As the term abbreviates itself, fantasy sports are to experience the best feel of sports. Fantasy Cricket is a virtual game that is played with a more guessing style. Also known as Fantasy Sports League, it usually offers a sign-up bonus, cash prizes, and a lot of entertainment to its participants.

Dream11 is a name that is immensely popular among everyone nowadays. In the league of myriad fantasy sports mobile apps, it is one name that has successfully carved its niche among sports lovers and continues to do so. In simple terms, it is a fantasy sports platform based in India that allows users to play fantasy cricket, football, kabaddi, and basketball games. It is among the best Fantasy Cricket Sports apps, with the ability for its participants to win cash prizes legally. Dream11 architecture allows its users to withdraw their prize money over the transfer from their Dream11 account linked with a PAN card (mandatory as an ID proof) and get money into the bank account.

In this blog, we have enlightened you on the details of preparing a fantasy cricket app like Dream11. 

So keep scrolling to get more insights on that.

Summary for Quick Glance:

Fantasy sports mobile app is the leading online gaming app in which a player is an owner of the sports team, who can select any of the team as per his interest and apply his skills to play the game and win the rewards. In the beginning, it is bound by some laws and after the clarification from Indian government law and regulation, it is concluded that it is a skilled play where you can earn or lose as per your level of expertise. 

This blog helps you to develop your own fantasy sports app like Dream 11. Level of research, planning, type of platform used, market to deploy, and others. What are the business aspects and models required to build the app, features instilled, technologies for fantasy sports app development, relevant to the other popular sports in the same niche? Everything we have covered in this blog. 

So let’s get started with the compliance of the market stats.

Fantasy Sports Market Growth 2021-22


It doesn’t come as a surprise to know about the prominence of fantasy apps like Dream11 in the country and across the world, and it has grown really big. A lot of business owners create apps like Dream11 to monetize trends. The fantasy sports business industry is preparing to break all records when it comes to engaging sports enthusiasts and testing their knowledge and skills in sports. Your visitors may never know that soon all sports leagues in the nation will offer their very own fantasy leagues to their fans, fantasy premier league. Presently, the IPL (Indian Premier League) & ISL (Indian Super League) already run their own official fantasy leagues in India.


  • The global fantasy sports market is estimated to be at $22.31 B in 2021 with an annual growth rate of 9.5% and is continuing to be pursued. The major sports in the segment are Golf, Cricket, Soccer, NCAA Football, basketball, baseball, etc.
  • The Top players in this domain market are DraftKings, NFL fantasy, fan duel, Dream League Soccer, etc. 
  • As per some other stats, the value of the online fantasy sports market in the year 2020 was estimated as 20B Indian rupees and it is expected to reach 50B in the year 2025. 
  • The Indian fantasy sports industry has opened new entrants in the industry with a worth of $3.7 B by the year 2024 and welcomes many more users. This market has witnessed a revolving growth of 700% in the number of sports operators with a spike of 2500%. 
  • Niti Ayog started for the positive move in the regulations of the fantasy gaming and betting industry in the draft named Guiding Principles for the Uniform National-Level Regulation of Online Fantasy Sports Platforms in India.
  • According to KPMG, the Online gaming revenue industry is 118.8 million from the forecast year 2018 to 2023.
  • A number of gamers in India have seen in the last few years a huge increase from 20M to 250M, that’s changed this industry into a billion-dollar market. 
  • 85% of the users are using mobile for playing and watching this sport which is the highest percentage, next to it is a desktop (11%) and then a tablet (4%). 
  • 54% of fantasy players are aged between 18 & 34.
  • India has global exposure to internet users with an estimation of 639M in December 2020.
  • AI technology is trending in the market, helps the players to make wise decisions, and reduces any of the trade complexities.  

Let’s understand more about this industry from the business point of view.

What Is the Initial Business Aspect?

Even from a business point of view, fantasy sports is a great start-up idea to invest in the nation. The business model proves to be strong in terms of revenue and also ensures earnings through brand partnerships, contest sponsors, advertisements, and entry fees. As the market for fantasy sports applications grows, one sport that is getting attention is cricket. 

Before you plan to create an app like Dream11 for your business, understand the different types of fantasy games in the market.


Categories of Fantasy Games

Daily & Weekly game: In these games, one can build teams on a daily basis or for a week and bet on games defined by these timings. 

Scoring-based game: Sometimes the players can choose to get points on the basis of scores they make. They can come up with score-based bets where they guess the score of the player and if it is the same then you earn a point.

Draft-based game type: Draft-based games are played on the ideal situation basis. Just see how you want the game to proceed and it would be processed in a similar manner. 

League-based game type: This is the most popular format of the game where the players play the game according to the leagues in the real-life scenario. Choose your team, let your favorite players score and help you earn great scores in no time. 

These are the most popular categories of fantasy sports that one can integrate with their mobile application. It is important that the application that you are taking online is a part of either of these or offers these kinds of challenges to choose from.

As the sports and fantasy games market is growing, there is a need to understand that these applications would monetize only for the popular games. It is important that when you decide to get in the market you get to choose from the mentioned fantasy sports. 

These are just a few examples you need to make sure that the application works with the popular games so that the application monetizes to its best. The applications we have listed here have over the years built a strong presence in the market and helped us earn great rewards.

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How to set up a Business Model like Dream 11?

How to make an app like Dream11? By teaming up with a brilliant mobile app development team, you can create a website that aptly suits your requirements. The team of experts will help you create an innovative and unique application for your Fantasy Sports business. Choosing the right mobile app development company to create a fantasy app is crucial to fulfilling your fantasy of creating a superior-quality app. 

You can for once keep your aesthetics aside, what is more, important here are some of the factors beyond quirky color combinations that can make things easier for you to hold your ground in the market. 

When working on mobile application development, there are a few fundamentals that would drive its functioning. The elements are: 

1. Play with Data

You would be handling a lot of data when working on your fantasy cricket league app. Make sure your app is updated every moment. The app would be more about user interaction and calculative judgments. Make sure that the lack of data doesn’t make the calculations go wrong. 

The Easier the data analysis is, the more will be the popularity of your app. 

2. 5 Second Rule for Popularity 

Simple! If the user can connect with your app for more than 5 seconds then you most probably have a user. It is important that your app is engaging enough to attract visitors for at least 5 seconds.  

3. Update the Newsroom

When we work on your Dream11 fantasy cricket development, we make sure there is enough room for the latest updates. These updates help the user engage with the app more and make better-calculated decisions. 

Considering the requirements of fantasy cricket app development, one thing that you would notice is, it is less of aesthetics and more of data and stats. Since you would be driving a lot of visitors to your app at once, it is important that the login page is designed in a way that the bounce rate is negligible. 

Along with this, some other features that Dream11 app developers need to take care of are listed further.

How does a Fantasy Cricket App like Dream 11 Work?

Before getting any further adieu, now is the right time to account for the working functionality of the fantasy cricket mobile app. 

  • Sign up with the details like email id, mobile number, 
  • Login to the account, get 100 points as a reward for the first time users
  • The user can access all of the functionalities
  • Users can find their choice of the contest and make the team with a choice of players. 
  • The team could consist of 7 to 11 players. Use the reward points to purchase players. 
  • After the user has picked the right pair of players and created the team, next they have to pay the tournament fee. 
  • The payment methods are debit/credit, UPI, ewallet, or bank account. 
  • Users have to choose the team players after researching their past technicalities and performance. 
  • Users with the highest points will win the match and money will be transacted to their accounts. 

To develop such an outstanding app there are a lot of functionalities and features that should be disposed of. Bang on more on it.

Dream11 Software Application Features & Functionality

When you reach us with how to make a fantasy app request, we make sure to add some unique features to your app that would make the solution unique to your business. Here are some important features that make it easier for your audience to interact with the app. 

User Panel:

Contestant/Application user Registration/Log-in

The user can register and log in to the app using the username, email ID, contact number, password, and mention referral code (if provided by friends).

Home Screen

This is the main/default screen that the user will land on after logging in to the app. The entire match misting is displayed here. A user can filter a search by Matches, Sports Type (Cricket, NBA, Football), Match Category (Upcoming match, Ongoing/Live match, Results). Match listing includes, Tournament Name, Team 1 (Name with Image), Team 2 (Name with Image) & Match Timing (Date & Time). Once the user has selected the desired match from the listing, a user will be redirected to the contest screen.


At this section, user can view the entire contest listings for the respective match with details like, Filter Contest By Entry Fee Range, Winning Range, Contest Type, Contest Size; then on Contest Listing includes: Contest Type, Contest Name, Entry Fee, Total winning amount of the contest, Winners Count (where user can view the winning criteria according to their rank), Total Team Count (the team that can join). A user can select their desired contest and join.


Join Contest: Under this section, users will be required to pay the respective entry fees and join the contest.

Payment Mode: Online payment modes are provided such as Credit/Debit Cards, Paytm Wallets, digital wallet app development, and referral cash bonus points.

Create your own contest: With a single tap, the user will be able to create their own contest by submitting the following detail as Contest Name, Total Winning Amount (Min & Max), Contest Size (Min 2 & Max 100), Allow multiple teams (yes/no), Entry fees (Entry fee is calculated on the basis of total price amount & contest size selected), Join Contest, here contest creator need to join the contest first, before creating), Invite their friends to join the contest.

My Contest: Under this section, the user will be able to view the list of joined contestants. Here s/he can view & edit their picked team players and filter search by Match types (Upcoming, Live, Results)

(Note: Users can only update their team players before a certain time limit before match playtime. Then it will be managed by the owner of the application.)

My Profile (Dashboard): Under this section, the user will be able to view & update their profile details. This section will also include Your reward points, Account details (such as, Total balance, User winning amount, User cash bonus (By referral), View transaction, Manage payments, Add Cash, Withdraw winning amount (Add your bank account or add your pan card detail*), Rankin (Overall ranking), My friends, Invite & earn (Explained below), Logout. (Note: Admin will verify the account details and update users accordingly).

Settings (More): Under this section, the user can view other required features of the app such as:

  • Invite & Earn: Under this section, users will share app URLs to their friends along with the application link and their referral codes. On joining the contest with a referral code shared by the user, he/she will get a bonus amount for the same. Also, a user will get rewarded with some cash bonus into their app wallet whenever their referred friends join any contest.

(Note: Reward points and cash bonuses will be managed by the owner of the system.)

  • CMS section: This section will include, About us, Help, Contact Us, Point System

The user panel needs to have the features that would make it easier for the end-users to connect with the application and use it at ease. If you can integrate user-friendly solutions to the application you would be halfway through to the win-win situation.

Admin User (Backend Panel)

Admin User (Backend Panel):

Admin Login: From here Admin has to login to the app using his name and password.

Dashboard: This section will give the stats of fields, such as Total Matches (Upcoming, Ongoing, Played Matches), Total Contestants, and entire Earnings

User Manager: Admin can manage the entire user account, like Edit/Delete/Add/Active/Deactivate accounts.

Manage matches: Admin will be able to manage entire matches of the application and credit, delete, add, activate, or deactivate matches.

Manage Games Category: Admin can manage the games categories.

Contest Manager: Admin will be able to manage entire match contests of the application and credit, delete, add, activate, or deactivate match contest.

Earnings: View the entire earnings from the application with various filters.

Payment Management: Admin will be able to manage the various modes of payments of the application.

Reward Point Management: From here, the Reward Points offered to the users can be managed by Admin.

Manage Cash bonus: Admin will be able to manage the cash prizes and cash bonuses offered to the participants.

Reports Managament: Admin will be able to generate reports such as Contest reports, Contestant reports, Match reports, Earning reports, Player Ranking reports, etc.

Bank Withdraw request Managament: Admin will be able to view the entire request from the contestant to withdraw their winning amount into their respective bank. Admin is authorized to: Accept/Reject bank detail, Accept/Reject Pan card detail, View Entire Contestant list (Approved as well as Rejected), Send money to the contestant.

Manage CMS pages: Admin can manage sections like, About Us, Contact Us, Help, Points System, etc.

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Additional Features

When talking further about Dream11 app coding, there are a few more features that make it quite interesting to use. These features may impact your cost, but surely the ROI would be worth the risk. 

  • Live Match Score: Users will be able to watch live scores for a variety of matches and sports, apart from game highlights, expert analysis, and original video programs.
  • Live Score API Integration: The Fantasy Sports App API provides easy-to-use, ready-made data for the developers that can be easily integrated into their platforms.
  • CRM integration: The app is integrated with the back-end service provider and helps in managing tickets, user location, sending emails, push notifications, and proves useful in many other ways.
  • Push Notification: Alerts and messages are sent to the users to inform them when it’s time to create a team, when the match will begin, etc.
  • Real-time Analytics: This technology proves to be critical in apps like these when the data needs to be captured in real-time. The data is constantly stored and updated in real-time.
  • GPS Location Tracking: This feature is effective in sending alerts and push notifications to the app users about the upcoming or ongoing leagues and matches nearby their location.
  • Custom Mail Reminder System: Custom Mails will be sent to the participants to inform them about upcoming matches, or information related to their picked players or team.
  • Payment System: There are various payment modes and users can easily make payments using a Debit/Credit card, Net banking, or e-Wallet.

With these features, it becomes easier for the users associated with the application to take help of the services that can help them earn better. These are the prerequisites we cannot miss to include in our application.

What Are the Things to Be Taken Care of in Dream11 System Design?

Well, it is a massive job to develop and launch a Fantasy Sports app, and one should be aware of the outcome and aspects which must not be ignored during the process. So, here let’s get the idea about the thing that you must avoid at all costs while creating such a fantasy app like Dream11:

  • Better not go all out as in case of your marketing spends when launching the final product, without getting an MVP (minimum viable product) first of all. Also, gather positive customer data and statistics that will prove helpful.
  • If you are not fully assured that your backend will be able to handle it, don’t splurge on marketing as convincing unsatisfied users to return is way more expensive.
  • Never leave it over to someone to run your business; they will just burn your money, earn their money, and ultimately leave your business for a better job. Dream11 system design is a strong money-making business and requires a lot of knowledge of the field to succeed. 
  • There is nothing like you will have the opportunity if the product is launched a little late? As it works just the way it should, ultimately the product comes out as a winner.
  • Last, but not least, don’t let anyone convince you to spend much more and much earlier than you should.

Tech Stack to Develop App like Dream 11 

Dream11 is the leading fantasy app in India with more than 10 crores of active user participation to serve 70 requests per minute. Such large requests are very difficult to deal with and to sustain the app performance it is very imperative to focus on every area. 

After all, it’s not the type of app built in just a day. It required the emulsion of plenty of technologies and complexities to develop such an app. 

Let’s move to look at the wider angle of the tech stacks in detail. 

  • Front end; Kafka, Redshift, Redshift, Java, Javascript.
  • Back end; Python, Scala, Kotlin. 
  • Toolkits; vert.x, AKKA.
  • Server; config server, service directories, event sourcing.
  • Data pipeline handle with; AWS amazon web server,
  • Technologies; AI and ML.
  • Web server; Node.js.
  • Bulk read and write; Apache Cassandra, Apache Spark, 
  • Local cache handle with; Redis 
  • Database server; MongoDB, MySQL, RabbitMQ, Spark, Kinesis.
  • Reverse proxy server; Amazon CloudFront.

Let’s understand the usage of the tech stack on the Aryabhata leaderboard. How does the tech stack flow work?

Aryabhata – Leaderboard Architecture of Dream 11

Source from Dream11

  • Dream11 API is an edge service that serves all requests
  • Resources consumed and created are saved to the MySQL database
  • After the match deadline, data is fetched from MySQL to s3 via the Amazon Data pipeline
  • Data Pipeline saves all contest-related information to s3
  • Data pipeline sends an SNS notification on completion of data transfer
  • SNS triggers a lambda function which makes an API call to Leaderboard API
  • Leaderboard service schedules data loading spark job on spark cluster using Spark Job Server.
  • Spark reads contest data from S3 and saves it to Cassandra after processing. Data is ready to serve
  • Leaderboard service connects to Cassandra for showing contest detail views as explained earlier.

What to Consider for Developing an App Like Dream11?

As discussed, a lot of business owners are intrigued by how to create a fantasy cricket app. Well, for starters it requires a lot of time and some effort to get things done. We share here some convincing reasons why you need to develop an app like Dream11. 

Scope of the Platform 

Consider the platform that you are developing for. You could develop an app for various games, so be sure which sport you want to pick. It is important that you are quite well-versed with the rules and the players and your team leave no stone unturned in collecting the information. 

Reliable Tech Partners

It is important that when you reach the mobile app development team they take care of all the aspects of app development. They need to be updated with the latest technology and deliver solutions that are high-performing and easily navigable.

Clear Vision of the App

Make sure when you decide to enter the market with something interesting, you have a clear picture of what you want and how it works. Have a list of the features, a little technical knowledge, and other aspects before you request your developers how to create a Dream11 fantasy cricket app. 

Scalable Solution for Better Results 

Make sure that your product is future-ready. It could be scaled to advanced technology along with more features. If you want to build an application that stays in the market for a long time, then make sure it has scope for updates and future expansions. 

To start working on Fantasy sports apps like Dream11, an opportunity to bring to the screen some unique and innovative solutions that are never seen before. We understand the importance of your investment, and thus make sure that none of your customers abandon your app dissatisfied. 

Legal aspects are another issue that one deals with. Here we share a brief on the legal phase of the app.

With the debate over sports betting app development heating up around the globe, it is a good respite to know that the Indian legal system has clearly separated fantasy sports from betting/gambling activities, considering it a game of skill. It is a game where sports fans can create their fantasy teams by combining players, who they think will be performing better than the others in a real-field game.

As per the Central Government Act, The Public Gambling Act, 1867, comprising 18 Sections, in Section 12 it states, Nothing in the provisions of this Act contained shall be held to apply to any game of mere skill wherever played. Hence, it is confirmed that Fantasy sports, being a game of skill, is excluded.

Final Note:

Fantasy Sports is the “Game of the Future” and is expected to grow at a rapid pace as more and more countries are legalizing it. You may expect it to be a bigger game than the sport itself. The world is wondering how to develop a fantasy cricket app. Since dozens of sports events are about to take place in the near future, including the FIFA, World T-20, and ICC World Cup, it’s the right time to take your lion’s share. Build a Fantasy App now and give sports lovers another reason to play. 

Project Manager

Priyank Sharma is a tech blogger with a passion for exploring the intersection of technology and everyday life. With a diverse background in technology and a love for storytelling, Priyank brings a unique perspective to his blog, making complex concepts accessible and relatable.

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