Snapchat Spectacles – All You Need to Know About

The Spectacles represent the transition of Snapchat from an intriguing mobile app to the manufacturer of wearable tech under the name of Snap Inc. These video-recording glasses will catapult the position of Snapchat in this burgeoning market.

Being its first hardware product, it is a giant leap made towards the future. It will be available for sale quite sooner. Meanwhile, the company is busy promoting Spectacles as an extension of its core philosophy from software development to hardware manufacturing.

What’s in the Package?

The Spectacles are the augmented reality lenses that are future-ready. It will capture a scene and record videos snippets. These connected glasses will save the recorded videos to the Snapchat to be shared as the users do already. The videos can be transferred via wi-fi on the Android devices and the Bluetooth connection of glasses will automatically transfer them to the iOS devices. If you have no device in range, your videos will be stored in the glasses until the time you get online.

Talking about its looks, the Spectacles are chic and colorful. They will become your latest style statement. They aren’t dorky like the Google Glasses. The Specs will be available in three colors, viz. Red, Black, and Cyan.

You can view the videos either in a landscape or a vertical format on your mobile devices. The augmentation is experienced in the image capturing and their projection onto its physical lenses. The camera is integrated with the 115-degree lens. The lens is wider to impersonate the views of human eyes as closely as possible. It is simple to operate as well. The tap button is placed near the left-hand corner of the hinge of glasses and it will record the 10-seconds increments using its object-recognition technology. The inward-facing lights will be turned on at the time of snapping and outward-facing lights are visible to anyone coming within your scope of vision. It can record videos spanning up to 30 seconds at one go. It allows the detection of things viewed by the user.

The Spectacles records the videos in a circular motion, unlike the boxed version. This transition is indeed a promising one! The list of its features, seemingly, doesn’t end here. Living up to the expectations of its smart users, Snap Inc has enhanced its augmented reality glasses with a philosophy of capturing raw reality. The recordings will be saved on Snapchat where users can review not just what they recorded but also what happened right after that. They can accentuate the videos by adding illustrations and filters before posting and sharing them.

Finally, a word about the changeability of the Spectacle- it has the battery life running for one full day. Its outward-facing light is the battery indicator. Double-tap it and you’ll know how much more you can get from your device. When drained, they can be charged in their dedicated charging case. After being charged fully, the case will recharge them up to 4 times of their capacity.

Is the Future Calling For Snapchat Spectacles?

If the past performance of Google Glasses is a parameter to adjudge the success of Spectacles, it isn’t easy to predict anything. But, feature-wise and future-wise, the latter seems far more promising than Google’s brainchild. The Snapchat experience will be carried forward in this gadget with a complete throttle. They are designed to capture the raw reality with the closest mimicry of human eyes. It is more of a GoPro and lesser of a computer. The pricing advantage gives a clear edge to Specs because at $130, they are considerably affordable than Google Glasses priced at $1500. Moreover, the company is not in a mood to aggressively launch this product.

The CEO Evan Spiegel is promoting Specs as a toy that will be rolled out slowly. The company plans a limited distribution strategy to ascertain if the product truly fits into the lives of its users. In a scenario where Snapchat is losing a major chunk of its international app market to Facebook, it evidently relies on this hardware to keep its boats sailing in the deep waters. However, what future beholds for Snap’s Spectacles is yet to be seen. Unless we know about its image quality and availability, it’s somewhat hard to say!

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