Looking for ways to make your business future-proof? It has a lot to do with being ‘available’ to the customers most of the time and being there where customers are. What can be a better place than being visible on the customers’ mobile phones, which they check almost throughout the day? So, the fundamental thing, and one of the essential ones, is developing a mobile application to make business reachable to users more efficiently than ever. If the idea of app development is giving you sleepless nights, here is the thing of relief. Google has come with an open-source software development kit (SDK) called Flutter. In this post, we take you through critical points about Flutter App Development, comprising:

What Is Flutter?

Flutter is a wholesome UI kit that allows Mobile app developers to create fully functional, appealing, and high-performing robust mobile applications even with minimal coding knowledge.

This SDK is based on the coding language DART, developed by Google, and has stark similarities with JavaScript and other popular coding languages.

Facts and Statics of Flutter App Development

Flutter grabbed the application development market with a huge share of 42% compared to any other framework. 

If we go back a few years, it is claimed to be one of the top frameworks for developing small businesses and enterprises. Its latest version has come up with many features that will set a new trend in web application development in 2023.  

What Makes Flutter a Reliable Mobile App Development Tool for Startups?

A startup can do much better when it is future-proof in its functionalities. They need a cost-effective way to stay relevant and require genuinely flexible and scalable platforms that help them perform equally well, even with changing times.

Why Flutter App Development

Listed here are some of the reasons why Flutter is a reliable tool for Startups.

  • Flutter offers a premise to develop cross-platform mobile apps, which are preferable to native apps.
  • The cross-platform apps developed with Flutter can create an exceptional digital experience. This is precisely what the customers look for in any business’s offerings.
  • Flutter offers cost-effective app development services. Since it is a cross-platform app development framework, it can help businesses cut the development cost. They can use a single code base to attain visibility across all platforms. Thus, the coding cost can be drastically reduced.
  • Faster app development is the direct consequence of using a single code base sufficient for businesses to utilize multiple platforms.
  • Functionalities-enriched applications become easy to develop with Flutter. Since this framework is compatible with many plugins, the developers can enhance the apps’ functionality quotient without any additional effort. Not to mention, the apps’ ease of development and flawlessness are conspicuous by their presence.

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  • The developers take less time in testing as the single code works across all platforms. Thus, startups can become ready to serve less time and cash their presence to build their relationships. Checking only a single version of the application is enough to find the functionality of all the platforms.
  • Flutter offers a better opportunity for the developers to provide more tools per a given set of resources. As the coding is fast, easy, and applicable across all platforms, developers can create multiple back-ends and front-end support tools.
Why Flutter App Developers

It works in the developers’ favor, too. They can take on more projects and quickly deliver them, creating more earning opportunities for themselves.

Pros of Flutter App Development

Why Choose Flutter App Development for Your Business Mobile App?

Flutter has quickly earned a respectable position among the cross-platform app development frameworks. The developers’ convenience, the ability to deliver apps in record minimal time, and the cost-effectiveness of development have given startups a reliable solution in the form of Flutter.

The mobile app development achieves higher levels of user-friendliness due to features that are possible to add because of Flutter.  While exploring its advantage in mobile app development, one can find that:

1. Faster Code Emulsion

One of the primary concerns of app owners today is making the app reach the market as soon as possible. This is a major specialty of Flutter 3.10 and because of this quality, it has created a special place in the heart of major companies such as Tencent, Alibaba, Dream 11, etc.

“Flutter significantly reduced the time we needed to develop a new feature from one month down to 2 weeks”, says Bruce Shen of Alibaba.

“With Flutter, the iOS version of our app was ready in 2 days”, says Anil Sharma of Dream 11.

Apart from the just mentioned feature, developers can also try out new elements and fix bugs; all it takes is less than a second. To see the effects, you don’t really have to reboot, reload, or wait to see the effects.

2. Flutter Comes with a ‘Hot reload’ Feature 

The hot reload feature gives ease to the development team in various ways: 

  • Developers experiment with new ideas and develop apps faster
  • The quick building of features-enriched yet straightforward UIs
  • Managing functions like UI development, testing, debugging, and adding features in a real-time manner.
  • Instantly viewing all changes made in the app.
  • Reflecting on the updates in the app’s current state while showing the impact of code execution instantly

You get to significantly speed up your app’s development process and get it out to the desired audience much quicker. The reason behind the success of Flutter in this department is the revolutionary Hot Reload Feature. This helps the developers to make significant changes to the code and see the results in real-time

3. Great Working Speed

You are living in a realistic world and placing yourself in your customer’s shoes if you are looking to develop an app. I will not beat around the bush regarding this and will help you face the harsh reality that users will not think one bit about switching to some other app if your app takes more than a second to load up.

In this regard, Flutter helps you develop apps full of quality features, functioning at a highly desirable speed, which allows you to make the users feel what you want to offer them.

Different technologies that are built-in flutter allow it to work smoothly despite such high expectations. Makers of Flutter worked hard to develop a fast renderer that renders at a speed of 60 FPS and tries to punch above its weight by nearing almost 120 FPS. 

Another feature of Flutter is called the ‘silver layout model’, which is used for scrolling because of its fast speed.

4. Open-source Application Framework

Since Flutter is an open-source development framework based on DART, it is easily customizable in real-time. There are several developer-friendly supports provided in Flutter. Further, the clients can also make changes in the app modules as per their requirements. Flutter apps allow the flexibility of changing the features in a fully customized manner by tweaking simple code changes. With this, every app layout can be changed without starting from scratch.

These features make development a quick, high-quality, and business-centric app. A few mentionable ones are:

  • Built-in material design support
  • Rich motion APIs
  • Smooth and realistic scrolling behavior
  • Cupertino Widgets
Benefits of Flutter App Development

5. Comes with Dart 2.14 

The edge that Flutter gets in terms of performance speed is provided by Dart, which is a new and modern programming language by Google that compiled ahead of its time in native code.

Why Flutter is Best

Codelabs are good for the beginner to program. Some of the code labs require no downloading while running on the virtual platforms using the DardPad. 

Dart 2.14 has developed various features, formatting, pub, and linting to develop out-of-the-box apps. 


  • Pub support for the search of importing files for coding.
  • Triple shift operator for new language implementation. 
  • Flutter Lints recommends the best coding practices to the developers for Flutter apps, packages, and plugins. 

6. Low-testing integrations

People who have come across coding know what kind of headache testing can prove to be. The quality assurance stage of testing is one stage that can become tough to bear even for the most patient of app developers and stakeholders.

However, the overall productivity and performance can be increased if you have some code for two platforms, which makes the testing much faster. On top of all this, as mentioned earlier, the Stateful Hot Reload makes the big fixes extremely fast, almost in real time.

7. Tight Security

 Flutter gives high-end security features for the cross as well as native apps.

The latest Flutter releases security patches and reliable updates to handle any vulnerability.  

It routinely keeps your copy of the Flutter version up to date. The high-end community of developers supports it to ensure maximum security. 

The team has created the framework and updated regularly to make the best performance using this. 

8. Cost-Effectiveness

Flutter uses the same code base for different platforms, or you can say that it is platform-independent. This prevails great value for the emulsion of the code in the single simulator and reduces the price of the overall app development.

Apps that are built using Flutter are the best choice for companies and cut down the development cost by up to 20%. 

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9. Quickly Handle Errors

The latest Flutter 3.10 is the best and easiest way to discover any of the code’s errors. Its debug mode can quickly handle the error messages by popping red flags across and releasing them in a grey background.

10. Ability to Embed New UI in the Existing App

Flutter can help businesses maximize their existing resources, including the app. With the convenience of adding a new UI to the existing app, businesses can cater to the audiences in a budget-friendly manner. It helps more when the existing app’s robustness is not worth abandoning. Also, why invest big when the best results can be achieved with minimal liability?

11. Portable GPU

Flutter is the framework with a portable GPU that brings dynamicity to the working of UIs. This accounts for its ease of working on multiple interfaces and no additional investment of time or money.

12. Compatibility with multiple IDEs

Flutter is compatible with various IDEs, including Android Code, Visual Studio, and XCode. Thus, the limited knowledge required to maximize gains makes it easy for developers to complete projects without hiring more experts with vast experience. Apart from the developed application’s quickness, quality, and usability, startups can gain a foothold in the market at a low cost.

 13. Frameworks, Libraries, and APIs

PostMuse, an Instagram photo editor, shifted its past environment from Kotlin to Flutter. Because Flutter 3.10 has ready-made libraries and widgets that can enhance the performance. This has beautiful templates, frames to enjoy story sharing, and eye-catching designs to attract large users on their platforms.

Why Flutter App Development

The special scrolling feature allows instant notifications without any scrolling. ListView gives all the updates while it can hide when the user is scrolling. 

Using Flutter 3.10, you can add the banner at the top of the scaffold that remains in place until the user dismisses it. The level of freedom to hire mobile app developers is worth praising, and the reason behind this is the regular entry of new developers into Flutter.

Google has been putting in a lot of work in making Flutter one of the apps of this generation, and the work that Google has put in includes preparing excellent documentation for Flutter, providing extreme details about every feature, functionality and all of this makes it easy for new developers to get involved swiftly.

14. Plugins

Flutter’s latest version offers large plugin support to developers. Some of them are:

  • ·         3795 supports the base features of Android.
  • ·          3796 gives the autofocus features for Android. 
  • ·         3798 for the flash and zoom features
  • ·         4052 for the noise reduction 
  • ·         4158 for the rotation and exposure to focus the camera
  • ·         4001 removes the redundancy of the request for the app camera permission
Benefits of Flutter Development

15. Attractive Display Features

Flutter’s new version has high-quality features that leverage the app’s reach. They have supported the community to help other fellow developers. Features including smart fonts, high contrast color, and appropriate screen-reading are the first-class framework support accessible by their users.

Large Fonts:

Flutter 3.10 allows both highly used platforms like Android app development and iPhone app development to customize the font sizes. 

Although font sizes are automatically fixed as per the screen size to distribute the content in the layout. 

Screen Reading:

Flutter is known to target each group of users. Visually disabled users can easily interact with the app via UI gestures and shortcuts. 

Developers can test their app for:

·         Mobile Browsers: Android > TalkBack

iOS > VoiceOver 

·         Web Browser: Windows: NVDA and Jaws

MacOS > VoiceOver


The efficient color contrast makes it easy for the user to the reader. Visual impairments and extreme light conditions are tough situations to read. Flutter allows its developers to display the screen even in a low-light situation. 

Using 4.5:1 for small texts and 3.0:1 for large texts is recommended. Images must be well-vetted for sufficient contrast. 

A vision of the designer and how the developer makes it come to reality is a topic that has been a topic of real conflict ever since this mobile app development venture was started. Flutter 2.5 makes app development faster by streamlining the designer-developer collaboration.

Flutter casts away this constant conflict between the designer and developer so that they can work together and try to achieve something remarkable that will benefit all the people associated with their work. ‘Make the animation slower’, ‘Take it a little to the right’, ‘Make it a pixel smaller’, any of the above changes that you try out become visible upfront, allowing room for the experiment without any reviews and reworking. 

16. All-in-one Codebase 

One of the major reasons why Flutter is considered at the top compared to other frameworks is that it optimizes code writing by up to 50%. It has come with a development kit that facilitates the working environment of platforms like Android, iOS, and web apps. 

Flutter is one such framework that works fine for both commercial and development businesses within tight budgets and time constraints. 

In marketing economics terms, the monopolistic market becomes easier to achieve for a startup as Flutter app development allows them to roll out any project way ahead of their competitors. With a skimming policy, the higher gains allow the businesses to have more money available for futuristic developments.

The final result is that Flutter helps you develop the app faster than your counterparts, be ahead in the race with the timely launching of the product, and save a huge chunk of your money.

Cons of Flutter App Development

Adoption of Dart: Dart is not as widely used as other languages and tools. There are fewer resources and limited community support to help developers who work on Flutter. 

App Size: Flutter apps have built-in functionalities that make them larger than native applications. 

A limited set of tools and libraries: Flutter has a limited set of tools and libraries for various functionalities, thus making it difficult for developers to add customizations in a few places. 

Why Flutter Is Best For Hybrid Mobile App Development

Flutter is a Google offering designed to meet hybrid app development needs.

Cross-platform applications have become the need of the hour. Businesses need to reach customers across different devices. With the assortment of available devices, the need arises to develop applications compatible with iOS and Android. This is where Flutter app development steps in and provides the requisite support. This framework takes effort and length from the development process and allows apps to work across all platforms equally.

It is an open-source, cross-platform app development framework that allows hybrid app development with a single code base. Thus, one can imagine the amount of convenience that Flutter offers to dedicated users. With limited coding knowledge and added quickness, one can deliver the apps in a record minimal time, which is one of the top Benefits of Flutter App Development.

Since it is based on DART, a language quite similar to JavaScript and developed in-house by Google, the developers don’t require additional technical expertise to use this app development support.

So, fewer efforts, quicker and high-quality results, and reach to various platforms are some of the reasons why a modern mobile app development company employs Flutter for mobile app development.

Benefits of Flutter Framework

How to Hire Flutter App Development Services?

Even if you are not technically literate, you can hire the best flutter app development services
by taking care of the following points:

  1. Create a List of Flutter App Development Companies 

Start your search by enlisting the best Flutter app development companies that you think can provide you with the best Flutter app development services. You can find the list of companies from various resources and references. 

  1. Look at the Portfolio 

The portfolio tells you a lot about the credibility the app development company enjoys. The experts’ associations and service track record with the clients indicate timeliness in-order delivery and a better understanding of all business niches. So, such companies will require minimal briefing, which will save a lot of time and cost.

  1. Conduct Initial Interviews

Schedule initial interviews to discuss the candidate’s experience, skills, and motivation. Assess their communication skills and ability to articulate technical concepts. This would also help you understand their problem-solving approach and the professionalism the team is bringing to the table.

  1. Evaluate the Developer’s Technical Skills

Administer technical assessments or coding challenges to evaluate the candidate’s Flutter skills. Consider using platforms like HackerRank, Codility, or conducting a live coding session.

  1. Culture Fit and Long-Term Goals

Assess if the flutter developer aligns with your company culture and values. Discuss their long-term career goals and how they see themselves contributing to your organization.

  1. Provide an Upfront and Reasonable Quote

Though the cheapest may not always be the best option, any developer offering too high a price will not fit the bill either. The businesses need to cut on app development costs to maximize gains. Also, the company should provide the quote upfront. They can make decisions intelligently and quickly if they inform all the expenses itemized and upfront.

  1. Select Who Is Genuinely ‘Available’

Companies that take an order and almost disappear are not worth investing in the trust. Those developers who stay in touch, provide regular feedback, and, most importantly, can take your order request on the shortest notice are worth your attention. Such developers can help you convert the idea into an app while it retains its feasibility.

  1.  Make Offer and Onboarding

Extend a formal job offer to the selected flutter programmer. Facilitate a smooth onboarding process, providing necessary information and resources for a successful start.

How Can Octal Help You with Flutter App Development?

Octal IT Solution has earned a strong reputation for being a leading flutter app development company. The developers here are adept at handling all kinds of complexities and challenges that the project may have. They keep themselves abreast of the latest technologies and advancements in their field to deliver a futuristic solution. Some of the key points that make them stand out from the rest include:

  1. Tech Expertise 

The dedicated development team at Octal is well-versed with Flutter and can extend their assistance in creating feature-rich and future-ready apps. They understand the client’s core requirements and can deliver a solution that aligns with their vision.

  1. Global Experience 

The developers have worked on various business verticals from across the globe. Thus, when you partner with them, you get a team understands the global market and Flutter trends

  1. Transparent Approach 

To ensure you never feel out of the loop, the developers at Octal keep you updated with the project’s progress. They follow agile methodology and share the progress reports after every milestone with you. 

  1. Faster Turn Around Time 

The team responds to your request for a quote quickly. Even after you have finalized the deal, they can connect soon. This reflects their level of commitment to the project and the work at hand. 

  1. Privacy Is Priority

Your privacy is of utmost importance to the company. They sign a non-disclosure agreement to ensure your business idea and data are safe with them. 

Final Opinion – Why Flutter App Development

Flutter is a time-relevant development framework that can help m-commerce become truly ubiquitous. The framework allows businesses to cover many users accessing services through different device utilities and OS platforms. While the businesses save on cost and minimize risks, the developers can save time and complete more projects, eventually creating more revenues for themselves.

So, it would not be an understatement to say that Flutter for startups is the ticket to help them attain future readiness. If there’s anything you’d like to add or discuss, feel free to contact us.

Why Choose Flutter

Frequently Asked Questions?

What is Flutter?

Flutter is an open-source UI software development kit created by Google that helps developers build high-quality apps.  

What are the cons of Flutter app development?

Major cons of Flutter are – Adoption of Dart, Large App Size, and Limited set of tools and libraries.

What are the advantages of Flutter app Development?

Some of the advantages of Flutter app development include:
Faster code emulsion 
Quickly handle errors 
Ability to embed new UI
Compatible with Various platforms 
All in one codebase

Why is Flutter faster?

Flutter uses the Dart language, which compiles the code into native code, thus saving the developers a lot of time.

Why Flutter is better for app development?

Using Flutter for your business app is a smart choice. Here are some reasons why you should go for Flutter app development: 
Saves Time and Energy 
Wider Audience Reach
Compatible with Various OS
Secure Solution

Which apps are made with Flutter?

Some of the apps made with Flutter are Google Pay, eBay Motors, Nubank – Conta e Cartão, Xianyu, Reflectly, KlasterMe, Hamilton, Watermaniac

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