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On Demand Mowing App Development
On Demand Lawn Cutting App Development that churns out revenues for your business, in just the right way.
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Advanced Search

Users of the on demand lawn care app may search for lawn mowers using advanced keywords like location, specialty, fees etc.

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Admin has the rights to allocate the job to lawn mowers based upon location, availability and expertise.

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Book Now or Schedule

Users may book the services for immediate requirements or may schedule their booking for future.

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One-tap Request

The on demand mowing app comes with a one-tap button, helping you find and book your mowing expert easily.

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Cost Calculator

Users of your on demand lawn care application may get a fair cost estimation for the service from various local lawn mowers.

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Price Comparison

Users may compare the prices / features of different mowing services using a Compare Now button, within the on demand lawn care application.

Discernible Features
Salient Features of Lawn Mow App Development...
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Accept or Reject Orders

According to the number of lawn mowers available and the pending orders, accept or reject the orders.

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Generate revenue and build a business model by showing relevant in-app advertisements to your on demand mowing app users.

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Alerts & Reminders

Users, mowers, and the Admin may set and send alerts and reminders about their orders, payments and other activities.

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App Store Optimization

With Gummicube Integration, your on demand lawn cutting app is fully optimized to run on the App Store. We make sure your app is easily found by your users.

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Audio QR Payments

On demand lawn care application users may pay through Audio QR Scanning, a latest technology preferably used for online payment transfer.

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Auto estimate arrival time

The on demand mowing application estimates the arrival time of the mowers based upon their location/availability and sends you notifications.

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Background check

For every service provider / mower, the on demand lawn cutting application comes with a background check feature to ensure you appoint the best people.

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Book from Anywhere, Anytime

Provide your users with a round-the-clock on demand lawn care app & let your users rent your mowers from anywhere, anytime.

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Booking Notifications

In case a particular order is placed, the orders are being notified at the concerned service provider, for making the provisions for quick deliveries.

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With a number of in-app listed service categories, making it easier for the users to find the top mowers in their area.

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In App Communication

Users and mowers may communicate with each other using in-app communication, voice / video calling or messaging.

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Commission Manager

Commission Manager keeps the track of your earnings. Advanced reports are provided with beautiful graphics in on demand mowing app.

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Corporate Billing

For corporate booking through on demand lawn cutting app, offer discounted fares to get bulk orders and increase your customer base.

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Customer loyalty Program

Retain your on demand mowing application customers by offering loyalty programs, special discounts, referral programs or other promotional activities.

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E-commerce options in on demand lawn cutting application to make some purchases for taking care of their lawns.

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Efficient Turnkey

Be an aggregator by selling your on demand lawn care app to multiple businesses. Easy customization makes it easy for you to turn your app into a business.

Our Lawn Mow Application Development comes with advanced features, dashboards and management tools for you and your app users.
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User Panel
  • Sign Up/Login
  • Select Mowers
  • Request A service
  • Confirm Service Booking appointment
  • Select preferable payment option
  • Schedule Request
  • Profile Updation
  • Check Offers Availability
  • View Requests History
  • Get payment Details
  • Live Status of Serviceman
  • Cancel Booking
  • Pay for service
  • Give Feedback
aggregator dashboard panel
Mower Panel
  • Register
  • Accept/Reject Appointment
  • Status Updation
  • Manage Availability in Calendar
  • Live Status Tracking
  • Start Appointment
  • View Payment Details
  • Customer Review
admin dashboard panel
Admin Panel
  • Expand Report data
  • User Management
  • Mower Managers
  • View Users/Mower History
  • Manage Ratings & reviews
  • Services Manager
  • Manage payments
  • Reports
  • Support
More Features
A Few More Features of Lawn Mower On Demand Application Development...
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Feedback Section

Users may rate your on demand mowing app and your service and give feedback. This helps you improve your service.

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Full Admin Control

As an admin of the on demand lawn cutting app, you get full control over the activities and business model of your app idea.

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GPS Tracking

Makes it easy for your on demand lawn care application users & mowing men to locate each other and find shortest route to reach them through inbuilt GPS.

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Heat Map View

Heat Map View shows you the most popular areas/ categories/ mowers, enabling you to make better decisions with on demand mowing application.

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Individual or Team

Hire an individual or a team of mowers. The advanced filters of on demand lawn cutting application make it easy to choose a team or an individual.

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Multicurrency / Multilanguage

The on demand lawn care app supports different currencies for easy payments, and accessible in the language your customers understand.

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Number Masking

Number Masking helps safeguard your customers. The in-app calling allows making calls without revealing phone numbers.

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Operational Zone Setup

Set an operational zone and let your on demand lawn cutting app users know that you provide your services in the mentioned areas.

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Social Login/ Sharing

Users may easily signup or log in using their social media accounts & may share your on demand mowing application with their social media friends.

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Split Payment

Users may split payments and pay individually. The on demand lawn cutting application supports ‘split payment’ between more than one person.

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Subscription Packages

Let your users use your services repeatedly by offering premium subscriptions. It improves customer retention.

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Surge Pricing

Offer surge pricing during peak hours or late nights for your services. Easily manageable through your admin panel.

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Toggle Availability

You may toggle the availability of the mowers within your on demand lawn care app. The mowers may also set their availability.

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Wearable Integration

Integrate the on demand mowing app with your wearable devices and smartwatch to get access to your services anytime, anywhere.

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White Labeling

Dominate the marketplace by white labeling your on demand lawn cutting app. This helps you protect your business idea.

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Detailed Reporting

You get detailed reports for all the activities in your on demand lawn care application, orders, payments and much more.

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