Tired of the daily chores??? Not able to spare time for other productive activities? In case, yes then finally the technology had produced an option for meeting the requirements for home maintenance too. Mobile apps are just making everything possible as they are now developed in such a way that they deliver us the services in the way we require. Maid finder software is such kind of software that provides you with demand maid online. So the question arises how mobile apps are going to help in maintaining household activities? In this blog, we are going to discuss the Maid Finder App development process.

Well, in the form of on-demand maid mobile app development such mobile solutions are highly embraced by today’s generation. These mobile apps set the user free from searching the housemaids and deliver them an optimized solution for finding the maids with just a few clicks. It had just swiped the traditional way of finding the maid, finalizing the charges, noting down the holidays, and a lot more.

Not only has this, but House Maid’s On-demand mobile app also befitted the maid community as well. They can register with the app explore more opportunities and serve the areas that are away from their physical locations. Therefore, if you are on the verge of entering into the delivering the maid solutions or searching for more opportunities, then definitely this post will greatly help you in outlining the basic ideation of a House Maids On-demand app.

Maid Finder App Stats:

Maid Finder App : 3 Major Business Models [Complete Details]

Maid Finder app development

When entering the business with a new application, the reflections would be surely slow. It is important to affirm that the solutions that you take to the market have a strong business model that would start reflecting really quickly.

Our experts discuss here some of the most common business models that would make you the star of the work. Let’s discuss some important business models for maid finder software.

App for Agencies:

This is best suited for those who have already an established maid business with a team of professional cleaners. With the help of an On-demand solution, they can take the user experience to a whole new level by providing them personalized services thus, meeting all their instant requirements in a really effective way.

Aggregator Model ( important model for Maid Finder App):

This is the popular business model for maid finder software. This type of service is usually for experienced and professional cleaners who are keen to serve a large user base. These people can link with the advanced maid solutions available and can witness a sea of opportunities. They can serve users who are away from their physical locations and can work with multiple consumers within a single day.

Directory-Based Development:

Directory-based development is great, in case you want to make the user aware of the maid services that exist nearby to the user’s location. These types of apps allow the maids to showcase themselves along with the category of services they are experts in and their relevant experience. Directory-based mobile apps provide information about professionals in a very precise way and make the search of users very convenient for exploring the best professional cleaners.

Benefits of Maid Finder Apps

There are a lot of advantages of the maid finder mobile app for your online business. It exposes your business to a wide number of clients by expanding your online presence and increasing your services in your local area or city. It can happen by setting up a profile where you can offer your services along with the rates. As you do that your app will connect with customers and professionals. After taking services customers review them and give feedback that will help you to improve your services. The app also allows you to post reviews that can build your trust with another customer.

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Maid Finder App: Details of Basic Architecture

Maid Finder Mobile App Development

Let’s explore the complete details of the basic architecture of the on-demand maid finder app.

Customer Panel:

Easy Registration:

This is the first section of the app where the user will land. They can register with their social network or email account credentials.

Select and view the cleaner’s information:

Users can view the cleaner’s information such as years of experience, areas of expertisation, preferred location, and much more, and can accordingly select them for managing the daily chores.

Book multiple cleaners:

According to user requirements, they can book multiple cleaners for accomplishing different activities.

Cancel/re-schedule booking:

As per their presence or in case of urgencies, users can cancel or re-schedule the bookings according to their convenience.

Push notifications:

The users are informed on the completion of booking, payment status, or when the maid is out so as to keep them aware and informed.

Make payments:

Users can make payments with online payment options such as PayPal, and Braintree or can select the COD option as well according to their convenience.

GPS Tracking:

This section helps the user to identify the nearby maids available along with their status. They can also check the routes, followed by the maid for tracking the time limits.

View cleaning history:

While selecting the maid, users can check their cleaning history and verify their previous job assignments.

Rating and reviews:

All the ratings and reviews narrated by the other users can be viewed, so as to book a maid according to their convenience.

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House Maid Panel:

Maid Finder App

Accept/Reject booking:

Owing to the pending orders and time frames, accordingly, maids can accept or reject the request made by the users.

Choose from the job lists:

Maids can select the respective job categories pertaining to the user request so as to keep them aware of the service expectation.

Notifications and alerts:

Alert messages are sent to the maids in case the user’s requests have been confirmed or minor timing changes are made from the user’s end.

Update the end time:

Upon the completion of any particular cleaning activity, maids can update the end time so as to keep track of the number of hours consumed.

View invoices:

According to the cost structure, the number of hours consumed, and extra working days maids can check their invoice generated.

View orders:

Maids can track their orders and can determine the order status as well. They can visualize the number of orders pending and competing.

Admin Panel:

Manage customers:

All the consumers that are associated with the app and their corresponding orders are tracked and managed by the admin.

Add/delete details:

Under this panel, the admin can edit the maid details, update their work status, and assign them orders in order to combat pending user requests.

Track active/inactive customers:

Admin can track all the active and inactive consumers. It can keep track of the consumers availing the maximum orders and the ones that are registered but are not using the services. This way it gets easy to determine the strategies for user acquisition and retention.

Manage maids:

All the maids that are attuned to the app are managed by the admin. The orders associated with them and the number of hours consumed per day are also tracked by the admin.

Approve/reject maid request:

According to the number of maids registered with the app and requests aligned with each of them, the admin can reject or approve the request for the new maids. recruitment.

Manage instant bookings:

Admin can assign a particular maid as per the instant requests made by the user in order to meet their ever-evolving urgencies.

Manage start and end time:

As per the time allocated to the maid for accomplishing the tasks, the admin can manage their start and end time so as to keep track of the number of hours consumed.

Manage payments:

Costs structure assigned to each of the maids can be managed by the admin. Under this section, the payments made by the users and the ones that are running due are analyzed.

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Common Catagories For On Demand Maid Finder App

Child Care:

On-demand babysitter solutions and childcare nannies are in very much demand these days. Therefore, offering such services can conserve a large user base for your maid business or start-up.


Due to the busy schedules of the people, they just love the concept of hiring cooks so as to enjoy ready-made cooked food. Thus, providing them with experienced and well-qualified cooks can add to your business growth remarkably.

Elderly care:

Similarly to childcare, the elders are also required to be taken care of with delicacy. Thus, delivering the users with the right and highly qualified caretakers is a good opportunity for the stack of maid services.

House cleaning:

House cleaning chores are just not embraced by today’s society. Users just love to hire maids to take care of household-related activities and assigning them with the correct maid solution is the only way to meet their requirements.


Definitely, you can hit upon the On-demand laundry solutions, but in the case of in-house laundry services, maid On-demand is the best solution to go with. Thus, deliver your users with all the laundry solutions so as to deliver them more personalized services, in the way they require.

List of Top Maid Finder Apps 2024

Some More Advanced Features of Maid Finder App:




Extra Cleaning App

Housecall Pro


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Some More Advanced Features of the Maid Finder App:


Integrating GPS (Geo Positioning System) will indeed raise the cost of a maid on-demand mobile app, however adding it is extremely important. With the aid of GPS, users will be able to discover the nearby maid options thus, providing them with a more convenient option for booking the maid. Moreover, users can track the routes followed by the maid and can suggest the more optimized routes to be taken, so as to meet the time standards.


According to the location from where the request is assigned for the maid and based on their availability and expertise, the admin can allocate the maid as required by the user. This way it gets very easier for the users to avail of the services in a very effective manner.


This is one of the most important features of a housemaid booking mobile app. Nowadays, users just like the concept of making payments online as it sets them free from remembering all the payment-related terms. Thus, embedding payment options such as PayPal, Braintree, etc can contribute to your app on a good note.

Push Notification:

This is used to engage the users and keep them attuned to the app. All the new offers, discounts, services, order confirmations, maid allocated and other messages can be delivered to the users. Push technology adds to the business visibility and captures the user’s attention plus helps in building a loyal user relationship.

Individual or team:

Now this one is really important. There are loads of events when the users require a team of maids to accomplish the purposes. Hence, allow them to book the maids as required by them. Adding these features assures that your users will not be going anywhere to find the maids with different services as they will be getting all of them with your one-stop mobile app solution.

Schedule the request:

Pre-booking feature is yet another one that captures the user’s attention on a big note.? Instant cancellations are very much disliked by the users, thus they tend to pre-book the maids to meet their requirements.

Trust and safety:

In case the maid delivered by you does not match their expectation, for sure it will reap harmful results for your business. Thus, provide the maids with all the documentation and the ones that are completely verified on the basis of their experience and expertise. Trained maids must be assigned to the users so that they can interview them as per their requirements. This works great in ensuring the user ensures all the safety and trust issues.

These are some of the additional features that would make sure that the maid’s on-demand solutions that are dropped to you can hold your audience together. We have been delivering feature-packed solutions that make it easier to connect with the audience and drive more customers.

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mobile app development

Required TechStack for Maid Finder App Development

Required TechStack for Maid Finder App Development

Obviously for engineering an extraordinary On-Demand housemaid booking Software, you must adhere to the perfect technological stack so as to make it sound on the basis of quality and performance. Therefore, it is a must that you implement the right technology in order to conserve a seat for your app ahead of the competitors in this hyper-competitive marketplace.

  • Push Notifications – Twilio, Push.io
  • SMS, Voice, and Phone Verification -Nexmo, Twilio
  • Payments – Braintree & PayPal, Stripe, EWallets
  • Database – MongoDB, HBase, Cassandra, Postgress, Mail Chimp Integration
  • Cloud Environment – AWS, Google, Azure
  • Real-time Analytics – Hadoop, Spark, BigData, Apache Flink, Cisco, IBM

The technology stack that we have been working with is defined by the experts. If you want any changes or want to include a technology that can help you earn better, we are just a click away. We have been working in the direction of great responses that make it more than obvious.

How to Proceed with Maid Finder App Development?

The app development process needs to be defined in a way that is engaging and interesting. We make sure that the solutions that are dropped to you are well structured and can help the clients be a part of the engaging atmosphere. We have been working with the best software development teams that can help you earn the most profits. Let’s discuss How to Proceed with Maid Finder Software Development.

  • It is extremely important to chart out the correct process flow before embarking on the development procedures. Formulate the stringent approaches and all the related strategies from the very beginning so as to make your app succeed in the prevailing tough competition existing out there.
  • Verify the user requirements, and competitor strategies properly before landing on the surface of mobile app development. It is very imperative to identify all the core attributes and features that must be added to the app, so as to initiate its development in just the right way and approach.
  • Upon the development of the project scope, identify the platform that will best suit your business requirements. Out of the iOS and Android, you can select anyone, but remember do not load your app with plentiful attributes.
  • Now is the time to weigh all the associated costs and attributes. According to the features to be added to the app, the cost for its development is decided. Certainly for developing a superior quality maid on-demand mobile app, you need to explore the best team of project managers?, skilled iOS developers, Android app developers, UI/UX developers, and QA testers.

Once all the features and the platform have been decided, it’s time to start with the real development.? Certainly, Mobile App Development is not an easy task therefore in order to combat the development challenges; it is always suggested to roll your app over the different phases of the app development lifecycle.

Here find the six phases (Planning, Analysis, Development, Design,? Testing, and Launch) so as to craft the best mobile app. The aforementioned guideline for sure will take you towards the successful development of House Maids on-demand Mobile App Development. Therefore, in order to stay abreast and in case you are looking for conserving a sound-performing mobile app; it’s time to find the right Mobile App Development Company.

Thus, discuss your ideation with the expert candidates involved in the app development and garner an impressive reputation for your business with the fully-featured maid on-demand mobile app.

More than features it is important to define the platform that you would want your application to run on. Based on the choices here you can either get a hybrid app development solution or native applications.

Hybrid App Development

If you are looking forward to reaching a greater audience we make sure that the solutions that are to be dropped are available for both iOS and Android platforms. This makes it easier for you to earn results that are engaging and highly rewarding.

Native App Development

If you want a maids managing software that is compatible with a limited platform, our native app development team can do that too. We have been in the business for over a decade now and you can always reach us for reliable Android app development or iphone app development.

Choosing the right platform would determine the audience group you would be able to connect with, along with it, it also determines the cost of development of such applications.

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Estimated Cost of Maid Finder App Development

Maid Finder App Development Process

Now how to determine the cost of developing an On-demand Maids Finding Mobile App? Clearly, it can be estimated by calculating the size and complexity of an app. Furthermore, it also depends on the physical location of the developers and a lot more on the number of hours consumed. Based on the different zones we have outlined the cost of developing a maid managing software solution.

  • US. based developers: $100to $250 per hour
  • Eastern Europe-based developers: $80 to $180 per hour
  • India based developers: $70to $180 per hour

Now according to the segments to be developed, the actual cost of developing a Maid On-demand Mobile App is graphed. These segments of a house cleaning app development are a clear reflection of what elements contribute to the complete product and it is much beyond simply the development process.

  • Technical documentation (40 hours – $1000 to $2000)
  • UI/UX design (60 Hours – $1500 to $3000)
  • Front-end and Back-end development (400 Hours – $10,000 to $ 20,000)
  • Testing (80 Hours – $2000 to $4000)

Calculating the above overhead charges can outline the average cost of a Maids On-demand mobile app. A reasonable app with limited features can cost up to $8,000 to $25,000. for a single platform and the charges can extend up to $35,000 in case, the app developed is feature-rich and is driven by high-quality standards.

We have been working in the direction of building budget-friendly feature-laden solutions that would make things easier for you and help you stand the test of time. We use technology that is futuristic and affirm the products dropped are scalable and flexible.


Daily chores seem quite a hectic task and having some house help to assist you in accomplishing them is a big relief. As with time, the culture for the house helps has seen exponential growth, we make sure that the solutions that are dropped to you are engaging and help you build a strong presence in the market. Our on-demand housemaid app development team works hard to add features and functionalities that would help you be the best in the market and earn you some great profits.

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FAQs About Maid Finder App:


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