2020 has been a time of groundbreaking change. For most of us, the year has totally redesigned how we work, live, team up, cooperate, and learn. Indeed, personal life and work life are mixed now like never before in a manner that has constrained associations to rethink recently held ideas about cooperation, culture, and building social capital. In the current paradigm, work is not just about efficiency and yield but also profoundly about adaptability, prosperity, and compelling coordinated effort among distant and actual specialists. Video conferencing app development like Zoom has become the need of the hour for business organizations. The key inquiry that emerges is how to develop a video conferencing app and what the cost of developing a video conferencing app is. Can we essentially duplicate what was recently done in the workplace in a virtual climate? Is that sufficient?

Well, most organizations are trying to combat the situation by hiring app development teams to video conferencing app development like Zoom to help them connect with their staff and build a strong work environment.

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The novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has brought many video chat mobile applications into being and boosted several applications already there in the app and play stores.

The Zoom app has recently seen an unbelievable surge, with people from almost all sectors turning to it for meetings and video conferencing. Due to the pandemic and remote working conditions, such apps have gained prominence and have carved a path for more such apps. This is the right time to build an app like Zoom because it is of maximum use now.
If you want to enter the market and know how to build a video conferencing app like Zoom, continue reading. In this article, we will discuss how to develop a video conferencing app and the cost of developing a video conferencing app like Zoom.

Today, Zoom has become a household name, and everyone from school-going children to retailers and businessmen uses this platform to stay connected. It has proved to be an example of how people prioritize things during these trying times.
Take a look at a Statista report displaying the most downloaded apps in the U.S. from March 26 – April 1, 2020:

Zoom Download

Some Amazing Stats About Video Conferencing App Zoom

Before we dive deep into how to develop a video conferencing app , Let’s have a look at some amazing stats related to video conferencing app zoom.

  • 504,900 corporate clients use Zoom.
  • With 2,900% growth in the number of active meeting participants, Zoom was one of the fastest-growing applications in 2020 and 2021.
  • Over 3.3 trillion yearly meeting minutes have been recorded on Zoom so far.
  • In 2020 alone, 485 million downloads of the Zoom mobile app were made.
  • Zoom hosts 45 billion minutes of webinars annually.
  • Zoom’s revenue for the most recent quarter was $1.021 billion, up over 54% from the previous year’s period.
  • Zoom’s Q2 2023 revenue is $1,139 million.

Let’s now figure out if investing your money in video conferencing application development like Zoom is safe.

Well, the answer is one hundred percent yes, only if you have something unique to offer, as plenty of fish are in the game. You might want to go headstrong into the competition, which is already flooded with such apps, and get an unprecedented response from the users. You must go a notch higher than the others offering similar services.
The application is not just popular among big enterprises, but small start-ups and other businesses rely on it to a great extent. When it comes to talking about the benefits, the application gets an edge over others in the business.

Why Create a Video Conferencing App like Zoom?

As mentioned earlier, Zoom serves businesses of all sizes. All things considered and measured because the foundation of the application can deftly scale to fit any client size and budget plan. In any case, probably the coolest piece of our video conferencing app development company is to ensure the Zoom-like app’s scalability and the impact it can have on independent companies.

When it comes to building a video conferencing app like Zoom, a few challenges make the journey a little difficult. With cutting-edge technology and years of experience, we build solutions that are special to maintaining an independent company — executing numerous cycles with only a couple of individuals and a restricted financial plan and focusing on the time and assets to get everything going productively — that can be addressed with the Zoom platform. Why? Zoom gives simple-to-utilize video correspondences that enable individuals to achieve more.

Interactions that the application offers should assist each developing business with accomplishing its objectives, yet additionally, help meet its continually expanding necessities. Zoom’s simple set-up, usability, and layered estimating and utilization plans improve how private venture groups deal with their time, upgrade profitability, and scale the organization.

Here are five reasons why independent ventures select Zoom to assist them with doing everything and develop their customer base, income, and association.

1. Zoom Is Not Difficult to Set Up, Use, and Oversee

You’re focusing on your core business like always and acting like, for now, IT support shouldn’t be one of the considerations for expansion. Well, sorry to burst your thought bubble!
With Zoom, you can make transparent budget plans, buying and sending, with no secret expenses. It’s a single tick to begin or join any gathering, and Zoom gives simple cooperation and member controls. Put plainly, you needn’t bother with an IT group to carry out and oversee Zoom.

Because the application is so easy to follow, most businesses use it for their communications. With video conferencing development in mind, we make sure your application, too, finds its way into the market as Zoom has.

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2. Current Correspondences for Your Scattered Group

Get your team together and record (up to 100 members standard) sessions, or have a fast one-on-one gathering. With such facilities, you can feel being in the office, and the recordings would help you revisit discussions as and when required. This is quite an easier way to document your meetings than simply penning it all through. Zoom offers HD video and sound integration, even in low-transfer speed conditions, so your groups can, without much of a stretch, interface, team up, and work with deftness.

3. Single Stage for Gatherings, Telephone, Online Classes, and Talk

Utilize your assets carefully with a solitary answer for gatherings, online courses, telephone, and talk. Your team members must utilize one device, and they’ll cherish you for that! The most awesome thing is that Zoom keeps on enhancing its foundation to meet growing business needs, so you’ll never need to stress over discovering another interchange stage.

4. Associate using Work Area Customers, Programs, Meeting Rooms, and Cell Phones

When looking at the major features of the Zoom-like app we have discussed below, we’ll see most features drive the same idea about adaptability and ease of utility. Zoom works consistently across all your working frameworks — PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android — so your representatives aren’t secured in explicit gadgets. You can moderately video-empower any gathering room or meeting space with Zoom Rooms, which are not driven by specific hardware and are easy to set up (even kids can do it in a snap of fingers!). Or, then again, attempt one of Zoom’s across-the-board machines, which further improves how you send, oversee, and scale the room insight.

how to develop a video conferencing app

5. The Best Worth and Profit from Venture

Till a few years back, Zoom was an independent small business, and the tech team realized exactly that it was essential to complete all the functionalities speedier and construct connections through up close and personal collaboration. Zoom assists you with doing precisely that with a huge load of video interchange abilities pressed into one low month-to-month cost. Our incorporations with Google and Microsoft will smooth out your gatherings, and our App Marketplace has more than 200 mixes with driving applications like Slack and PayPal to broaden the force of Zoom.

The features and other integrated applications majorly drive the cost of developing a video conferencing app. We ensure your Zoom-like app helps you earn the most profits and offers expansive integrations.

Our Android app developers ensure that you do not have to change all the difficult work you’ve placed into building your business with correspondences that can’t scale with you. The Zoom stage gives driving correspondence administrations to each independent venture hoping to turn into the following extraordinary enormous endeavor.

Before you even start planning video conferencing app development like Zoom, you should know how the app functions and the services it offers users. Thus, if you are a growing finance manager who wants to enter the market utilizing his/her video conferencing application, you are simply on the ideal track. As of now, it’s an extraordinary thought. Thus, how about we perceive how to build a video conferencing app like Zoom, why you should grow such an application, and what video conferencing app development costs? Take a look at the services below:

Zoom Video Webinar

video conferencing app development

Most of us know by now that Zoom is one of the most appreciated and successful platforms for hosting meetings and events and broadcasting them for larger groups. Although the app allows 100 people to participate in a webinar at one time, it gives access to 10,000 people to view the event simultaneously without any participation. The organizers can monetize the webinars by keeping a sign-up fee for the viewers.

Zoom Meetings

The feature that has helped the app grow leaps and bounds in recent days is the fact that it allows people to host seamless online meetings. The HD conferencing quality, without any disruptions, makes it the best solution for all video calling apps. Not only is the corporate world using the app, but schools are also taking online classes. People use the application regularly for video meetings and confrencing.

Zoom Conference Rooms

video conferencing app development

Those who have been using the app must be well aware of the fact that Zoom allows them to share their screen with other participants in a call, making it easier to host conference meetings. This service is specifically for the corporate world and meetings, wherein people share their screens to show graphical representations and pie charts.

Zoom Chat

This is one of the simplest ways to communicate on any platform. To streamline communication, one can chat with the others individually or post text messages in groups.
With Zoom, it is easier to connect with the staff. We ensure you get solutions that connect you with the staff.

Zoom Phone

As the name suggests, this feature enables users to make HD phone calls through the app. However, the feature is available only in certain parts of the U.S. and Canada. It has made the app quite effective and efficient.

Zoom AI Companion

With the help of Zoom AI Companion, you may boost your abilities, improve team performance, and increase productivity. You can expect excellent outcomes when creating emails and chat messages, summarising meetings and chat threads, coming up with new ideas, and much more with Zoom’s special federated approach to AI—all inside the straightforward, user-friendly Zoom environment you are familiar with.

These services make Zoom stand out from the rest of its competition. As time passes and more businesses integrate Zoom with their operations, the application is expanding its services and free features. If you create an app like Zoom, you must understand the features that make this app so loved and popular. Are you planning to develop an app like Zoom and confused about what features to include?

Key features for video conferencing app development

Building a video conferencing app like Zoom effectively requires time, amazing investigation, determination, and savvy arranging. How about we investigate the features you should follow for building up a video visit application like Zoom? Take a look at some features that make the app stand out and beat the competition:

Create an app like zoom

Virtual Background: This allows a user to use a background display to do branding and avoid any distractions because of the clutter behind one. While participating in a conference, a user can change the virtual background and make it look like he/she is in some other part of the world. This can also help them look more presentable.

Scalability: The app developers were quite thoughtful about the scalability of the app before developing it. The app allows 1,000 people to participate in a conference at once and 10,000 people to view a conference without any participation. If you plan to launch a similar app, scalability should be considered.

Hd Audio and Video: All apps should offer a high-quality video to the users, like in the case of the Zoom app. The virtual meetings and conference calls are very easy to conduct because of the HD quality and without any disruptions. The productivity level rises a notch higher with this feature.

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Transcription and Recording: Any video conference app should have the feature of recording any conference meeting and transcribing the content for future reference. The transcript should be searchable.

Calendar and Saving: This is one of the most used features as it allows users to link their calendars to the app and schedule meetings and conferences. This feature works like a personal reminder for a user.

Team Chat: Make sure to integrate team chats in your app if you want to make one like Zoom. The interface should be such that one-to-one chats and team chats are easy to do. While doing a video call, the participants should be able to chat on one or send messages in the group chat.

Notes: Make the best use of the app by allowing the participants to make notes during a conference or a class. This feature will enhance the user experience and make it convenient for them to do everything simultaneously on the same platform rather than switching between apps and tabs.

Screen Sharing: One feature that makes Zoom unique is the ability of the users to share their laptop screens with the participants. This should definitely be considered if you want to build an app like Zoom.

Polling and Q&A: Make the meetings held on mobile video conferencing apps more interactive by including the feature enabling public polling and Q&A. One should be able to put up questions and ask the participants to give live answers for a collaborative meeting.

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Hand Raising: Do you want the users to feel like they are sitting together in a hall or room while video conferencing or attending a class? Well, you should give them the perfect experience of being together by integrating virtual hand-raising in your app, like in the case of Zoom.

Safety: All apps ask the users to create their profiles before working on them. These include their names, contact numbers, and address, among others. A user’s safety should be the utmost priority to any app and be secured from any encroachment. The data should be saved in the backend and secured with end-to-end encryption.

how to develop a video conferencing app

These are a portion of the essential highlights alongside huge loads of different highlights that it has to bring to the table. The product additionally has a Virtual Background, which permits you to set a picture or video as your experience during a gathering. This can be useful for somebody who doesn’t need others to see within their condo.

Regarding protection, Zoom Meetings does its absolute best to guard the information. The product is installed with start-to-finish encryption, ensuring nobody can peep into your gatherings — not even the actual organization.

Top Video Chat and Video Conferencing App to Inspire You

Skype Video Chat

Skype - how to develop a video conferencing app

Skype is one of the pioneers in video calling, offering a user-friendly platform for personal and business use. Microsoft-owned Skype supports both one-on-one and group calls, allowing users to connect through video, voice, or text. The video conferencing app Skype is known for its ease of use and accessibility across various devices, making it a popular choice for casual conversations and virtual meetings.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Team - how to develop a video conferencing app

Microsoft Teams is a comprehensive collaboration platform integrated into the Microsoft 365 suite. Teams combine video conferencing, chat, file sharing, and other collaborative features. Designed for businesses, Teams facilitates seamless communication and collaboration among team members, with options for scheduled meetings, ad-hoc discussions, and document sharing, all within a single interface.

Google Meet

Google Meet

Part of the Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) is a robust video conferencing solution catering to personal and professional users. Google Meet is known for its simplicity and integration with other Google applications. Video Chat app Google Meet supports high-quality video and audio calls, features like screen sharing, and real-time document collaboration. Video Conferencing application Google Meet is a go-to choice for those already using Google’s ecosystem of productivity tools.

WebEx Meetings

WebEx Meetings

Developed by Cisco, WebEx Meeting is a versatile video conferencing app that targets businesses of all sizes. WebEx Meeting offers features like HD video, screen sharing, and customizable meeting spaces. Cisco WebEx is praised for its security measures and is often chosen by enterprises prioritizing confidentiality. Developed by Cisco WebEx Meetings supports large meetings and webinars, making it suitable for corporate use and educational purposes.

Team Required for video conferencing app development

It might be a task to develop an app like Zoom and take a lot of effort from an entire team consisting of experts from different tech fields. The team should consist of experts with experience in making such apps, irrespective of the size of the business or app they want to launch. Also, the team structure depends on the features that one wants to integrate into the app.

Take a look at the team members who are required to build a video conferencing app:

  • Project manager
  • iOS app developers
  • Android app developers
  • UI/UX designer
  • Business analyst
  • Backend developers
  • Quality analysis professionals

With the agile development process, we ensure you can keep a check on the various milestones and review your product at each part. If you are considering entering the market with interesting future-ready solutions that help you stay connected with your team, then you are at the right place.

What Techstack Required to Develop Video Conferencing App Like Zoom

The tech stack defines the proficiency and the cost of developing a video conferencing app.

WebRTC (Real-Time Communication): WebRTC is a free and open-source project that uses simple application programming interfaces (APIs) to enable real-time communication between web browsers and mobile apps. WebRTC enables peer-to-peer transmission of voice, video, and general data, facilitating real-time communication without the need for plugins or other applications.

Media Servers: Media servers play a crucial role in managing and optimizing the distribution of audio and video streams. They assist in handling tasks such as routing, transcoding, and scaling.

  • Janus: An open-source WebRTC server that supports various plugins and can be customized for different use cases.
  • Kurento: An open-source media server that supports WebRTC and provides features like transcoding, recording, and more.
  • Jitsi Videobridge: Jitsi is an open-source video conferencing solution, and its Videobridge component supports scalable and secure WebRTC video conferences.

Codec for Video and Audio:

Video Codec: Choose a video codec that balances compression efficiency with computational complexity.

  • H.264 – VP8/VP9 – H.265 (HEVC)

Audio Codec: Select an audio codec suitable for real-time communication.

  • Opus – G.711

Signaling Server: The signaling server facilitates client communication, managing tasks such as session initiation, user presence, and other signaling-related activities.

  • WebSocket: Communication protocol that enables bidirectional communication between a client and a server over a single, long-lived connection.
  • Socket.IO: Library that enables real-time, bidirectional, and event-based communication.


  • SRTP (Secure Real-time Transport Protocol): A security framework that adds encryption, message authentication, and integrity to WebRTC sessions.

NAT Traversal:

  • STUN (Session Traversal Utilities for NAT): Protocol that allows applications to discover the public IP address of a user’s network.
  • TURN (Traversal Using Relays around NAT): A protocol that assists in relaying traffic when direct peer-to-peer communication is impossible.

Cost of Developing a Video Conferencing App like Zoom

The video conferencing app development cost varies from other and might depend on various things. Take a look at how the cost of developing video conferencing app is estimated:

  • They should hire a team of expert developers according to their experience. If you are hiring a team of experts with good experience, you might have to pay more compared to the ones who are efficient but do not have that level of experience.
  • The features of an app play an essential role in determining the cost of developing a video conferencing app. An app with basic features will cost less than one with advanced features.
  • The team can be hired as full-timers or freelancers for the time required to develop the app.
  • The layout and design play an important role in mobile app development. A simple layout will cost less than a complex designed app.

You must invest in the right team for a pitch-perfect, highly rewarding result. The video conferencing app development cost for various regions is:

  • United Kingdom: $35-$170 per hour
  • North America: $90-$230 per hour
  • South America: $25-$115 per hour
  • Eastern Europe: $30- $100
  • Australia: $35-$115
  • India: $20-$150

If you are looking forward to hiring a Zoom-like app development team, you must consider the region, too. Outsourcing the video conferencing app development task would bring down the cost of developing a video conferencing app and help you focus on your business dedicatedly.


People have lost the interpersonal touch during COVID-19, which has carved a way for video conferencing apps. These apps have enabled businesses and schools to function easily without any disruptions. If you plan to launch an app, this is the right time to invest in it. Zoom app has successfully set an example for many others who want to follow the same path.

Create an app like zoom

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