How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Dating Mobile App & Website?

Needless to say, today’s world is driven by smartphones and people are really dependent on them for executing all the activities. The trend had actually swiped all the traditional concepts of finding the person, managing the home activities, accomplishing the business tasks, and much more as the list is now endless.

In the current scenario, we can witness an impressive surge in the landscape of dating mobile apps The evolution of dating apps such as Tinder, Happn not only rekindled the way people used to take while finding someone but had also left the societies spellbound by the remarkable success rates achieved by them. Therefore, it is clear that more and more businesses are ready to jump into the business of developing dating mobile apps.

Finding new people to connect with on the web is the recent fad of beginning a relationship be it of any sort. In the past there have been days with a few different ways of connecting with an interest of another gender like gathering through companions, meeting in school, meeting at exercise centers, nonetheless, in current occasions meeting and dating on the web has assumed control over the wide range of various other options. The dating mobile app development market right now is expanding at a rapid speed and recent college grads are having a vital impact in this flood. You can relate online dating applications to informal communities since a larger part of the public utilizing them and due to this at some second, you would likewise consider checking it out.

So, we have here accumulated very useful information from the aforementioned perspective. The post will take you to the basic framework of the app, advanced features of an app like Tinder, cost of development, and the team strength required for developing the apps. Thus, if you are looking for similar solutions, you have landed on the right post at the right time.

Kinds of Dating Mobile Applications

As we referenced over that there is an aggregate of 8,000 dating applications across the globe, this will sound overpowering to anybody hoping to enter the universe of dating application advancement. You can moan of alleviation as you don’t need to contend with everyone, you just need to clash with the contenders of your specialty. You need to distinguish your immediate rivals and afterward concentrate on how they approach their work and where they center around their privileges and wrongs.

Presently, let us view different sorts of internet dating applications.

1. Geographic Proximity Dating App

Geographic-dependent dating applications are the sort of applications that permit clients to search for matches inside their vicinity. With the utilization of route administrations, one can examine every one of the profiles of affection intrigues springing up in their ideas. The client can choose the sweep up to which he needs to see the profiles of the proposed love interests.

The mobile dating app development team brings a product to you that is a mainstream geographically dependent dating application that was made all through of-box thinking. This application gives up the force of beginning the discussion in the possession of ladies. A man can’t send a book to a lady straight after enjoying her profile, he can just begin a discussion solely after he gets the same back on his profile. The dating app has additionally set a limit for the number of preferences an individual can make in a day, hence advancing significant connections over hookups.

Some examples of geographic nearness applications are Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid.

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2. Specialty Dating Mobile Apps

In the event that we focus on a particular specialty, it will wander right into whatever we might have had planned as there are similarly fewer contenders and you can without much of a stretch make a devoted client base for your application though. Cost to develop dating app like tinder would be similar to developing an application where one chose to disappear from the ordinary and gave a stage to pet darlings to bond on their application. Separations over pets are really normal nowadays and assuming pass by the details, we will find that the number of such kinds of breaks is just about as high as 86%.

3. Coordinating with Algorithm-Based Dating Apps

The application calculation looks at the profile of the new client with previously existing profiles in the data set and recommends coordinates on that premise. Allow us to view how the coordinating calculation of popular dating applications work. Dating applications like this utilize the score to rank clients dependent on engaging quality.

This progression is performed after the application has tallied the number of individuals that have swiped directly on an individual’s profile. The more the number of preferences, the higher the client will be positioned in the rankings. The application recommends this current client’s profile to different clients that have a comparable measure of preferences.

Thus, the application measures match the most preferred profiles on the dating application. You can see that there are potential outcomes in bounty and examining the market heads of the field you are hoping to put resources into is never an ill-conceived notion.

Monetization Strategies for Online Dating Service Apps

The cost to create a dating app is very high; accordingly you would require some adaptation procedures that can help you in running your application without stressing over the capital.

In this way, let us examine our top picks:

1. Selling Advertisements

An In-application advertisement is an attempted and tried strategy where you are paid by different organizations for showcasing their image through ads on your application.

2. Admittance to Premium Offers

This technique has been utilized effectively by Tinder. Kindling offers Paid Tinder Plus records to its clients which opens the entryway for limitless swipes, likes, and extra advantages to its clients.

3. In-application Purchases

Happn is the exceptional application of this adaptation procedure which offers clients to purchase additional swipes, preferences, and emotions. In detail, Happn offers its clients to purchase ‘charms’ in return for certain dollars and when you ‘engage’ somebody on Happn, they are right away informed about it, in this way, expanding the odds of a match.

4. Internet business Integration

Internet business reconciliation basically implies that eCommerce programming is synchronized with the dating application. Selling merchandise that couples will in general blessing each other is an extraordinary eCommerce thought to create income through dating applications. In any case, eCommerce usefulness should not dominate

With these monetizing techniques, you can easily come up with something interesting that can help you grow better. We make it a point that the dating application development cost that you invest is changed to profits as soon as the product enters the market.

User Panel

When it comes to the cost of creating a dating website there are a lot of things that we need to focus on. The feature set of the user panel are the ones that make your application engaging.

Registration: Well, registration or login is the basic section of an app. Users can sign-in with their Facebook or Google account credentials.

Real-Time Notification: Users are notified on a real-time basis in case the person is discovered nearby based on their as per their desired criteria.

Tracking and Navigation: Based on their preferences, users can find nearby persons and can initiate the conversations in a very easy and simplified way.

Send Request: According to their interests, users can send the request for communication. They can send the request for meeting purposes as well.

Profile builder: Under this option, they can create and manage their profiles by uploading photographs, stickers, quotes, or something resonating with their personality.

Profile views: Users can check the people who viewed their profiles. This way they can analyze the people who are interested so as to initiate the conversation.

Private albums: The users while on a chat can create the private albums as well. These albums are completely encrypted and no third party can access them.

Winks: Users can use these signatures for making the conversation even more interesting. They can send symbols of affection or greetings so as to convey their thoughts in a captivating way.

Accept/decline request: According to their preferences, interests, location criteria and preferred domains, users can accept or decline the request.

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Admin Panel:

Membership level management: All the members that are associated with the app are managed by the admin. Security-related concepts are also analyzed in order to keep the spams at a bay.

Revenue tracking: All the revenue generated through the in-app purchases or via the subscription packages the admin can check the revenue captured on a weekly or monthly basis.

Multilingual support: Under this section, the admin can check all the languages that are being supported by the app. According to the physical location of the users, admin can delete or add languages as required.

Feature management: All the features that are attuned with the app, their loading time, usability graphs, and other details are managed and monitored by the admin.

Screen Management: Under this section, all the app screens are monitored by the admin. The displays of the screen, features embedded on them are managed plus all the provisions for improvisations are made by the admin.

CMS: Static content pages such as FAQs, About Us, Contact Us, App privacy guidelines, and much more are managed and improved by admin.

Few More Important Features:

In-app purchases:

In case you are looking for developing a highly remarkable dating mobile app such as tinder, In-app purchases come as the most prominent feature. The users can make a request for some more features by paying a little extra. This way users do not have to keep looking for different options for removing the ads or something more useful as they find it all of them in your app, therefore, they are not at all attracted to downloading some other dating app.

Matching Algorithms:

Well, displaying the matches that are most preferred by the users is the only concept of a reliable dating app. Based on their location, preferences, and according to the other profile information, the app provides them the most suitable matches. Users just love such a concept as they do not have to invest hours in searching for a suitable person.

Virtual Gifts:

Through this feature, users can send a virtual gift to their special ones. Users can send gifts and things that are liked by the other person. They can create virtual images of such items through this inbuilt feature. This works great in making the conversation more effective and convenient.


This feature boosts the functional criteria of dating mobile apps. Interactive images, graphical elements, statistics, etc can be used for attracting the users, Gamification helps the people in completing the goals and allows the user to choose the desired person with a convenient approach.

User Anonymity:

Well if you are developing a dating app like tinder, user anonymity is the major feature that must be considered. This feature permits users to select the information to be shared. All the other basic data is kept absolutely safe and hidden. The users can hide their identity as well and can change the settings as well for not allowing the general public for viewing their profile.

Template customization:

Users are allowed to make their profile more attractive and captivating through template customizations. They can add template design and interactive themes so as to make the overall profile layout more attractive. There are thousands of templates provided for making the app as well as the conservation sessions more intuitive.


Showing relevant advertisements can help the app to generate impressive revenues. Displaying the ads attuned to the app’s core idea and concepts is a great way of keeping the users aware of your mobile app. Since the number of app downloads directly proportionate with the revenue generated hence, ads must be handled with smart planning and approach.

Advanced features to make your app stand out:

Cloud-flare integration: rises up the speed, security, and performance of your dating mobile app.

Discovery settings: help people to discover persons according to their preferences and interests.

Push Notifications: notifies the people about the nearby users, alerts them about the new request, new offers, subscription packages and much more to keep them attuned with the app.

Facebook/Instagram: feature fetches the user data that is uploaded on their profiles and accordingly proves the suitable matches when the app finds the person nearby.

Matchmaking: allows users to identify reliable persons as per their specifications and preferences.

User search: proximity is for identifying the location of the user on a real-time basis thus helping them to discover the people in a very convenient way.

Rewind buttons: allowing the user to change the location, tracking the likes are some of the features that can be added to a dating mobile app, so as to make it more intuitive and attractive.

The technology covered during the development of the dating app

Well, the users can only see the attributes that are present on the app and the design elements used for developing the dating app. But other than this, a lot of effort goes into developing an excellent app. Here only the right technology can help in building such an app. So, find them out: For developing the web or the mobile module CSS3 and Bootstrap can be used for the front end while Python, Javascript or AngularJS can be used for developing the backend. Well, for developing the Android version, Java can be used and for the iOS-based apps, swift is the correct choice.

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Geolocation: can be said as the essence of a dating mobile app. After all, the main concept of a dating mobile app is to allow the users to identify the persons that are nearby or within the same city. Most smartphone?s GPS is used for identifying the location. However, Google Maps or Apple Maps can be for tracking the user location. For safely storing the data, Amazon data servers or the

Google Cloud storage: to be used by the app developer.

SMS, Voice, and Phone Verification – For authenticity and for keeping spambots at bay. The app developer can use Facebook SDK or Google sign-in for that. Twilio can be used for push notifications.

Database – For storing the data in organized the app developer can choose options like MongoDB, HBase, Cassandra, Postgres, MySQL, etc.

Now, what you actually require for developing an amazing dating app

1.) Team Structure: Well, developing a dating app is not easy and in case you are looking for tinder like the app then it is really very imperative to find the right Mobile App Development Company, but other than app development company you are also required to explore the talented pool of skilled managers, mobile app developers, designers, and testers. Definitely, finding them is a tedious task, but once you identify them, for sure you will be able to embark with the high-quality dating app, and who knows it might get hit more than other dating apps such as Tinder or Happn.

Project Manager: Should be equipped with managerial skills and must be intelligent enough to identify the best in the mobile app industry landscape

Developers: Android App Developer, IOS App Developer, Back-end App Developers

Designers: Expert UX/UI designers, Graphic Designer

Testers: A team of proficient and skilled QA experts for delivering a smooth and rich experience to users

2.) Simplicity: Simplicity is the basic characteristic of a mobile app. The more simple your app, the more users it will attract. Make your app such that the users are not required to invest huge time in operating the app. Developing it in an intuitive way with clean UI/UX designs is a great way of indulging the users. Thus, a dating app tailored with the comprehended concepts, images contents comes out to be a clear winner and reaps out chunks of revenues.

3.) Quality: This cannot be missed while developing an app. An app inclusive of bugs is abandoned by the users without a second thought. Therefore, it becomes extremely important that you select the appropriate testers that owe high command over the testing strategies. An app delivering quality and matching the user requirements definitely conserve the seat ahead in this hyper-competitive market place.

Cost Estimation of developing dating app:

Developing a dating app yes is an expensive affair. Furthermore, if your keen on having tinder based dating app then for sure, the cost is like to augment impressively. The reason being, it involves complex infrastructure and the development procedures are really elongated. Even developing a basic app will also consume over 1200 hours.

Let’s find out the time and cost of developing the major segments of an app.

App development (Single Platform, Android) Time Consumed: 1200 hours Cost Incurred: $45000

App Development (iOS) Time Consumed: 1200 hours Cost incurred: $40000

Backend Development Time Consumed: Above 250 hours Cost incurred: $8000

App designing Time Consumed: Near 100 hours Cost Incurred: $ 6000 and $8000 for Android and iOS respectively

App Testing Time Consumed: Near to 150 hours Cost Incurred: $ 4000 and $ 5000 for iOS and Android respectively.

Now, when you calculate the overall charges of developing a native app it will cost around $68000 for iOS and for Android It is $70000. Certainly developing a multi-platform app and an app based on Tinder will raise the price above $1,00,000 but then for sure you will be conserved with a technically sound, feature-rich and quality app. Now if we wrap the cost: A basic dating app with the simple feature will cost around $45000 A tinder based app (for the single platform) will cost around $60000 An app for both iOS and Android platform with tinder based features can cost around $1, 25,000.

Wrapping Up

Many of you may search for different sources to discover ideal accomplices and online dating application development teams for better profits. As time is cruising by, these dating applications are acquiring the trust of an ever-increasing number of individuals which makes them a guarantee for monetary achievement. Nonetheless, one necessity to keep every one of the prerequisites of present-day clients while building up a dating application. Through this snippet of data, you will actually want to build up a dating application that is comparative in the way to deal with Tinder which will fuel your odds of brilliance.


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