It is a worldwide fact that users just love to shop without hitting much on their pocket sizes. They look for solutions that not only get the products at a low price but at the same time they match all their quality expectations. Needless to say, mobile apps cover each and every industrial niche, and this time they are just ready to cover the concept of price comparison mobile apps. Yes, these apps have actually given rebirth to the entire shopping landscape. When it comes to price comparison app development there are a lot of things that you need to take care of. Before we discuss the details let’s talk about the concepts and situations that focus on Price Comparison Application needs and principles.

A value correlation portable application or web application permits its clients to look at the costs of one or comparative items from numerous vendors/retailers. A portion of the applications has a standardized identification scanner, while in other applications, the clients need to enter the item name to discover and look at the costs of the item.

Every one of those customers who need to get a good deal on their buys should utilize a value examination application.

What Is a Price Comparison Mobile Application?

What Is a Price Comparison Mobile Application?

A price comparison mobile application or web application is a type of application that allows its users to compare prices of one or similar products from many sellers/retailers online or we can say it allows you to choose various options to purchase any particular product.
The price comparison app delivers different price selections on digital platforms for products. E-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, and Tatacliq, sell them together along with offers and coupons so that you can find the best price for the product you are looking for.

Important Facts About Price Comparison App

  • When it comes to online shopping, 81% of consumers do online research before making a purchase.
  • According to Market Track’s research, 80% of consumers conduct online research even before making a purchase at a physical store.
  • According to a study by the E-tailing group, customers typically research products on at least three different websites before making a purchase decision. This research allows customers to compare prices and find the best deal before buying a product.

These facts that we have discussed explain how a price comparison app made a special place in the shopper’s life and offered a great opportunity to generate revenue.

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Concept Behind Price Comparison Application: Introduction

Price Comparison App Development

These mobile apps enlist all the products, for which users are searching along with their prices that are running on different eCommerce sites. For instance, if you are searching for a pair of shoes, then the shoes that you select will be displayed if they exist on the other sites as well with their price. So, you can easily compare the rates of shoes on Amazon with those of Walmart and Alibaba just at a single location. Interesting isn’t it? Well, the aforementioned concept is actually very much appraised by today’s generation reason being, that it just makes shopping easy and cost-effective. Plentiful businesses are looking to develop such apps and if you are one of them, here you will find out the top features of price comparison API India, architecture, the technology required, and everything else associated. Therefore keep reading the post in order to grapple with a brief understanding of mobile app development of the best and excellent price comparison application.

When it comes to how to build a price comparison app there are a lot of things that you need to focus on. The first is the features that you would integrate into your application.

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Some Of The Most Famous Price Comparison Apps





Advantages of Price Comparison Mobile Apps

  • The price comparison app or website motivates customers to search for the products online and convince them to purchase them.
  • It offers the facility for the consumer to chat online, view videos, and analyze the product carefully with all features.
  • Deliver the functionality to the consumer to select the products and can also add them to the cart.
  • Clients can avail of great offers and discounts during the season of the festival and can get the product at easy prices.
  • These websites also give an opportunity for a business to grow online. The retailers also put their products with good offers, and links on their websites.

Important Features for Price Comparison App Development

shopping price comparison app

Integrating price comparison alternatives be it for grocery app development or food delivery app development is a smart move. needs to be ladened with features that would make it easier for the user and the business owner to operate and come up with great results.

User Panel

Any price comparison app development would be influenced by the features that it would offer to the users. If users are satisfied with the application and can use it easily, engagement will increase thus resulting in better profits.


This is the basic section of the app. Users can sign in with their social network or email account credentials.

Social Media:

Under this section, users can showcase the products they have purchased from the price comparison apps and can share the shopping experience as well.

Account Verification:

This one is certainly very important. A verification code is sent to the email ID or the registered phone number to verify the user details.

Browse Products:

Users can browse products as per their requirements. They can filter the products as per the different categories and the price standard running on different eCommerce websites.

View Product Listing:

Users can view all the associated product lists. They can check the price for the same selected products and can analyze them in a more convenient manner.

Get Product Details:

Users can fetch the product details as well. They can grapple with an idea about the specifications of the items on the different websites so as to purchase the best products at cost-effective rates.

Save Products:

Under this category, they can save the products as well. They can view the details of the products later on and can make a purchase as and when required. The cost of price comparison software depends majorly on the features and the aesthetics that are used,

Select Desired Products:

Users can select the desired products and can order them at the displayed price structures. This is a great way of saving money plus assures them that they are buying the best quality products at a very reasonable price.

Order History:

They can view the previous orders as well. Users can check all the associated information such as billing details and other specifications.

These are the important features that make an app engaging and highly rewarding. If you want to work on an application that helps you be popular with your audience then these are a few features that you need to consider. If there are more features that you want us to integrate into your application do let us know.

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Admin  Panel

Features of Price Comparison Mobile Application

The cost of price comparison app development is also dependent on various panels that we would include for the smooth functioning of the application. We list here the features that you as the admin of the blog would need to understand and explore.

Dashboard Management:

Admin can check all the orders along with their order status. He/she can also analyze all the related details about shipping and the cost structures.

User Management: 

All the users that are registered with the app and are availing of the services are stored and tracked by the admin.

Product Management:

All the products that are being showcased on the app and their associated prices on different eCommerce websites are listed and managed by the admin.

Service Module:

All the services that are being delivered by the app such as product listing, offers, shipping services, notifications, rate standards, and much more are tracked by the admin.

Notification Module:

All the notifications related to the offer confirmation, payment, order deliveries, etc. are managed by the admin.

Report Generation:

All the reports related to the number of products purchased, running price standards, etc are managed and tracked by the admin.

Manage Earnings:

How to develop Price Comparison Mobile Application

All the app earnings generated by the In-app purchases, subscription packages, and according to the orders, places are monitored by the admin.

When we talk about price comparison technology, it is important that we integrate a lot of retailers into the application. As many retailers do the number of products and better comparisons.

Retailer Panel

When working on the retailer panel our experts make it a point to deliver solutions that can make it easier even for the small business owners to have a dedicated section for themselves, thus making it easier to execute the process.

Product feeds Submission: ( Salient features to be added in Price Comparison App Development)

Under this section, retailers can upload the product list. The admin then reviews and approves the same on the portal thus showcasing the products of retailers with much broader visibility.

Select the file submission format:

Under this section, the retailer can choose the format in which the product list is being delivered to the admin. Mostly a CSV format is selected that outlines the different products that are sent to the admin.

Bulk Edits & Upload:

As per the requirements, the retailers can make a bulk edit through CSV OR a particular format and upload it again in order to live the product with the new changes.

Track orders:

All orders generated for the retailer’s products can be tacked by him. He can make the provision for deliveries as well for meeting the client’s requirements.

These features are essentially focused on the ease of retailers. If we look further, there are a few things that need to be focused on that can add an edge to your product. These advanced features would make you stand out from the competition and give you a sure-shot way to earn more.

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Advanced Features to Be Included in Price Comparison App Development:

price compare app

Notifications Push: 

Notification contributes to your app visibility to a very great extent. A price comparison mobile app engineered with push technology plays a very significant role in apprising the user about the latest offers and deals running on the app. Undeniably, Push notification can be said to the must-have attribute as it not only augments the user base but keeps them attuned to your app for a longer run time plus keeps them attentive about all the price rates, products, and everything related so that they do not miss the changes of purchasing something better.

Video descriptions:

This feature cannot be missed while we are talking about the best attributes of a price comparison app. Under this feature; all the different products and services are showcased via promotional videos and graphics.

This is a great way of attracting the users thus helping in capturing the maximum orders. Video description works great in acquiring the user’s attention and people just love to see product-based videos that are outlined with the description about the product attributes and the prices that are running on the different eCommerce websites. These short videos encourage the users to make a purchase in such a way that they cannot wait to place the orders.

Editorial reviews:

Well, this is again very crucial. It is extremely important that you publish just the correct information for your users. Editorial moderation is quite beneficial for making the app conserved with amazing reviews. It can be applied to the ratings and reviews assigned by the users as it helps to deliver a trustworthy appeal and helps in acquiring a larger user base.

In-app communication:

It is imperative to allow the consumers to communicate with the admin in the event of any query/order status inquiry. In-app communication allows the user to share crucial information and query for instant support, varying price rates, and everything else associated can be informed to the user. Furthermore, users can also have a word with the other representatives regarding the quality of the services and tell them about factors and the areas that can be improved. Consumers always like to be heard and in-app communication comes as a major rescue in this scenario.

In today’s fashionable scenario, users just love to be updated about trending products. Therefore, it becomes very crucial that the price comparison app shows them the right products that are trending according to their previous search queries. The products can be related to dressing, groceries, accessories, or maybe anything thus, providing them the detailed elaboration about the products at the right price is a great way of keeping them engaged.

Social media integration:

This is one of the features that are mostly loved by today’s tech-savvy generation. They just share the products they have purchased without hitting much on their pocket sizes. Thus, integrating these features can boost their overall shopping experience. They can even share the wish list with their friend as well so as to keep them in the loop. The concept also works great for your app reputation and makes your deals and offers publicized plus captures a high number of users added by remarkable attention.

Scan and compare:

Well, in today’s digital world engineering the app with the latest technologies is a must. The in-built QR scanner allows the user to scan the barcode of the product and according to that image, the app shows the resonating products. Therefore, the user can compare the price of the product that he has with the one that is being outlined online. It makes the shopping experience of the users highly sophisticated and keeps them at bay from investing extra money.


Now is a very important feature for publicizing your app across different platforms. All information related to price updates, deals and offers, new products added, etc can be published on the app in order to keep the users attentive and engaged. This is a great way of promoting the services and the products as well in order to achieve remarkable success. This is the most important part of the price comparison apps so it is better to keep it on the home page. Whenever consumers browse any product or make a purchase they can witness all the market aspects and the cost rates.

Get dealer details:

Last but not least; it is a very important feature of a price comparison app. With the aid of this feature, users can get dealer information such as contact addresses, specializations, and much more. Often it happens that the product you purchased arrives with a certain kind of manufacturing defect. Thus, here having the dealer information can help you deal with the aforementioned problem in a really convenient way. This contributes to your app on an impressive note since; users do not have to keep looking for different alternatives for getting the product exchanged.

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Required Technology Stack for Price Comparison App Development

Required Technology Stack for Price Comparison App Development

Of course, for developing the best-in-class price comparison apps, certainly you need to select the sound technological stack. An app delivering optimized performance criteria and adhering to all the quality standards certainly conserves a seat ahead of its competitors. Therefore, carry out extensive technical research so as to craft out the featured rich price comparison mobile app.

User Interface & Experience (UX UI):

For the web module/version, the app developer can use the most apparent CSS3 and Bootstrap for the front end and JavaScript, AngularJS, Ruby, Python, or Django for the backend. For the Android app development version, java is sufficient, and for the iOS development framework, Swift will do the work.

Location Tracking:

This is one of the most important technologies to hit on. Based on the user proximity sensors, their location is being tracked and analyzed to make traveling more convenient and secure.


Using cloud servers comes as a major rescue in case you have large data to store. Amazon data servers or Google Cloud storage can be used for securely maintaining all the dealers, users, and product-related data so as to streamline the business processes.

Real-time analytics: (important features to be included in Price Comparison App Development)

Integrate a reliable analytic API that is capable of giving a detailed picture of the KPI such as sales, orders, retailers associated, etc in real-time for real-time decision making.SMS, Voice, and Phone Verification For authenticity and for keeping spambots at bay. The app developer can use Facebook SDK or Google sign-in for that.


For organized storage of consumer leads as far as the database is concerned, the app developer has options like MongoDB, HBase, Cassandra, Postgres, MySQL, etc.
These are some interesting and user-engaging features that our price comparison application development team would integrate with your product for better results. Our experts also explore technology and make sure the latest trends and the best technology are used to provide you with future-ready solutions.

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Price Comparison Mobile App Development: Step-by-Step Process

Certainly for developing a superior and best price comparison app, extra effort is required to be put into it. Now when talking about this hyper-competitive market, conserving the remarkable identity for an app is not at all easy therefore, you need to invest a good amount of hard work before embarking on the app development. Find out the 4 steps that you must analyze in case you are imbibed with just the true passion for developing a polished price comparison mobile app.

1.) Recognize Your User Requirements

Needless to say, this is very important. Perform intensive research on the user requirements, their likes, adopted shopping trends, sites they most love for doing shopping, and everything else associated. View their comments and communicate with them so as to garner a brief understanding of their interest and preferences.

2.) Know Your Competitors

Always look for the solution provided by the key players and the attributes they are adding to their price comparison apps so as to offer the best-combined services with innovative design and strategies. Hence, take into account all the attributes and the benefits that are being delivered by the competitors.

3.) Right Mobile App Development Company

Well, this is a must if you are keen on developing superior-quality price comparison mobile apps. It is extremely important to identify all the skilled project managers, astute iOS App developers, Android App Developers, UI/VX designers, and testers who can engineer quality mobile apps in the industrial niche.

4.) Implement the App Development Cycle

in the right way While initiating the development, it is imperative to hit upon the right development procedure for crafting the best mobile app. There are 6 stages (Planning, analysis, design, development, quality assurance, and launch) that must be carried out with the correct approach by the development teams to develop a quality price comparison mobile app.

Cost of Developing a Price Comparison Mobile App

price comparison application

Now let us come to the cost of developing a price comparison mobile app. Most of the companies charge on an hourly basis. For Android, it will take around 100-300 hours, and for iOS nearly the same 350 hours. Companies in the United States charge around $70-$100 per hour on average, but firms in India charge approximately $20, which is much cheaper than the current market situation. Therefore, it will cost around $8000 to $20000 to develop the app with the finalized features as per the user requirements.

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If you want to enter the market with a price comparison mobile application, it is important that along with the growth prospect, you also see the opportunities it would offer. If you are looking for a team that can help you build an interesting application that reflects well in the market then you are at the right place. We strive to turn your app idea into a functioning reality that would help you earn great profits and reach the zenith of success.

With Artificial Intelligence Development Services, Machine Learning Solutions, Big Data, etc. technology being used to develop your product, we make it a point that you would walk the marketplace with this app for at least decades.

FAQs About Price Comparison App Development

Which is the Best App For Online Price Comparison?

Smartprix, Voodoo, etc. are the best apps for online price comparison. Our team can develop the best price comparison app to turn your business idea into a working reality.

Why Use Price Comparison App?

Price comparison apps are becoming popular day by day for the affordable and reliable solutions they offer to users. They help users make informed decisions on the best deal for the product.

Is it Really Worthful to Invest in Price Comparison App?

Investing in price comparison apps is a great way to earn profits. These apps are gaining popularity and helping users pick the right deals for their products and services.

What are the Core Features of the Price Comparison App?

Account Verification
Browse Products
View Product Listing
Order History

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