“Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic.” – Arthur C. Clarke

Robotics, Chatbots, Digital Transactions, On-demand solutions, Data Analysis, etc. have helped the world survive 2024 and are now the Top 10 Emerging Technologies in 2024. Yes, last year has given us some new technological goals. Some technologies have recently seen a sudden boom thanks to the shift in society’s behavior.

Whether it is a new technology or upgrading an old one, we have come a long way. And data comes out to be the most golden digital asset for industries today.

The article is about the top trending technologies in 2024 before it seems out-of-date. Here you will get information on the latest technology and trends in the IT domain. Whether you are an IT professional or just a techno freak, you will enjoy each piece of information presented here.

Details of Top Emerging Technology in 2024

What are emerging technologies?

Emerging technology is the one that supports developing practical applications which are still largely unrealized. It means a few processes or formalities are left in launching such techniques.

So keeping this definition in mind, here are technologies to learn in 2024 to stay competitive. Some of the techniques have been adopted already and some are in the process of realization. You must not miss this information and check out the Top 10+ Emerging Technology in 2024.

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

This is the most sought-after technique in 2021-2022. It is estimated by project experts and scientists that the AI market will reach almost $391 billion by 2025. One example of Artificial Intelligence is the installation of Chatbots on web pages.

It is one of the emerging technologies of 2024 that would take your business to new heights. Artificial Intelligence stands for the involvement of human intelligence in machinery. It acts and presents itself as human and has high utility in IT, Agriculture, Science, etc.


It is not about talking only about Robots when it comes to Artificial Intelligence solutions. Anything capable of performing Human Intelligence and serving good in society comes under AI. With the help of AI, you can perform easy to complex tasks in just seconds.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly utilized in Learning, Reasoning & Perception. With the passing days, AI will be utilized from the smallest to the largest point of work.

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The best example of utilizing artificial intelligence in your business is process automation. There are so many functions of your organization now that are being taken care of via machines and software instead of humans. AI has seeped into the business arena, we need to find more innovative ways in which your business can adopt the technology. Companies like Google, Apple, and IBM are the top players investing in AI.

2. Machine Learning

This is the major part of AI itself but has created a super-duper buzz in the market.  Here we have two categories i.e. Supervised & Unsupervised. Computer systems are programmed to do something that they are not programmed to do.

Machine learning is one of the most important technologies to learn in 2024. It is deployed in all kinds of industries, creating a buzz among professionals and has huge demand in the IT sector.

The experts have estimated a magnificent hike or growth to $8.81 billion by 2022 in the Machine Learning market. It is utilized in data analytics, data mining, and pattern recognition. Again at the consumer end, Machine Learning empowers web search results, real-time ads, and especially network intrusion detection. Hence, machine learning solutions have also become a talking point in the list.

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Machine learning is one of the top technologies to learn in 2024 according to experts. Isn’t it interesting that as you log in to your favorite eCommerce application you come across a few suggestions? Well, these suggestions are made by recommendation engines that greatly apply ML in the real-life world.

3. DARQ Technology: The DNA of Future Technologies

Accenture comes into the mainstream of filling health to obtain solutions to society in a better and more composed way. DARQ is the technology that benefits from the top four top trending technologies; distributed ledger technology (DLT), artificial intelligence (AI), extended reality (XR), and Quantum Computing. These new technologies are acting as the catalyst to cater digital solutions to the existing industry.

The above four technologies are key differentiators to impact the healthcare industries in the way ahead. After the arrival of DARQ, the cost of the solutions is cheaper now, labor is efficiently managed under the roof, the customers and the respective partners can get more bidirectional services. This involves driving the wave of innovation.

We can believe in the fact that DARQ will be the leading trend in 2022, as 89% (41% AI + 19% DLT + 19% Quantum Computing + 18% XR) of the services are already gauged with the services using the DARQ, which inspires the rest of the industries to get their entry into this.

4. Smart Cars and Automated Solutions

Smart cars are the next pro thing on the list. With the advanced driver assistance systems, the future for self-automotive solutions is undercovered. The vehicles are controlled without any human role, with the ADAS2. Companies like Plus, Mobieye, Qualcomm, etc. are the top leaders for serving such solutions. Such technologies easily emerge in metropolitan cities where the heavy population needs such kinds of solutions. The adoption of this automation industry is estimated to reach $232B by 2025.

Automation solutions evolved the care and the assistance of older people aka the robots. Over the years, we have seen that machine-based training solutions and AI-integrated services are eventually growing. Robots are lucrative machines that behold their existence without any human intervention. Robotics can surpass 5% of the total automated solutions while 60% of the solutions are partially dependent on robotics.

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Smart automation solutions are a companion for our daily lives. People are more predominantly towards the super fast solutions. As for groceries, medicines, clothing, or other essential goods, there is a huge demand for such solutions for the coming 2024.

5. Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality (AR & VR)

Both of the techniques are still in the queue to get released in the technical environment. The facilities are not that much utilized but are serving in training, education, entertainment, and marketing & even at rehabilitation centers after an injury.

AR stands for Augmented Reality and adds digital elements to a live view by using the front camera of smartphones. The best recent examples of Augmented Reality are Pokemon Go and Snapchat lenses.

On the other hand, VR is the extended version astonishing and falls under the top 10+ trending technologies of 2024. Virtual Reality shuts out the physical world and gives the experience of a completely virtual world. The best examples are the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, or Google Cardboard.

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One of the finest amalgamations is Mixed Reality (MR). It comprises the features of both AR & VR technologies. Another term in respect of this is Extended Reality (XR). You can grab more details about it from the Internet.

Remember how you spoke to the event planner the other day and he showed you the complete 3D structure virtually. Incredible it was! It was all the magic of virtual reality. In event management and architectural businesses, technology has made things very easy to explain, share and comprehend.

6. Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing is the next astonishing technology in the coming year 2024. We must see in the pandemics. It helps the healthcare sector in easily tracking and monitoring the risks in the complex data of many companies like Honeywell, AWS, Microsoft, and Google. In the finance sector, quantum computing performs the fraud detection and analysis of any security threat. Quantum sensing gives possibilities to find any of the underwater deposits and seismic events.

There are more hopes and promises we are expecting with this technology. The market leaders have been fortunate with $2.9M in this sector. IBM, the technology company, known for giving cloud and cognitive solutions, collaborates with India’s leading academic institutions to cater cloud solutions for education and research.

7. IoT (Internet of Things)

A great shift has been seen in the usage of the Internet nowadays. Now you can create, build, popularize anything using WiFi or Internet Connectivity, and this procedure is known as IoT (Internet of Things). It is absolutely a new concept that has gained a significant place in the list of emerging Technology 2024.

The Internet of things explains the connectivity with physical objects (things) that are coded with sensors, software, and with other important techniques. This helps any operation go smoothly and exchanging of data with other devices becomes more flawless.

According to the latest survey, 25% utilization of IoT development solutions has been done till now, thus has grabbed its place in the Latest Technology Trends 2024. The purpose of the technique is to boost new business opportunities and effectiveness in working of the companies. A few of the companies investing in such technologies are Cisco, SAP, Microsoft, Dell, IBM, and Cloudera.

Some IoT experts are marking their projection for IoT to increase by 43 Billion by 2023. It will be a threefold increase from the previous years.

The simplest and household application of this technology is the anti-theft smart tag that comes with the product. These tags are released only if the product is purchased else they would beep like in malls. Fun, isn’t it?

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8. As-a-Service

The It sector has gone through remarkable changes in recent years. As a service technology head on flexible roof model to deliver cloud-oriented services to the businesses via the internet as the resource. It stretched out the possibilities of the storage, which needs to store zillions of data on it. Other services that come under this platform are;

  • Function as a Service (FAAS)
  • IT as a Service (IAAS)
  • Security as a Service (SAAS)
  • Database as a Service (DAAS)

This helps the user to flexibly work on the platform without any worry about the spaces. This market is expected to face a sudden shift of $140B. This will continue to bloom in the 2024 market of business without the need for any physical server and any cognitive codes.

This premiere service saves the client from investing in multiple software programs. In terms of hardware, companies need not buy large-cost servers to store the data. While small businesses can customize their needs as per the market trend and adhere to any of the automatic changes.

9. Blockchain & Defi

Many of us know blockchain as part of digital currency or digital currency itself. To elaborate the term, it is a technology that is used to provide additional security to digital transactions. It cannot be modified, changed, or cannot be taken from one place to another. It gives the finest layer of security that does not require any third-party securities or valid transactions.

Many industries nowadays implement blockchain and its utilization in their professional tasks. Some experts have found it as the second-fastest growing category of jobs.

With Elon Musk making a statement of accepting payments for Tesla in cryptocurrency, the demand for blockchain developers has seen a sudden hike. This digital payment method is the most common and popular application of technology.

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Defi is a decentralized finance solution used in the finance market. It includes solutions like finance, cloud computing, digital security, cross payments, and many more.

10. Big Data Analytics

Perhaps big data analytics is in the market for a while, it will be of the same extent to find data storage and processing.

There are many elusive technologies involved in big data analytics such as business intelligence solutions for decision taking, X-analytics for climate changes, and protection of the wildlife. As per the insights, in 2023, the market will emerge with 33% of the solutions being outfitted using big data analytics.

One of the reasons why the big data analytics market has overflowed in these years is due to the existence of a large bulk of raw and meaningless data. The data technologists have joined their hands with the other for cumulative precise prediction of the accurate data.

This ratifies global companies to explode more structured data in 2024. Companies now prevent themselves from the data silos, which was caused before naturally as the companies couldn’t reach and figure the irrelevant data used for the organizational assets, company hierarchical placement of data, outdated software, and others. Data analytics is to unify all of the data and come out with meaningful assets.

Some of the best-emerging companies investing in these technologies are Amazon, Starbucks, Spotify, Google, and Adobe.

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11. Cyber Security

When we are talking about security then “Cyber Security” is not a topic to miss. It is not under the category of emerging technology as it has remained around for a while, but its realization in many sectors is still pending.

As long as the industries have hackers, our nation will continue providing great job opportunities in the Cyber Security field. The jobs may vary from fixed remuneration to high-commission-based opportunities.

With the world going digital and business running from home, a safe work environment where the organizational data is protected becomes the need of the hour. With the latest cybersecurity solutions, one can be sure of no data loss or tampering.

12. Fintech

Another B2C technique that has emerged as a trending topic in the IT sector is Fintech. Fintech is utilized in the newest technological form such as payment from Paypal, Get Report, Venmo, and cryptocurrency. It is adding the finance term to technology.

In general terms, any Fintech software development company uses the Internet, Mobile Devices, Software Technology to perform or to join financial services. Fintech has created dozens of applications which have changed the way consumers or business entities are maintaining their financial transactions. Thus, fintech is the leading top emerging technology used.

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With internet banking and mobile applications for all banks, financial institutions have walked a long path towards digitalization. Along with this eWallet applications are a great move to accepting technology as a support instead of a threat.

13. DevSecOps

Development, security, and managing the team are the top three concerns for the companies. They are hunting for solutions that can overlap all of the three factors.

Here comes the term DevSecOps, which in short is the combined automation for development, security, and operations. This technology opens up the arms for other emerging technologies like GitOps, NoOps, and DataOps. This automated system derived any vulnerabilities at the early stage in an automated manner. It integrated with the different testing methods like penetration and automated security testing for the fast and agile development of the project.

According to the IDC report, more than 90% of the new apps are expected to release security-driven solutions in the market. Top driven companies involved in these technologies are NASA, Amazon, Capgemini, Oracle, and Dell.

14. 5G Network

5G stands for 5th Generation mobile network. It will enable a great speed of connectivity and will connect multiple objects at a time. This is the much-awaited upcoming technology of 2024. It will deliver higher multi-Gbps peak data speeds, ultra-low latency, more reliability, and many other good features. It will provide a smooth and uniform user experience with higher performance, and improved efficiency. This will target new businesses as well as will connect new industries.

Right now 5G technology is driving 13.2 trillion dollars of global economic output. It has created 22.3 Million new job openings. It has also provided $2.1 Trillion growth in GDP. Its realization may take several years and is expected around 2035.

Looking forward to the working objective of 5G technology, it will be utilized in three major fields i.e. Enhanced Mobile Broadband, Mission-critical communications, and Massive IoT. The top companies involved in using this technology are Samsung, Deloitte, Nokia, Ericsson, and Qualcomm.  Many countries are accessing these facilities but for many, it will be a dream coming true.

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15. Voice Assistance

The coming years will see a drastic hike in opportunities drawn out of Voice Assistance only. This is because it will tell upon consumer experience by the implementation of AI-driven technology and natural language processing technique.

Most probably in the upcoming years, organizations will likely welcome “Conversational Analytics” which will also impact the chatbots & voice applications. The impact of voice assistance will also be seen especially in gaming and other sectors.

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With Google Home, Alexa and Siri, everyone taking care of your instructions so easily, the voice assistance around your business becomes quite easy and helpful to grow a stronger and better customer base. For now, this is one of the best technologies to learn in 2024 if you want a direct discussion.

16. Predictive Analysis

Predictive Analysis is the new way to expand your business. Understanding your customers with their internet behavior and then coming up with solutions that would be inspired by these behaviors would be a great way to expand to business.

By 2024, the predictive analytics market would reach an 11 billion dollar industry in terms of annual revenue and would be a part of fraud detection to medical diagnosis.

Like it when the fitness application suggests the diet plan and the exercises to follow? Well, it is in applications like these where predictive analysis helps users get the most of their investments.

17. Human Augmentation

The more we are thriving on the trending technologies, the more we are devoid of our limitations. In this race of dominance, one thing we are lacking with our disabilities. With the involvement of the top two technologies like AI and IoT, Human Augmentation is the real rescuer.

Advanced chip solutions like bionic and prosthetic augmentation, the cure of any sickness are feasible with power to the brain-machine interface. The one such device used by the surgeons is Neurolink.

A symbiosis between the human brain and AI technology, Neurolink is the future of the ultimate solution derived by Elon Musk as his unusual ventures, apart from Tesla and SpaceX.

Although this technology comes with many pitfalls, have you ever imagined the positive possibilities this can reinvent for us? What if this tiny chip can cure old mare diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s? People with other mental disabilities like paralysis could be able to live real life. This is going to be the major transverse in the healthcare stream.

Top companies investing in human augmentation-driven technology are Neuralink, Google, Samsung, and Ekso.

18. Sustainable Energy Solutions

A large part of the industry is in the process of reducing the consumption of carbon footprint. In the pandemic, due to the limitations of automobiles, we have seen an increment of 40% in renewable sources, and this will continue to increase in 2024. Companies are more on neutralizing the carbon presence or carbon zero. Businesses are looking for advanced solutions like the fusion of more than two or more energies to emerge as practical applications. Helion Energy is a source of energy without dampening the environment.

Some of the top green technologies solutions are electric vehicles, wind energy, vertical farming, led lighting, and many more.

19. Digital Twin Technology & 3D Visualization

Accenture lists the digital twin technology as one of the top emerging technologies in the market. According to Gartner, more than 75% of industries are supposed to thrive in the digital twin market. This technology has emerged into various industries like building smart cities, lowering construction costs, to save millions of dollars of industries.

With the amalgamation of 3D visualization and Digital Twin technologies, businesses could take more advanced decisions and communications. Industries can train their data stipulated in real time to plan and maintain the data to reduce the cost or time of the products and target the more automated task with routines and schedules.

Final Words

Technology has played a vital role in our lives for ages. From the beginning of Human Intelligence to the implementation of chatbots and robotics in many works, all have become possible due to the acceptance and realization of these techniques in our day-to-day lives.

Emerging technologies are those whose realization is still pending or being realized at some point. There are enormous techniques that are still in the jar like Biometrics, Digital Twins, Human Augmentation, Biosensing, Plastic Money, Digital Perfume, etc. We have named the Top 10+ Technologies in 2024 here. If there’s anything you’d like to add or discuss, feel free to contact us.

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