Today more than one-fifth of people are using real estate mobile apps to buy, sell and research properties. No surprises that property searching on mobile apps have escalated by 120%.

We no longer live in times when people used to head from one broker to another or from one house to other, on their hunt for property. All it needs is a swipe or a click real estate mobile applications on their smartphones to shop for dream property or house while sitting in the comfort of their home. Easy deal, isn’t it?

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How real estate mobile apps make things easy for you?

Being in real estate business, you can immensely benefit from these real estate mobile apps which give striking returns rapidly. The businesses get to offer vast proper listings in a very appealing manner, visually. You have an easy reach to the customer all along the day, locally as well as internationally, able to maintain great control over the site content and receive instant messages and notifications for quick follow-up.

Hence, if you are keen on establishing your business and brand without going the traditional way or for expensive methods (flyers, advertisements, cold calling), you can majorly benefit from a property mobile app. With professional and high-performing real estate mobile apps you can accomplish a lot of tasks like controlling your listings, monitoring transactions, showing houses, finalizing a deal, all while sitting at your home or office couch.



What are the benefits of having a Real Estate Mobile App?

  • High Customer Engagement and Conversion
  • Better Co-ordination between Developer and Broker
  • Power your Customers with Geolocation
  • Stay Connected with Customers 24/7
  • Better Property Viewing Experience
  • Clean Property Insights




  • 3D Property View: Offering 3D view of the entire property is a great feature as not just it instantly appeals to the buyers but also allows them to have entire knowledge of the property they are interested in.
  • Favorites: This feature allows users to add their most-preferred properties to the favorite list.
  • Calendar: Keep things in check like which property was viewed on which date.
  • Map: Get a good idea of the location and the routes with the inbuilt map facility offered within the app.
  • Get Brokers Details for contacting: It is easy and convenient to contact the broker of your desired property with all the contact details provided along with.
  • Contact seller through Email or sent inquiry message: Buyers looking for a property can also contact the seller via email or can send an inquiry message. The responses are often prompt.
  • Sorting: App users can sort the properties as per “High to Low” or “Low to High”, as well as can filter their search as per the area, prices and other factors.
  • Discussion Forums: Heading here, the users get all the information they require by getting the chance to discuss with the liable associates.



  • Register/Login: It is time to register to the mobile app using the email ID or one can even use social networking credentials.
  • Profile Verification by Admin: The profile needs to be verified next by the admin. This step is crucial in order to maintain the authenticity of the app.
  • Search Property: Once the profile is verified, users can now start searching the desired property.
  • Filter & Sort Property based on various parameters: Users can filter as well as sort their search options on the basis of their requirements and parameters.
  • List View & Map View for Property Listings: They can choose between List View & Map view as per their comfort while going through property listings.
  • Get Details of selected Property: If the users come across a property that matches their interest, they can seek the details accordingly.
  • View/ Edit User Profile: Users are enabling to view their profile and can edit it according to their liking.
  • Add Your Property for Selling OR Rent: Users can even add the property that they are keen to sell or to put on rent.
  • Purchase subscription for listing properties: Subscription for listing properties can easily be purchased with in-app payment modes.

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  • Reports: From this section, the admin manages the reports or requests in concern of adding a property, or purchase requests, or selling requests, etc.
  • User Management: Admin needs to manage the users from here. The users may vary from sellers, buyers, brokers, etc.
  • Property Manager: Property listing can be managed from here by the Admin, who is responsible for the new additions or list removals.
  • Add/Remove Property: The Admin can add or remove property from the listings from here. S/he is the one responsible for its management.
  • Currency Converter: This feature allows the users to see the property price in their currency.
  • Customer support manager: Admin is responsible to provide the users with trustworthy and reliable support, answer all their queries, and make them feel at ease while using your app.
  • Add/Edit/Remove Subscription Packages: From here, the admin can add, edit as well as remove subscription packages.
  • Earning Management: Earnings acquired via property deals and subscriptions are managed by the Admin from here.


  • Social Sharing: Using this feature, the properties which can be up for sale or rent can be shared on social media, which will attract more buyers.
  • Map View: Mapping facility allows the users to search properties as per the area and location.
  • Image Gallery: The gallery offers all the pictures of the various properties offered by the users in the app.
  • Blog: This is a sure-shot way to attract more and more users by enlightening them about various related topics, like things to consider while buying a property, etc.
  • Testimonials: Best things to rely on our client testimonials as they leave no scope for errors, with the users getting the review about the app and its listing from previous users itself.
  • Broad Match Search: This feature enables users to expand their search criteria and look widely around for properties.



Geo-location tagging: This feature is quite integral for interactive apps like Real Estate, as it allows the app users to find nearby properties. The geolocation feature within the app leverages the GeoTag or GPS location of a smartphone making the location-based house hunting possible for users, using the smartphone’s GPS. It lets them see the properties or homes for sale near their current location in real-time on a map.

Mortgage Calculator: It is quite understood that your time is really precious and with the basic and easy-to-use calculator provided within the app, it gets convenient for the users to find out what they can afford by getting an estimation of their monthly mortgage payment. The mortgage loan calculator, which is simple and accurate, allows them to calculate new house purchase and refinance and a lot more.

Heat Map: Well, Heat Maps are an easy and fun way to find your dream house. It’s a brand new and innovative style of property searching, with different colors and icons depicting different aspects. These maps offer an easier and way more yielding style of searching for your desired property.

These maps are designed with an intention to offer you with comprehensive real estate information in half the time, hence offering more scope for actual site visits & discussions. Its many features include searching as per the budget, possession date, property type, nearby locations, etc. Besides being fun and interactive, they considerably reduce the time taken by students to search for the right property.

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Interest Rate Calculators: Using the in-built Interest Rate calculator for home loans, users can get an estimation of interest payment, with taxes and insurance. They simply need to enter the price of the home, down payment, and other required details and the interest rate will be shown to them, accordingly.

Lead management: The lead management software in the real estate apps has an imperative role to play in converting more leads into deals faster. This feature will dramatically improve the lead conversions and you will start reaping the benefits sooner. This highly effective feature can help things run more smoothly and further allow you to analyze client activities to gauge customer loyalty as well.

Push Notifications
Push technology comes as a great deal for engaging the users. They not only keep them attentive with the special offers/ events/ news/properties but also assure that your app will remain on their mobile for a pretty long time.

Custom Mail Reminder System
Buyers who are looking to buy property will like to get the reminders for new property listing and offers. These reminders are certainly very beneficial for the ones who are having very tuff and busy.

Use of AR VR

With rising AR and VR Technology, the Real Estate Business can benefit a lot. E.g. you can demonstrate the homes in 3D that can give your customers a true picture of how a property looks like.

Real-time Analytics for real-time Decision making
with the help of real-time analytics, admin can make instant decisions for streamlining the business operations effectively. The data related to the user orders request types, the category of users visiting the most and other important data that can be analyzed for quick decision making.

CRM Solution: When CRM solution is integrated into Real-estate apps it helps in gaining better conversion rates and will boost your real estate sales. With CRM you will see how a little bit of data can majorly turn things in your favor. The system is useful in sending messages and alerts to the customers regarding various offers, activities, news, etc. as well as it has a great role to play in marketing and promotions schemes. All in all, with the right CRM you can manage client data in a way that helps you be better at what you do.

ERP (Enterprise Resources Process) Solution: Real Estate is a huge industry which certainly needs a massive solution to manage the miscellaneous sections and workshop proceedings. With ERP solutionss, you can manage large-scale operations easily as it looks after the many modules such as HRM, Employee Management, Lead management, business workflow management, payment modules, sales team management, etc. By integrating this software into your real-estate app, you can make things easy and convenient.

User Experience is Important


 Real Estate App Development



Once all these things are taken care of, all you really have to look for is a right real estate app development team that understands your needs well and initiate the app development process accordingly. Ensure that your requirements are properly communicated and understood by the team of designers, app developers, and other technicians.


Development Process


How Much It Cost to Develop a Real Estate Mobile Application

Now the cost of real estate mobile app depends on its size & complexity. Other than that, the location of the developers and the number of hours consumed in the app development play a vital role in deciding the app development cost. Based on different zones, here we have outlined the cost to develop a featured real estate app.

  • US-based developers: $100 to $250 per hour
  • Eastern Europe-based developers: $80 to $180 per hour
  • India-based developers: $25 to $50 per hour

Now according to the segments to be developed, the actual cost of real estate mobile app development in India is graphed below:

  • Technical documentation (40 hours – $1000 to $2000)
  • UI/UX design (60 Hours – $1500 to $3000)
  • Front-end and Back-end development (400 Hours – $10,000 to $ 20,000)
  • Testing (80 Hours – $2000 to $4000)

After calculating the above overhead charges, the average cost of an real estate mobile application development can be outlined. A reasonable app with limited features may cost up to $10,000 to $25,000 for a single platform and the charges can extend up to $35,000 in case, the app developed is feature-rich and is driven by high-quality standards.

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