As of 2020, valued at ₹85 billion (US$1.1 billion), Nykaa becomes the first unicorn startup headed by a woman in India.

And this is what the power of beauty products is. From being the former managing director to being the first woman in the country to head a unicorn startup, the foundation stone of the success is laid on the simple mobile application that offers beauty products and fashion range.

With Lush Cosmetics, LookFantastic, Kiko Milano, Depop, and Asos, we have reached a point where beauty and cosmetic apps have gained popularity over the years. Applications like Urban Company have made it possible to have the luxury of a salon at home. If you want to make use of the trend, then simply hire mobile app developers that can help you through.

The outbreak of the pandemic made it easier for the brands to reach their loyal customers with the comforts of their homes being uninterrupted.

Before you decide to move forward with beauty products app development and business process have a quick look at various reports that reflect on the popularity of these solutions.

Stats That Reflect the Popularity of Beauty and Cosmetic App

Clear numbers affirm that the solutions that are dropped to you are the need of the hour. More than that, we share here some more facts that reflect why the beauty and cosmetic market is the right place to invest today! You would need to hire a cosmetic store app development company that can help you be a part of the contribution.

The global cosmetic market saw a rise of 8% in 2020, as compared to last year. The dominant products here are hair care, perfumes, toiletries, deodorants, and make-up, and oral cosmetics that would help one stay groomed.

Skincare is the most profitable product here in the market, which is projected to generate almost 177 billion USD in 2025.

If you want to develop beauty and cosmetic app, then this growing trend is the clear reason to reflect this is the right time to move forward.

Business Model

When talking about mobile app monetization, it is important that we take care of the monetization scheme. The main intention behind any app development is to solve customer problems while earning great profits. We share here various monetization strategies that would make an impact on app growth and engagement.

The Free and Paid App Version Models

This is one of the most popular monetization strategies, where your app offers free as well as paid versions of your app. With this monetization technique, the app development team would limit a few features in the free app that would persuade the users using the free app to pay and buy the application to unlock other features.

The advantage of this strategy is in two ways. One it provides a free option for users to experience the basic app functionality and two it lets the beauty app owner with an opportunity to grow stronger and raise the potential monetization via app upgrades.

The Free App with In-app Purchase Model

This is another popular app monetization technique you can consider when you hire a team to build an app for a cosmetic store. In this model, the basic features would be for free and the advanced features and certain premium features would be a kind of pay-to-play mode. In a few cases, the user can get access to most premium features easily, and for other features, an in-app purchase should be made.

The Free App with Subscription Model

In a lot of cases, the developers choose to create interesting free applications that have a subscription model. Thus, with limited access to the services, one can subscribe to the solutions and grow better with full benefits. In most cases, these applications can help you earn the most profits. For your beauty and cosmetic app, you can display a few solutions and for the rest, one must subscribe to the application.

This is easier to expand your business, as when you search the app store, the solutions are available for free but when it comes to using extended features, they need to subscribe to the application.

The Paid App Model

In some cases, developers will make their apps available only in the paid version. Usually, these apps offer unique value that’s hard to find elsewhere. This monetization strategy is most common among productivity apps.

One can record their schedules, save services, or use features only after they buy the application.

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The Partnership Model

Your Cosmetic Store App Development team can choose to build a partnership model. You can partner with the top cosmetic brands and showcase their products on your application. This would make it easier for you to promote your application and reflect your credibility online.

These are a few business models that can be considered when developing an application. When you reach our hybrid app development team, they make sure the solutions that are deployed are interesting and engaging.

The Feature Set of Beauty and Cosmetic Selling Application

When it comes to the development of on-demand mobile applications, it becomes important to consider that the solutions that are dropped are feature ladened. Our experts have built apps like Nykaa and understand how important it is to read your audience before you move forward with a strong application.

Some of the top features that would change the story for you are:

  1. Ease of Registration: The end-user and the admin can easily register with the application with basic details. This would not just help you maintain a database, but increase interaction with the app too. One can register with the application with their contact details or sign up as a guest and place their orders.
  2. Create Your Profile: Add a profile picture, various addresses and preferred payment method. Users can customize the look and feel of the application a little to fit their interest. The better the aesthetics the stronger the engagement and more the purchases and higher the profits.
  3. Include Range of Services: Offer a range of services to the user that would turn your beauty and cosmetic services more popular. Let your users not just buy the products they like, but get recommendations based on their choices. With predictive analytics in picture it becomes quite easier for the businesses to reflect on what they want.
  4. Reflect Products: It is important that your application has a clear reflection of the products that are to be delivered. We make it a point that the solutions that are dropped to you are interesting and help you gain popularity by showcasing what they are offering.
  5. Show Notifications: Let your users be updated with what’s going on in the organization. We make sure that the solutions that are dropped to you reflect on notifications and keep your audience engaged with the brand. Once popped up the message would surely persuade the user to visit the application once and then make a purchase.
  6. Share Reviews: Our beauty and cosmetic app developers understand that the products that are shared need to be reviewed to keep the audience involved. Honest reviews help build the credibility of the app and attract more users. Share a review of products that would make it easier for the buyers to make the right choice.
  7. Give Product Details: Share the product details with the audience. Mention the color set, sizes, and other variations that would make it easier for you to connect with the audience and buy things. Also, specify the return policy and exchange opportunities that would make it easier for you to earn better.
  8. Offer Discounts and Rewards: To make sure that your audience stays with the application you can reflect the discounts and rewards. These are a few things that need to be focused on that can help you earn better results. Let your users track their cash backs and reward points that can be used in the next order easily.
  9. GPS Integration: With GPS integration it becomes easier for the driver to drop the solutions. We affirm that the solutions that you have been integrated with the feature and can help the rider choose the shortest path and the easiest route even in remote locations.
  10. Live Tracking: Tracking the applications is easier. When talking about the solutions that are to be offered, it becomes quite complicated for the users to know where the order is and when it would be delivered.
  11. Real-Time Instructions: We make sure that the solutions that are dropped to you can take and reflect on real-time instructions. These instructions would make it really easy for the rider to get the solutions that make it easier.
  12. Multiple Address Save: Save various addresses so that you do need not to enter them again and again. We affirm that the solutions have at least a few addresses to save time and effort.
  13. Schedule Delivery: If you are busy somewhere, we affirm that the solutions let you deliver the products at your convenience. We let users schedule the product delivery or change the address if required, making it easier for the buyers to receive their orders.

When it comes to working on your beauty and cosmetic app development, our experts affirm that the solutions are well designed and ladened with advanced trends & technology. This technology helps them build a solution that is interesting and engaging. We have been offering solutions that make it easier for the end-users to bring to the picture engaging solutions that are profit-generating.

Cosmetic App Development Cost

When it comes to talking about the cost of development of your beauty and cosmetic application, it becomes important that you consider all the factors that may influence the cost of development.

The cost of development of any application is dependent on various factors like:

Feature Set

If you want a simple eCommerce store with a basic feature set that lets your customers buy interesting products from your website, the cost of development would be around $20k to $45k.

If you want to develop an application that has advanced features and lets your customers enjoy the power of technology then the cost would be a little on the upper hand with $75k.

Over the years we have been delivering solutions that are interesting and engaging and can help you bring to the market the best results.

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Application Platform

When talking about the solutions that are developed for specific platforms, like Android or iOS, the native app developers charge a little less. When talking about the solutions that are dropped to you, we make sure that these solutions bring you the best results.

When it comes to developing hybrid applications, the solutions are a little expensive, but reach a wider audience range and can help you survive the business competition like a pro.

Region of Development Team

Over the years, it is clearly reflected that the solutions from South East Asia are most affordable. The developers from the first-world country often ask for payment charges that seem unrealistic. The basic charges are as described here:

  • The USA” $150-$180 per hour
  • Europe: $120 -$150 per hour
  • Middle East: $100-$120 per hour
  • Southeast Asia: $50-$75 per hour

Thus, if you are looking forward to creating a solution that brings you the best results, then we are just a click away.  You can calculate the Nykaa clone app development cost with this basic information.

At Octal IT Solution, we offer the best in the market rates that make it really easy for you to earn the best results.

Don’t Miss Out on the Opportunity!

So, beauty and cosmetic app development doesn’t seem a great deal? Well, actually it is just the feature set and the working of the solutions that make the difference. If you are looking forward to building a solution that can keep you engaged and help you survive the market pressure, we are just a click away.

Our mobile app development company is available for interaction all the time. We would take care of your business objectives and in case of any issues would be available to clear all the doubts.

If you have a business idea that needs to be focussed on, then what are you waiting for, just a click, and the experts can help you be in a win-win situation.

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Palak Khandelwal is a seasoned tech blogger with a passion for exploring the ever-evolving landscape of technology. With years of experience in the industry, Palak brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her engaging and informative blog.

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