Years ago, we needed a high-end DSLR camera to click beautiful and stunning pictures. However, later on, modern smartphones that come installed with great camera features replaced DSLRs significantly. Even in video editing, five years ago, we used to upload videos from our digital camera to a laptop or a computer to edit them using certain software applications. Today, even that tedious and time-consuming task has been successfully ruled out by our most dependable device, i.e. smartphones with video maker apps and video editing app development advancement.

Can’t imagine life without it? Duh, pretty well!

These modern-day mobile phones easily rein over most cameras of primary & secondary segments. There is no need to transfer files to another device/computer/laptop, with some cool Video maker app available for both Android & iOS smartphones.

These apps for video editing are gaining more and more prominence with each passing day.

Video Editing App

How did It start?

Instagram, a photo editing mobile app launched in 2012, grabbed all accolades for being one of that year’s hottest social media platforms. At that time, a lot of people struggled with how to create video editing software for top-notch video editing & video recording, and thankfully, today, there is not one but many such mobile apps available at our disposal.

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They do a brilliant job in the landscape of video editing and inspire others to come up with their video editing & recording and make a mark in the arena. Now, if the idea of creating your video-editing mobile app has come to your mind, you first need to explore the basics.

So, let’s begin in the arena of video maker apps

How Many Types of Video Editing and Recording Apps?

Video editing apps look easy. But its complexity lies in the fact that video app development depends on the type of app you want to take in the market.

Well, this segment can be divided into three major categories. They are:

  • Video editing apps
  • Video recording apps
  • Both recording & editing apps

These are the basic three types of video editing apps that you need to choose from when you think about how to develop video editing apps.  Now, before you make a firm decision, let’s look at the statistics we have here.

Why Invest in Video Editing App Development – Markets Statistics

Exponential growth in the graph of online video viewers has been noticed since the time smartphones came with the functionality to play videos on their small screens.

Video Editing market stats


  • According to Statista, the global video editing software is projected to reach $932M by 2025.
  • Meanwhile, digital creators are dragging to spend $83 B on digital ads and $71 B on TV commercials. 56% of businesses have engaged themselves in video creation.
  • Major players in the market of video editing are Magisto, Hyperlapse, Wondershare FilmoraGo, Inshot, etc.
  • Vimeo intends to acquire Magisto for $200M, including the video suite for editing, monetization, and distribution.
  • Magisto premium plans are affordable to the audiences, starting from $7; with the presence of 3M videos and clips.
  • Adobe collaborates with NIVIDIA for surging AI and Deep learning technologies; optimize the video edition using sensible AI and ML. This gives a bright edge to VFX artists, designers, and marketers.

The sudden rise in video content consumption is visible in these stats.

Want to Develop a Video Editing App Like Magisto?

Meanwhile, the Videomaker apps industry has been here for some time now. Most people today prefer opting for video editing solutions via a mobile app as it gets the task done quickly. Among the many wonderful video editing apps in the market, a few have managed to be on top, including Magisto, a brilliant video editing mobile app solution.

So, before you decide to develop an app similar to Magisto understand how the application operates.

Story of Magisto – Leading app for video editing

This mobile app for video editing works wonders for automated video editing and storytelling, focusing on consumers and businesses. Founded by Dr. Oren Boiman (CEO) and Dr. Alex Rav-Acha in 2009, Magisto was earlier called SinghtEra, and the idea behind its origin was creating videos pretty easily and quickly, contrary to what was the case with the video editing process, which was immensely time-consuming.



Then, it was in 2010 that Magisto received funding of $5.5 million from Magma Ventures and Horizon Ventures Partners. Then, on September 20th, 2011, this video editor mobile app was publicly launched in the market as Magisto. Since its release, the app received a massive response from the market, and within two years, it reached five million users, whereas in 2014, the firm declared that it reached 20 million users, and each month it was gaining two million new users.

Create Your Video Editing App like Magisto

Out there in the Videomaker apps market, there are many video editing mobile apps like Magisto. They were all created from ground zero & still, they made it to the top and also got funding of millions of dollars. There is even Vine, another video-editing app that became a huge success and was later bought by Twitter, another social media giant.

So, with examples of so many apps like Magisto, Vine & clips making it to the top, you must not be scared to turn your idea about creating a video-editing app into reality. Better give that a go when you are thinking about how to make a video editor app, as you may never know that your app may become the next most popular video-editing app. After all, creativity and uniqueness are all that you need. Meanwhile, the competition out there is high, so how do you exactly create a video editor mobile app that successfully captures the attention of your target audience quickly? Here, let’s find out.

Video Editing App


Key Aspects to Consider While Creating Your Video Editor App

When you reach experts to develop video maker apps, they would ask you a few questions. We share a basic questionnaire here to understand the questions you want to discuss with the developers.

What is the idea for your app?

The planning and development parts could be dreadful when new to the mobile app arena. Hence, ensure that you implement your idea well and do enough research prior, as you will require knowing a lot of details. Our expert app development team can take care of how to make a video editing app, but it is you who would need to think of a unique idea that helps you earn great profits in the market. We are known to deliver interesting and unique solutions to clients around the world.

Who will be your target audience?

Rightfully, just everyone. After all, everyone today loves making nice, funny videos to share with their friends on social media channels. Hence, the target would be this young, fun-loving, energetic & active lot. So, your video-editing app should be ultra-modern and thrilling, packed with fancy and exciting features to catch the youth’s eyeballs instantly.

Your application would need to hold the attention of Gen Z and professionals alike. Not many applications have this universal nature; thus, you should ensure that the work you are engaged with helps you earn the best results on time. Our mobile app development company has been associated with various projects and thus understands exactly how a certain group reacts to new applications and what they look for. When working on your project, we put to use our experience and expertise to deliver solutions that aren’t just highly rewarding but can help you survive the competitive market.

What kind of features to include in your video editing app?

Well, this section, in particular, will be covered in-depth in the later part of this blog, but to start with, it is better not to begin with a fully functional app version. As your app is being developed, the interface should be kept intuitive. After all, no one likes going through various steps of a guide to use one feature or any other.

Video Editor application


Now, the same goes for the app functionality; beginning with the MVP version is a better idea. As you start, allow your users to get acquainted with the app first. Once they get used to your video editing and recording app, then consider their feedback and suggestions seriously. This way, you will gain an idea about the new features, which would boost the overall success of your app. Also, the app functionality must fit your app’s purpose. Like, make sure the app is easy to use and fun.

Other than these questions, let your video-editing and recording app development team understand what you want from the app and how you are planning to build a name for yourself in the market.

Make it Unique

This is yet another important app feature. So, as you build a video editing app, make sure you are not copying the existing app solutions. Even though people prefer cloning a successful mobile app & entering the very same market, looking closely, they are not entirely duplicated. They do it differently while entering the same service in the same market. In the same way, in the case of your video editing mobile app idea, it ensures it is unique, different & recognizable. By different, we don’t mean to offer your filters. Rather, consider adding broadcasting & streaming or even trying to implement Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality features.


Next comes monetization. So, most people these days create an app to make money. Now, having your great idea, working hard on it, researching a lot about the idea, and hiring a top-class mobile application development company to create your app, now what? Your video editing mobile app must make money, but while you do so, it may also lead to your app failure. For instance, imagine that you are recording a video of your kids or maybe a captivating view of Niagara Falls in the US, and suddenly, a full-screen ad banner is popping up. By all means, this will leave you irritated and frustrated because the ad will ruin your video. Hence, in-app purchases and a paid feature will be a more sensible option in terms of app monetization. This will be a well-judged move.

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Integrate with Social Media

Social Media Integration is the most crucial feature of any video editing app. After all, once people have created those nice and funny videos, they would like to instantly share them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Thus, do provide them with this instant feature. It’d be better to add as much social media in your video editing app. Once you have taken care of these critical aspects, let’s focus on the features.

Let the video app development team understand your expectations from the app and bring to the table a product that would take your business to new heights with better ROI.

Video Editing App

Revenue Model to Gain Money Through Video Editing Apps like Magisto

Many of the entrepreneurs, to sustain their presence in the market, rely on several models. Here, we have compiled a few of the applied models that help you gain success and profits.

Free price model 

All of the leading video generation and editing apps acquired this model to retain their app presence successfully and trust among their users.

This method remains in the minds of the users for a long. If your business has some lucrative services too, then it’s a great way to start your services via this method.

Subscription model

This is another great way to earn revenue in a short time. In the priced-based model, the app service providers give their users subscription packages to retrieve quality services. While they enjoy quality-based premium services without any ads.

In-app advertisement model

This method allows other service dealers with the same niche to place their brand ads on the same domain where traffic is very large and unique, which means there are higher chances of getting traffic. For every click, you can charge a small part of the commission.

Pay-per-download model.

LumaFusion runs on such a model, where the app downloading is not free. This means users have to pay to download the application. This is the best way to gain large revenue for the channel, but to reach such a level, in the beginning, you have to allow users to use your app; this will give them exposure to the app and build trust at the same time.

What Features to Include in Your Video Editing Mobile App?

When talking about your video editing mobile app development, the major features that would determine the development cost of a video editing app are the features included. Depending on the user group, different feature sets are to be included.

Well, in the case of basic features, there will be two panels:

Video Editing Mobile App Development – User Panel

  • Signup/Sign in
  • Standard email verification
  • Make video/movie
  • Multiple themes & editing styles
  • Upload custom music
  • Auto-selection of images/videos
  • Video Post
  • User Actions
  • Save the post in a private album.
  • Variety Channels
  • My Account
  • My album
  • My Movies
  • Coupons
  • Subscription
  • Settings

Admin Panel – Video Editing Mobiel App

  • Login
  • Dashboard
  • Manage User
  • Manage themes & editing styles
  • Manage subscription
  • Manage coupons

Now let’s explore them further.

These are the basic features that any video recording software should include. Along with these, a few advanced features provide an edge to your application over your competition.


Additional Features to Consider for Video Editor App Development:

When it comes to talking about video editing software development, our team ensures they add some additional features to your product that would make it highly rewarding.

We understand making applications that your users can appreciate and easily use is important. With some additional features, we allow them to explore the other aspects of your business and let them stay connected with the application.

Real-time Reports & Analytics: From here, the entire report related to your app and user data can be managed using a few APIs that will fetch real-time data from servers like the count of users with the paid/free subscription, how the user creates video, and the count of users that shared the video on the public timeline, count of downloads, etc.

Integrate Payment Gateway: By integrating a payment gateway by ewallet app development, you can allow your users to make easy online payments for subscription and in-app purchases. Multiple payment gateways can be integrated to make the process much more convenient for your app users.

Edit old or recorded videos: Ensure that the app you create has this functionality to work with the already recorded and old videos via the mobile app.

Sound effects: Ensure that you integrate your app with this feature where users can add a soundtrack or add their voice to video, and also offer audio filters, such as storm, rain, etc.

Filters & Stickers: Comparing the prominent video editing mobile apps out there will make you realize the importance of many stickers & filters in any video editing app out there.

Fragment combination into a single file: This way, you will allow your app users to create videos from exciting trips and vocations or make presentations for work, the same as they would in a professional video editor app.

Artificial Intelligence: It can do wonders if you can integrate AI technology in your video-editing app to auto-pick up videos & images to create a movie. Through AI, videos & images can be recognized & picked up with intelligence. Meanwhile, as you develop an app, you need not be limited to this feature list, as you can even use your creativity and add a feature if you think that can make a whole lot of difference to your app. Choose less, but choose well at the initial level.

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With this feature set integrated with your business, make sure that you can earn a better and stronger business position that will help you earn great results in no time.

Which Are the Best Video Editing Mobile Apps Available in the Market?

Here, we have talked about some of the best Video maker apps available out there for iOS & Android platforms. They will help you understand what kind of features make an app impressive and hit among users.

Viva Video

Considered as the best alternative to the iMovie and apps as Magisto, Viva Video is developed by QuVideo Inc. It works on Android, iOS & Windows platforms. This app offers many stickers, filters, text schemes, themes & transitions for further processing. However, it was noticed while using this app that the user interface can be further improved, as, during the use, it was quite inconvenient to switch between various menu sections for several tasks. Meanwhile, the app is available for free, and a premium version enables users to shoot unlimited videos & remove the watermarks.


Presented by Magisto Ltd. This app is one of the greatest Video maker apps, and it works best for those who lack the time or dislike editing their videos. So, Magisto works on both Android and iOS platforms, and in the case of Magisto, the editing logic is implemented on a backend, which is the reason this app enables its users to edit video files. Here, a user will pick a theme, and the rest will be done by the app itself and the user receives a ready-made movie. To develop an OTT mobile app you can check popular OTT mobile app developers here.


This Apple video editor mobile app is available for free. This is one of Apple’s flagship products created by AVFoundation. A few of its best features include the ability to add an animated soundtrack & title to a video and 14 templates for the trailers that renowned movie producers designed. The updated version of the app offers its users a new feature that can slow or speed up videos as well as easily extract audio with the ability to edit it.

What users really like about this Apple app is that it allows its users to store video clips created by them using iMovie in their library or they can also transfer the videos throughout different Apple devices using iCloud Drive or Airdrop. After uploading the video to the cloud, users can then finish editing it using iMovie on their MacBook or iMac.


Created by GoPro Inc., Splice is one of the best Video maker apps in the arena, and the best part is it is free. This basic, powerful video editor app enables its users to record videos, add greetings & head to the movie they film, and record their voices. It also synchronized the sound effects with actions on screen.

Quick Overview:

This amazing video editor mobile software tool allows users to make home video work project presentations/ documents through its simple & minimal features. It provides its customers with sound effects, wide-ranging filters, and filters imitating various objects. Next, let’s find out about the team you require for the app development process.

You can take inspiration from these Video maker apps when you want to see how to make a video editing app. Hire mobile app developers to know your motivation and see how your thoughts turn to reality in some days. An important factor in deciding how your project would be worked on is the team structure of the Android mobile app development company.

Required Team Structure for Video Editing App Development

The process of Magisto-like mobile app development is pretty extensive, thus, having your team in place is crucial. Hire the services of a video editing app development company to develop an app that is of great quality and feature-rich. Your mobile app development team for Magisto must comprise of:

App development company

Next, it’s time to find the tech stack to develop such an app for video editing.

Tech Stack for Video Editing App Development

  • CDN Services; Amazon s3, aws cloudfront, amazon ec2, amazon rds, aws elastic transcoder
  • Database; Kafka, dynamoDB
  • Social network sharing: Facebook sdk, Twitter sdk, Tiktok sdk
  • Cloud service; Hadoop, DRM solution
  • Testing; Spinnaker
  • Documentation; jira, confluence
  • Programming languages: js, python, react, angular, kotlin, nodejs and swift
  • Mobile error monitoring; intelligent, crittercism
  • Performance monitor: logic monitor, boundary
  • Real-time analytics: Google Mobile Analytics, hive, flurry analytics, localities, spark.
  • Media formats: MKV, MP4, AVI, MOV, FLV, AVCHD, WMV, SWF, DMW.
  • Geolocation for customized suggestions; Google map api, Core location frameworks.

Video Editing App Development Cost

How much does it cost to develop a Video-Editor Mobile App Like Magisto?

Once you have decided to enter the market with a highly rewarding application, you expect to earn profits right away. We understand that eagerness. It majorly depends on your investment.

Based on the number of hours invested, features, and technologies involved, you can determine a rough estimate of Magisto-like Video maker app cost.

The video editor app development cost depends on various aspects, such as:

  • Video editor Mobile App Features
  • App complexity & number of hours invested
  • The region of the app development center
  • Chosen Platform (iOS, Android, or both)

The cost to create such a video editing mobile app can be as high as the number of integrated technologies. However, an easy video editing app with reasonable features will cost around $20,000-$30,000 for a single platform. If you choose to develop for both platforms, it may go up to $60,000.

At Octal IT Solution, you get services for both applications. Our experts can help you build a high-performing native mobile application that runs well in the market. Also, the hybrid mobile app development team can develop easy video editing apps on different platforms, making it easier for them to earn better profits in less time. Make a smart choice, and the experts can help you get the best results in no time.

The Key Takeaway!

Apps for Video editing are a great way to enter the market and monetize trends. If you are looking forward to hiring a mobile application developer to develop video maker apps, then make sure they are well-versed in the domain. With technology advancements, they can help you bring to the market a future-ready and easy video editing app that can be scaled in the future. Along with this, you need to make sure that your applications resonate with your identity and bring a good name to you in the market. We also develop short video app like Tiktok.

So, buckle up, hire the best mobile app development company, and enter the market with a user-friendly and engaging video editing mobile application in the given time frame.

Video Editing App
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