Well, the virtual classroom system is an online classroom that allows participants to communicate with one another, view videos or presentations, interact with fellow participants, as well as engage with resources in work groups. You can call it a digital replica of a conventional classroom or say a training room. Here the trainers teach, and the students learn face-to-face, in real-time however via digitally-enabled technology devices.

What remains intact is the classroom whiteboard, which is usually found in every classroom or meeting room. Brainstorming sessions, discussions, and ideations occur in real-time, besides, the usual tests take place before and post the teaching session. Students receive the reports right after the session. Hence, there is not much chance for the students as well as the trainers, and the only visible difference is that the digital classroom use technology to support learning and instruction.

The benefits are immense, as the flexibility is more as compared to a traditional classroom. Like one gets to connect and teach geographically spread audience all at one time. Moreover, a digital classroom has more communication tools integrated such as in-app chat, in-app calling, open discussion board, multimedia content, pools & social media networking.

How Is Virtual Classroom System Beneficial to the Users?

In technical terms, a virtual classroom is an online learning place where distance education is delivered to learners face-to-face using the internet on technical devices. Meanwhile, virtual classroom software or system can be termed as a technology tool, medium, or platform facilitating the delivery & consumption of eLearning content provided by you within a virtual learning setting. The system works similarly for businesses, where the employees, partners, customers, and vendors can be trained face-to-face, in real-time using a mobile app or it can even be incorporated with your website, LMS, ERP, or CMS. The training can even be conducted when stakeholders are on the constant move. They have access to eLearning material, hence they can attend live sessions even from their tablets, smartphones, or laptops.

How does Virtual Classroom Software come useful?

Online tutoring & teaching

Now anyone from an individual trainer, school teacher, college professor to schools, tuition centers, colleges, and universities can use this system to offer virtual online classes based on competitive coaching, syllabus-based learning, homework assistance, or specialized tutoring.

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It has not only opened new ways to income in this pandemic but has also made the teaching pattern more effective and innovative. With better student-teacher interactions and teachers coming up with more information on various subjects education overall has become quite extensive.

Employees training:

This system has made it easy for companies to deliver training to their workforce in remote areas, associates, partners, suppliers while being at a central location.

With remote working being the need of the hour we have made it easy for the workers associated with us to deliver solutions that are interesting and picture-perfect. It has made it easier for organizations to train their employees and save on the infrastructure and other things.

Host Webinar

Virtual classes come greatly helpful in hosting a webinar, product launch, business conference, or online meeting to attain the marketing goals.

With everything being available online kids have greater exposure and they can understand better. They understand how to represent themselves in public and host events that would make it easier for them to walk with the changing world.

Virtual Offices

Live office sessions can be conducted conveniently with remote teams at any time of the day. Most people can attend their offices with the comforts of their bedrooms and they need not even compromise with their work-life and personal life. Balancing both is a little easier and better now.

Live help desk

Virtual classroom software also introduces live customer support, which is long-desired by the users and also comes as an excellent tool for IT-based firms. This makes it easier for the organizations to get their IT needs checked and fulfilled without bothering about the visits and all. Also, remote workers find it quite convenient to connect to their clients like this.

These are a few reasons why technology is taking the education sector by storm. It is making it easier and more convenient for people to connect and get their things accomplished instead of struggling with the right process and the right things. We have worked on a few solutions that would make it easier for people to think of the world as something better and simpler and help them earn better results.

Why should you use a virtual classroom system?

By now you must have realized that a virtual classroom system is nothing but a dream-come-true for a long list of people, from students, teachers, businesses, employees and hence the benefits have to be immense and the list hence is classed remotelong. So, let’s get started and explore the miscellaneous features offered by this brilliant system.

Top-Features of Virtual Classroom System:

Student (Trainee Panel):

  • Concatenation of recorded files: Multiple session recordings can be concatenated into a single video file once the session ends, with just a single click or it downloads multiple files.
  • Countdown Timer: Its aesthetically pleasant landing page comes with a responsive countdown timer which keeps meeting participants in the loop regarding how much time is remaining for a live class to start.
  • Screen Sharing and Remote Control: Provide a better experience to users with computer-based training class by sharing the entire screen or maybe just a single app, as required. Remote screen sharing facility can be initiated and offered toon students? computers.
  • ‘Raise Your Hand’ Feature: Here as well students can raise a hand to clear any query midway. There is a raise-hand feature to do the same and get the teacher’s attention.
  • Group Chat: This feature enables interaction with instructors and students in real-time. There is a collaborative chat feature for everything starting from discussion related to class aspects, as well as sharing useful information.
  • Save chat transcripts: This feature allows attendees to save chat transcripts in their computer as an HTML file, hence preserving entire chat communications in a live session.

Teacher (Instructor Panel):

  • Prepare Classes in Advance: Session-related presentations can be upload by instructors in advance. They can enter a live class sometime before the session to prepare for the class.
  • Schedule Recurring Classes: With a robust class schedule, you can schedule one-time or recurring classes which will repeat every day, every week, or maybe on specific days of a week.
  • Integrate E-Commerce: Digital wallet payment is integrated into the app, such as PayPal, Braintree, and Stripe, selling your live classes, webinars, and conferences so you can make faster revenue.
  • Share files in chat: Files can be easily shared with your attendees in the chat window with automatic image files preview is clicked.
  • Integrated Content Library: Files like DOC, PDF, and PPT can be uploaded in advance so that you can share them with the student any time during a live session from the content library.
  • Record Session: The system supports server-side HTML5-based session recording, where you don’t have to install any other software or browser plugins. Simply download recorded lessons in HD, share them and play online for the attendees.
  • Attendance Reports: A robust reporting & analytics dashboard is offered to quickly and easily obtain a big lot of essential data like duration, attendance report, remote long, and time in/out of the attendees.
  • Rich Markup & Annotation Tools: These can be used on whiteboards and over images & slides. Besides, pointers & checkers can be used to focus on the attendees? attention. Find a rich clip-art library along with numerous math symbols that are of good use.
  • Breakout Rooms Support: Live BreakOut rooms allow teachers to split the class into smaller groups, thus students can collaborate and practice individually.
  • Global Region Selection: Instructors can pick a region closer to them from global low-latency secure infrastructure as they schedule a virtual live class to get optimum performance & faster load-time.
  • Secure E-mail Invitation: An email invite can be sent with a secure link that is automatically generated, thus even allowing attendees not to have a user account to join live sessions held by you.

 Admin Panel:

  • Robust Moderation Tools: Participants can be offered webcam & microphone access, allow/disallow whiteboard controlling, document & presentation sharing & screen sharing.
  • Online Polls & Surveys: The polling feature is crucial in the case of virtual classrooms to gain attendees’ feedback. Online polls with an adequate questions can be arranged and receive answers instantly.
  • Multiple-Language Support: Interface language is easy to set and this great feature enables you to offer 50 languages to the attendees.
  • iCal Integration: Simplify scheduling by integrating a calendar when the participants use different calendar systems.
  • Group HTML5 Screen Sharing: Offers Group HTML-5 based HD Screen Sharing facility in a tabbed interface. This enhances computer-based training classes by sharing the entire screen or just a single app.

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Additional Features:

  • Free SSL Certificate: It is easy to fully encrypt your custom hostname, which enhances your security & performance, increases customer trust and boosts your SEO.
  • High-definition Video Conference: Live video conferencing enhances the live classes, group discussion, and team meetings. The system offers WebRTC based Ultra HD video & audio conferencing features with multiple full HD participants sans the need to install additional plugins.
  • High-Quality Voice Over IP (VoIP): There is integrated audio conferencing that works excellently even on lower bandwidths offering high-quality voice-over IP. WebRTC based Full Duplex Audio supports crystal clear live audio streams over any protocol and it greatly reduces audio latency. Besides, there are no additional charges for audio conferencing.
  • Interactive Whiteboards: There are numerous shared whiteboards, where one can type text, or launch images and slides. It offers fully digital tablet support for handwriting and precise writing while supports a drawing tool, LaTEX math equation, draws symbols & shapes, saves a snapshot, and even shares documents in multiple tabs.
  • LaTeX Equation Editor Support: Create and display complex LaTeX match equations easily on whiteboard using interactive LaTeX Equation Editor.
  • Network Traversal: Custom STUN/TURN servers that work impressively fast over Transport Layer Security (TLS) transport enables seamless connection to the global network.
  • Session heartbeat: In the case of intermittent network issues, the heartbeat mechanism automatically retries session connectivity to the server without the user’s requirement to intervene.
  • Touchscreen support: A pen or even a finger can be used to write and draw on the whiteboard on touch-capable monitors in real-time. It supports third-party devices like the Wacom stylus as well.
  • RTL Support: Additional Support is offered for languages that are written in a Right-To-Left (RTL) direction like Hebrew, Urdu, Persian, and Arabic. With RTL Support your live classes get a voice for the entire globe.
  • Media Web Player: Vimeo or YouTube videos can be played or uploaded as well as you can play MP4, MP3, and WebM files from the content library during a live classroom session.
  • Secure Media Streaming: With global CDN offered with low latency, all the audio and video files can be streamed. These audio and video files are securely stored and protected with the use of signed URLs.
  • Developer API: It is used to easily integrate virtual classrooms in your website, LMS, CMS, or any app. With API you get responses using JSON and XML when relevant.

There were the crucial features that go into the making of an effective and superior quality Virtual Classroom System. As I conclude, let me tell you that online classes are quite common nowadays in every part of the world and if you are also contemplating venturing into the arena, you must choose the right mobile app development team with the best experience and adept skills required to create the sophisticated system. Talking of features, well you already know what it takes to create the best virtual classroom software.

These features make your application stand out from the crowd and they also define the final cost of development of an application like this.

Cost of Development of Virtual Classroom Systems

The cost of development of virtual classroom systems is quite convenient and it depends on the technology and features majorly. The cost of development of various features of the application is different and it precisely depends on the features you choose how much you would have to pay.

Video and Audio Integration

Your virtual classroom system would have an audio and video system to connect students with the teachers in the class. The cost of the development of a video and audio system for the application is around $25000 and it could take as long as 4 weeks to develop.


Another important feature is to make it easier for the teachers to explain to students what she wants to teach. The Screensharing feature would cost around $15000 and may take as long as a month or two to integrate with the application.

Live Quiz

For analysis and tests, teachers would need to host live quizzes. These quizzes need to be a little modified for each student. The cost of development of such features is around $10,000 and it would take almost a month to develop this for your application.

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Lesson recordings are another important feature that you would need to understand when it comes to working with an application that targets student learning. The basic cost of development of this virtual classroom system feature is $10,000 and it would take a couple of weeks to be ready to be used.

Live Notes

A student can simply copy live notes from the lessons when learning. The cost of the development of applications like this is less. It would cost almost $6000 and would take a couple of weeks to be integrated with the basic application.


Learning Matter Sharing and Creation

This is quite an extensive task and it would take around a few weeks to develop an mobile application that sticks by this. It would cost around $15,000 if you opt for simple development of things. If you are looking forward to something more complex the cost of development would be more.

Thus, the overall cost of development of an application like this would be around $90,000 to $120,000 and it would take almost 3 months to develop. Further, depending on your needs and requirements the period may rise to more than 3 months.

We have developed several elearning solutions and are experienced in understanding the application needs, business goals, and objectives. We have helped a lot of people win over the pandemic and bring to you highly rewarding solutions and making workgroupskgroups.

Wrapping It Up!

Over the years experts at Octal IT Solution have provided elearning solutions and they very well understand the challenges and the trends in the domain. With technology advantage and creative insight, we bring to the table solutions that are only meant to impress your audience. If you think working on such applications can be complicated, all you need to do is simply click and connect with us. We would make sure your vision turns into a functioning reality.

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