PHP Is Classic, Not Old

The world of programming languages has made a prominent mark for developing the journey of websites. Websites are made and launched every day, which makes it more important for them to be updated and budget-friendly at the same time. It will be an obvious question to raise, which language is so diversified to use amongst the bulk of programming languages for web development? The answer is PHP. Almost 8 out of 10 websites are built in PHP.

The huge presence of PHP has marked its popularity amongst developers, technologists, experts, and professionals. According to stats, around 1.8 billion websites will be developed in PHP in 2021, and it will keep on increasing. Web developers are always looking for reliable solutions to trust and build their projects under PHP.  So, is PHP best for web development? Yes, there are many more reasons. Whether you are looking for the latest frameworks or cost-efficient solutions, PHP allows you to be the best for every choice.

Quietly people’s view of PHP as old, reckless, and stodgy has changed over time. This language suspects deep roots in web development and is embedded with new technologies. Still, if you do not agree with our context, then please read this blog till the end.

Why Do We Use PHP For Web Development?

PHP is a server-side scripting language, introduced in the year 1994. PHP is a trustworthy language for the better productivity of your website.

Before moving further, we should first understand the advantages of PHP, and why it is the most frequently used server-side programming language?

So, let’s get started.

1. Open-Source: Yes, you heard it right. PHP is an open-source scripting language, easily available on its website. You can see their reviews on a website, which quoted that PHP is still the best language for web development.

Everyone can use it even if you are new to the world of web development. Still, you can try PHP. The open-source platform offers many benefits to engage its users with advanced updates. As an open-source, they build up a large community to mutually work on a similar platform and share their issues. This makes the usability of the PHP website development with less overhead and more trustable.

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PHP serves high-end solutions to the newbie developers and leads them with faster solutions. In parallel PHP has placed its support, which opens the door for new frameworks and tools to work together with PHP, and cater to its better performance for a long time.

2. Fast Speed: PHP supports flexible deployment of code. Makes it very understanding for the new web developers. PHP has its memory storage while working which makes it very fast. This reduces the code loading time and workload of developers.

They can utilize their remaining time for some other work. Also, this speeds up the entire project.

3. Fix Under The Budget: PHP is a very cost-efficient language. Why? Because of many reasons. As it is available on an open-source platform, it is free to use for everyone.

The plus point of an open platform is that they welcome common group people, to constantly participate in the up-gradation of versions. This resolves the problem of outdated software. That is the reason why numbers for giant companies dig their hands in this language.

There is no need for any license fees or any charge before using PHP gives the developers vast freedom to offer multiple integration options and hence optimize the cost of development.

4. Scalable: Developers are looking for those options which require less time for their project. PHP is one such option for developing websites. It is easily adaptable with many different servers and hence leverages the size of reach.

More servers outreach more users to interact with and offer faster results of their queries. PHP for web development is a dominant server-side scripting language and widely supports all web browsers.

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5. Customizations: PHP provides a higher level of customization to the developers. Irrespective of any issues it offers great custom websites for your business. This is the feasibility of PHP.

It can easily merge with other scripting languages like JavaScript or Ruby on rails, to increase their functionality. Have you heard about the beta developers mode? Yes in this edition, due to being rich in customizations PHP is loved by many dev teams and technologists.

Although many people question its obsolete nature, it is not the truth. Many top giants still trusted PHP for providing a high level of optimization and speed to their websites.

If we talk about the popularity of PHP, it is one of the fastest acceptable languages worldwide and influences its presence for two decades. PHP is a top-used server-side language that covers 79% of the market of websites. So, it is obvious that top leading websites might be interested in using PHP as their backbone.

We know you are curious to know more about those lists of websites. So, here we go.

  • Facebook with 25 billion monthly visitors, is the top giant which utilized PHP for its server-side services.
  • Wikipedia with 15 billion monthly visitors is next on the list to trust PHP.
  • Yahoo is another leader with 5 billion monthly visitors, which implies PHP for reliable server programming and services.
  • Flickr is marked with 65.4 million global monthly visitors as the next big tech company.
  • Tumblr with 33 million monthly visitors is using PHP for its platforms.

Latest Technologies for PHP in Web Development

PHP is a language both developer and user can adapt very easily. It’s like a mother of many languages. Like a mother can’t drag their hands from her small kids, likewise, PHP is always ready to support multiple integrations with other frameworks, plugins, and tools. It’s not old unless it’s more classic.

PHP is growing every day, it is hands-on with new emerging technologies like Cloud Computing, IoT, Chatbots, and many more equipped with smart digital trends to keep you on top of others.

1. PHP and IoT: The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most popular topics nowadays. Using the IoT, we would see that the world is improving. Could you imagine what if PHP and IoT blend? It creates wonders. Yet, we can’t imagine what new array of products they create but it will nevertheless be better than any other product. This is the capacity of this super technique.

2. PHP and Chatbots: Integration of PHP in AI-based chatbots, is great to build powerful solutions for the users. Chatbots behave like humans and are available the whole time to make sure that everything is working well. They have the answer to the user query in a seamless manner, making it unable to distinguish by the end-user. Php supports a safe and secured server network that makes it more convenient for building chatbots.

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3. PHP and Cloud Computing: Less storage is always an issue to handle large databases. Overcoming such problems cloud computing technology is adopted by many companies. But cloud computing services are not cost-efficient. It raised the overall cost of development. Many companies are sustaining such issues. With the fusion of PHP with cloud computing, companies can resolve their problems and resonate with more secure and faster environments.

PHP is Still Necessary

Why is PHP necessary for web development? Are you still not sure whether to go for it or not? It’s fine, we have piled you with the best solutions to answer this question. Read them carefully.

Good Support Of Frameworks And Updates: PHP enlarged its space due to the strong support of frameworks. Frameworks are the set of libraries that come with inbuilt modules and tools to merge in the code. Make fast execution of code. One of the best frameworks of PHP is Laravel. Other important frameworks are Symphony, Yii, Cake, Codeigniter, etc. Updates are as important as frameworks.

Every new update helps your browser to boost its speed. Updates infused with several functionalities to create innovative designs and implement more features into the code. For example, WordPress is a CMS, developed by PHP that consists of all of the core elements for designing the websites. Php allows combining framework with your choice of the library. When we look at the latest version of PHP it is PHP 7.

Very Little On A Budget: When we look at the comparison between Php and other languages, we find that it’s very cheap actually. And this is the reason why new businesses and developers have enlisted PHP as their first choice. Many CMS are developed in PHP and they are very versatile and budget-friendly for new businesses to work on. WordPress, Joomla, Magento, and many more are the best examples of that. They need less time to be installed in any device and are spontaneous to give solutions to developers.

What else could we need? PHP supports many databases like MySQL to dB2 and OC18 from Oracle. They are very fast and speed up the entire speed of websites. Some of the databases which PHP supported are PostgreSQL, dBase, MongoDB, Sybase, and many more on the list.

Fast And Easy To Use: PHP offers less time to develop any project. This makes it very handy to use. Suppose a new client wants to start their project in PHP. The developers hand over their product with the least time. PHP is one of the easiest languages to use. It’s like our mother tongue. Easy to understand, quick to use, and fast to implement, makes it more agile than any other language.

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So, drop the worry about PHP and try it now. If you’re a beginner then, it’s our suggestion. Go with PHP, it’s very safe to deal with rather than investing your quality time in other languages.

Final Words: Is PHP a Good Choice For Web Development In 2021?

PHP is an infusion of both old and new methodologies. We can’t trust any of the new languages. It takes years for any language to accomplish achievement. PHP does this level of work before. That’s why it is one of the most inevitable programming languages for developers. Another reason why PHP is necessary for web development, because of its versatile nature. It caters to large solutions to PHP web designs for creating feature-rich web applications.

I think you got your answer. So now, if you’re looking to develop your entire website from scratch, connect with us. We have a team of professionals with the same expertise. In the past, we had built many websites on PHP with the use of the latest frameworks and technologies.

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What sets Jitendra apart as a tech blogger is his dedication to staying informed and up-to-date with the ever-changing landscape of technology. He constantly keeps his finger on the pulse of the industry, researching and exploring new advancements to provide his readers with accurate and timely information.

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