Get your groceries delivered in the blink of an eye with the Zepto App!

As the black swan of events changed the lives of people, it surely did open doors for technology to show up and be the saviour. When the world was locked in the safety of homes, technology made lives easier with everything being available online. The delivery app development companies came up with quick solutions making every household service available to the world in just a click.

One such industry that saw the rise of demand and immense growth is Grocery Delivery App Development.

Instacart, Shipt, Walmart Grocery Delivery, name them and they have seen a great rise in their popularity.

Not just the old biggies, but there were some startups and small organizations that entered the market and took it by storm.

India-based grocery delivery startup Zepto is one of them.    

Zepto clone app has seen a great demand in the market.

Zepto: How It All Began?

The name itself reflects speed as Zepto is the smallest unit of measurable time in Physics. Founded by two 19 years young Indians, the application entered the grocery delivery market with a promise to deliver your groceries in just 10 minutes.

Zepto App journey

What’s actually making it the talk of the town?

Well, in the short span of a year it has seen the trust of the investors at a great scale.  The application was founded in April 2021 and in less than a year it has expanded its functioning in 13 cities with 86 dark stores and is looking forward to expanding to tier two and three cities.  In the first round of investment in October 2021, the startup managed to raise around  $60 million from Glade Brook Capital Partners, Y Combinator, Nexus Venture Partners, Lachy Groom, and Manik Gupta.

In the round-2 of investment after two months in December 2021, the company raised an investment of $100 million that led to its valuation being $570 million.

The app has given commerce a boost and with the next round of funding are ready to compete with the biggies who for now rule the market.

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Does the story sound straight from some motivational movie? Well, you too can turn the table in your favor with the right thought and an advanced 10 minute grocery delivery app startup development team to back your idea.

ECommerce is the Right Place to Invest In!

The tech giants in the delivery segment understand how qCommerce has grown to be the new eCommerce domain. It is not just Zepto that sees this as an opportunity, we have giants like Swiggy, Dunzo, Grofers now Blinkit, Tata Neu (Extended Big Basket) in the market working on a similar idea.

qCommerce during the pandemic has found traction in the international markets like the US, UK, and Europe where the capital-backed startups are determined to change the face of eCommerce delivery. The disrupted supply chain during the tough times led businesses to make quick delivery as their Unique Selling Proposition.


The simple operation style is setting up a dark store in the vicinity of the delivery points and against the traditional warehouse strategy where the stores are located outside the city.

According to the renowned internet consultancy firm in the worst case, the qCommerce segment would grow around $3.1 billion by 2025 which is 10 folds the $300 million clocked in 2021.

So, if you are looking forward to entering the market with a Zeptonow like mobile app, collaborate with a grocery app development company and get ready to be the next big sensation in the industry.

Well, any application that goes live over the internet sells on one thing and that is the features it has to offer.

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Features of 10 Minute App Delivery You Cannot Miss to Include

Any grocery delivery app is functional with its three components and it plays a different role for each of them.

  • Customer: Grocery Order and Delivery App
  • Delivery Agent: Collect Order and Delivery App
  • Admin: Check, Add, Remove Vendors, and Track Functioning

Let’s take a quick look at the feature set that each of these segments of users would need in their basic application.

Customer Panel

The customer needs an application that is very smooth with the interface and offers solutions in the least number of clicks.

Zepto App Clone


  • Easy Onboarding: With easy onboarding solutions, we make it a point that the users do not have to waste a lot of time filling up their details and other information. One can simply log in with their phone number or email id and the rest of the information can be filled when placing the order.
  • Aesthetic Feel and Look: Zepto has a very neat and clear interface and our experts make it a point to bring to the screen a similar experience. We understand if the user finds it difficult to search for the required item, they would abandon the application at once.
  • Clear Navigation: With clear navigation, we make it a point that the solution that is offered to you is easily explored by your user and helps you generate great profits. The user can find the items they are looking for under well-defined categories that save time and effort.
  • Accurate Location: When we develop app like Zepto it would pick an accurate location of the customer without many details to be fed manually. This makes it easier for the customer and the delivery agent to understand the delivery point.
  • In-App Payment Gateways: With an in-app payment gateway, it becomes easier for the customers to make payments and check the transaction history. We affirm that with e-wallet app integration with your solution, your customers can choose the payment method of their choice and make payment without any troubles.
  • Push Messages: You could always be updated with what’s happening in the application and what new offers they have to offer. This adds to the interaction of the users with the application, thus motivating them to make new purchases.
  • Reviews and Ratings: The user can easily choose to review and rate the products and the delivery man. This makes it quite easy for others to make the right choices and place their orders. Also, the admin can intervene in case some of the products have bad ratings.
  • User Dashboard: With a unique user dashboard, one can check the previous order and repeat the previous order as it is without much trouble. They can also check the products that are delivered and the orders pending.
  • Real-Time Tracking: Once the order is placed the user can easily check where the order and the delivery agent are. This makes it quite easier for the user to plan the next set of actions.
  • Schedule Delivery: In Grofers like grocery delivery apps, one can schedule delivery timings that make it easier for them to manage the rest of the day. For the working class, it is important that they can choose a time slot by themselves where they get the most solutions.

Delivery Partner Panel

Zepto App Clone
  • Instant Update: As the order is accepted by the dark store the delivery agent is also intimidated by the delivery schedule. Thus, while the order is packed, the delivery agent becomes alert for the delivery.
  • Shortest Route: The shortest route is shown on the application to meet the 10-minute delivery target. This makes it easier for the delivery agent to quickly deliver the solutions and keep up the reputation of your Zepto clone app.
  • Delivery Partner Dashboard: The delivery agent can make it to the best of the solutions easily. They can clearly see the deliveries they have made and the ones that are scheduled. Also, they can see how much they have earned by the end of the day and report in case of issues.
  • In-App Wallet: With an in-app wallet, the driver can see their tips and the amount added to their account easily. They can also check the incentives and other rewards that they might earn during the course.

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Admin Panel

Here you can take care of the functioning and operations of the application by checking it all on your screen.

  • Check Stores: You can be updated with the warehouse inventory and the products available with the retailers. Your dashboard enlists all the darkstores and the order list.
  • Delivery Agents: You can always track the performance and availability of your delivery agents. Also, you can check the areas that need more delivery agents or need any modification in the operations.
  • Review Revenue: You can check the gross profit on the application and how much it is invested. A clear reflection of the engagement on the screen helps you perform better and earn much higher. The feature set we have discussed here is common for every fast delivery grocery app. One thing that makes them unique is the basic business model that makes it possible to deliver products within the promised time.

Zepto Business Model

Zepto works on the basic app delivery model only with 60 seconds packaging and last-mile delivery in its full efficiency.

Zepto business model


Who Are the Target Customers?

The grocery delivery app in general has seen a great demand in the market. If talking about the target audience for the Zepto clone app it is the buyers who do not want to go out and shop, forgot something, and want it immediately, working-class who come home late, elderly buyers who cannot go out, and others.

If we consider the customer base it is quite global and the app is not limited to certain user groups.

Where Does One Store Products?

The app would get the products from the dark stores established within the city limits. These could be small retailers nearby who are available to sell products 24*7 and expand their customer base.

What Are the Major Points to Setup a 10-Minute Grocery Delivery Startup?

To run a 10-minute grocery delivery startup, there are a few things that you need to focus on.

High Technological Structure

When talking about an app like Blinkit, make sure that you have a technically advanced infrastructure. You need to make sure that the packaging of the applications doesn’t take time and shipping the product is accomplished as quickly as possible.

With CSV and geo-intelligence we make sure that your grocery delivery application is the fastest in the market.

Local Market Segmentation 

To make sure that the products reach the user in a fixed time, you need to have an extended market. This extended market is the local shops and retailers who are willing to collaborate and earn better.

Shopper Management 

Instacart like app has shoppers who are AI-based. To make sure that your user gets your solution in a click, the shopper must be well-trained and help you earn better.

Delivery Management 

We make sure that your application has a well-maintained delivery management interface where you can track your delivery agents, the time they take, and the profits they make.

Customer Services 

A strong market presence needs strong customer service. You need to be aware of the technologies that are customer friendly. Along with this, you need to make sure that you bring to the table a solution where the customer is heard.

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What Would Be the Cost Structure?

Well, you would have to manage a few resources to affirm that your Zepto like app converts well and doesn’t fail its customers.

Technology Setup: Developing the app and the website and other technology-based services would make the major part of a one-time investment. You can hire mobile app developers to make sure that your development cost fits your budget.

Maintenance: The technology setup would need regular maintenance. This would be a little investment on a regular basis.

Salaries and Wages: You would have to pay your shoppers, delivery agents, and other members of the team. This would account for a big part of the investment each month.

Commission Payment: You would have to pay your dark stores and shops that have collaborated with you their part of the earnings.

These are the basic investment points. Make sure that you get the best results that can make things easier and more convenient for you.


How Does Zepto Make Money?

Zepto generates revenue from various channels. Some of the major sources of revenue are:

Surcharge on the Dark Stores

The dark stores pay a certain amount to register themselves with the application. This registration fee can be paid on a quarterly or annual basis. The charges the Zepto like app asks for are minimal thus making sure that these stores do not face any problems when working with the solutions.

Delivery Charges

With basic delivery charges on orders that do not meet minimal shopping limits, the app can make money. Not every time people tend to make big orders and thus, they find it easier to pay a minimal delivery fee instead of delaying the order.

Membership Fees

With basic membership fees that cover major discounts and rewards on the products on the application, they can easily make a great sum of money.

Sponsor Ads

A part of the revenue comes from sponsored advertisements that target a similar audience. Collaborate with other services that target your audience and earn as they display their ad on your platform.

**Make Sure the Number Is Limited**

This is basically the business model of Zepto like app that can help you generate revenues easily. With the right set of mobile app development company for your assistance, you can turn your idea into a working reality.

Cost of Development of Zepto App

The cost of the development of app like Zepto is minimal as it is the business model that makes the major difference. A basic grocery ordering app development can cost around $25k to $50k and with advanced features, this cost would rise to around $110k.

The cost of development is defined by a lot of factors and at Octal IT Solution, we have worked our game up to make sure that you get the most affordable services with world-class solutions.

We understand risking your business idea is a great gamble and we have been supporting such organizations for over a decade now.

Wrapping It Up! 

Zepto like app development is a great idea when the new normal is social distancing and being indoors. With qCommerce being the need of the hour and also the latest trend working on a solution centered around a 10-minute grocery delivery app can help you make profits severalfold.

The team of developers associated with us has great experience in the field and they have worked on similar products in the past. We can use their expertise to bring to the screen a solution that earns great profits.

If you are looking forward to finding the right tech partners who can change the game for you, then you are at the right place. Our experts can be a part of your success story and help you generate great profits in a stringent time.

Zepto App Clone


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