The growth of PHP as a technology has been phenomenal and it has gained great popularity in the industry in the last few years. PHP was first developed on June 8, 1995, and for last 22 years, it has remained the most popular programming language.


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When we look into the details, we only find that the stability, power and profitability that PHP offers is far bigger than anything around. With so many frameworks built on the PHP language and so many websites developed in PHP, you can expect a lot from PHP in any given area of web development. PHP development goes a long distance in proving that with every new release and with every new disclosure in its functional domain.

But what makes it so much of a brand is not just the technological competency but the world’s top businesses that have vouched it time and again. We have a list of world’s renowned websites that are built on PHP and are successfully operated registering a large number of visits witnessed each day, signifying a grand performance graph.

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Right from Facebook to Yahoo! And many more, PHP remains at the core of every successful business. Here is the list of top 10 PHP websites that rule the internet:


  1. Yahoo


Top on the list is Yahoo. Sometimes remained the synonym for Search Engine, Yahoo! is still one of the busiest and most reputed websites in the world. It has over 627 million unique visitors every month.

A large part of Yahoo! is developed using PHP, with a handful of other languages and technologies.


  1. Facebook


Your and my favorite Facebook, the Social Media King, is built on PHP. At the user end, Facebook is supplied by the best of technology elements by PHP and is made to serve the huge content consumption by its millions of users each day.


  1. Wikipedia


The most reliable source of information on the internet is made on PHP. Wikipedia is undoubtedly the richest source of content on the internet and this immense amount of content is backed-up by the power of PHP.

PHP has been the source behind the noteworthy services of Wikipedia and the recognitions and awards it has won for its performance in the sharing arena and information exchange.

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  1. Flickr


When it’s about sharing photos, there is nothing more admired that Flickr. PHP is the power behind the world’s busiest photo sharing site that hosts over 5 billion images.


  1. WordPress


The best of PHP and JavaScript experts have worked on the most used CMS facility of the world. WordPress makes the best use of most resourceful features offered by PHP to make its offerings richer from time to time.


  1. Friendster


Founded in the year 2003, Friendster is considered as the most successful social networking sites we have around. It has reached an Alexa rank of 16,443 and acquired over 50 million users making the best of the reining technology.


  1. Digg


Digg is highly popular among the social network marketers and was used as a social bookmarking website till a couple of years ago. Best addressed as a user driven social content website as of today, Digg is superbly built and powered by the PHP technology.

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  1. SourceForge


The world’s biggest web development and download repository of open source code and apps is also one of the works of PHP developers.


  1. iStockPhoto


Purchasing a royalty-free photo on the internet is redefined by the iStockPhoto library. Owned by Getty Images, iStockPhoto is the perfect example of people-oriented web technology.


  1. MailChimp


Perhaps the most popular and widely used Email Marketing solution in the world, MailChimp derives its powers from PHP. The platform has millions of users across the globe, and is used to send over a billion emails every single day.



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