How would you describe love?

It is a feeling that can make you feel over cloud nine while you are in it. Few lucky ones find love and in this age of technology, it has gone digital.

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You no longer need to pursue your friends or waste your time on professional matchmaker to set you up with someone. You now have the leisure of tapping and swapping an app for finding a match, as there are really popular ones like Tinder.

Here are the facts:

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  • Annual revenue grossed from all dating apps are estimated around $2 billion. 
  • $243 is spend by an average user for subscriptions & in-app purchases. 
  • More than 49,250,000 people of the total population in US have got a taste of online dating, 15% of all the Americans. While in UK, 7 million have used a specific app. 
  • Over 50 million users use Tinder across the globe and around 10 million daily active users. US boasts of 60% of the app users. 
  • Total worth of Tinder is estimated around $1.6 billion with only subscriptions seemed to have made $121 million.

Doesn’t it sound great?

Now what is Tinder and how it works?

Tinder can be described as an app that is location-based and was launched in October of 2012. It first was used by a few hundred party kids of Los Angeles as a play thing but after some time it wore success to become a multi-national phenomenon. The most important aspect behind its huge success is it’s never seen before swipe technique and beautiful design. Until now it has accumulated up to 50 million users plus 1.4 billion swipes every day.

Not just Tinder, there are many other prominent dating apps in the market like, Zoosk app is said to have 30 million. Nowadays, culture-specific and regional dating apps are also in the rise. Studies show that people of all ages are using dating apps be it a teen or an adult ageing over 50.

So why exactly should you create an app like Tinder? Well, the answer is simple. To cash into the success.

Further, we have explained the reasons why it is the right time to create such an app.

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Why Should You Create An App Like Tinder?

  • Finding partners online is no longer a taboo, as it has creeped into the latest lifestyle in a nonchalant way. People are always up for finding someone who matches their thoughts via the online sources.
  • With such high demand, it is a no brainer that it will help you earn big bucks but if it the app is created with attractive design and compatibility for people.
  • The app created need to have compulsory ingredients to make it a hit in the market and that ingredients should come from within.
  • It has never been inexpensive to create any kind of mobile app but once it gets popular, it will pay you back big time.

What are the features of a Dating Mobile app like – Tinder?

Basic Features: 


  • Video Chat
  • Matchmaking
  • Credit System
  • Payment Providers
  • Facebook/Instagram Connect
  • Private Messages
  • Virtual gifts
  • Advertisements
  • Advance Photo View/Upload


  • Real Time Notifications
  • Google Maps for Location
  • Send requests to Chat & Meet
  • Drag & Drop Profile Builder
  • Block list
  • Who Viewed My profile
  • Private Photo Albums
  • Winks
  • Bookmarks
  • Report user
  • Chat: Text Messages
  • Respond & Decline the People who show interest in you


  • Membership Level management
  • Content Moderation
  • Revenue Tracking
  • Multi language Support & Translations
  • Feature Access Management
  • Menu & Page/Screens Management
  • Custom Content Pages
  • Moderators


Advanced Features:

Geolocation: The most important aspect of a dating app is that of proximity. Geolocation is the most critical functionality because the app is based on a user’s location and fetching that it provides you profiles of your preference.

Discovery Settings: You are provided with the profile creation for your default search when you install the app. But not only that, along with it you can adjust your search by setting up sex, age and also distance filters. In free version of the app, user has the option of setting the geographic perimeters to less than 10 miles.

Swipe: You need to create a swipeable card interface. This option is the UVP for any dating app out there because it is the innovation of the highest level. The list that gets updated upfront is based upon your geographical location, number of common friends in the list and mutual interests. After this, you can swipe right if you like someone or left if you don’t.

Match: This is called server side of app development. You can’t start a chat if there is no match. And a match is only possible if both boy and girl swipe right.

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Real-time chat Implementation: When users in your app match, they will exchange texts before setting up a meeting. That knowing the basic difference between a regular chat and a real-time chat implementation is very necessary. In normal chat, user needs to refresh the app in order to receive new texts but in the latter one, their chat is updated by its own.

Push notifications: Push notifications are a must as they give you updates about any message you receive, a new match you have or when a like is in the offering.

Hide advertisements: Paid users get extra benefit of an ad free app usage.

Boost: This can described as an option that will you rise above the queue by compromising on ranking algorithms and making you the most desirable candidate. But this is possible only for those who pays as it is a server-based feature.

Superlike: Superlike in someone’s profile can be done by swiping up on their profile. If you match with someone you super liked, a blue star will appear next to their profile in the list. When you superlike someone, they can see some blue banner under your name. Now this will increase your chances of finding a match by three times. Tinder Gold allows you 5 super likes every day while free version allows you only 1 super like.

Likes you: Before someone swipe, they can see who likes them. On top of that, you can see your likes on screen in form of a gallery and also get the idea if they too like you.

Rewind button (undo dislikes): As it name suggests, you can go back and cancel the dislikes you have done. By this you can give them a second chance. But in the app’s free version, you cannot find this option.

Location change: Whenever a user logs in, GPS based matches create a fresh list of candidates that you can swipe through. In paid version, a user can alter location when they too are different location – this is known as passport.

Unlimited right swipes: According to this, in free version there is a threshold of swipes in day and in paid version it is disabled.

Smart photos: ML algorithm used in this feature which by itself adjust order of a specific user’s photos but it depends upon who is swiping on the other end.

Moments: This feature like that of snapchat was introduced in the app but didn’t turn to be a success and was discarded a year later. In this feature you can upload and share pics by using a wide variety of filters, usage of text and scribbling using wide variety of colours. The uploaded moment remains online for 24 hours.

High profile dating: It can be described as invite only service given only to a few special Tinder members. This option being exclusive is the main reason why people does not know much about its functionality. It is tie up of the basic tinder app and the exclusive users of this new option can get the benefit of using both of the services. Tinder has not yet announced this new exciting innovation and right now they are not in the mood of talking to Tech Crunch about launching it. But this assures us of one thing that elite dating is set to be the new trend.

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Swipes between groups of people: This is the feature which gives you the option of switching to social mode back and forth and top of that along with your friends you can swipe on individuals by forming a group with them.

User safety: Creating some kind of false identity won’t turn out to be much of a problem for any person as Facebook profile is the only source of verification on such apps. Admin control in this case is very necessary in user retention. Fake accounts, spammers, catfish relationships, uncensored content are the factors that can surely tarnish your app’s reputation for good.

Personalize UX: Judging people by their looks can be termed as unique and unpredictable. These tell-tale signs tend to give a kick start to our choices with we knowing about it much. And this is also the case for bios. AI help out humans in the prospect of online romance when they are getting stuck down. Robots in this field collect and also analyse the exact data that we want which includes visuals, facial expressions, text, facial expressions plus they also offer insights. Some new features that are introduced analyse likes and dislikes of a specific user’s photos and may also store the pictures for various other viewers in accordance to their preferences.


Exploring the Monetization Strategy for dating apps

When someone is creating a dating app it’s totally up to whether he wants to make that app free or paid one from the beginning. Some top running apps decided to go free of cost and become a revelation. There is no shortage of ways that helps in monetizing some free app. The option of turning to a freemium is always there if you are sure about the success of your app. The revenue streams in this business are:

– Ads

– Subscription

– Paid standalone features

– Sponsored profiles

Ads: A famous app Tinder was launched in the year 2012 in free of cost version but as the time wore on, it got monetized via ad campaigns. The advertising used by free apps in the form of interstitial, incentivized, native, banners and display ads can be very irritating. After some time, the app gave paid users the option to turn off these ads.

Subscription: The app Tinder decided to turn freemium in 2015 with Tinder Plus. Freemium model is a form of a monthly subscription that provides users with premium features. When creating a Tinder-like app this feature can be integrated to make money.

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The features offered are:

– Unlimited swipes

– Passport

– Over 1 super like each day

– Rewind feature

– 1 boost each month

– Turning off of ads

The cost of a freemium model varies from $9.99 to $19.99 in US.

Paid stand-alone feature (Boost): In Tinder app, freedom is given to the users to pay for their handpicked features. And at present, the only such kind of feature available is Boost. This feature is available for the users to be bought for $1.99 to $3.99. After this feature is bought by the user, their profile is sent to the top of the area list for 30 minutes. This directly improves the match chances. While boosting the user gets their profile visited by 10 times more and 3 times of the matches than earlier. You can find a large if options for standalone paid features in the apps like that of ‘pay for private chat’, ‘limit number of searches per day’, ‘pay for profile highlighter’, ‘pay for direct message without a match’, etc. But you need to go after them carefully otherwise your subscription revenue bill will slip from under your nose in a flash.

Sponsored profiles: Various partnership programs are out there which allows corporate bodies to post sponsored native or content ads which makes them look less intruding.

Thus, as you start with the development app like TInder, you can choose the revenue model accordingly and make handsome money upon its success.

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Which are the most popular dating apps?

There are very fine margins between an iOS dating app and Android dating app. Most of the dating apps that are getting people attracted towards them, are available for both the platforms and can be said to be for further more. Some of the top dating apps in the market:

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Tinder: Can safely be said as the most popular one. You just have to swipe right to like someone or swipe left to refuse. Likes & superlikes, chat & group chats, social login, matches nearby you, recommendations. All the ingredients required in dating are acquired by it.

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Coffee meets Bagel: High standard matches (bagels), pre-selected matches depending upon personal profile, search & filters, chat, premium accounts. Separate functionality is provided in the name of LGBTQ community.

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Happn: This app will help you discover the profile of a person with whom you have already crossed paths with. Whether you crossed them on the streets, cafe or concert. Users need to turn on their location services provided on the phones. There are cool additional features for example. “Just say Hi”.

Zoosk dating app

Zoosk: This is an app that promotes serious relationships. Artificial Intelligence algorithm is used by it to check the preferences of the user and provide them with confident matches. It also validates users’ contact lists and even photos.

Match dating app

Match: The famous, which was one of the earliest sites in this business, raided the handsets of people with this app. The features on this app almost the same to those of other dating apps with extra cool features being subscriptions. Both single men and women can have a great experience using it.

True love in today’s world of cool characters is hard to come by. Some people tend to shrug off the commitment status while others look to find their perfect one. But the most necessary aspect is you have to have to get in any kind of relationship, whether a serious one or just a fling. So depending on your needs and beliefs, you can swipe through any of the apps that we provided information about.

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How much it costs to create an App like Tinder?

The cost to develop an app like Tinder greatly depends on the project’s complexity, features that needed to be integrated, third-party integrations, platforms (iOS, Android or both), how experienced and skilled is the development team and what region you choose for development purpose.

Like, if you choose to get your dating app developed in India, then it is certain to cost somewhere between $8000 to $30000, while in the U.S., the amount will get doubled. The total cost would be $42000 minimum if you have hired app development specialists in Western Europe or the U.S.

Meanwhile, it Eastern Europe, the programming work usually costs $30/hour, which means you would require to spend around $25,000 on the development cost to get a dating app with the basic features. Hence, the most profitable would be to approach the developers in India to create a dating app with great functionalities.

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