Health Monitoring technology proves to be crucial in health & wellness. By involving in self-management technology such as a medication tracker mobile app can save a huge sum of money on medical costs. At the same time, health monitoring technology solutions can enhance the productivity of healthcare organizations. Research came out recently that 60 percent of adults were able to track at least one health metric, and 21 percent of all adults are using some sort of technology to assist them. With the help of pill reminder and medication tracker app development, one can bring to the market a product that helps people track sleep, physical activity, stress, diet, body weight, mood & vital signs allow abstract concepts to turn more concrete.

They help in enhancing health status and decrease overall healthcare costs as well as increase the quality & accessibility of healthcare. It is estimated that 50% of the 2 billion prescriptions filled each year are not taken correctly. Forgetting is the most frequently reported reason among patients for nonadherence. It is definitely not the wisest thing to forget taking medicines as missing even a single dosage can worsen the health and often time, in case of chronic health diseases, may even lead to the death of patients. Thus, these people who tend to forget to take their pills can immensely benefit from these apps that remind users to take their medications.

The concept of Pill Tracker and Medication Tracker Apps is pretty much in rage nowadays, owing to their efficiency to help patients stay adherent to their medication, and this is just the best way medical providers and pharmacists can enhance health outcomes, quality measures, and decrease overall healthcare costs.

Let’s have a look at some of the records & researches:

Well, did you know that the highest recorded total of pills swallowed by is 565,939? In fact, one among many worlds records Guinness is no longer tracking is of most pills swallowed.?
In fact, as per statistical data from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, more than 64,000 Americans died from drug overdoses in 2016. After all, any medication can be having an adverse effect, be it a prescription, drug, therapy, herbal medicine, vitamin supplement, or over-the-counter (OTC) drug.

Now the side effects of the medication may vary from minor to severe to life-threatening. However, now the prevention is possible with these Pill Reminder & Medication Tracker Apps, which are designed to easily help users in tracking their medications. Recently a study recently published in the journal of Medical Internet Research stated that the medication tracker app helps in enhancing medication adherence, even among older adults lacking experience with smartphones, tablets, computers, or the internet.

What are the benefits of Pill Reminder And Medication Tracker Apps?

These apps, designed both for iOS and Android, are able to track all your medications and send reminders whenever it is time to take a pill. This is what most users were looking for, and the first obvious step to using these apps is to input your medication into the apps. A list of medications can be created on the app, with doses and schedules.

pill reminder and medication tracker app

Here let’s explore the number of benefits offered by pill reminder app development:

  • It offers a lot of flexibility to customize the schedule as per your need for each medication.
  • Its ability to create a schedule pretty accurately is again useful and it can then also be edited easily.
  • It reminds me to take medication through simple alerts on the phone. Often it happens that people get distracted by the hustle & bustle of daily life, and may forget taking their medicines. Hence, these apps come useful. So, you won’t be forgetting important dosages anymore.
  • It prevents errors by ensuring people don’t end up taking the wrong medicines or skip dosages. Pill Reminder & Medication Tracker apps prevent such a scenario. Users do not have to read or figure out anything, they just need to take their pills after the reminder beeps.
  • These apps can be used pretty easily as they are designed with ease of use in mind. The functionality is always kept very simple so users don’t come across any difficulty in using them.
  • These apps can be customized to alert you in a way that suits you best. Like most of them can be set up to send a text, ring, vibrate, or pop up a visual notification as it’s time to take medicine. Users can even indicate that they took their pill already, or that they want to be reminded again later or to dismiss. The app is able to track it all so it gets easier to monitor your progress and show your doctor how well you are doing.

The medication tracking software development teams make sure that each time you are given a solution to work on, you get the most interesting results with rich features and user-engaging navigation that would help them gain profits.

In any mobile application, it is the feature set that defines how much the user would interact with the app and what would be the future of the application.

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What are the features of Pill Reminder & Medication Tracking Software?

Myriad of people all across the globe are using this software to stay safe with their medicines and keep track of their glucose, weight, blood pressure, sugar, and heart rate. It allows sharing results easily with doctors to track results faster and more efficiently. With the app, it is easy to ensure that next time you never miss out on your medicines, vitamins, and supplements again. It reminds us of when it is time to take pills and manage pill usage. A few of the features include:

medication reminder app
  • Intuitive visual interface with easy-to-function medication reminder
  • Sync reminders with smartwatches
  • Medication progress reports can be sent to physician or nurse
  • List PRN medication
  • Rx refill reminders in order to restock your medicines
  • View the medication reminder list to see what-is-due-today
  • Choose medication reminder sound
  • Track other measurements, like weight, blood pressure
  • Registration includes automatic backup and restores on the HIPAA-compliant servers

These are some really prominent and common features that our pill reminder app development team takes care of. If you are looking forward to entering the market with such an application we are just a click away. We can help you build an engaging and feature-rich application that would help you earn the best results in no time.

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Our experts ensure to read the market and find innovative features to integrate with your application. Not just this, they make sure the loopholes in your competition are covered in your product making it a one-stop solution for all the troubles.

Which are the Most Prominent Pill Reminder And Medication Tracker Apps in this Arena?

As you peep into the arena, you will be surprised to find that a huge number of people are already using Pill Reminder & Medication Tracker Apps. As per research, most people in the United States are using a smartphone with 66% of them are keen to use them to help their health. The research carried out by theUniversity of Arkansas for Medical Sciences stated that there are 461 medication adherence apps on iTunes, Google Play, and Blackberry marketplaces. So, the American Pharmacists Association recently came up with its list of top apps for medication adherence.

These Pill Reminder & Medication Tracker apps are available on both Android and iOS devices, too for free. Here, find the list:


This app can be integrated with Healthkit (iPhone) and Android-wear to keep track of blood pressure, blood glucose, and weight, and it can also save reports as PDFs. It enables the users to discover more about food & drug interactions and then it also has a fun side to it as well. Like, it alerts the users about setting alert tones so as to have Austin Powers or Death Vader to remind them about their meds and dosage.


This app is able to send reminders by text or email, as well as push notifications, in case the users desire to receive information in their inbox. There is also this feature that allows you to become more informed about why you are on certain treatments. The most amazing feature is where it enables users to invite friends, family, and their healthcare team to view & help with their progress.

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Mango Health

This app has a schedule to create drug interaction warnings, reminders, refill alerts & a diary. It also presents a gamified points system, where the users can take their medication and earn points, and once they earn enough points they can even win prizes.


It offers a variety of sounds and options to users for their notifications: like it repeats signals after a certain time, continuous signal lasts as long as you do not hear and do not come running to turn it off and there is even one postpone option. The app allows scheduling your medication daily, weekly, monthly as well as set the maximum number of allowed dosages thus avoiding dangerous overdoses. The app can also track the remaining quantities of your medicines, send refill reminders, and logs medication adherence.

App Permissions Information Read Contacts: It is used in case you choose to add a doctor. The software will never store address book content and won’t access it without the user’s permission.

pill reminder app development

Find Accounts on Device: Push Notification feature is used in the software to let those with permission know in case the main user has forgotten to take medicine.

With such applications in competition sometimes it becomes difficult for the experts to deliver solutions that can help you win. Our medication tracking software development team makes it a point that the solutions that are delivered to you are better than what you had a vision for.

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Why Is It Important to Choose the Right Development Partner for Pill Reminder & Medication Tracker Software?

As you start with your search for the right Pill Reminder & Medication Tracker Software, you need to ensure the mobile app development firm is offering a list of crucial features, such as Easy-to-use, User-friendly, Smooth Functionality, High-quality UX/UI, Works efficiently on all devices (desktops, mobile & tablets), mobile-ready strategy (suits both Android & iOS apps), Integrated with an EHR system, HIPAA, HL7 compliant, and Certified with EPCS (Electronic Prescription for Controlled Substance).

With the right medication reminder solution, it becomes important that you enter the market with an interesting solution that would help you earn the best results. If your application does not meet the industry standards, then it would become quite difficult for you to earn results that can make it easier for you to grow in the market.

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What is the cost to develop a Pill Reminder & Medication Tracker Software?

Numerous factors need to be considered to determine the cost of developing a Pill Reminder & Medication Tracker app. After all, it’s a huge system that is integrated with various sections of the healthcare group, thus it requires a great level of integration and support. However, the factors that mainly affect the development costs are:

  • Basic Features & Functionalities
  • Additional & Advance Features
  • Third-Party API Integrations
  • Certifications & Compliances
  • Development Partner Location
  • Size of the development team

These are the factors that need to be considered while calculating the medication tracker app development cost. Once you come across a medical mobile app development agency ensuring the best results and great features for the system, you can go ahead with the development process.

The pill reminder app development cost can range from $25k to $30k considering an application with basic functionalities for a single platform. If you want an application that is integrated with advanced features and has some interesting advanced features, then the medication tracker app development cost is around $50k to $60k.


When it comes to talking about the pill reminder app development, we have nailed the industry. With our innovative and unique solutions, we have helped our clients earn great profits. Cutting-edge technology and ground breaking solutions have become our identity and we would help you earn great profits if you decide to hire us.

medication tracking software development

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to develop a medication-tracking mobile app?

The cost to develop a medication-tracking mobile app depends upon the features, app complexity, the platforms it serves, and the origin of the development company. A basic app for one platform costs around $25,000 to $35,000 while a cross-platform app with advanced features costs around $50,000 to $70,000.

How long does it take to make an on-demand Medicine Reminder Application?

Again, the time taken to develop a medicine reminder application depends upon the features, platforms, and app complexity. A simple app takes around 3 to 6 months while a more complex app takes as much as 12 months to fully develop.

What tech stack is necessary for a meditation tracker mobile app?

Apart from the basic technology stack like the programming languages, back-end language, and databases, some high-end technologies are Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT, Big Data, and Blockchain.

How to develop a pill reminder & medication tracker app like Medisafe?

To develop a pill reminder app like Medisafe, you need to follow several steps:
1. Requirement and features gathering
2. Competition and customer analysis
3. Finding a trusted app development firm
4. Wireframing and designs
5. App development and programming
6. Quality analysis and bug fixing
7. Launch and maintenance

What are the benefits of medication tracker app development?

Since more and more people are getting conscious about their health, developing a medicine tracker app is highly beneficial for users as well as business owners. While users get a great partner to look after their health, business owners can make a million-dollar business around it.

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