On-Demand Beauty Services App Development – Cost & Features

We live in a time where a book is always judged by its cover. Social media has made it so significant for everyone to look good, that people can invest a good amount of their earnings in their looks. Be it dressing in a particular manner or putting up makeup or trying various accessories, it is all for some good pictures that go to the internet.

A lot of business owners have monetized the trend with on demand beauty service app development where the end-user can select any particular type of beauty service and the beautician goes home to offer these services.

Sounds like an ideal plan!

In case you are heading towards the On demand beauty service app development for your new startup and are afraid of missing the crucial points, then this post will guide you through the whole process. In this scenario, the businesses can either link to the professional stylist or with the salon owners, or they can tie up with both and can serve users with the beauty services offered at the users’ location or at the salon itself, the choice depends on the users. Now, when you are developing the best On-demand beauty service mobile app, you will have all the reliable beauty solutions accumulated under a single roof with the best price and variety of features.

The On-demand beauty service mobile apps just allow the business to meet the beautifying and the most appropriate salon options for the users that are nearby and easily accessible. So, in this post, you will find out all the features of the On-demand beauty service mobile app associated with any of the business models to cater an amusing styling approach to your users.

Feature of On-Demand Beauty Service App

The beauty services app development team finishes the complete beauty on demand application in four different phases. The on-demand beautician software would be used by end-users, salon owners, beauticians, and the admin, so the beauty app development company has integrated customized features for them that makes it easier for all of them to interact with the app to find beauty services.

Let’s talk about each of the aspects one at a time.

User Panel

In the beauty service app development process, it is the user panel that gets the most attention. It would be the end-users only who would define the success or failure of an application and what it would bring to the market.

  • Register: This is the basic section of the app where the user will land on. They can sign in with the help of social networking or email account credentials.
  • Select the stylist or the salon: Under this section, the user can select from any of the options:

1.) The users can select a professional beautician and can send the request

2.) In this case, users can select a particular salon. According, to their request, a stylist is assigned to the users.

  • View the Services: The users can view the services delivered by the beautician and can send them the request as required.
  • Schedule the services: Once done, the users can then send the request to the considered beautician or the salon owners.
  • Book the Appointments: The users then can assign them the date on which they want to avail of the beauty on demand services. They can set the time as well and the hours for the make-up and styling activities.
  • Integrated Payment: Users can make the payments to the concerned beautician or the salon owner via integrated payment models such as Credit/Debit card, Netbanking, etc.
  • Rate and Review: The users can check the ratings and reviews for each of the salons and beauticians. This helps users to book the stylist in a convenient way.
  • View booked past and future schedules: Under this section, the users can check their past bookings and can schedule the future dates, so as to book beauty services with just a single tap.
  • View subscription packages: Under this section, the users can check the beauty packages related to different services such as facial and cleaning, manicure and pedicures, hair styling, etc along with the price charts.
  • Chat with the stylist: The users can communicate with their respective beautician or the salon owner for discussing the various services.

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Since we are talking about both salon owners and professional beauticians, the on demand beauty service app will contain a separate panel for both modules. However, the app owner can select any of the business models as required, prior to processing for On-demand beauty service app development.

Salon owner panel

The next panel in beauty salon app design that we are talking about is service providers, the salon owners. It is important that on-demand beauty services app development experts include features in the application that would make it easier for the app users to confirm and decline the orders as per the availability of the beauticians.

  • Register: This will remain similar to the user panel. The salon owner can register with the help of a social network or email account credentials.
  • View user request: The salon owner can view the user’s request. Depending on the type of services users seek to avail of, the owner can assign the stylist to a particular user.
  • Manage their own catalog: Under this section, the salon owner can manage their own catalog and can showcase different hairstyles, facials, etc.
  • Manage the services: The owner can manage their services as well. They can add or delete the services as per the user’s requirements and stylist expertise.
  • Schedule the stylist for the users: Under this section, the salon owner can check the booking appointments for every stylist, and as per their expertise; the owner can assign them the user request.
  • Accept/decline user’s request: Depending on the users’ request and the stylist’s availability the owner can accept or decline the user’s request.
  • Add the cost of services and sub-services: Under this section, the salon owner can modify the price of different services as per the market trends.

Individual Beauty Expert Panel

Once the beautician app development company gets to work they make it a point that the application is ladened with the service providers who would make it easier for them to enter the market with a beautician who can earn great results.

  • Register: This is again similar to both the user and the salon panel. The professionals can log in with the help of email or social network account credentials.
  • View bookings: The stylist can check the users’ requests and the type of services they seek to avail themselves.
  • Manage calendar: Under this feature, the stylist can manage their booking calendar. They can schedule the appointments for a particular date and time before confirming the user’s request.
  • Accept/Reject/Reschedule user request: As per the number of bookings aligned, the stylist can accept, reject, or can re-schedule the services so as to meet the user requirements.
  • List services and the prices: Under this module, all the services and the prices that are delivered by the beautician are listed.
  • Payments: The professional stylist can receive payments from their clients within the On-demand beauty mobile app. The information is directed to the admin as well.
  • Manage their own catalog: Under this section, the stylist can manage their own catalog and can showcase different hairstyles, facials, and other beautifying tips so as to attract users.

Admin Panel

on-demand beauty app development experts develop the admin panel with features where the admin can explore the backend of the application and explore all the information stored with the app, but they cannot infringe the privacy of the app users. We offer secure and safe solutions that let you earn a great name in the market with the launch itself.

  • Manage Users, stylists, and beauty salons: All the users, stylists, and beauty salons that are attuned to the app are managed by the admin.
  • Approve or reject stylist registration request: The users reserve all the right to approve or reject the registration request of the stylist or the owner.
  • Reports: The admin can view all the reports related to requests, payments, the area from where maximum requests are generated, types of services availed, etc for governing the business operations
  • Manage Payment: All the payment-related information and transactions are managed and governed by the admin.
  • App monetization and marketing: Under this section, the banners, promotional content, advertisements, etc are managed and monitored by the admin.

Other than the panel features there are a lot more features that are needed to be integrated with your beauty on demand application for better results. These are the real USPs of your application that would make your application stand out from the crowd.

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Advance Features

Our experts study your salon services app in detail to make it a point that you don’t enter the market with the same loopholes that your competition has. We make it a point to study your competition and other top applications of the industry before we lay the road map for the development of your application.

Live styling and the facial videos: With the aid of the stated feature, the users can view the live hairstyling and the facial videos posted by different salons and stylists. This helps a lot in delivering the exact idea about the styling plus also helps in keeping the users attuned to your app for at home beauty services.

Toggle beauticians’ availability: Under this feature, the users can toggle the availability of salons or beauticians within their defined radius. They can track the nearby salons and the professional beautician and can identify the associated beauty services so as to avail themselves in a convenient way.

Blogging and research: All the styling research and blogs can be published by different stylists and professionals. This way users will be able to view all the trending make-ups and the beautifying options and can remain updated with all the beauty and make-up tips.

Subscription packages: Subscription packages allow the users to avail themselves of more than one service at a time. In the On-demand beauty service app development, subscription packages play a major role and a lot of salons prescribe them so as to allow the users to avail of maximum services at a cost-effective price.

Social media integration: Your On-demand beauty service mobile app must allow the users to share their experiences over social media. In today’s scenario, users just love to share the images over social media and in case they are styled by the professionals and reputed salons, posting the images becomes necessary.

E-commerce: The E-commerce option of the beauty salon app design allows the users to buy the beauty products that are used or recommended by their stylist and salon. Moreover, they can verify the product details and thus can order within the On-demand beauty service mobile app. This is an excellent feature for keeping the users glued to the app.

Push notifications: With the help of push notifications, users can be kept updated with different make-up tips, facial options, and much more. All the messages related to the payment; order confirmation, new users’ requests, etc. can be sent to the users, stylists, and salon owners for keeping them attentive.

These features would find extensive application in your product making it one of the most popular applications in the market. The team that works for your project uses cutting-edge technology that affirms that your product is future-ready and highly rewarding. Sounds like a good option? Surely it is!

Technology Stack

For developing the best-in-class On-demand beauty service mobile app, certainly, you need to select the sound technological stack. An app delivering optimized performance and adhering to all the quality standards for sure conserves a seat ahead amongst its competitors. Therefore, carry out extensive technical research so as to craft out the featured rich On-demand beauty service mobile app.

  • APNS (Apple push notifications/FCM (Firebase cloud messaging) For Push Notifications
  • Twilio, Sinch, Nexmo For SMS, Voice and Phone Verification
  • Datastax  for Data Management
  • MailChimp Integration, PayPal For accepting payments
  • GWT For Powerful Programming Mandrill  For everything related to emails
  • Debian, Macintosh, Ubuntu, CentOS The Universal Operating System
  • Database MongoDB, Hbase, Cassandra, Postgres
  • Cloud Environment  AWS and Google
  • Real-time Analytics Hadoop, Spark, BigData, Apache Flink, Cisco, IBM

With such advanced technology put to use we make it a point that the app for at home beauty services delivered to you is unique and interesting. We have been working in the industry for over a decade and have earned industry experience to make sure that your product turns out to be your identity on the internet.

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How to Develop a Quality On-demand beauty service mobile app?

Developing a mobile application is quite a complicated task and the experts need enough time to research the details that are to be worked on. They study the latest technology,  what is trending and what is the reason for your competitions’ failure. Before the salon services app development process starts these things are taken into consideration.

1.) Recognize your user requirement: Needless to say, this is very important. Perform intensive research on the user requirements, their likes, the most frequently used beauty services, beauty products they are looking for, how often they visit the salon or book the services, and everything associated. View their comments and communicate with them so as to garner a brief understanding of their interests and preferences.

2.) Analyze: your competitors always look for the beauty salon app design solution provided by the key players and take into account all the attributes and the benefits that are being delivered by the competitors.

3.) Right Mobile App Development Company: Certainly, finding a beauty app development company is a must, for developing superior quality On-demand beauty service mobile apps. It is extremely important to identify all the skilled project managers, astute iOS App developers, Android App Developers, UI/UX designers, and testers that can engineer the quality mobile app in the industrial niche.

4.) Implement the App development cycle in the right way: While initiating the development of the app to find beauty services, it must hit upon the right development procedure and the stages (Planning, analysis, design, development, quality assurance, and launch) for crafting out the best mobile app.

The development process is quite simple and doesn’t need a lot of energy from an experienced beauty app development company. Many business owners who come to us often question the cost to develop a salon marketplace platform. Well, the cost of developing any mobile application is defined by the features and the details that are used. We share here the most influential factors that define the sum of your investment.

Cost of Developing an On-demand Beauty Service Mobile App

The finalized price of an app entirely depends on the functionalities, size, and rates that are laid by the different salon services app developers coming from different physical locations. So, here find out a quick analysis for determining the exact and reliable cost of developing an On-demand beauty service mobile app.

  • A simple and reasonable On-demand beauty service mobile app (Hybrid) will cost around $15,000 to $18,000.
  • Developing a more advanced and native mobile app with real-time chatting and streaming functionalities can cost around $23,000- $30,000.

So if you have your project documentation ready, developers at Octal IT Solution can convert it into reality with the accurate development and cost headed by the sound technological framework.

Final Words!

It is quite evident now how important it is for the millennials to take care of their looks. If you want to monetize on this need of the generation just reach the experts at Octal IT Solution, and get your app to find beauty services developed for the best results. We make it a point that the results we share are one of a kind and stand out from the rest in the market.


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