Everything revolves around technology in the modern world. Without technology and all the benefits it has brought us, it would be impossible to imagine what life would be like. We are privileged to live in a world where the internet makes practically anything possible. No longer are you needed to go out and do your shopping, drive yourself somewhere, or, particularly, go out to eat at restaurants as grocery delivery mobile apps are here to assist. You may just have items delivered to your door rather than having to travel from one location to another in order to acquire things or meet your needs. This is the internet’s power.

The majority of grocery delivery mobile apps fall into a few distinct categories. Utilizing a service like Instacart is essentially hiring someone to go shopping and do your grocery shopping for you. Services like Peapod function more like online supermarkets. On the other hand, Walmart Grocery is a pickup and delivery service provided by the physical store. You just don’t have to go to the store to get it because they have their own inventory.

Numerous more factors contribute to the growing popularity of grocery delivery applications. Grocery delivery mobile apps will probably experience even more growth in the upcoming year as the pandemic continues to have an influence on our lives. One becomes bored and begins to feel like it is a burden because the hassle is removed by these apps and the repetition of doing the customary chores. The introduction of grocery delivery applications has improved our lives.

Online grocery delivery business is one such on-demand service that will be covered in this article. We’ll start with its introduction, how it functions, and its advantages before giving you the names of the top grocery delivery apps in the USA that stand out among the sea of other country-specific applications.

Grocery Delivery Mobile Apps – Key Stats

Over the past year or so, the grocery app delivery platform has experienced tremendous growth. Yes, the COVID-19 epidemic and the rules set forth by the medical institutions had a significant impact. Online food ordering is currently more of a craze than a general trend.

Approximately 78.7% of consumers actively utilize grocery delivery mobile apps, according to a survey report from “Inmar Intelligence Co.” This percentage reflects the most recent COVID statistics as reported by international online food retailers.

However, this does not imply that grocery delivery app platforms were exiled before the pandemic. Millennials, in contrast to Baby Boomers and Generation X, have been shown to conduct the majority of their buying online. The short attention span of the contemporary age necessitates fast access to internet retailers without ever having to go through the walk-in experience.

Benefits of the grocery delivery mobile apps include:

  • People with weakened immune systems typically stay indoors during pandemic scenarios.
  • People with disabilities who find it difficult to visit the stores
  • Hectic parents.
  • Shopping is difficult for those who have mental health issues, and more individuals are like this.

Since 2017, customers’ lifestyles have changed, which has had an impact on the online food market. What began with 12 million users of grocery delivery mobile apps in 2017 has reached an all-time high with around. 30.4 million users in 2022, all of them were from the United States. The statistics, so to speak, show a big remote ordering frenzy that is currently popular if we assemble them on a global scale. In other words, people no longer want to wait in lines and expect fast access to everything!

Top 15 On-Demand Grocery Delivery Apps

All of the products we can purchase from stores are offered by grocery delivery services. However, these services make our jobs easier by delivering the groceries we desire to our homes. A wide variety of everyday necessities are available from several of the greatest and most well-known grocery delivery businesses on the market.

Now that grocery businesses are aware of how important digitization is, they are beginning to embrace change and see the potential for development that on-demand may offer. Many grocery stores now offer on-demand services, and numerous aggregators have emerged to provide a platform for those who lack the financial means to go online. As a result, the business is thriving with numerous on-demand grocery delivery mobile apps. Several of these are listed below:

  1. Instacart
  2. Postmates
  3. Shipt
  4. AmazonFresh
  5. Big Basket
  6. Grofers – Blinkit
  7. Thrive Market
  8. Google Express
  9. Walmart Grocery Delivery
  10. Peapod
  11. FreshDirect
  12. Instashop
  13. Dumpling
  14. Hungryroot
  15. Grubhub

1. Instacart


By using their devices, consumers of Instacart may shop from their preferred grocery stores in the comfort of their own homes. Users select the things they require and arrange for delivery. Additionally, users of Instacart receive their orders at their doorsteps more quickly. Even the customers can choose to have their orders delivered the following day or a few days from now, as they see fit.

Additionally, supermarket consumers have the option of picking their own products up from the stores while still being able to order from anywhere and receive the delivery at any time. Operates in 40,000 stores, serves 5,500 cities, and sells more than 500 million products.

Since its launch, Instacart has accumulated an incredible number of online regulars who enjoy placing groceries and general food orders. The business provides a large selection of goods spread across numerous stores and renowned brands across the nation. You can navigate through a variety of grocery items from various recognized brands as a result, and that too, at very affordable prices.

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Due to their quick order delivery mechanism and the quality of the groceries, Instacart customers have apparently had a positive overall shopping experience. To test it out right away, you can also download the Instacart mobile app for iOS and Android smartphones.

According to statistics, Instacart is merely another illustration of an online grocery delivery business that has experienced rapid expansion. The online food platform has included a number of new features, particularly since March 2020, to guarantee that your products arrive at your door fresh, undamaged, and ripe.

Grocery products are obtained by Instacart from a number of retailers in your region using a team of neighborhood shoppers. While there are several large supermarket stores you may shop at, including Mariano’s and Whole Foods, Instacart also includes a function that lets you browse by recipe. Both scheduled and on-demand deliveries are options.

Ratings: Android: 4.1 out of 5, iPhone: 4.8 out of 5

Minimum Order: $10

Delivery Fee: $3.99 if items are ordered under the minimum order limit. The cost of shipping is determined by the size of your order and the time of delivery that you select. Although clients can join up for an Instacart Express membership that entitles them to free deliveries on orders above $35, delivery prices might be higher during peak shopping seasons.

grocery delivery mobile apps

While Instacart makes an effort to offer its items at the same price as in-store shopping, these costs may differ somewhat. For non-Express clients, Instacart charges a 5 percent service fee on non-alcohol items. Despite the lower service cost, which starts at just 1.9 percent, Express members still pay one. The standard tip is 5%, and the service fee is not a gratuity. Depending on your local rules, there may be additional charges for heavy items and “bottle fees.”

App Download: Android, iPhone

2. Postmates


An on-demand app called Postmates was created in May 2011. The program functions something like a tech-driven courier service, but for daily requirements. The software uses GPS and mobile devices to locate things that meet your needs nearby and deliver them to you. The company can process more than 8 million orders every month and has partnerships with McDonald’s, Walgreens, Starbucks, Chipotle, etc. The business operates in more than 3500 cities and has about 250,000 merchants. The corporation is worth $1.85 billion in US dollars.

One of the best grocery delivery services, Postmates, offers free delivery with no minimum order amount. You can also sign up for a 7-day free trial and cancel it at any time. You may use Postmates to order meals from your favorite restaurants and have them delivered right to your door.

  • Additionally, Postmates has a number of supermarkets listed under it from which you may order your daily necessities and have them delivered to your home.
  • Delivers in more than 4200 cities and collaborates with more than 500,000 restaurants and businesses nationwide.

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Postmates delivers more than simply groceries, in contrast to the majority of supermarket delivery businesses. People can order anything in the city, and it will be delivered to them within an hour. It is also a popular app for ordering food online from well-known cafes and restaurants. The minimal delivery price that the business levies vary according to how far the individual delivering your purchase must travel. The nicest thing about Postmates is that they offer a 24-hour delivery service.

Ratings: Android: 4.2 out of 5, iPhone: 4.8 out of 5

Minimum Order: The minimum order amount for Postmates Unlimited, which has a monthly fee of $9.99 (or $7.99 if paid annually), is now $15 instead of $20. This means that a minimum purchase of $15 is required to qualify for free delivery.

Delivery Fee: Orders placed through Postmates must be greater than the required minimum. A $1.99 small cart fee will be applied if your order is less than $12.00.

App Download: Android, iPhone

3. Shipt

shipt grocery delivery mobile apps

Shipt is at the top of the list of grocery delivery mobile apps. If this is your first time ordering from Shipt, we advise giving their services a try before committing to a monthly cost. This will give you an excellent indication of the quality of the items, services, and overall experience at the well-known grocery app delivery website.

Deliveries made by Shipt are free. You will need to enroll in either their monthly or annual membership plan in order to take advantage of it. In any case, for the vast majority of people from the Southeastern United States, it’s a fantastic platform for ordering groceries.

A burgeoning shopping app called Shipt is now accessible in more than 200 cities throughout the US. After joining a membership plan, you can select the things you desire, schedule delivery, pick the best choice, and complete the checkout process. Your orders will eventually be delivered to your house by Shipt shoppers. Currently serving 72 locations, Shipt is accessible in a number of significant Southeast cities as well as Texas, Arizona, Michigan, and Ohio. Membership is required for it.

Because it provides numerous functions that no other software does, Shipt is a fantastic app. Users may check out what’s on offer and place requests for things that might not be displayed in the app’s storefronts because of its innovative business approach. Customers can also buy previously purchased goods using the “buy again” feature. They may now shop for groceries once a week without having to choose the goods again and again. Access to the app costs $15 per month or $99 for a yearly membership.

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It only takes a few steps to check out once you’ve downloaded the iOS or Android app, signed up for membership, and selected your goods. Then, your Shipt shopper might arrive at your house in as little as one hour. Currently, Shipt sells goods from well-known grocery stores including Publix, Kroger, Fry’s, and H-E-B. Teams of neighborhood shoppers handpick your purchases for you, guaranteeing that your order of fresh produce is indeed fresh. Customers can use this app while it is open in the store, which in certain circumstances translates to 24 hours a day.

Ratings: Android: 4.6 out of 5, iPhone: 4.9 out of 5

Minimum Order: $35

Delivery Fee: The entry price is $7. Members of Shipt pay $100 per year or $14 per month, and they receive free delivery on orders over $35. If not, there is a delivery charge. Additionally, the cost of groceries is a little bit greater than it would be if you went to a physical store. Additionally suggested, tipping your shopper can be done through the Shipt app.

App Download: Android, iPhone

4. AmazonFresh

AmazonFresh grocery delivery mobile apps

Among the general public worldwide, Amazon has established itself as a household name. However, Americans make up the majority of consumers of the well-known e-commerce network. The next platform for anyone wishing to make a purchase through a reputable grocery app delivery service is Amazon Fresh, which recently entered the online marketplace.

A new service from Amazon is called AmazonFresh. The Amazon Prime membership is extended to include this delivery service. If you are already a Prime member, ordering through AmazonFresh is simple. Only AmazonFresh’s previous and new prime members are currently eligible for grocery delivery services. AmazonFresh offers a variety of products, including fruits, vegetables, canned foods, packaged snacks, raw meat, and batteries, paper, cleaning supplies, grooming products, among other things, in addition to its well-known grocery delivery service.

The primary justification for getting groceries through the Amazon Fresh program, aside from convenience, is their Amazon Prime membership. Basically, this subscription is applicable to a tonne of different products at Amazon, including Electronics, Books, Videos, Music, vines, and more.

The Amazon Prime app offers extra advantages to subscribers of Amazon Prime. In more than 40 cities, it provides supplemental services, such as grocery shopping, restaurant food delivery, and practically anything else. Additionally, you can get non-food things like furniture, electronics, clothing, and more.

Amazon Prime now works with renowned supermarkets to offer its customers special deals and discounts. Therefore, it’s now straightforward to experience uncomplicated returns and refunds as well.

One of the numerous advantages of being an Amazon Prime member is Amazon Prime Now. Even though this delivery service mostly employs products kept in one of Amazon’s many warehouses, you can also get products from nearby stores like Whole Foods. More than only food is also delivered through Prime Now. With Prime Now, you can get anything delivered to your door in less than two hours, including batteries and cleaning supplies.

So in a way, as long as you have a paid subscription, Prime is your key to getting free delivery on any number of things. Otherwise, using Amazon Fresh is possible without becoming an Amazon Prime member. You will wind up paying more than other online shoppers, given that they charge up to $10 for each grocery app delivery purchase.

Additionally, in most circumstances, subscribers may expect their items to arrive the same day. That makes it even more compelling to try out Amazon Prime and Fresh. It often delivers delivery in two hours or as the consumer specifies. It serves more than 2,000 cities; membership is required.

Numerous large cities, including Atlanta, Chicago, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Nashville, San Antonio, and Seattle, offer Amazon Prime Now. You may also be aware of Amazon Fresh, the company’s exclusive grocery-focused delivery service, which once carried a $15 surcharge that has now been eliminated. We believe that eventually these two nearly identical Prime services will be combined.

Ratings: Android: 4.5 out of 5, iPhone: 4.9 out of 5

Minimum Order: $35

Delivery Fee: If your order is less than $35, it will cost $10. An Amazon Prime subscription costs $100 per year and includes Amazon Prime Now. Free two-hour delivery is available, and expedited one-hour service costs money (often $10). For free delivery, you must place an order of at least $35; else, there will be a $5 delivery cost. Special instructions can also be added to your delivery order.

AmazonFresh offers free delivery if you are a prime member and your order is over $35. You must pay an extra $10 shipping fee for orders under $35. The minimum delivery amount required to qualify for free delivery in some areas, like New York, is greater than $35.

App Download: Android, iPhone

5. Big Basket


One of the top grocery delivery mobile apps in India is Big Basket. Because of their popularity, they do better than their competitors Grofers, Nature’s Basket, Reliance Fresh, etc. They offer over 1000 brands and sell more than 18,000 products, including fruits, vegetables, rice, pulses, beverages, spices, meats, personal care items, and a variety of other goods. They are well-liked around the nation thanks to their great customer service.

Big Basket keeps up its commitment to quick and secure delivery in a chaotic nation like India. They offer a helpful chat that quickly addresses any consumer questions. Additionally, Big Basket acknowledges responsibility for any delays; if your item is delivered late, they make sure to reimburse a portion of your payment to your wallet. Additionally, they have an easy return policy.

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One of them, Big Basket, became India’s largest supermarket in a single year. it receives 100,000 viewers each day. Online grocery shopping in India is reportedly growing daily and is expected to reach a market size of $10.5 billion by 2013. The dot-com bust survivors V.S. Sudhakar, Hari Menon, V.S. Ramesh, Vipul Parekh, and Abhinay Choudhari launched Big Basket in 2011. Now, if we discuss the most recent agreement, Tata Group acquires a 64 percent majority ownership in Big Basket, making it its property. In May 2021, the firm’s worth will increase by $1.85 billion.

Bigbasket purchases its goods from top-tier vendors including P&G, HUL, mills, farmers, etc. They keep the goods in their warehouses and then deliver them to the customer in accordance with their order from there. To make things simpler, the corporation has developed its godowns and warehouses in a few places. In order to deliver the groceries on time, the business also contracted with about 2000 grocery retailers. This is the best arrangement the business has ever made, and it raises customer favorability for Bigbasket.

Ratings: Android: 4.5 out of 5, iPhone: 4.6 out of 5

Minimum Order: There is no minimum order value.

Delivery Fee: A delivery charge of INR 50 will be charged for any order with a value less than INR 250. A delivery fee of INR 30 will be charged for every order with a value of between INR 251 and INR 600. Any orders over INR 600 will not be charged for delivery.

App Download: Android, iPhone

6. Grofers – Blinkit

blinkit grocery delivery mobile apps

In 2013, Saurabh Kumar and Albinder Dhindsa started the online grocery delivery company Grofers in India. More than 17 Indian cities, including Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Surat, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Hyderabad, Indore, Jaipur, and Kolkata, among others, currently operate it. The app offers groceries, produce, fruits, and other necessities while also connecting clients to nearby merchants. You have two ways to pay with Grofers: cash or any other kind of online payment. If a customer orders things with cash, several discount features are unavailable.

In March 2018, Grofers raised Rs 400 crore in a Series E fundraising round that was directed by SoftBank. Tiger Global and Apoletto Asia, two previous investors, also took part in the round. Grofers raised Rs. 96 billion. The money was raised through Grofers’ parent business, Grofers International, which is situated in Singapore. Investors included SoftBank, Russian businessman Yuri Milner, Tiger Global, and Sequoia Capital in the $120 million raised in the 2015 round.

The business rebranded. In order to let users know that Grofers offers more than just grocery delivery, the company decided to rebrand. After receiving roughly $100 million from Zomato in August of this year, Grofers was valued at over $1 billion. Even smaller retailers are willing to deliver online orders, according to Dhindsa, who thinks that there are a lot more consumers buying groceries online. Local partners and businesses are far more eager to participate in the e-commerce revolution and genuinely want to work with cutting-edge companies, he said.

Grofers isn’t the only company investing heavily in quick commerce; Swiggy, a food delivery service, as well as the quick delivery experts Dunzo and Zepto, have done the same. The major competitor to Grofers, BigBasket, which is owned by Tata Digital, also intends to join this market with a 10–20 minute delivery option. Reliance Industries is now pursuing Dunzo for a potential investment opportunity, most likely for its grocery and e-commerce company JioMart.

Ratings: Android: 4.6 out of 5, iPhone: 4.5 out of 5

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Minimum Order: There is no set minimum for orders. We charge a shipping fee of 49 for items that total less than 250 per location. The best thing is that there is a Rs. 100 minimum order requirement, and meals can be delivered within 30 to 60 minutes thanks to their numerous kitchen setup.

Delivery Fee: Free delivery is available for orders over INR 250. Delivery fees for orders under INR 250 begin at INR 49 for up to 4kms.

App Download: Android, iPhone

7. Thrive Market


In spite of her limited resources, limited education, and lack of access to healthy food in our area, my mother worked incredibly hard to provide us with a nutritious diet when I was growing up in the Midwest in the 1990s. She performed a fantastic job, although it was challenging and she was primarily working alone.

So much has changed in the past thirty years. Moms, dads, grandparents, and young people all want to live healthier, more sustainable lives today. No longer is my mother living alone! One thing hasn’t changed, though: it’s still challenging to locate trustworthy, convenient, and economical alternatives to shop more healthfully. Our goal at Thrive Market is to alter that.

Make enough savings to cover your membership cost, or we’ll credit you the difference. This means that after you renew, we’ll immediately add $20 Thrive Cash to your account if your membership cost was $60 and you only saved $40 during the membership year.

With no additional fees, the company concentrates on a healthy base of the supermarket and everyday food items. It’s a perfect way for Thrive Market to function as a crowd-funded business that scours the country for the freshest products because its free delivery program thrives on membership plans.

Customers looking for a balanced mix of prepackaged and fresh products can turn to Thrive Market for their favorite Keto and Paleo diet dishes. You are welcome to order both groceries and non-groceries right now on the Thrive Market website. Thrive Market, which is like an online thrift store for customers wishing to order tasty treats through a dependable grocery delivery mobile app, is the last but certainly not the least.

Ratings: Android: 4.8 out of 5, iPhone: 4.9 out of 5

Minimum Order: $49

Delivery Fee: Included with membership plans for free. Subscribe to Thrive Market on a monthly basis starting at $9.95.

App Download: Android, iPhone

grocery delivery app

8. Google Express


Similar to a virtual mall, Google Express offers goods from numerous physical and online retailers. This service specializes in sending out dry grocery items including cereal, coffee, and tinned food. Most American cities have a functioning delivery system, including Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Costco, Kohl’s, Walgreens, etc.

The variety on Google Express is comparable to that on Amazon, although using the site is more like using Google search than Amazon’s browsing experience. The majority of Google Express items are delivered in three days or less, with several retailers offering same-day and overnight delivery.

Pricing-wise, the majority of items over $15 are delivered free of charge. The retailer also affects this delivery fee. When it comes to shipping options, Google Express offers some products with same-day delivery and delivery within a week. The majority of stores offer both overnight and same-day delivery options.

But be ready for a slightly different experience while using Google Express than when using Amazon. Although you can browse products by store or category at this store, its greatest strength lies in search because it uses Google technologies. You can look for products using their names (“Xbox”) or generic descriptions (“cookies”). Product pages provide comprehensive descriptions and reviews, as you might. As you might be accustomed to seeing on other websites like Amazon, product pages include complete descriptions and reviews.

Not only that, but you can also place an order using voice commands. You may ask a Google smart speaker like Google Home to place orders for you in a similar fashion to how you can orally place purchases with an Amazon Echo. Additionally, if Google Assistant is set up on your phone, you may place voice orders there. You may add products to your cart by just saying, “OK Google, order some cookies,” to your phone. Even when you’ve placed enough orders to be eligible for free shipping, Google will notify you.

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Given the enormous number of retailers that make up Google Express, there is an amazing variety of goods available. In addition to food, electronics, healthy & beauty, toys & games, office supplies, pet supplies, and automobiles, Google Express offers nearly two dozen other categories. In general, you may anticipate finding a product on Google Express if you can find it at Target, Costco, or Best Buy.

Depending on the store and your region, Google Express offers speedy delivery options that might range from same-day to three-day delivery. Most orders will typically be delivered overnight or within two days. Google cautions users, however, that shipping from some stores may take a week or longer.

Ratings: Android: 4.1 out of 5, iPhone: 4.7 out of 5

Minimum Order: Depending on the minimum order quantity, Google Express offers free and reduced shipping. To be eligible for free shipping, customers must spend a minimum of $25 or $35 per store, depending on the retailer. Otherwise, for lesser orders that are below that threshold, consumers must pay a tax of $4.99.

Delivery Fee: There is no yearly or monthly cost for Google Express because there is no membership or subscription service. Due to the lack of a monthly charge and the fact that delivery is sometimes free for purchases over $15 (or $25 to $35, depending on the shop), it is an appealing alternative to Amazon Prime or a membership-only store like Costco. Depending on whether the items are supplied by Google or the store, you’ll spend between $5 and $7 for shipping if you don’t order enough to qualify for free delivery.

App Download: Android, iPhone

9. Walmart Grocery Delivery

Walmart grocery delivery mobile apps

A well-known brand in the online sphere is Walmart. This supermarket app delivery tool operates on a larger scale than Peapod and its rivals, giving customers access to a wider variety of shopping options. When making large purchases, Walmart’s minimum order requirement and delivery costs are also reasonable. Walmart does not allow consumers to leave gratuities for food delivery drivers, which is unfortunate.

The Walmart store’s grocery delivery mobile app is an addition to the physical store. Since Walmart has long been a household name in the US, the debut of its own delivery service caught everyone completely off guard. The majority of the items consumers purchase from stores may be found under the category. This is a fantastic way to get food delivered right to your door from your preferred retailer. You may choose the delivery window with ease while using Walmart delivery. You pay an additional cost of $8 to $10 to receive the goods. Additionally, you can sign up for a subscription that costs $13 per month or $100 annually and receive free delivery.

Considering that Walmart is a well-known brand, groceries and everyday foods rarely run out of stock. Through a dedicated portal that syncs to the front end’s available item count, the corporation controls its enormous inventory.

The operation of Walmart Grocery Delivery is rather simple, and you may choose between two options when placing your order for groceries. One is that the Walmart Grocery website allows you to select the products you want. Additionally, you can get the Walmart Grocery App. It is accessible in numerous US cities.

There are two ways to order groceries, and the process is rather simple. Choosing your selected items directly from the Walmart Grocery website is the first choice. The Walmart Grocery app must be downloaded in order to select the second option. Although we prefer the app, you may find a large assortment of groceries that is almost as plentiful as going to the store in person. You have the option to add useful products like hygiene and over-the-counter medications as you are not restricted to merely choosing food. I’ve even ordered pots and pans with Walmart Grocery Delivery. After making all of your selections, the last step is to schedule a delivery or pickup time.

You can purchase a variety of supermarket items via this app, including baked goods, pantry essentials, organic food, etc. You can take advantage of same-day delivery or even schedule it at a later time.

grocery delivery app development

You can join up for a free 15-day trial of the Walmart Plus subscription here, which we have found to be worth its weight in gold. You can access time slots that are reserved for members if you subscribe to Walmart Plus. Occasionally, you can order delivery and have your groceries arrive before supper in around two hours! However, we have never had a delivery delay of more than 24 hours. You don’t have to worry about placing repeated orders with the Walmart Plus subscription because the delivery costs are covered.

Ratings: Android: 4.7 out of 5, iPhone: 4.8 out of 5

Minimum Order: $30

Delivery Fee: If an order falls below the minimum order limit, it will cost $10. Depending on where you reside, delivery rates can change, but they often range from $8 to $10. If you sign up for a service called Walmart Plus, you can get unlimited delivery for roughly $13 per month or $98 annually if you spend at least $35. Remember that the delivery driver’s gratuity is not included in these costs.

App Download: Android, iPhone

10. Peapod

Peapod grocery delivery mobile apps

Peapod is an independent grocery delivery mobile app with no affiliation to any other retailers. You can browse a vast selection of food and everyday use items at the company’s website or through their mobile app, despite the fact that their orders are quite expensive with a minimum restriction set at $60.

Peapod is a Chicago-based company that delivers groceries. More than 24 US areas, including Washington, Boston, New York, Virginia, Indiana, Illinois, and Chicago, supply groceries through this company. Customers of the app are able to create shopping lists.

For a six-month PodPass subscription, Peapod charges $35. However, you can pay $119 to sign up for their yearly membership plan. In any case, it’s a widely used grocery delivery mobile app that’s only accessible to a small number of consumers from a small number of American cities.

Even though Peapod maintains a grocery shop, it collaborates with other retailers to provide its delivery service. Additionally, you can utilize Android and iOS apps to locate it in smaller cities.

You can get your preferred foods from Peapod online, choose the time of delivery, and save money. This app provides common commodities including dairy products, fresh fruits, veggies, etc. Additionally, it sells meal kits under its own name. Depending on the location of the users, they offer the possibility of same-day delivery. Peapod offers next-day delivery for orders coming from a distance.

The business encourages recurring business from clients and provides numerous options to facilitate this. Their “Order Genius” feature keeps track of the customers’ frequent purchases and suggests products based on their consumption patterns. The program includes a fantastic algorithm that comprehends the wants of the users and provides them with filtered results accordingly. The meal kits offered by the app, which let users purchase all the ingredients needed to prepare specific dishes, are another fantastic feature. Peapod’s distinctive features achieve its goal of making cooking simpler for individuals.

Peapod is an online grocery store. Many of the commodities sold by Peadpod are drawn from its own inventory, unlike services like Shipt and Instacart that rely on the goods provided by other nearby retailers. In comparison to some of the other options on our list, Peapod is considerably more like a typical grocery shop in that aspect. The online store is divided into “aisles,” and as Peapod stores the majority of its merchandise in its own warehouses, consumers can avoid paying some shipping fees by picking up their own items.

Ratings: Android: 2.9 out of 5, iPhone: 4.0 out of 5

Minimum Order: $60

Delivery Fee: Orders cost $7. Depending on the amount of the order, there are different delivery charges. Peapod charges $10 for orders under $30, which is the threshold for free delivery. For orders above $75, the delivery price reduces to $8, and for orders over $100, it drops once more to $7. Additionally, all orders may be picked up for free at a Peapod location.

App Download: Android, iPhone

11. FreshDirect


FreshDirect is dedicated to giving its consumers the most recent products, as the name would imply. The people who are concerned about the food they consume, want to know where it comes from, and are prepared to pay more for freshness are the core target market for FreshDirect.

Over the past few years, FreshDirect has maintained a dominant position in the grocery delivery mobile apps. Ordering groceries from the convenience of your smartphone simply takes a few clicks, all owing to cheap prices, amazing user ratings, and a vast food delivery network developed across Philadelphia, Washington, New York, and other states.

We advise placing your order a day ahead of time for a seamless shopping experience. It can take FreshDirect a day to deliver your groceries because they are frequently inundated with online orders and general customer inquiries. Overall, it’s a platform you can trust and is secure to use.

David McInerney launched the business in 1999, and since then it has offered daily groceries to many cities in the northeast of the United States, including New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Washington, Delaware, and Connecticut.

Fresh Direct takes great satisfaction in offering its customers the finest meats, cheeses, and produce available. Fresh Direct is definitely worth looking into if you’re worried about where your vegetables are grown or whether your chicken is free-range. Fresh Direct not only rates the quality of its products on a daily basis but also gives explanations for many of its items so you know exactly how your food got to your door.

The majority of FreshDirect’s farm-fresh items come with information on the product and its origin. Pricing-wise, the cost of delivery for a FreshDirect order varies according to the client’s region. The cost for standard delivery ranges from $6 to $30. Although the company does not guarantee speedy delivery because it offers farm-fresh goods, its turnaround time is still quite quick.

Ratings: Android: 4.4 out of 5, iPhone: 4.8 out of 5

Minimum Order: $30

Delivery Fee: If an order falls below the minimum order threshold, it will cost $6. The actual delivery fees in your location will need to be confirmed, but generally speaking, a $30 box will cost roughly $6. You can upgrade to the FoodKick service to hasten delivery arrivals if you don’t want to wait for the regular shipment schedules.

App Download: Android, iPhone

12. Instashop

Instashop grocery delivery mobile apps

InstaShop was established in Dubai and debuted in June 2015. On an annualized basis for Q2 2020, the company generated nearly $300 million USD GMV, rising roughly 330 percent year over year, and had a positive EBITDA margin. The goal is to expand into new markets and make investments to fuel growth with Delivery Hero’s assistance.

Instashop began as a firm that concentrates on a certain niche and aims to meet all of its demands, unlike most grocery delivery mobile apps. Young professionals are the main target market for their firm. The business was established in 2015 and has its headquarters in Dubai. The company, which initially just offered on-demand grocery delivery services, has since grown to include services for maids, a butcher shop, a pharmacy, and a pet store. There are currently 150 staff, more than 50 supermarket partners, and more than 350,000 active customers.

One of the biggest online grocery delivery mobile apps in the Middle East and North Africa, InstaShop, has been fully acquired by Delivery Hero. With the addition of a significant player in the grocery market to its network, Delivery Hero improves its position in quick commerce (q-commerce). Ioanna Angelidaki and John Tsioris, who founded the successful company InstaShop, will contribute significant industry knowledge and a potent local team to Delivery Hero’s family of business owners and brands.

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The business sells its goods in Qatar, Egypt, Lebanon, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates. Forbes Middle East has named it as one of the most promising startups in the area. Additionally, the business offers to complete product deliveries in less than one hour.

The business concept of InstaShop is marketplace-based: it links buyers and sellers and facilitates the transaction while the stores handle the logistics. InstaShop, a market leader for grocery delivery in the Middle East and North Africa, provides scheduled and on-demand deliveries in an average of 45 minutes. The business operates in five nations: the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Egypt, and Lebanon, and collaborates with about 1,500 vendors.

Based on a USD 360 million valuation, Delivery Hero has purchased all of the outstanding shares of InstaShop. The founding team will get a delayed payment of up to USD 270 million from the initial purchase price, which will depend on the company’s future growth and profitability. The purchase of InstaShop is the next development in Delivery Hero’s mission to establish q-commerce, the e-commerce of the future.

Ratings: Android: 3.1 out of 5, iPhone: 4.7 out of 5

Minimum Order: There are no details of it.

Delivery Fee: There are no details of it.

App Download: Android, iPhone

13. Dumpling

Dumpling grocery delivery mobile app

The cheeky moniker brand Dumpling operates a little bit differently from the other grocery delivery mobile apps discussed on our list. This platform offers a shared customer experience by collaborating with shoppers. The dumpling can be compared to Uber or Lyft. However, instead of a ride-sharing experience, remote clients who have placed an order for groceries ping shoppers who have registered for Dumpling services.

Because of this, these service providers are able to pick up the order from several food stores and deliver it as soon as feasible. Dumpling is a firm believer in fostering interpersonal connections between online and in-person retail customers. For individuals across the US, the business has created a specialized Android and iOS app to make grocery shopping a genuinely enjoyable experience.

One of the finest on-demand grocery delivery mobile apps, Dumpling, functions differently from the conventional delivery paradigm. Users are given the option to choose a personal shopper who purchases for them, and the company enters into contracts with several grocery stores.

Dumpling offers its services through websites, Android, and iOS apps. Customers can communicate with the chosen retailers who are aware of their preferences or simply read their reviews and make an informed choice. Here, personalized service is offered, no membership is necessary, and it is available in all 50 US States.

Dumplings may be described as a grocery app with morals. Dumpling essentially facilitates the tech side so anyone can establish, run, and build their own local, service-based delivery business. Dumpling was built around the idea of making small business ownership available to everyone who wants it. You converse with your own “personal shopper,” not a machine because you interact with people.

Ratings: Android: 4.0 out of 5, iPhone: 4.9 out of 5

Minimum Order: It may vary.

Delivery Fee: You can only pay a specific delivery fee or a percentage of the overall order value because you’re working with independent contractors who are free to set their own pricing. All the details are supplied by the personal shopper so you can compare. Your neighborhood’s workers will be introduced to you by entering your zip code on the Dumpling website. To make a good match, read their biographies and testimonials.

App Download: Android, iPhone

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14. Hungryroot

Hungryroot grocery delivery mobile app

Hungryroot is relatively pricey when compared to the other grocery delivery mobile apps on this list. However, they provide a mix of remote grocery item ordering and meal subscription services to offset the high price. If you’ve signed up for Hungryroot’s weekly meal subscription plan, they’ll send you a variety of unexpected food items, both grocery- and non-grocery-delicious.

Hungryroot is a specialized grocery delivery service that focuses on providing the highest-quality, freshest, and healthiest food. Additionally, customers can purchase prepared foods. The software will construct your grocery list and fill your cart once you answer a short questionnaire. You may also decide for yourself.

Hungryroot offers a variety of nutritious food products, including Zoodles, grains, pre-packaged foods, and other consumables, to ensure a seamless purchasing experience. As part of the surprise meal service, they are renowned for adding tasty dressings and sauces to various orders.

Contrarily, ordering groceries is a straightforward process. Simply choose the things you want and put them in your virtual shopping cart. All locations are served by this online food delivery service, with the exception of Hawaii and Alaska.

Although this service is more like a weekly meal subscription, receiving your meals delivered assures that you won’t be tempted by the tempting checkout-side snacks and goodies. (However, you could always choose to “add to the basket” the Hershey bars, isn’t that right?) Hungryroot is similar to having your mother place your orders: Based on its three-point standard—it must be nourishing and produced from whole, reliable ingredients; it must be simple and quick to prepare, and it must taste good—it only suggests healthy options. Since it does provide full meals, this business may also fall into the category of a meal delivery service. Browse the website to determine if it’s a good fit for you.

Ratings: iPhone: 4.9 out of 5

Minimum Order: $59

Delivery Fee: The cheapest Hungryroot plan costs roughly $59.94 and includes three meals with two servings each. In addition, the number of breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, and desserts you want for the week will affect how big the plans are.

App Download: iPhone

15. Grubhub

Grubhub grocery delivery mobile app

GrubHub is the next company on our list of the best grocery delivery apps to work for. With over 4,000 booming branches and a daily fulfillment rate of almost 7,45,000 online meal delivery orders, it is another significant competitor in the F&B sector.

To begin working as a GrubHub food delivery agent, you must be at least 19 years old. Even though drivers do not need to have prior experience, being familiar with the area before signing up can undoubtedly speed up delivery times. Since you can keep all of your tips without any deductions, you can earn up to $26 every hour.

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Ratings: Android: 4.5 out of 5, iPhone: 4.7 out of 5

Minimum Order: The standard minimum order value is $10.00. This means that if you wish to receive the delivery, your order must be more than $10.00.

Delivery Fee: The delivery fee is $1.99.

App Download: Android, iPhone


The platform that an on-demand grocery company provides is the fundamental factor in its success. The on-demand grocery industry, like the majority of on-demand businesses, doesn’t actually hold any products or stock; instead, it merely provides a platform for sellers to market their goods and connect with a larger audience than they could have done otherwise.

There is both good news and bad news for service providers in the online food grocers market.

The good news is that there will always be a market for food because it is so well-liked. At some point throughout the day, people must eat. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about customer turnover and other problems if your business has a strong online presence.

The bad news is that for new business owners, this sector is much too competitive. As a new operator, you could run across problems like lower profit margins, a subpar system for delivering groceries, etc.

Your clients are entitled to and expect quality. You will struggle to keep a solid presence in the supermarket food industry if your perishables and groceries are not delivered in immaculate shape. Fortunately, you can open an account with a business that performs similar services for well-known restaurants and businesses as you.

To that end, Blink Co. provides name brand, grocery store, and restaurant operators with an exceptional business experience at affordable pricing. As a result, your company can concentrate on scaling with confidence because Blink charges a fixed, historically low percentage (2 percent to 2.5 percent) to cover all types of operators. Operators also have access to a wealth of consumer metrics and analytics data, which they can use to increase marketing to specific audiences and improve conversion rates.

Three components are necessary for an on-demand grocery business: part-time employees, buyers, and vendors. In an ecosystem where the platform serves as an interface, all of these components interact with one another. Reliability, comfort, use, and the ability to save time are the key attributes needed in this industry. People must be able to make purchases from the convenience of their homes.

Therefore, you only need to check whether that particular on-demand grocery delivery service is available in your area, as well as its vast choice of products, prices, deals, and everything else that matters when buying groceries or other category products online.

on-demand grocery delivery mobile apps
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