With the generation relying on mobile applications for all their chores, on-demand multiservice app development is turning to be an interesting idea to invest and make profits. These super apps are designed to cater to users’ needs for various services under one platform.

Let users ditch the hassles of switching to multiple applications for one task.

These apps are useful for both users and businesses equally. For the owners, it is a great way to engage users on their applications and generate revenue.

Before jumping into the details of on demand multiservice app development you should be more clear about the insights and market response. Super app development in recent years has seen a decent growth, considering most applications now offer an integrated payment facility.

If you are planning to invest in on demand multi service app development but worry about how to start, we help you get acquainted with the understanding of all the aspects for super app development.

Let’s begin!

Stats for the On-demand App Development

The on-demand app industry caters to $57B in the world’s economy. This industry is so diverse and welcomes other industries in parallel. Multiservice app development is no exception in this case. Here’s how on-demand app development industry is evolving other business verticals.

Analysis of video-on-demand app

The presence and success of the video-on-demand apps, give a path to the upcoming experts in this industry. As per the business records, 62M downloads were done on play stores like Android and iOS worldwide in 2023 and continue to surge new outbreaks, with an estimated revenue of $1337M by 2025. Zoom is one of the most popular video conferencing and streaming apps.

Status of the Food and Delivery Industry

As per the analysis by the Android market research, the food and delivery industry experienced more than $161B growth in 2023. The rising demand of food delivery app development services, is a clear reflection of the fact that we are to see more growth and innovation in the sector.

Online Grocery Delivery App Stats

Walmart, Instacart, Shipt, and many more you just name it, and these grocery delivery apps are there to hit the charts with exclusively high success rates.

As per Statista, the on-demand grocery industry has a high revenue of $182.24B with a growth rate of 7.5 percent. The number of mobile app users who download this app on their phones is 44M.

Grocery delivery app development with advancing technology in its core is bringing new ways how users order and buy groceries.

Similar growth is expected in other industries like on-demand interior decoration apps, chatbot apps, gaming apps in the coming 2024.

Most of these on-demand applications are multi-service applications in themselves. They let you explore, manage, update, and pay from the same application. There are several other super apps in the market that can let you do multiple activities from the same platform.

multiservice providing app

Let’s dig into what is multiservice app, how to start multiservice app development, what are this is the right time for you to invest in this highly advanced platform that influences its usability.

What Is a Multi-service App?

It is the platform that allows customers to find ‘n’ a number of services in a single place. The users need not look at different platforms for every service. Let’s talk about more; suppose you have installed an app for your grocery needs and another for cleaning your household. Likewise, for every single demand you have a unique app, that would take most of your time. What if there is one single app that pertains to each of your demands? It is the main idea behind this super app.

Multiservice app development is a smart idea to turn your existing shop into a one-stop solution provider.

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Why Invest in Multiservice App Development?

One of the most important reasons to invest in the multi-service providing app is this platform offers every service under a single platform to the users. This saves them a lot of time and the cost of developing the mobile app. With multiservice app development, we create solutions that saves users time, energy, and money.

There are different reasons to invest in this multi line service app world. Let’s look into the services to consider for multiservice providing app development.

Different services for superapp development

Ride Services

You are in a rush and you have a ride sharing app already installed. In that case, you are wishing that only a single app can solve every need like choosing the ride, picking the vehicle, paying, tracking, calling, etc. This is the place where the role of on-demand multi services apps comes into the picture.

The riding app functions like a unit to offer convenient options to the users. However, the single app could perform other roles as well that are quite similar to the ride service app.

Uber and Ola are the best examples of offering ride-sharing services.

Household Services

Sometimes the user can’t be in sync to manage everything on their part. The household survival-based app resolves many of their house-based problems in just a tap. These apps provide professionals for on-demand multi services like various household necessities like on demand carpenters, electricians, pest control, doctors, plumber on demand, drivers on demand, and much more.

Handyman app is the best example of household multiservice app development.

Urban Company is one of the best outgrowing companies to serve household services to the users.

Delivery Services

On-demand delivery-based apps one of the most relevant type of super apps. Users need a comfortable and convenient mode while using the service app. They need not want to switch between apps for price comparison, payment, etc., and that is the role of these multiservice applications to make things easy.

Partner with multiservice app development team to create an impressive application for your business.

Medicine Delivery Services

Medicine requirements are essential for the patients and their relatives. In times of urgency, people usually are in a rush to purchase essential medicines and drugs for their patients. 1MG is the relevant app that comes into this category.

Here user can order medicines, pay for them, track the details under on platform.

Mechanic Service

We come to face the times when daily necessary things need some kind of repair. We need experts in that case to ensure the work is done correctly. You can simply login to an app and book a professional for the repairs easily.

Multiservice app developers are making it easier for the businesses to expand their service area and earn better profits.

Successful Models for On-demand Multiservice App Development

To ensure everything your multiservice app generates desired profits, our super app development team creates solutions with desired monetization models. To do that the owners need to trust and adopt some of the business models which have some potential, to help the business to be workable and make a deliberate revenue for them.

The top business models for an on-demand Multi service App Development that can be beneficial for the companies are as follows;

Commission-based Model

This is a very common but strong method that helps the owners to retain them with good money. Plus it helps them to attract their loyal customers for a longer time. In this model, the vendors pay a small part of the commission to the app owners for delivering their services via their channel.

The multiservice app development services providers create dashboards for vendors, users, and owner with relevant features to ensure you get the best of your services.

Subscription Model

How about partnering with multiservice app developers to develop multiservice app that offers free and paid features. This would give your users a reason to engage with your app for long time.

You can offer them some premium plans to use the additional services without any interruptions.

Advertising Model

This is the platform that helps the merchant to showcase their services on their platform. The ads are placed on the high traffic screen of the application, to get a maximum gain of users instantly. For every click, the vendor pays some money to the app owner.

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Features to Create Profitable On-demand Multi-service App

Before you hire multiservice app developers for your super app development, do a little research yourself. Find out if there are similar applications in the market, what are the loopholes, what are they doing exceptionally well. A detailed analysis will help you decide the functioning and features of your multiservice application easily.

Also, instead of going for white label solution or clone apps, you can ask for custom super app development services.

Some of the basic features for making the app functional are:

features of multiservice app

User Registration

This is the first step for the users to start their journey of using the multi-service app. Here the experts at multi line service app development company add multiple logins or sign-up processes to the users for an easy onboarding process. The user can use their email id to directly log in to the application.

This is an important process just to ensure that the user is authenticated and no other can use the app using his credentials.

Real-time Tracking

Every user is looking for real-time tracking of their service to be delivered on time. The main role of the real-time tracking feature is to get insight into the current location of the serviceman, whether he is on time or not.

This ensures the user of their delivery and maintains their trust in the platform.

Allow Multiple Payment Gateways 

There are quite good chances that the users have different cards or modes to pay. If your payment mode is not eligible for them to pay, they may switch to other aspects. Always remember that convenience and responsiveness are both important for the users to retain longer at your platform.

Push Notifications

Users may connect to the app every time, but with push notifications you can make sure they would miss any of the important things. Push notifications are the process that offers to update the users for every important status or the news instant without using the app.

Vendor Profile

The vendor profile is the crucial section that allows the vendors to place their bio with their services. Multiple vendors have multiple profiles and services. It is the section for them to fill in their corporate details.

This helps to gain credibility over the app.

Apply Multiple Filters

Filters can make navigation easy and accurate for the users. With this feature, users can make their results faster and more instant. This is one of the must-have features for the application. Our multiservice app development service providers ensure to deploy a product that makes user engagement better.

Ratings and Reviews 

This feature helps the user to get to know about the particular service in detail. Also, users can write their review on the app in the comment section about any of their issues, or if they want some kind of improvement in the super app services.

1. Grab

To get a better idea of the apps it is better to look into the already existing applications in the market. Grab is the all-in-one multiservice providing app for giving your services right from the single touch, you need not install multiple apps for different services.

If you have a craving for your space and want to order your groceries from the store, via this app you can do both of the work at the time. Order your food and do not wait for it; at the other end, your grocery delivery person takes the best goods and items just for you.

There is no hassle with any of your tasks. Grab offers plenty of services to your customers including food orders, grocery delivery, and ride-booking from a salon to a medical facility.

While paying for the stores and the items, without any hidden cost. This state-of-the-art service helps the operators to manage their operations. For most businesses looking for super app development, Grab could be a great example.

2. Gojek

Gojek is the ultimate platform with more than 20+ products accessible from the platform including transport and logistics, food and shipping, payments, business, and many more. In the single transit mode platform transport and logistics, this app has a hell of a lot of services from the guide to go car to godsend to gotransit.

Why is it so popular in the marketplace?

In the year 2022, it was downloaded more than 190M times on the Play Store with a growth percentage of 1100. Outspoken the success of the app. Just call out your delivery partner and rest for the delivery on time at the home.

In a nutshell, it is the super app your mommy mostly needs. Fastly growing in southeast Asia with the facility of services including digital payments, shopping, hyper-local delivery, ordering food, and commuting.

With the support of the multiservice providing app, you get to deliver services to the users. Either book an online cab or track in real-time, pay for the contactless deliveries, or consult with the doctor for your regular check-up. These multi-service apps are the most of the verse at the time when you need the most of it. This helps the user with seamless options for the users.

In the meantime, they can gain a huge profit from the app, which is efficient to handle for them at the warehouses and this reduces the effort and the time.

Technology Stack for the Multiservice App Development

For building a highly tangible app for the users you need to embellish core technicalities into the app. Technology stack that our multi-service app development company uses for your app.

  • For front end: react, angular, vue, typescript, javascript
  • For the back end: ruby on rails, python 
  • For operating systems
  • Android: kotlin, java, c++, c
  • iOS: Objective C, swift, c++
  • Database platform: MongoDB, SQL, MySQL, Oracle
multi service providing app development

Cost of Multi-service App Development

The cost of multi-service app development depends on a variety of things which we discussed previously. Features, technology stack, platforms, etc. play a significant role in determining the super app development cost.

The complexity of the super app: The more additional levels you add to the app, it would increase the complexity of the height. The mobile app development company must balance the complexity of the app and the cost of the app.

Design customization required: Design is the appealing support to the app; users need levels of customization to make it more personalized for the users to use and stay on the app.

Improved versions of the app: Multiservice providing app has plenty of features within the app, and the designers and developers need to make the most out of it. This however improves the final cost of the product.

Offer multiple payment gateways: Multiple payment channels offer many facilities to the people. If you don’t bind the user to only one, the user can make the payment via multiple gateways. Although this would increase the cost of the app.

Rate based on different developer’s locations: Under the experimentation of the developer’s analysis and based on every other factor, the cost for the on-demand multiservice providing app development would be coming to a little higher than the single-service-based app with the cost of $50k-60k.

In addition, if you want to add some of the distinguishing features with your multi-service application, the cost for multiservice app development would go to the extent of $60k+.

Final Thoughts on Super App Development!

Multiservice app development in its full swing is helping industries grow and earn great profits. With the analysis, the market is still short of such multi-service on-demand app solutions.

The good thing that comes with the advancement of technology is that the multi-service industry has a high success ratio for them compared to single-monitored apps. It is time for you to come into this industry and avail more reasonable solutions to the users.

Multiservice App Development


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