In its recent hardware launch event, Google surprised the internet users by announcing a new Wi-Fi system offering a strengthened and faster signal in every corner of your home. This system named Google Wifi is a new and improved version of the wireless router.

However, it is de facto debatable whether this system is intended to replace OnHub router launched by the company just one year back or will it cater to a different niche of users. As of now, the company is promoting it as an updated version of OnHub. Amidst all these apprehensions, it is equally important to gauge how this system will redefine your internet usage experience. With its in-house designing sand the edge of technology that Google adds to its products, this Wi-Fi is also featuring a sleek design and flawless companion software.

Google Wifi-What’s Behind It?

This latest Wi-Fi device from Google is designed to create a mesh network around your home. You can place these small routers around your home. They will interact with each other and broadcast a strong wireless network blanketing every part of your home maximizing the speed and expanding the coverage of the Wi-Fi network. To support this device, the company has also built a companion app and Network Assist feature.

How Will It Simplify Your Internet Connection?

To date, the internet users were relying on a single router for their home where walls and distances of rooms created coverage problems. Slow Wi-Fi and dead spots are still the way of life for most of the users accessing the internet from remote corners of their homes. Google Wifi is designed to mitigate these issues and simplify your home networking systems.

Expandable Coverage

The endless buffering will become a pass for users preferring high-bandwidth internet usage. This system is expandable and you simply need to add Google Wi-Fi points at regular distances in your home. This technique is based on the concept of Mesh Wi-Fi. Using this technology, Google’s Wifi points can build power-driven connections that collectively choose the best path for your internet data. As a result, you can enjoy flawless live streaming of games and movies like never before.

Faster Internet Access with Network Assist

You needn’t worry about the speed of the internet and its management because Network Assist will do it for you. This technology allows the Google Wifi system to channelize your data on the clearest path and optimal bandwidth. Even if you are roaming around the house, it will switch your device from one Wi-Fi point to another instantaneously.

Better Controls with Companion App

This app available on Android and iOS will simplify the management of your network. Well, it allows the features like switching off Wi-Fi on other devices for parental controls, wireless encryption for security, auto-updates for network safety, as well as data monitoring on your device. It will be available for pre-orders from November 2016 in the USA with the pricing of $129 for a single unit and $299 for the larger combo of three units. Perhaps, it’s a small waiting time before you get one for your home!  


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