Smartphones and digital devices have made people very smart and quite dependent on web and mobile applications. One can install either one app with everything integrated into it, or install various apps serving a different purpose each.

But have you ever wondered what is it that goes into the making of these apps? Well, the answer is certain – a lot of hard work, skills, time, and money. One has to be patient when it comes to developing applications, as anything done in a hurry might be far from perfection and might be just the work of haste.

There are several platforms that have come up to make app development an easy process, and python language stands amongst the top-performing languages that make the development of apps not only easy but a smoother process as well. A lot of people often think it is just the feature set that would matter but the real hero is the language that makes it very obvious for the people to deliver solutions that are meant for them. Python is one such language that is making it big in the tech world with the features that it has to offer.

Understanding Python Language

With the help of this programming language, one can develop the most complex of all websites and mobile applications. It was announced as one of the top-performing programming languages in 2020 and outshone the likes of Java. The usage of the same one can make the development process quick and easy.

Python, just like Knockout, is an object-oriented and high-level programming language. So why did we call it an easy-to-use platform for the development of applications? It is because Python is enabled with built-in data structures that are coalesced with vigorous binding and typing. It works efficiently with the combination of several components that work together.

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Python comes with various frameworks that bring in the picture an easy and interesting development process that is meant for better results and higher solutions. It is often used by developers to offer the best solutions in a restricted time frame without any troubles.

It is used for developing apps for cross-platform, which adds another feather to its hat. It doesn’t end just there, the framework also helps in reducing the cost of the maintenance of the program as it has an inbuilt syntax that supports the readability of the app development process.

How did Python gain popularity over the years?

The language over the years has built its own empire in the market. Not many understand the fact that this language and its frameworks are here to stay for long. With all the advancements and interesting solutions coming your way, it becomes a little difficult for people to understand how things function. Python gives ease to developers to build solutions with better aesthetics and engagement features. Here we have listed down the main reasons why Python wears a bejeweled crown and is a better application development platform than the others.

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The code is easily understandable

It is recommended to use for beginners as the language is easy to comprehend and use. It is mostly known for its syntax to save the developers the extra time of writing additional codes as they can just express their concepts on this platform. In short, Python can make work easier by focusing on code readability. One does not have to necessarily understand the punctuation and other minute details in coding, whereas, simply work with the English language. Furthermore, this simple language helps the developers in the later stages as well.

Performance is quick

There is no need of compiling in this language as the interpreter runs the programs on its own after the. We must also tell you that almost all other languages are bound to do the compiling of the program before running them. This gives developers the advantage of recognizing errors and rendering the programs on time completed with feedback on the same.


This is another big reason why developers prefer this language of others. If you are looking forward to getting an app developed for all platforms including iOS, Android, and Windows, then Python is a one-stop solution for this. Since it is compatible with all of these, it can help the developers to make an app that functions well across platforms and is easy to update in the future.

Test-driven development

The practice that Python runs on is TDD (test-driven development), which means that it can create prototypes of software applications. Supporting the prototypes, it also allows the users or the developers to create an application using them by reusing the codes.

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Robust library

Another feature that makes Python an ideal language for the developers is its standard library, which gives the other languages a run for their money. There is a wide range of modules available in this library, from which the developers can choose any according to their preference. Each module enables them to add a different function to the application. These functions can be updated, added, or removed from the app at any time.

Supports big data

Another reason behind Python becoming the developers’ first choice is that it is fully functional with Big Data, a competitive and emerging technology. With the possession of huge libraries, Python beats the other languages in working fast and using easy code when it comes to working with Big Data.

Community support and corporate sponsors

The language is supported by Google, hence, making it one of the strong contenders amongst the app developing languages. It is also supported by a strong community, adding up to the advantage of the language.

These are a few reasons how Python over the years has built for itself a strong and rock-solid position in the development arena. From being developers’ favorite to being one of the languages that tech giants favor, the language has come a long way and made a significant difference in the app development environment.

Frameworks of Python from developing apps

The framework of the language is quite interesting and it helps one build a strong position in the market. Over the years we have been looking forward to delivering solutions that include the right framework with its full potential and helps impress the clients and the end-users alike.

Over the years we have walked the lane for better results and a stronger presence in the mobile app development scenario.

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  1. Flask:  This is one of a kind framework as it does not require any tools and libraries to develop as an app as it is enabled with special features like support for testing and request dispatching. If you are looking to develop an app on a small scale or for a start-up, this is the best framework option for you.
  2. Django: This open-source framework follows the architectural pattern of model-template-view. It allows the users to try their hands on some of the best features to create complex codes without any issues. It is a secure framework as it safeguards your codes against CRSF and XSS attacks, clickjacking, etc. It notifies the developer about any security mistakes that happen while developing any web or mobile applications. It is one framework that boasts robust security with its in-built features. Also, one can refrain from making any coding mistakes as they are notified by the framework and the changes can be made then and there itself.
  3. Pyramid: This is another open-source python framework that helps in developing easy and comprehendible web applications. It is designed in such a way that the user can easily use it and the beginners can also try their hand on it. The core tools that are used in creating nearly all kinds of web applications are included in the framework. It is relatively fast-paced as compared to other frameworks and assures the best of features in an app.
  4. Web2Py: This one is notably known for its simplicity in creating applications and its speed. One can start doing the coding under this framework as soon as one understands the basics of writing templates. Testing of the applications created on this framework is easy and one can create apps that are compatible with all sorts of devices including Windows, Linux, Android among others. While working on this platform, a developer can raise a ticket each time a mistake occurs.
  5. CherryPy: It is an object-oriented web app framework that is used in the case of creating speedy apps. This framework uses lesser and more readable codes and has its own methods of developing apps. It can be used on multiple HTTP servers. A developer does not have to pick a specific template to work on CherryPy.

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These are the top five python frameworks that have made it quite possible for the developers to bring to the screen an experience that is noteworthy and interesting. If you are looking forward to having a solution that would make things easier for you then you are at the right place. Our experts are well-versed with these frameworks and keep themselves updated with any new development in the arena.

If you are looking forward to building an application using Python that can help you rule the digital arena then you are at the right place.

What Makes Octal the Right Python Development Service Company?

Over the years the development team at Octal IT Solution has been providing digital assistance to people around the world. We have grown strong enough in recent years to build our understanding of the requirements of the international market and make sure to abide by their regulations to deliver solutions that would make them stand out from the crowd.

  • Some of the main reasons why international clients rely on us are:
  • Round the Clock Availability
  • Ease of Communication
  • Free Modifications
  • Proficient Experts
  • Agile Development Methodology
  • Affordable Solutions

Over the years, we have been in the market, and we understand how important it is for clients to hire a team of developers that would make it easier for them to bring on-the-screen solutions that are highly rewarding and impressive.

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Some of the tech giants who realized the caliber of the language have used it to win over the world and be in the list of best-used apps around the globe.
It is not just the features and the functions of the application; it also the ease of coding and compiling the codes that make this language so popular among the experts.

A look at the apps that can be built using Python

Python makes things easier for developers and one can build a web or mobile application in no time by using one of the frameworks that use the language. Today, it is one of the easiest and fastest technologies for app development. Let’s take a look at the kind of applications that can be developed using the language:

These are the basic applications where Python along with its framework can find a space. If we look into the details it is almost all the domains around the world that are covered here. The language has found its utility in almost every industry and caters to the needs of clients from all spheres of life.

Top mobile applications developed using the Python Language

Since Python offers some interesting frameworks it is quite popular among the tech-giants who have neutered the market with solutions that are popular and interesting. With the features of cherrypy, the experts find it quite interesting to build a solution using the same. A lot of clients hire cherrypy developers who can bring on the screen interesting solutions. Some of the applications that owe their foundation to the language are:

Python Websites
  1. Instagram: The photo-sharing application has changed the way people look at mobile applications these days. Almost every second person has an account on the app that is built in a way to engage users with each other by sharing their photos in the form of a feed or a story.
  2. Pinterest: This image-sharing app which has its distinct features is made on the Django framework. One of the top-rated apps on app stores, Pinterest is not new to the language as it has been running on Python since the beginning.
  3. Dropbox: This file-sharing web and mobile application is used in case a user wants to share a large number of files with another person. Since Python is compatible with platforms like Linux, PC among others, the app can be installed on various devices.
  4. Uber: You should not be surprised to know that even the taxi hiring app runs on the Python language. The simplicity and regular updating of the app make it competitive and stand out from the rest.

If you are looking forward to having a solution that is similar to these applications then hire python developers who can help you be in a win-win situation. All these applications have marked their presence in the digital arena with their ease of use and strong feature-set. Thanks to the language that they can always be utilized as the strongest solutions in their industry.


Python has turned out to be one of the most reliable languages in the world of app development and slowly some of the most popular apps are turning to it now. It has a lot to offer to the developers and is easy to use. Its scalability, reach, easy features and technology have made it one of the best languages so far. If you are planning to develop an app for your business and want to get a hands-on app that is made for these competitive times, you should get in touch with us and we will assist you in making one of the best web or mobile-based applications. Our team of experts holds the utmost knowledge of the language and the various frameworks that fall under it.

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