In today’s rapidly changing technological world, the software has taken involvement in every business to a certain level; whether it is a financial institution, a retail chain, or a food-serving restaurant, software has a predominant role in their functioning. Software plays an inevitable role in our daily life in ways that most of us take for granted. . . that is until the software falls. As per a study by Tricentis in 2017, a collection of just 606 bugs results in massive losses of $1.7 trillion. And it represents the countable metric; the reputation damage is still unknown. thus, hiring software testing services companies is a must to avoid such situations. Best QA testing companies follow the ideal QA process to identify bugs and evaluate the overall user experience.

To avoid any possible scenario of a software failure, it becomes the utmost priority for software testing services companies to integrate robust software testing into their workflow. Software QA testing is essential for software development as it ensures that the software meets the specified requirements, is error-free, and complies with industry regulations. Foreseen this, businesses of any size now seek reliable, reputed, and proficient software testing companies that can guarantee seamless performance of their software products.

However, choosing the best software testing services company is challenging as unlimited options are available in the market. Thus, to help you find the best software testing company, we have presented this comprehensive article mentioning the top software testing companies you can choose for your next software testing project. It also covers the underlying factors to consider when choosing the right software partner, the right testing process that a software testing company should follow, the cost of hiring the best QA testing companies, and much more.

Top Software Testing Services Companies to Hire QA Services

Here is the detailed roster of the best software testing services companies to choose from:

1. Octal IT Solution

Octal IT Solution - best software testing company

Octal IT Solution is one of the leading software development companies headquartered in Sarasota, Florida, USA, with a presence in India, the UK, and Singapore. It is a leading IT company providing the best testing & QA services to various companies, from startups to big enterprises. With a team of 250+ seasoned professionals, they offer innovative solutions from well-established development centers and through onsite work environments. Hundreds of clients have also appreciated the company on credible rating platforms such as AppFutura, Clutch, GoodFirms, Applancer, Appdexa, and Extract.

Key Services Offered:

Automated testing, Manual testing, Web app testing, Mobile app testing, Performance testing, On-demand QA services, and others.

Contact at:

Mail: [email protected]

Phone no: +1 817-717-1793

2. QualityLogic – Top Software Testing Company

best software testing companies

Based in Boise, Idaho, USA, QualityLogic has more than 35 years of experience in QA software testing. With an enormous portfolio of more than 5,000 successful projects, the company began its journey in 1986. They provide testing services for any stage of the software development lifecycle. Whether you are required to do documentation tests, manual testing, automatic testing, or digital accessibility, you have expertise. They also have a team for QA consulting and creating QA processes, which reduces technical debt and increases software quality. Massive experience and trusted quality make QualityLogic lead the list of top software testing companies:

Key Services Offered

Test automation, Manual testing, API testing, Load & performance testing, Usability testing, functional testing, accessibility testing, WCAG compliance testing & certification, interoperability testing, Virtual & augmented reality testing, and others.

Contact at

Mail: [email protected]

Phone no: +1 – (208) 424 – 1905

3. Sciencesoft

best software testing companies

Founded in 1989, Sciencesoft is leading the list of top software testing companies in 2nd position. It began its journey as an AI-enabled product company and has become one of the best companies for software QA and testing processes. With over 34 years of software testing services, the company has built its testing expertise in various industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, retail, wholesale, logistics, etc. Their testing experts can immediately dive into your project within 1-3 days and validate every aspect of your software. They test SaaS, DWH, Mobile Apps, Web Apps, and Desktop applications. The company takes charge of the entire quality assurance process, from designing the QA strategy and test plan to managing the testing team and enhancing its performance.

Key Services Offered:

Functional testing, Integration testing, Compatibility testing, Localization testing, Accessibility testing, Performance testing, Usability testing, and Security testing

Contact at:

Mail: [email protected]

Phone no: +1 214 306 6837


PFLB - best software testing company

Founded in 2008, PFLB has provided performance-testing solutions to its worldwide clients for over a decade. It has built a good reputation for reliability and has been a constant provider of premier load and performance testing services for companies in all industries. They deliver the expected value to their clients by prioritizing robust methodology, tools, and highly experienced engineers. The company has a huge clientele of 300+ happy clients.

Key Services Offered:

Load testing, Stress testing, Endurance testing, Data Volume Testing, and others

Contact at:


Phone no: +1 408 418 2552

5. QA Mentor

 QA Mentor - independent software testing services

Headquartered in New York, QA Mentor is an award-winning testing services company with eight different offices worldwide. The company was started in 2010 with the motive of helping companies from various domains improve their QA functions. Independent software testing services company PFLB proudly boasts of its unique combination of 350 offshore and onshore resources that serve clients of all time zones.

QA testing services Provider company has a huge clientele of nearly 500 clients, from Fortune 500 companies to startups and in nine different industries. QA mentor follows a hybrid approach and provides customizable testing processes and software testing services with flexible on-demand testing and solutions at economical rates. It is a one-stop solution for application testing and mobile app testing.

Key Services Offered:

Manual Test Design & Execution, Performance and capacity Planning, Android & iOS app testing, Performance engineering & staffing, On-demand QA services, QA recruitment & staffing, and others.

Contact at:

Mail: [email protected]

Phone no: +1 212 960 3812

6. DeviQA

top software testing companies

Devi QA is a Poland-based QA testing company with 13 years of experience. They have a huge team of 200+ Software QA engineers and a presence in 6 locations. The company has received multiple testing awards from and other credible affiliates. The company can educate you on contemporary Quality Assurance best practices, techniques, and targeted outcomes. Their engineers can build the principles of high quality into your operational and development processes. DeviQA offers a new approach to quality assurance outsourcing and outstaffing cooperation models. You will benefit from their many years of experience in outsourced software testing services, free proof of concept, and expedited communication procedures regardless of region or time zone.

Key Services Offered:

Software Testing & QA, Test Automation, Dedicated QA team, Web App testing, API testing, Full cycle testing, Mobile automation testing, QA outsourcing, Manual testing, Agile testing, Performance testing, Functional testing, and others

Contact at:


Phone no: +1 805 491 9331

7. QA Wolf

QA Wolf - top software testing companies

This QA Wolf is the ultimate solution if you want a company to offer automated testing services for your web app. QA Wolf gets web apps to 80% automated end-to-end test coverage in weeks, not years. The company provides unlimited, parallel test runs on its infrastructure and guarantees zero flakes. They test 3rd party integrations, APIs, extensions, email & SMS delivery, audio & video accuracy, and much more. They can give you human-verified bug reports, a test matrix and outline for every user flow, CI/CD integration, 24-hour test maintenance, 80% coverage in 4 months, zero flake guarantee, Triple-A test framework, 3-minute QA cycles, Unlimited test runs, No vendor lock-in.

Key Services Offered:

3rd party integrations, accessibility, Website performance, MFA & SSO, Email & SMS, Multi-user workflows, etc.

8. QASource

QA Source - top software testing companies

Founded in 2002, QAsource has delivered customized engagement tailored to each client’s unique requirements. It has a massive team of 1100+ engineers, vast experience of 23+ years, and advanced testing labs to ensure comprehensive testing and seamless integration with your development teams. Their QA experts use advanced automation frameworks and keep up with the latest tools and technologies to ensure the testing process is efficient and accurate. You can be confident that your software products will satisfy the highest quality requirements when you work with QASource. Their quality assurance solutions are designed to help your company flourish in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing tech market, keeping you ahead of the competition.

Key Services Offered:

Automating Testing, Manual Testing, API Testing, Mobile App Testing, Security Testing, Load & Performance Testing, QA Consulting, Salesforce Testing, and Blockchain Testing Services

Contact at:

Mail: [email protected]

Phone no: +1 925 271 5555

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9. TestMatick

TestMatick - top software testing companies

Testmatick is a reputed software testing and reliable quality assurance company. The company has been in the market for more than six years, and since then, it has provided quality testing services. They have a team of professional manual and automated test engineers, technical writers, performance engineers, security engineers, translators, and others. It has worked on over 900 sites of 68 clients globally. The quality assurance team carefully ensures the mobile software products’ quality and tests them on the required platforms. The team evaluates the scope of work and recommends the testing types necessary for the project. They customize every testing process as per the demand and make it compliant with the client’s goals and desires.

Key Services Offered:

Mobile Testing, Functional Testing, Automated testing, Usability testing, UI testing, Localization testing, Multi-platform testing, Cross-browser testing, Installation testing, and others.

Contact at:

Mail: [email protected]

Phone no: +1 212 203 8264

10.  Testlio

Testlio - best software testing companies

Testlio services team helps you overcome all the testing challenges to deliver exceptional digital product experiences to your clients. It brings together a group of best-quality experts, a powerful testing platform, and a set of DevOps integrations to provide software testing at scale. They have diverse quality enthusiasts in the field of testing, spread across the globe, and are in the quench of delivering the best client experiences. The team consists of 200+ team members. Testlio’s Centers of Excellence (CoE) ensure exceptional service value. They have CoE in Quality Assurance, Quality Engineering, User Experience, and Accessibility. The team is organized to align testing capabilities to the unique needs of differentiated industries. They have a major focus on three main sectors, which are Media & Entertainment, Business Software, and Health & Wellness.

Key Services Offered:

Manual testing, Functional testing, Localization testing, Payments testing, Usability testing, and others.

Contact at:

Contact form:

11.  A1QA


Founded in 2003, A1QA offers quality assurance software testing services for all software types with PPAs or any custom software deployed to any environment. A1QA has a huge clientele of 800+ clients from 39 countries. The company’s global presence helps it deliver quality software testing services 24 x 7 x 265 and swiftly adapt to any time zone and customer’s requirements. It supports multiple global market players, including Fortune 500 companies. The company offers a holistic suite of world-class testing services with QA being its USP. The QA team help clients launch top-notch software products of any complexity and create exceptional customer experiences.

Key Services Offered:

Functional testing, Performance testing, Cybersecurity testing, Usability testing, Integration testing, Regression testing, Compatibility testing, Localization testing, QA consulting, and others

Contact at:

Contact form:

Phone no: +1 720 207 5122

12.  Altoros Labs


With more than two decades of experience, Altoros Labs has delivered software testing and quality assurance services to deliver robust and UX-optimized products that comply with the required quality standards and security regulations. The company believes in timely detecting arising issues and implementing improvements on the go while simultaneously preventing bottlenecks and delivering secure, performant, and user-friendly solutions. It has a dedicated QA team directly reports to the client regularly and works exclusively on a single project. They perform a software audit first to define project complexity, work scope, quality criteria to meet, and which testing strategy would be best for the project.

Key services offered:

Functional testing, Security testing and load testing, Compatibility testing, Usability testing, and Localization testing.

Contact at:

Mail:  [email protected]

Phone no: +1 650 419 3379

13.  QAlified

QAlified - Best Software testing companies

Whether the difficulties are organizing a testing team, creating a strategy, or enhancing current procedures, QAlified provides testing and software quality consulting services for all kinds of problems. They establish the methodological groundwork for your team to function and develop independently. The company has been in the testing services industry for over three decades and has delivered its services to 100+ clients in 900+ projects.

Key Services Offered:

Application testing, Performance testing, Test automation, Security testing, Usability testing, Accessibility testing, and others.

Contact at:

Phone no: +1 (707) 527 3819

14.  iBeta

iBeta offers a full range of on-demand QA software testing services encompassing various software quality activities. It provides fast ramp-up speeds and project flexibility for any website, mobile device, or application QA testing need. There is a dedicated Project Manager for every project, and test team members are chosen specifically for your project based on their domain expertise. The software testing and QA services are always aligned with the clients’ methodologies and processes. Their ultimate goal is to seamlessly integrate with your existing in-house QA (if any). If there isn’t, they will relieve you from the stress of a tight QA timeline.

Key Services Offered:

Web testing, Mobile testing, Accessibility testing, Biometrics testing, Load and performance testing, EPCS, Automated testing, Brand Auditing, and others

Contact at:

Phone no: +1 303 627 1110

15.  TestFort QA Lab

TestFort QA Lab

With 22 years of experience as a software testing company, Testfort aims to ensure that your solution is tested thoroughly, on time, and within budget. Testfort has broad manual, automated testing expertise and a global team of 160 QA professional engineers. They follow well-established workflows and pay meticulous attention to even the smallest details. They don’t need extra time to look for additional resources and can start the project in 2-3 days. Testfort has completed more than 300 projects and has served 500+ patrons.

Key Services Offered:

Manual testing, Automated testing, API testing, Web testing, Mobile testing, Desktop application testing, functional testing, and others.

Contact at:

Phone no: +1 310 388 9334

Why Hire Software testing services provider companies?

With the cut-throat competition in the technical market, Quality Assurance (QA) plays a predominant role in defining the success of any software. The quality assurance and testing of software is done to ensure that it achieves all the specified goals and technical requirements as it was supposed to. However, many organizations lack the required resources, skills, or qualifications to perform this unavoidable task.

That’s the major reason why companies prefer to outsource software testing services and get the required results. Outsourcing QA services to a professional 3rd party firm with expertise in this is one of the best business decisions. Partnering with a software testing company can accelerate the overall software development process. It is not just limited to speed, but it also fosters effectiveness and efficiency while maintaining the objectivity of the process. Here are a few main benefits of hiring a software testing services provider company:

1. Skills & Expertise:

It requires high experience and expertise for software testing. Generally, the in-house QA teams are not equipped with the latest tools, technological trends, and better practices. Proper testing requires a range of tools & tests to perform on various devices, platforms, and multiple parameters.

Thus, it becomes essential to outsource to the best software testing company that has a dedicated team of QA experts and relevant experience in the same. A specialist 3rd party, QA & testing company can bring all the essential skills and best-in-class resources for your project.

2. Cost-effectiveness:

Costing is another major reason to outsource the testing and QA requirements. You don’t need to maintain an in-house team and avoid various overhead costs like office space, salary, maintenance, insurance and others. Also, you have to pay the salary even if you don’t have any work for the QA team. Conversely, in hiring a software testing company, you pay only for what you want.

3. Efficient & Objective Assessment:

Most coders struggle to look at faults, errors, and problems objectively. However, when you choose to separate coding from testing using a third-party testing agency, you benefit from an unbiased evaluation of your program. An outsourced team will do an impartial audit to find all the existing issues that require attention.

4. Faster Results & Better Focus:

You can get faster results by outsourcing the testing stage of your software development process. This is because the development team can focus only on their part while the QA team simultaneously find the issues and the developers can resolve them later. Thus, the development team can focus only on the coding part. You can focus on other business parts like revenue, marketing, and others.

5. Complete Confidentiality of Code:

Using third-party software testing services means your company retains access to unique testing scripts and defect-free software without divulging code specifics.

You also don’t have to worry about infringing intellectual property rights when you use QA Outsourcing.

6. QA Automation:

Automated testing has been hugely popular as it ensures a seamless multi-device app experience for users. However, not everyone is skilled in automated testing, while a 3rd party testing company always has a team that can perform automated testing.

A professional QA tester always employs advanced test automation tools, bug tracking, and cutting-edge technologies for faster and more efficient testing.

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How do you Choose the best software testing company?

Here are some QA factors to consider while you are outsourcing the testing responsibilities to a 3rd party software testing company:

1. Set your objectives & goals:

You must chart out your objectives and measurable goals for a robust outsourcing strategy. These goals will assist you in making critical judgments about crucial areas such as a project’s business value, outsourcing models, vendors, projects to outsource, and various risks to assume.

Goals, on the other hand, are events and functional metrics that assist management in monitoring progress, taking corrective action, and forecasting future performance.

2. Choose the way of outsourcing:

There are multiple ways of outsourcing the testing requirements, among which the three major types are:

Expert/Specialist QA Providers:

These companies have core services of QA and testing and don’t focus on any other service like development. They can be within your country or overseas.

IT Generalists

These are the QA service providers that offer QA service along with other outsourced services such as Web Development, Mobile App development, etc. You can ask them to develop your whole software or hire them for only the testing part.

Crowdsourcing providers:

These enterprises typically give out your testing activity to individual freelance testers. This model gives you the advantage of many different people conducting your tests under real-world conditions.

It’s important to consider your requirement for the type of QA solution that best fits your project.

3. Maintain a balance between quality and cost:

It is never a good option to opt for a company that offers the lowest cost for testing & QA because a lesser price doesn’t mean good quality at a reduced cost.

A company with good experience, a skilled team, and a diverse portfolio may charge a higher price but will also ensure the best quality to its client. Thus, it would be best if you did not consider the lowest cost as your criteria.

4. Flexibility and Adaptability:

Different software testing providers follow different testing processes and workflows. Generally, a third-party testing service provider follows the clients’ QA processes, which require flexible teams to offer excellent service.

Also, the company should be able to quickly learn and adapt to the new workflows while working with a new client.

5. Communication:

In technological development, communication plays an important role. The 3rd party must ensure meaningful communication instead of just inundating the customer with useless information.

Factors To Consider While Choosing the Best Software Testing Company:

Here are some important aspects to consider while choosing your software testing partner:

1. Past Experience:

The chosen software testing company must have a diverse portfolio showcasing its experience. There should be numerous projects or industries like your project or industry. It will be a plus for your software development as they could find quick and easy solutions from their similar prior experience.

2. Background:

There are a lot of companies in the market that boast of being the best software testing company. Firstly, we suggest choosing a software testing company from the above list. And if those don’t fit your requirements, then you must have a careful background of your potential testing partner. Many companies promise great rates, the best tools, the finest quality, quick turnaround time, etc. but most of these are gimmicks. You must scrutinise the vendor by its reviews, ratings, returning clients, list on popular platforms like Clutch, etc.

Also, you must check whether your chosen partner is doing the work itself or is further outsourcing to another vendor.

3. Service-level agreement:

A clear and well-defined SLA serves as a roadmap that guides the project from start to finish. It should preferably include the deadlines, milestones, project overview, communication pattern, and other critical factors.

SLAs serve as legally enforceable documents that protect both parties’ interests and serve as guidance for the processes to be followed in certain situations. Make sure that the SLA consists of the following items:

  • Process compliance
  • Entire reporting and project management timelines
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Core business know-how
  • Product quality measures include defect reporting, test case efficiency, etc.

4. Domain Expertise:

Even though the chosen testing provider has a lot of experience but needs more projects in your domain, it could be a disaster for your overall service delivery time. It will also affect the timeline and product quality. So, if your product is a website, and the testing company has all the skills but lacks Web app testing experience, it may not yield the right results for you.

5. Communication:

Barriers in communication due to any aspect like language, time zone, accent, or any factor may even create a complete roadblock in the work. That’s why a proper communication strategy is critical when choosing a software testing vendor. In simple words, an effective communication model must incorporate the following factors:

  • Escalation
  • Reporting
  • Issue Resolution

6. Data/Intellectual Property Security:

The vendor you choose should prioritize the security of your data and shouldn’t be shared with anyone. Make sure that the following outsourcing standards are being addressed while you are outsourcing to a QA partner:

  • Confidentiality contracts for employees
  • IP protection
  • ·Non-disclosure agreements

7. Robust Engagement Model:

If you are outsourcing for the first time, you should outsource smaller modules to analyze the quality of the vendor based on delivery, delivery timelines, quality of the bugs, etc. If all things are fine then you can move further with larger deliveries.

What process do top software testing services companies follow?

A top software testing company follows an effective QA process simultaneous with the software development process. It is generally 2-6 weeks, depending upon the project size. This process has four major steps, which many independent software testing services companies bifurcate into more steps.

1. Analysis of Software Requirements and Existing QA Process (if any):

In the first step, a QA consultant will understand your requirements (both functional & non-functional) to define the project’s scope and outline a path for establishing the QA process. If there is an existing QA process, the consultant will analyze it, evaluate its maturity level, point out flaws, and outline a new QA process.

2. QA process (re)design:

  • Check software requirements (functional & non-functional) to improve the development process consistency and completeness and future testing.
  • Analyze potential risks like timelines or any change in requirements, and define a risk mitigation plan.
  • Create a test plan and plan regular checks of design reviews to spot logical errors
  • Take a shift-left approach to testing and move testing activities closer to the beginning of the software development process.

3. Software testing:

This is the most important stage of testing. It includes:

  • Creating design scenarios and cases
  • Setting up a test environment and preparing test data
  • For automated testing, test scripts are written.
  • Execution of manual and/or automated tests
  • Adding automated tests into the CI/CD pipeline to speed up the testing process
  • The identified issues should be reported in a defect tracking system on a proper schedule.

4. QA process monitoring and improvement:

  • The flow of quality assurance process activities is monitored at all SDLC levels.
  • Gathering and evaluating key performance indicators (KPIs) (test coverage, requirements coverage, etc.).
  • Continuously improve the QA process (for example, modifying the test automation share, performing root cause analysis, and so on). 

How much does it cost to hire the best QA testing companies?

There are a lot of factors that decide the cost of hiring the best QA testing companies. Here we are considering the cost of only outsourcing companies, as the in-house cost of QA services is many times higher.

1. Level of Experience:

It is obvious that a beginner-level QA expert will have a low cost compared to a mid-level or senior QA expert team. Hiring a junior or senior QA team is not always necessary; it depends on the requirements. A basic web app will require the expertise of a junior QA, while if the project is quite complex, then only a Senior QA will be fruitful.

2. Location:

The geographical location plays a predominant role in deciding the cost. The salary of a QA living in Western countries, Europe, would be significantly higher than an equivalent skilled QA living in the Middle East or Southeast Asian countries. Here is a table of the average salary of QA experts in different locations:

CountryAnnual QA Expert Salary (in USD)

In comparison to in-house, outsourcing is always at a lower cost. Here is an estimated difference:

Type of ExpenseIn-houseOutsourcing
Hourly rate$55$18
Yearly Rate$114,500$37,340
Cost of hiring$3,600$0
Benefits & Insurance$6,000/year$0
Taxes & overhead costs$9,000/year$0

Thus, from a financial point of view, QA outsourcing companies are much better than an in-house testing team. These independent software testing services companies are affordable and can provide better services, trustable quality, and complete assurance.

How Octal IT Solution can help you with QA and software testing solutions?

Octal IT solution has a huge team comprising developers, testers, QA experts, and other entities. It has worked on more than 1,500 mobile & web apps for more than 700 clients across the globe. It understands the criticality and niche technology of QA & testing from every aspect and delivers the best QA & testing services. Whether it is testing technique, QA quality, communication, reputation, or any other parameter, Octal stands on it better than anyone else. The company prioritizes the client experience, service quality, and trust over other considerations. Octal philosophy starts and ends with a Client-first approach.

Whether you outsource the testing tasks or implement an in-house team, software testing companies will always be there for you, just a step away. It is just a matter of choosing the right company as per your requirements. We hope this list will help you take the first step toward finding the right software testing company.

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