Who wants to write the code painfully? The answer is nobody. But what if you have less choice of frameworks for efficiently writing codes. Thanks to Laravel, which makes writing code just like a pro and deploys superfast web development processes.

Laravel is developed by Taylor Otwell which supports developers with easy and efficient coding emulators. With over 60,000 stars on GitHub, Laravel has enlarged the availability of community members. It is packed with features for developers like routing, session creation, authentication, and flexibility.

Laravel framework features provide packed solutions to build compact and code-efficient web applications. Advanced features like MVC architecture support, database migration, diverse template designs, and artisan tools are leveraging the quality and reliability of frameworks.

Why is Laravel important?

Laravel is one of the forefront PHP framework open source languages. Open source allows new developers to compile their code using the available structure of codes. It also helps them to improve their code reliability. A large group of people is gathered to resolve any issue and welcome to develop any new idea.

One of the important features of Laravel is code usability. Web developers need not worry about implementing new code every time. Laravel projects are very budget-friendly, so publishing any new website is a cost-efficient task for developers.

Due to its feasible nature, the PHP Laravel framework is mostly loved by small and medium-size projects. It is used for services like web app development, e-commerce, enterprise, and web development. If you are a new developer, and in a dilemma to choose between Laravel PHP framework and other frameworks, then we can help you out by discussing its app-centric features.

Laravel Top Framework Features

Laravel comes every year with new frameworks. Its website is already loaded with a new featured list. So below we lighten up with robust features of Laravel which makes your website development journey a seamless one.



MVC is a model view controller architecture to perform multiple functions on the platform with the help of built-in features. This helps to enhance the app performance and maintains a high level of security for the app development.

MVC is an open-source framework that relied on three main parts:

  • Model: This part handles the data and its relations
  • View: this describes the user interaction
  • Controller: it’s a subway error for interaction between model and view layers.

Simply put the entire code and run this model, it will split the code into three parts and perform any editing required further in the coding part and make it reusable. MVC architecture helps to create lightweight applications for websites and promotes developers to build more  Laravel features-based applications.

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MVC framework helps to speed up the development process and is very cost-effective to fix in your budget. This allows developers to create faster documentation and develop an integrated environment for App builders.


When we are talking about the flexible nature of any framework, we have to look at how easily the codes can merge with some complex systems or how much money could be added to make any application build in it. Laravel achieved its mark with its results. Laravel’s advanced features are scalable to use and create affirmative solutions to numerous projects.


Laravel is loaded with many packages, one of them is Entrust. Entrust allows users to create a profile in it and add permission to different users. Users with relevant permission can use the package. It allows users to create anti-spam protection to enrich more security.

In Laravel users can manage the automated mechanism to perform any task in a time-efficient manner. Like schedule emails to new subscribers, timely cleaning of the database, user notifications, and many more using a single Cron entry to execute any task.

Every industry requires a faster flexible environment to build their project as early as to hit the bell of the market. So this feature is very intuitive for speed up the application delivery.


Authentication is the most important factor of the Laravel features list for your business. Due to the high level of breaching, Laravel development companies are dependent on highly authentic solutions for them. First, let’s see the different types of attacks a hacker can do to gap the security.

  • Cross-site forgery request: this type of attack is done by a hacker to breach the login security of developers. The hacker used to invalidate login and randomly change the passwords or make some unauthorized transfers, all such activities are highly alarming for any industry.
  • SQL injections: The hacker prompts to write or inject some part of SQL code and paste it between the actual file. He gets the entry in the database and tries to modify any confidential data. This may lead to severe damage to the system.

The above problems are so dangerous, likewise, we need to find genuine solutions for the attacks.

Laravel secured a framework to interrupt any misleading authority. It encrypts the sender and receiver messages. CSRF filters are available to catch any illegal requests from sources. For application security, Laravel uses a bcrypt hashing algorithm which helps to secure from SQL injection attacks. It also provides eloquent object-relational mapping(ORM) to write database queries, search and modify the invalid codes.


Anyone can develop the application in a large amount of time. Developing an app quick is the urge of time. Now, companies are looking for web app solutions that reduce the project to optimal time and suit their budget. Laravel is such a feature-rich framework consisting of many tools to minimize the work of developers. One such tool is Artisan, which helps the programmers to write the code at super fast speed and reduces their time. Laravel comes with good quality documentation like Laracasts to support their developers when in need of any helping hand. Laracast offers source codes, free video tutorials, and many other extensive features to the technologist, for their help and to make their learning easy.


Laravel offers to its developers an easy compiled unit and multiple testing tools. This feature is like a dream come true for a programmer.


When a web application is built on a Laravel framework it’s guaranteed to provide effective performance for its users. Laravel easily optimizes the application and handles a large capacity of traffic. Its open-source coders regularly update new features to run its performance fast track.
Laravel Debugbar allows the programmers to monitor the performance of apps and addresses them in case any error generates.

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Laravel Framework offers high-end integrations to their developers with the executing system. It allows various levels of integrations like supporting different payment gateway methods, monitoring many analytical tools, and supporting marketing automation tools. If you are a developer, you can merge other solutions with your solutions to create new applications.

Advantages of Laravel over other frameworks

There are various types of advantages of Laravel over other frameworks.

  • It offers clean and easy methods to send notifications using cloud-based servers. It contains the SwiftMailer library for API integration.
  • It offers authentic well organized access to control any lack of security.
  • Supports cache backends to configure with various systems.
  • Laravel is enriched with advanced Monolog libraries to handle log files. It consists of packages with object-oriented frameworks. Developers easily used the modules for their projects.
  • Laravel route is accessed by app/Http/routes.php file name, automatically accepting URL and closure.

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Laravel has left its mark in the global market. This framework is one of the global leaders in software and app development. All small and big companies can use this latest technology-infused framework for their business. It is a no-one choice for developers due to its quick testing and code transparency feature. Laravel framework in PHP enlarged due to its strong community support.

Software engineers can quickly create their applications using their fast-end emulator and structured coding style. The MVC architecture turns the app into an open playground to write and set your functionalities. It’s like a robust pillar for your web applications. Laravel is one of the top frameworks for PHP when compared to other frameworks like CodeIgnitor, it’s a more advanced alternative. User authentication features, modular app formation, artisan templates are some of the unique specialties of this framework.

If you felt tiresome of using the outdated frameworks. Planning to use a new one but if confused then, you can consult us for any assistance in Laravel development services. We are leaders in providing high-quality services to our clients. Our solutions are highly cost-effective and intuitive, depending on your business goal and requirements. We have proven mettle in portfolios. Our Laravel developers are proficient in creating a modular app with a high level of integration.

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