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On Demand Lawyer Booking App Development
App to find lawyer that churns out revenues for your business, in just the right way.
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Service request

The on demand lawyer app allows users to search and request for a lawyer using the advanced search and requirement placing feature.

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Provide your lawyer finder app users with advanced features through premium membership, or set basic features in free membership.

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Users may book an appointment for a later day / time, and lawyer may also schedule the appointment for a later day with the lawyer finding app.

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Upon registration, the lawyer app requires thorough verification from lawyer to maintain the app service quality.

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Location Based Search

GPS integration lets your lawyer appointment app users easily find a lawyer in their area and it also allows your users and lawyer to share & track locations.

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Advanced Search

Users of the on demand lawyer app may search for lawyers using advanced keywords like location, specialty, fees etc.

Discernible Features
Salient Features of Lawyer App Development...
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Registration with Security

Users of lawyer booking app may signup/login with their email/password, social media accounts and phone number with a one-time password.

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Personal Profile

Your lawyer finder app users and lawyer may create their profiles with details they want to show.

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Push Notification

Send real-time alerts and notifications to users and lawyer about appointments, cancellation or promo offers through app to find lawyer.

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Pay System

Integrated payment gateway in lawyer finding app provides a safe and quick payment process through net banking, eWallet or credit/debit cards.

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Real Time Tracking

Track bookings and other processes in real-time, and get detailed reports about all the activities through your lawyer app.

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Work In progress Report

The user-friendly lawyer appointment app is easy to use and provides you a Good Eye View in form of attractive charts, dashboards and reports.

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Reviews & ratings

Users may easily review and rate the lawyer booking app, enabling highest rated lawyer to show first and to promote the app.

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Promotions & Offers

Promote your app to find lawyer and build your audience through promotional offers, referral and loyalty programs.

Our lawyer application comes with advanced features, dashboards and management tools for you and your app users.
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User Panel
  • Sign Up/Login
  • Create Profile
  • Select Category-Sub Category
  • Get Lawyer Listing – on List View & Map
  • Lawyer Details
  • Send Request
  • Book Now/Schedule later
  • Confirm Booking
  • Track Lawyer
  • Check/Update Status
  • Rate Service
  • Pay Online
  • Wallet Money
  • See History
  • Invite Friends
  • Help/Support
aggregator dashboard panel
Lawyer Panel
  • Sign In/Sign Up
  • Update Profile Status (Offline/Online)
  • Accept/Reject Job Request
  • Get Booking Location
  • Booking Notification
  • Update Tracking Status
  • Mark when job is Started
  • Review/Rate Patient
  • Booking History Calendar
  • Earnings
  • Heat View
admin dashboard panel
Admin Panel
  • Dashboard
  • Current Statistics
  • Lawyer manager
  • Manage Services
  • Manage users
  • Manual Booking
  • Manage Jobs
  • Scheduled Bookings
  • Promo Code
  • God’s View
  • Manage Reports
  • Manage Settings
More Features
A Few More Features of On Demand Lawyer App...
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Call Recorder

Users of on demand lawyer app may record the calls to follow the instructions given by their lawyer.

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Cashless Installments

The on demand lawyer app is fully-cashless, making it convenient for your users and lawyer to pay and receive payments.

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We use scalable technologies to build your lawyer finder app, so you can grow your app as your customer base grows.

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Significant Investigation

You have the powers of investigating the lawyer finding app activities, quality of the lawyers etc. to maintain service quality.

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Advance reports

You get detailed reports about your users, orders, lawyer, payments, and everything else on your lawyer app.

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Cloud Management

The lawyer appointment app is managed by clouds with all the important data is stored on clouds. This makes the app run faster and safe.

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In App message Communication

In-app messages in lawyer booking app keep your users and lawyer in contact with each other through internal messaging & notifications.

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Voice Call & Video Chat

The in-built Video Calling Feature of app to find lawyer allows your users and lawyers to communicate with each other on live video.

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