The era of technology is vastly changing with the need of demands. Developers and technocrats are more learned with fast and easy to implement programming languages.

Every year, new languages are gaining popularity while rescuing the old programming languages. In 2021, two languages: Python and Swift are holding the eyeballs of many software developers. Amongst Swift VS Python, which is going to hit the market is the hottest topic for developers and companies?

According to the stats by some renowned companies, Python gives new drift to the developers and engineers for a lot of reasons. In this blog, we are going to understand the reason behind the popularity of these languages and how they buzz a siren amongst software developers. Also, you will know their detailed comparison and future. So let’s get started.

Swift or Python

How do you choose any language over some other? Well, this point is very subjective depending on many factors. A product engineer or maybe company technologist prefers one language over another, mainly to oversee the wider purpose of that language. A software engineer will take care of the budget and features included in the programming language.

Swift and Python, both are free and open-source coding languages. These languages are helpful for developers due to their faculty responsiveness and minimum coding requirements. Python is merely the most adaptable and widely used language. Swift is the new tech support language with faster speed. Both are built according to the demand of the fast feature and budget-oriented language.

In this blog, we will be more clear to choose between both languages.

Purpose of Python

Python was initially released in 1991 by Guido Van Rossum. Till now it’s one of the widely used languages with the GitHub star of 48.2k followers and used by 2790 companies stack. It’s an open-source and high-level dynamic programming language for building various applications and is integrated with a large number of technologies. Developers can easily use its syntax and that allows doors to third-party providers.

Python is now used to serve many purposes from front-end web development to backend integrations. Data science and Machine Learning both use this language.

There are many purposes to use Python. Python boosts the speed of workflow and results in faster coding.

Purpose Of Swift

Swift was released in 2014 by Apple. It’s an open-source and high-level programming language. It is a very fast and intuitive language, one of the top 10 programming languages in the world. It has 25k GitHub stars and is used by 980 companies.

Swift can sync with various languages and prototypes like Objective C, OS X, tv OS, and its APIs using syntax. Programmers can easily configure the API inside the class of the code. There is no head-ache to maintain the separate files and maintain everything inside the file with the extension .swift file.

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Python VS Swift

Which companies use it?

Python is used by companies like Google Quora, Facebook, Netflix, Instagram, Spotify, etc.
Swift is used by companies like LinkedIn, Kickstarter, Slack, Uber Technologies, Left, etc.

Technologies used for

Python is widely used for technologies like Machine Learning, Data Science, Data Analysis, Website Development, and DevOps. If you want to design a prototype or want to integrate with the backend then, you can opt for Python.

Swift is used for technologies like game development, iOS app development, client-server apps, data-based apps, and likewise.

Swift or Python for machine learning?

It’s an open scenario that Python is used for machine learning rather than Swift language. Python is easily integrated with the back-end development of machine learning and data analysis.
Swift is designed to be used for building applications and software solutions, primarily for Apple OS

Swift and Python Performance/Speed

If you want to build your apps or play with the plugins in the backyard, python should not be your first choice. Python is the most trustful language among a group of others but refuses to serve you the fast speed.

Anyway, you can choose better options for handling fast executions. C-objective or C# would be the next alternative for speedy applications. Still, if you want to survive only on python then it’s good to add more online servers.

Swift is faster than Python. That’s why the Apple platform overtook this language and embedded their projects under this.

Reasons for their popularity

Python is a very efficient and multi-productive language. It has an easy syntax and simple coding readability, so developers can’t suffice overhead in it. Python is very easy to understand, yet highly productive.

Swift on the other hand is very fast and safe to use. It is simple and easy to understand while easing flexible emulsion of codes. A lot of projects are covered under Swift including e-books, podcasts, real-life courses to third-party apps, and Apple’s gaming sites.

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Tools integration

Python has integrated with tools like PyCharm, NumPy, Data dog, Django, etc.
Swift consists of tools like Airbrake, Google Code Prettify, Sentry, Imgix, etc.

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Python and Swift: Benefits


  • It has been widely used for adopting the technology of data science and deep learning. It gives a bright career for beginners as well as experienced level engineers.
  • It’s an open-source programming language that means there is no headache of platform Dependency. It is easy to compile and execute on different platforms.
  • It is based on English syntax. Unlike other programming languages, it is not difficult to use syntax. That makes it fast and simpler to understand.
  • After the 2008 release version, Python has successfully been involved in the rapid development of its source code, and today it’s a very great option for debugging.
  • Many stack flow developers and groups of communities integrate their codes and make a large corner of the community in the world.
  • Python has its simulator, so it’s a big alternative for Matlab to simulate other libraries into it.
  • Python offers dynamic typing so the coding page is itself auto refreshed to avoid the hassle.
  • As it is high-level programming, it can fulfill the purpose of many areas including scientific computing and Machine Learning support.
  • New developers and engineers are fond of this language compared to other languages due to its clean and easy-to-learn approach.
  • Various other benefits consist of fast scripting, multiple inheritances, great library tools, highly documented, and rapid prototyping.


  • Swift libraries are backed by Apple. It is a super addictive language to learn with clear syntax.
  • Swift is an open-source language, yet it is not widely adopted but especially used by Apple. It consists of beautiful code for dynamic and fast programming.
  • It has a typed interface with semicolon-free coding syntax that makes it easier to understand by new developers.
  • It is used to build a high level of gaming applications for Apple iOS and backend apps.
  • Swift always promotes safe and readable codes. Its tuples offer compound variables and generics.
  • It is a protocol-oriented language that gives the feel of C++. Although developers can easily integrate it with the C language.
  • It offers highly readable code for non iOS developers.

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Conclusion: Python or Swift

We have learned so many things to understand the insightful nature of both languages. Python language is already in the market for the last decade and its developers have come up with more developed versions of it. Swift is a slightly new language but it’s flawless to be used for mobile platforms and specifically for iOS devices.

Python deals with immersive technologies like AI(artificial intelligence), handling the back-end prototypes and likewise technologies. Swift is backed by natural frameworks like cocoa touch and combined adds more features for the application development.

Swift has automatic memory management which retains the memory overflow drainage, high interoperability, full-stack potential with cross-device support and allows it for more versatile use. It’s faster compared to python.

Both the languages facilitated error-free code and quick debugging. They contain additional tools to practice by new software developers.

So the final fact for choosing any language highly depends on your purpose. If you want to build mobile game applications then we advise you to choose Swift, it is fast and works flawlessly with the codes. But, if you want to develop algorithms and projects in data science or machine learning then, you would prefer to go with Python.

You keep your eyes on the current mainstream technologies and trends changing in the market. Choose the language which involves less effort to your developers and tangible cost on your budget.

If you are still in the conflict between Python or Swift, we can help you with this highly reputable organization for offering app development solutions. We know how to bring you to the front than your competitors.

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