naive and experienced crypto investors. If you are new to crypto investment, our experts suggest using the application. It is simple to use and offers trading in over 100 different currencies.

The Pro edition is ladened with extended features and is available for more experienced users. Even though Coinbase charges a lot more than other crypto trading platforms, its ease of navigation and interactive user interface makes it one of the best in the market.

Standout Features of Coinbase:

  • Deals with cryptocurrency. Thus, the chances of fraud and hacking are reduced several folds.
  • Integrated videos and tests to help users learn and understand cryptocurrency.
  • Low account funding threshold.


  • The application offers immediate transfer of amount with other users
  • Has 2FA and multi-signature security
  • Has mobile and web services


  • Delay in fund deposits
  • It doesn’t back cryptocurrency
  • Security can be an issue here

Android App

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2. Revolut


Revolut is one of the most exemplary fintech startup ideas of its time. It offers the users a feature-rich banking and payment experience along with a prepaid debit card that can be used for international purchases and ATM withdrawals. One can receive payments, convert currencies, and manage day-to-day banking with Revolut.

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Standout Features of Coinbase:

  • Make international transactions as easy as national transactions.
  • Use various currencies from the same application simultaneously.
  • One can do crypto trading and gold trading from the application.
  • Discounts and rebates are offered as benefits when using Revolut cards.
  • Easily split the bills with your friends.
  • Manage spending by setting the limit to expenses via card.


  • No fee for account opening
  • The application can deal with multiple currencies
  • Supports crypto trading


  • Sluggish customer support

iOS App
Android App

3. Robinhood: Stocks & Crypto

Robinhood: Stocks & Crypto

The popularity of the brokerage firm Robinhood is a success driver to its user-friendly trading app, which makes investing seem very simple for the users at competitively low costs. To keep up with the fintech mobile app competitors, many other platforms began actively eliminating commissions for trading stocks, options, other securities, and cryptocurrencies. Being able to invest as little as a fraction of a share, Robinhood markets itself as the perfect destination for younger investors with little to no expertise in the market.

Standout Features of Coinbase:

  • User-friendly and interactive mobile app interface.
  • Commission-free trading of cryptocurrencies, equities, and ETFs.
  • Fee-free accessibility from its network of ATMs with amazing deals.


  • Easy to register and create an account
  • Fee-free trading
  • Has a web and mobile app


  • Restricted products to choose from
  • Limited reports and access to information

iOS App
Android App

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4. Nubank: conta, cartão e mais


With more than 40 million customers in Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia, Nubank is the largest online bank in the world and one of the leading fintech companies in Latin America.

In 2014, they introduced their first product, a credit card, to the Brazilian market. This card had no fees and could be sent to the consumer in just two days. Not just this, Nubank also provides free personal and corporate accounts, free, fast money transfers, and other services to its consumers.

With complete digitalization of the banking facilities, Nubank has emerged as one of the strongest top Fintech in the US and around the world.

Standout Features of Coinbase:

  • Register free for personal and business accounts.
  • The rates of the investment are favorable for your savings.
  • Get a VIP, super stylish metal credit card with exciting perks.


  • The card is recognized globally
  • Commission-free transactions
  • Disadvantages:
  • Fees on fund transactions
  • Sluggish functioning

iOS App
Android App

5. Chime – Mobile Banking


One of the best fintech apps, Chime, provides an interactive and exciting package with one protected credit card, one checking account, and one savings account that can all be controlled through a user-friendly app. The UI/ UX designers have done a fantastic job building an application with easy navigation. Chime is an excellent alternative to traditional banking. Checking accounts come with a few tempting offers, such as a 200$ fee-free overdraft limit and a 2-day acceleration of regular direct deposits. The savings account gives competitive rates and has no minimum balance requirement. The user can earn interest even with a single penny in their account.

Standout Features of Coinbase:

  • Offers automated saving tools.
  • The interest rates are competitive and do not harm the pocket.
  • Receive early deposits for the payments.

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  • Easy and swift direct transfers
  • Marks your transactions automatedly


  • Lower interest rate
  • Limits funds to transfer from a savings account

Android App

6. Finch: Self Care Widget Pet

Self Care Widget Pet

Finch is a technologically advanced application that lets users generate significant profits on their investments considering their checking balance. This implies that although your assets are continuously generating profits for you, you have quick access to your budget, including the invested amount, if in need. Direct deposits and free ACH payments are available through the application, which has no account minimums or additional costs.

The fintech app development companies believe Finch offers some of the most loved features and would see an upward graph in the time to come.

Standout Features of Coinbase:

  • Get personalized advice on investments.
  • Automated investment of the balance that you want.
  • Check for credit and investments via the application.
  • Access the assets via the application and use them when needed.


  • Offers financial services and budget statistics
  • Compares user spending and finance monitoring


Pretty new in the market to compete with the ones that have marked their presence.

iOS App
Android App

7. N26 — The Mobile Bank


The budgeting application is one of the best fintech ideas to organize your funds. N26 is a reliable personal budgeting application with a tight feature set. N26, a company with over 7 million online users, provides free day-to-day banking services without monthly or annual maintenance costs, three free ATM withdrawals, and no foreign exchange expenses. The app also gives users access to merchant discounts, rewards, and the savings Round-ups function; however, only the premium edition has access to the second.

Standout Features of Coinbase:

  • Users can create sub-accounts for simple budgeting and money saving.
  • Get an intelligent report on the expenditure.
  • Check for guidelines when spending with others.
  • Easily impose spending restrictions to save your amount.


  • The application is one of the few that has a banking license
  • No charges for the sustenance of accounts


  • Clutches one currency
  • Sluggish user experience

iOS App
Android App

8. MoneyLion: Bank & Finance App


The fintech app, MoneyLion was released in 2013 and was designed and developed to take care of the financial demands of numerous users by providing a wide range of financial services. The application has affordable rates and offers various services under one roof. The users can invest, establish credit, handle daily financial tasks, and gain from cash advances. Although primarily aimed at younger audiences, most traditional financial services provided by conventional physical banks or credit unions are accessible to all smartphone users.

Standout Features of Coinbase:

  • Offers automated investing opportunities to the users.
  • It makes mobile banking easy.
  • Check for your credits to get loans.

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  • One-stop solution for all your banking needs
  • Cashbacks and Rewards
  • Benefits of membership


  • Limited choices for investment
  • Complicated pricing

iOS App
Android App

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9. Acorns: Save & Invest


One of the top Fintech mobile apps for beginner investors is Acorns, which also offers a robo-advisor platform, a checking account, and tax-advantaged IRAs for retirement. The application invests the savings from your regular transactions in the market. A debit card, direct deposit, mobile check deposit, and other features of standard bank accounts are all included in the checking account.

Standout Features of Coinbase:

  • Automated investment of changes saved from regular investments.
  • It offers rewards to various businesses and comes with an instruction manual.


  • Automated investments
  • Cashbacks and Rewards


  • Restricted functions
  • Complicated pricing

iOS App
Android App

10. Earnin: Your Money in Advance


By giving users access to their paychecks whenever they need it, Earnin is a ground-breaking application that helps people attain more financial confidence and independence. The application is free, but instead of demanding payment, it solicits donations from users of up to $14.

Standout Features of Coinbase:

  • Check for paychecks quickly and request money as required.
  • 256-bit encryption
  • Faster response


  • Easy to use
  • Encrypted messaging


Sluggish response sometimes

Android App

So, if you are looking forward to fintech app development services, ensure that your team is well acquainted with these applications and understands their functioning. It has been a long road for fintech applications, and they are on a more significant path as we move forward. In the near future, traditional banks will be replaced by digital banks that are more reliable and secure. 

11. Tellus: Earn more, faster


One of the most successful fintech startups, Tellus provides various services, including home equity lending, real estate investing, and cash management. Users can earn a daily interest at a 3 percent annual yield by having a Tellus Boost account.

With the help of a mobile property management assistant from Tellus Manage, consumers may manage rentals without making contact.

Standout Features of Coinbase:

  • Keep a record of assets and profits and distribute money
  • Real Estate listings from 16 websites
  • Expansive cloud storage


  • One-stop solution for realtors, landlords, and tenants
  • No funds required


  • Security can be an issue
  • Limited functions

iOS App
Android App

12. Mint: Budget & Track Bills


With more than 25 million users, Mint is the best personal banking app. This free mobile application allows users to manage all their financial accounts in one location, track their spending and savings, establish goals for their budgets, pay their bills on time, and much more. Users can examine their spending patterns over time and find strategies to improve their financial situation.

Standout Features of Coinbase:

  • Synchronization with the bank, your investment, and managing money.
  • Split your expenses into various categories to review at the week’s or month’s end.
  • Push notifications and alerts to keep track of your expenses.


  • Easy Download
  • Track income and expenditure


  • It doesn’t have multi-currency transaction
  • Only one saving target with one account

iOS App
Android App

It is exciting to see how advancing technology is transforming how we make transactions and to see how fintech app developers worldwide are anticipating the growth of the field.

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Final Opinion


A long list with some popular names…

Fintech apps are gaining popularity as they offer the ease of managing expenses and tracking investments. The list can help you choose the best fintech app that suits your needs. Hire the best Mobile App Development Company to build your fintech apps.

And if by any chance you are someone who is looking forward to investing in fintech app development we are just a click away!

Best Fintech Mobile Apps

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fintech?

Fintech comes from the term Finance and Technology. It started with credit cards and ATMs, and Today, there are digital banks and traditional banks that offer all banking services digitally.  

What is a Fintech Company?

Any organization that modifies enhances, or automates banking services with the help of technology is a Fintech company. 

What are the most used fintech Services?

Almost 90% of the users use fintech services for digital payments and bill payment services. 

Are Fintech mobile apps Safe?

Yes. The fintech mobile applications are safe and secure to use. The fintech app developers pay extra attention to developing the application and making it worth the use.

What are the best fintech app ideas to invest in?

– One can invest in 
– Digital Banking applications 
– Investments and Trading applications 
– Personal Finance and Budgeting Applications 
– Blockchain and cryptocurrency Exchange Applications 
– RegTech Applications

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