Data has become the new coal, fueling businesses with valuable insights and powering their decision-making processes. It has also led to a high demand for data engineering services companies in 2024. Every organization collects and stores data from various sources in a structured or unstructured manner. Moving forward, organizations utilize this data to analyze performance, drive innovation and research, capture leads, and make decisions. We will explore the most popular data engineering consulting firms in this article.

Harnessing the power of data isn’t that simple. The data must be collected, stored, filtered, and transformed into valuable resources to drive innovation. Expert Data Engineers from data engineering agencies take responsibility for building a data infrastructure to unlock the potential of data and enable organizations to leverage its supremacy.

What is Data Engineering?

top data engineering consulting firms

Before jumping to top companies for data engineering and solutions, let’s learn about data engineering. Data engineering includes developing a solid data infrastructure to collect, organize, and prepare data for organizations to analyze and harness its power. The data engineers gather data from different sources like website clicks, sales transactions, social media, etc., and filter it to ensure reliability.

Secondly, top data engineering services companies address all duplicates, errors, and conflicts, ensuring the accuracy of the data. Further, data is structured in a manner that is easy to deal with. Subsequently, the data is filtered, sorted, and aggregated to extract valuable insights and add more value to data analysis. It also includes developing pipelines to ensure smooth data movement in different systems.

Difference between Data Engineering and Data Science

FactorsData EngineeringData Science
FocusIt focuses on developing and maintaining data infrastructure.Its focuses on analyzing and interpreting data to obtain valuable insights for precise decision-making.
RoleIt is meant for creating and managing data pipelines and databases.The data is extracted, converted, and analyzed.
ToolsSQL, Hadoop, Kafka, Cloud Platforms, ETL Tools, and Spark.Statistical Modelling Tools, Jupyter Notebooks, and Pyhton/R
Source of DataThe data is integrated and consolidated from several sources.It extracts insight from structured and unstructured data.
OutputData Engineering solutions provide dependable and optimized data infrastructure and pipelines. Data Science focuses on creating predictive algorithms and profound insights.

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Data Engineering Agencies – Market Stats & Facts

Data Engineering Agencies – Market Stats & Facts

Ref: maximizemarketresearch

The market cap of data engineering services companies was valued at $51.76 billion in 2022, which is expected to touch the benchmark of $140.80 billion with a projected CAGR of 18.15% by 2028.

United States Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that data engineers’ employment will grow by 9% from 2020 to 2030. It portrays the rising demand for Data Engineering solutions across various industries.  

Data is becoming the new fuel that accelerates business growth. Consequently, the volume of data generation is growing exponentially, and according to a report by IDC, the global data sphere is projected to reach 175 zettabytes by 2025. Managing and structuring such colossal data requires top data engineering firms.

Top Big Data Engineering Services Companies:

Finding the list of top data engineering consulting firms is not an easy task but we have made a list of the most popular big data engineering services companies here. Let’s discuss one by one.

EPC Group (One of the top data engineering services companies)

PC Group - One of the top data engineering services companies

Established in 1997, EPC Group is one of the best data engineering firms. The company has been developing custom Azure SQL Data Warehouses to help businesses discover meaningful insights and make profitable decisions. EPC Group also leverages the latest tools to build a robust and responsive data infrastructure.

Founded Year – 1997

Headquarters – Houston, Texas

Number of Employees – 201 to 500

Key Services – Big Data Engineering, Power BI, IT Managed Services, Power Apps, Dynamics 365

Chief Clients – Ford, FMC Technologies, Pepsico, 21st Century Fox, Morgan Stanley

Celebal Technologies

Celebal Technologies - best companies for data engineer

Celebal Technologies is also one of the finest options for data engineering services. Being one of the innovative data engineering consulting firms it has been helping businesses compile distinct data, convert it into profound insights, and use it to make favorable business decisions. It also leverages AI to develop automated solutions to transform big data into user-ready data sets.

Founded Year – 2015

Headquarters – Jaipur, Rajasthan

Number of Employees – 1,001 to 5,000

Key Services – Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Data Infrastructure Engineering, Dynamics 365, Cloud Innovation

Chief Clients – Adani Enterprise, First Source, SB Energy, Trudata, Aditya Birla Group



Another name in our list of best data engineering companies is Simform. The company can help you build a reliable and optimized data infrastructure to capitalize on leveraging the power of Data Analytics. The best minds at Simform can help bridge the gap between data sources and enterprise objectives. It also enables businesses to obtain actionable insights from data and use it in precise decision-making.

Founded Year – 2010

Headquarters – Orlando, Florida

Number of Employees – 1,001 to 5,000

Key Services – Cloud Engineering, Digital Product Engineering, Data Infrastructure Engineering, Digital Experience Design, CTO

Chief Clients – Red Bull, Sony Music, Hilton, Boy Scouts of America, Bank of America

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Science Soft (Best data engineering agencies)

Science Soft - Best data engineering agencies

Science Soft is another industry’s leading data engineering services provider with decades of experience. It offers Big Data Services that include various activities from data processing to data analytics. The company has been helping businesses to operate efficiently by analyzing big data. Being one of the best companies for data engineering It has partnered with tech leaders like Microsoft and Oracle to keep up with technological advancements. This is one of the best

Founded Year – 1989

Headquarters – McKinney, TX

Number of Employees – 501 to 1,000

Key Services – Data Infrastructure, Information Security Consulting, Solution Consulting, Digital Transformation Consulting, Application Development, Big Data Solutions

Chief Clients – AnyDesk, Nestle, IBM, NASA, Rakuten Viber



Another name in our list of top-rated big data engineering companies is Addepto. The company promises to help businesses proceed to the next step of data management and data analysis. Addepto has been helping businesses worldwide to develop data processing pipelines. Additionally, it has been helping its clients to extract, filter, and manage data to ensure quality data.

Founded Year – 2018

Headquarters – Warsaw, Mazowieckie

Number of Employees – 11 to 50

Key Services – Data Infrastructure, NLP Solutions, Generative AI Development, Computer Vision Solutions, MLOps

Chief Clients – Sita, InPost, Clevair, Jabil, Woodward,

Damco Solutions

Damco Solutions  

Damco Solutions can be picked for availing Big Data engineering solutions. It has been empowering enterprises to manage data and obtain profound insights. It assists in enabling data ingestion from several sources, generating data strategy, configuring cloud data lake, and delivering robust data pipelines. To know more about the best about data engineering consulting firms keep reading this article.

Founded Year – 1996

Headquarters – Plainsboro, New Jersey

Number of Employees – 1,001 to 5,000

Key Services – Data Engineering, Data and analytics, Blockchain Services, AI & ML, Application Development

Chief Clients –

Data Art

Data Art

Data Art is one of the top data engineering companies with years of experience. Experts at Data Art can help build optimized and well-tested ETL data pipelines. Data engineers, analysts, and scientists at Data Art work together to store, manage, and analyze data. Additionally, the company keeps up with the latest tools to develop robust data engineering solutions.

Founded Year – 1997

Headquarters – New York, NY

Number of Employees – 5,001 to 10,000

Key Services – AI & ML, Cloud Application Development, Innovation Lab, Legacy Modernization, Data Infrastructure

Chief Clients – Nasdaq, Ocado Technology, Doddl, Rappi, bematech

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InData Labs (best companies for data engineers)

InData Labs

InData Labs is one of the top data engineering firms that can help enterprises grow and adapt to the changing dynamics of the industry with its data analytics solutions. It allows businesses to collect and analyze data from multiple sources to reshape strategies. It enables enterprises to embrace making data-driven decisions with its robust data infrastructure engineering solutions.

Founded Year – 2014

Headquarters – Nicosia, Agioi Omologites

Number of Employees – 51 to 200

Key Services – NLP Solutions, Generative AI, Machine Learning Solutions, Data Infrastructure Engineering, Artificial Intelligence Consultancy

Chief Clients – Myka, FLO, Interprefy, Skorebee, Naexas Compass Group

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Xenon Stack (top-rated data engineering company)

Xenon Stack - top-rated data engineering company

Xenone Stack is proud to be a part of the Leading data engineering providers. Xenon Stack is helping businesses by developing a modern data stack to enable real-time analytics. It works according to proven strategies and methodologies to build a roadmap, design, and approach for developing a dependable data infrastructure and pipeline.

Founded Year – 2016

Headquarters – Plano, TX

Number of Employees – 201 to 500

Key Services – Data Infrastructure, AI Engineering, DataOps, Cloud Native App, Video Analytics

Chief Clients – MapR, Mazda Motor Corporation, BlackBerry, Farmers Insurance, Warner Bros.

Saviant Consulting

Saviant Consulting

Another name in our list of top-rated data engineering companies is Saviant Consulting. The company can help overcome manual data extraction from several sources by developing a robust and reliable data infrastructure. On top of that, its EDM solutions can help in creating, integrating, and managing data for business along with timely delivery of data.

Founded Year – 2014

Headquarters – Pune, Maharashtra

Number of Employees – 51 to 200

Key Services – azure PaaS, Power BI consulting, Data Acquisition, System Integration, Data Infrastructure

Chief Clients – JJ Food Service, Transport Technologies, BuilderMT

Bitscape (One of the Top Data Engineering Consulting Firms)


Bitscape is well-recognized for its data engineering services. The team of experts at Bitscape can help transform data into meaningful insights in real-time. It also takes pride in winning the global BI partner award multiple times in a row. Since 2002, Bitscape has helped multiple businesses capture actionable insights and unlock new efficiencies through analytics.

Founded Year – 2002

Headquarters – Santa Fe Springs, California

Number of Employees – 51 to 200

Key Services – Data Infrastructure Engineering, Dynamics 365, Intelligent Security, Cloud Services, Microsoft SharePoint Services

Chief Clients – First Bank, FLUIDIGM, Adani, Four Seasons

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Softura has been delivering excellent data engineering solutions to enterprises across various industries. The company has excellent data engineers who leverage their skills and latest tools to develop a vital data infrastructure to filter and process data efficiently. It has also partnered with top-notch tech leaders to stay updated with the latest technologies.

Founded Year – 1996

Headquarters – Farmington Hills, Michigan

Number of Employees – 201 to 500

Key Services – Application Development, BI and Analytics, IoT Development Services, Data Engineering, Portal and Collaboration

Chief Clients – Diesel Forward, Honda, Mercedes, School of Nursing, Centurion  

Softweb Solutions (popular big data engineering companies)

Softweb Solutions

Softweb Solutions is one of the data engineering companies that can help you transform raw data into profound insights. The advanced data infrastructure and analytics offered by Softweb Solutions help businesses unlock their data assets’ capabilities. Additionally, it also provides a data intelligence strategy to aid in decision-making.

Founded Year – 2006

Headquarters – Plano, Dallas, TX

Number of Employees – 501 to 1,000

Key Services – Data Infrastructure Engineering, Cloud Application Development, IT Consulting, AI & ML, Mobile App Development

Chief Clients – Forbes, Social Media Today, Yahoo Finance, Illinois Technology Association, Manufacturing.Net

What Does Big Data Engineering include?

Data engineers perform an array of activities to store, transform, and manage data to support enterprises in making data-driven decisions. Here is a complete list of activities performed by data engineers.  

  1. Data engineers start the data ingestion process by extracting data from various sources, including streaming platforms, APIs, databases, etc.
  2. The second step is data transformation; the data is filtered, structured, and prepared for analysis.
  3. After that, data Integration is performed to unify data from different sources for a detailed understanding.
  4. Data Modeling is done to structure and organize data for effective storage.
  5. The data engineers build and manage data warehouses, enabling businesses to store large amounts of data in a structured format for streamlined analysis.
  6. They develop and maintain data pipelines responsible for transferring data from its source to the destination while simultaneously ensuring data quality and consistency.
  7. The data is governed by establishing policies and standards around data security, management, quality, and privacy.
  8. Quality, completeness, and consistency of data are ensured through data validation, profiling, and other cleansing techniques.
  9. To ensure data security, various measures are implemented such as encrypting data and utilizing security tools to prevent unauthorized access to data storage, processing, and analysis.
  10. Data Infrastructure is developed and managed for convenient storing, processing, and analyzing data.
  11. The data pipelines and workflows are automated to synchronize scheduled data processing tasks.
  12. Once the data infrastructure is ready, it is tuned and optimized for better performance and scalability.
  13. The data pipelines are constantly monitored to ensure data quality. At last, maintenance tasks are performed periodically to ensure smooth functionality.

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What Tools Use Data Engineering Consulting Firms

List of Data Top Engineering Tools 2024

Here is a list of some popular data engineering tools, that are used by data engineering consulting firms–

Apache Airflow 

Apache airflow is a workflow management tool that helps automate data pipelines. Additionally, it also helps in scheduling and monitoring workflows.

Apache Hive

This fault-tolerant data warehouse allows analytics at a gigantic scale. Apache Hive is built on top of Apache Hadoop, providing an SQL-identical interface to query data.


Apache Hadoop is a distributed computing framework for storing and processing massive datasets using simple programming models.


This distributed streaming platform collects, stores, and processes data immediately. It aids in handling high-volume data with low latency.


Python is a programming language that top data engineering companies use for various purposes such as data ingestion, data transformation, and processing, workflow orchestration, etc.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft launched this cloud-based data engineering platform. Data engineers use it for data preparation, exploration, warehousing, and real-time analytics on streaming data.


Databricks combines data warehouses & data lakes into a lakehouse architecture. Collaborate on all of your data, analytics & AI workloads.

AWS Glue

This fully managed ETL service simplifies data preparation and loading for analytics with built-in data cataloging and transformation capabilities.

Google Cloud Dataflow

It simplifies and scales data processing on GCP (Google Cloud Platform). It executes Apache Beam pipelines in batch and streaming modes, making it a versatile tool for various data engineering tasks.

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What are the Benefits of Data Engineering?

What are the Benefits of Data Engineering?

Data infrastructure Engineering has multiple benefits to offer, and here is a quick look at the same –

Precise Decision-making

Data engineering services are highly known for enabling businesses to get their hands on quality data and make precise decisions leveraging it. Further, the data can also identify patterns and obtain actionable insights and trends to improve operations and strategies.

Enhanced Productivity

The productivity of an enterprise can also be enhanced as top data engineering companies automate manual operations and promote data-driven decisions. It leaves the employees with enough time to focus on strategic activities.

Cost Effective

Data engineering solutions can also save a lot of money by eliminating the requirement of manually entering and processing the data. It is also responsible for improving the data quality, which can reduce the cost related to insufficient data.

Better customer Experience

Businesses can provide a better experience to their customers as they will have access to data that can be used to understand customer behavior better. By tracking the data, enterprises can better serve and target potential customers.

Big Data

The top data engineering companies can leverage big data more efficiently with a solid data infrastructure to store, process, and analyze data for innovation and informed decision-making.

Competitive Advantage

Data being the new fuel to accelerate the growth of an enterprise, data infrastructure helps obtain meaningful insights to make better decisions, providing businesses a winning edge over their competitors.

Data Protection

The data engineering solutions can also help businesses protect their confidential data through data encryption and security tools. It will help safeguard sensitive information from unauthorized contacts.

How to Hire the Best Companies for Data Engineers?

How to Hire the Best Data Engineering Services Companies?

The count of companies offering data infrastructure engineering services is regularly increasing. Thus, identifying the best data engineering company ain’t that easy. We have figured out some points you can use collectively as a filter to find the best data engineering service provider. For hiring the best companies for data engineering we should keep in mind some points.

Should fit in your budget

 Every company has a pre-defined price for its data engineering services. Likewise, the service seeker has determined a fixed budget for acquiring such services. Mutual agreement on project pricing and budget with the service provider is essential to avoid future vulnerabilities. Being on the same page ensures a strong foundation, minimizing risks and fostering a transparent and successful partnership.

Examine Expertise and Experience

The expertise of a data engineering company is polished with time as it works on new projects, faces difficulties, and learns new lessons. Therefore, comprehensively evaluating the knowledge and experience of the top data engineering company is vital. It helps ensure their proficiency in undertaking intricate data challenges, crafting effective data solutions, and delivering superior outcomes.

Check out their Portfolio

The top data infrastructure engineering companies often maintain comprehensive portfolios portraying their projects and achievements accumulated over their years of service. Therefore, checking out the company’s portfolio becomes crucial as it provides valuable insights into their capabilities, competencies, and the quality of their work.

Reviews and Ratings

Lastly, checking out the reviews and ratings of the data engineering company becomes crucial as it directly reflects the service quality and dependability. A company with optimistic reviews and excellent ratings should be the preferred choice. The reviews provide valuable insights that can help assess the credibility and worthiness of the company.

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How Much Does it Cost to Hire Data Engineering Consulting Firms?

How Much Does it Cost to Hire Data Engineering Services Companies?

The cost included in availing of data engineering services companies hinges on numerous factors like data complexity, scope of work, location of data engineering solution provider, the expertise of the data engineer, etc. However, top data engineering services companies generally charge anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000, depending on the factors mentioned earlier. To avoid future complications with service providers, prefer being clear about your needs from the beginning and ensure cross-checking their expertise by evaluating their portfolio and testimonials.

You may also hire mobile app developers to build your app.


The benefits, importance, and use case of Data Engineering Services would be well understood now. The rising demand for top data engineering services companies portrays the prominence of data infrastructure engineering solutions. Thus, we recommend investing in creating a data infrastructure. Also, ensure the hiring of expert data engineers and leading data engineering service providers for a better ROI and a successful partnership. Any companies mentioned above can be preferred and contacted to avail of data infrastructure engineering.

FAQs About Best Companies for Data Engineers

What is Data Engineering?

Data engineering includes building an infrastructure to manage and process hefty volumes of data. For example, data engineering involves creating pipelines to extract, convert, and load data from multiple sources into a data warehouse, allowing efficient data analysis.

What are the benefits of Data Engineering?

Data engineering services come with multiple benefits, and here is a glance at the same –
1. Precise decision-making  
2. Cost Optimization
3. Business Agility
4. Efficient Data Processing
5. Real-time Insights
6. Scalability
7. Advance Analytics

Is data engineering just ETL?

No, data engineering isn’t limited to just ETL. However, ETL is an essential part of data engineering services that involves developing robust data infrastructure.

What do data engineering services companies do?

A data engineering services company is responsible for designing and building data infrastructure. It includes developing pipelines and databases to manage and process big data. It allows organizations to extract profound insights from the data.

Which is the best data engineering consulting firm?

The list of companies offering Data engineering solutions is getting lengthy day by day. However, we have filtered the best companies, and list of the list is as follows –
1. EPC Group
2. Simform
3. Science Soft
4. Celebal Technologies
5. Addepto
6. Damco Solutions
7. Data Art
8. InData Labs
9. Xenon Stack
10. Saviant Consulting
11. Bitscape
12. Softura
13. Softweb Solutions 

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