Christmas and New Year are looming and the world is setting a silent pace for a while. Apparently, this is the Holiday season and no one wants to miss it with all the fun, cheer, and good vibes coming in. Holiday season is the most awaited time of the year and is a harbinger of yearly planned ideas, adventures or that matter relaxation, it has got all covered. And in this stride, no one wants to ruin their plans to any extent of force. But traveling account for some sincere problems that quite even irk the ecstatic souls.

We call these travel issues or travel hurdles that arise time and again. Here we land up to travel agents. Yes, of course, it demands extra budget but dealing with the bountiful of errs is better than putting in extra money. But here is the take!! Why align to travel agents when you have your Smartphone ready?

It is as smart as to trash all your rising concerns for your travel. Really? Yes, it is! As planning a trip can be a pain but it’s the New Year already and how you can miss technology altitudes especially mobile apps that have taken the world to a new horizon.

So, A pioneer travel mobile app development service provider Octal IT Solution comes out with a brilliant list of mobile apps that will certainly make your vacation no less than a pleasant breeze. Stay hooked as we unveil the best apps provided by mobile app development companies to comfort your every aspect of holidaying.

Start with Vacation Planning Mobile Apps

Planning a vacation is something all the fun starts and takes shape once you initiate the process. The mobile app world is filled with plenty of trustful travel mobile applications that help you plan your holiday in the best way. The one that has been making the world go crazy with its immaculate features has been filtered by us:

Kayak (Free)

Vacation Planning Mobile Applications

For quite a while Kayak has been among the priority list of travelers. The ample of choices it aids like searching across various travel sites for rental cars, hotels, and flights. This app is taking the life of travelers by storm. Needless to say, this has quite a deal that no other site will offer. With features like setting price alerts and price forecasts to let you buy the packages at the right time as it may change or stay the same.

This app is quite a blessing with its flawless features that assist in the complete initial state of planning your holiday to even providing the details at a glance, like your hotel confirmation number or gate number. That’s not all; the best of its features can be accessed in real-time and on devices such as Apple watches.

Expedia (Free)


The online booking giant has been gaining masses of popularity for its instant booking features. For planning a trip from the bottom to even finding the best hotels, and places, this app provides it all. It is a travel app to plan your entire trip right from booking flights, vacation packages, hotels, cars, and cruises to activities you look for your holiday. With plenty of tools that aid in reservations, easy refunds, and cancellations, this app is simply a no-fuss story. The quite spectacular feature Expedia has in store is- My Scratchpad. This tool tracks and saves the notes on your travel searches. It keeps a watch to let you buy your dream vacation at the best price. (Free) Travel planning app has created quite a place by continually evolving and offering new functionality, features and using more persuasive techniques. The prominent thing about being is its instant and best-filtered hotel options. For travelers, this is one instant resort to get the holiday planning done with the simple and best options in a hotel stay. With the best price guaranteed, travelers don’t have to look at various sites to find the best planning for the holiday as is one supreme holiday planning app to fix it up right then and there.

Flight Status Tracking Mobile Apps

As you have planned your vacation, you have set the stage on fire, and now is your turn to roll the ball further. Oftentimes, travelers while starting their holiday get stuck with flight status. Not always, the flight is on time, and to have a note of flight status pretty much earlier is always a good bet for saving time and not starting your holiday on some bad note. So, make it beforehand to check the status of your flight with super ease. 

App in the Air (Free)

App in the air

Looking for a mobile app that makes your flying business easier? Look no further than this beauty that does all that you want for a flight-tracking app to do. This app assists you in a way by splitting your flight into four stages, Check-in, Boarding, Takeoff, and Landing. Later, it informs the traveler about the changes from any of the four stages, and that matters a lot. With Timeline you are always on the go and never miss any updates regarding your flight schedule. There are several other insights besides your flight like weather delays and currency info.

What Next? Shopping Mobile App! Yeeeeeaaah

Holiday accounts for every small to a major thing and how come shopping can be off the list? Whether you need to buy something urgent while on your holiday, something major you have missed, with the ease of your smartphone you can do that instantly. We all know how online shopping has taken the market and with instant access you can shop whenever wherever. These Shopping Mobile apps will help you to get online and shop the needful.

Amazon (Free)


We know Amazon. The world knows it now that Amazon is an app where one can find or choose instantly. No matter you are shopping before your trip or for that matter shopping on your trip, you can get the best deal and service with this app. will help you buy clothes, shoes, accessories, luggage and everything that you may need on your trip. So, yes, if you do not have Amazon make sure you download it now to make your holiday shopping super smooth. Even the return and exchange policies are just incredible.

eBay (Free)


eBay app is another shopping indulgence for the instant shopping needs of the travelers. The whole world is available on eBay and you can enjoy the delightful shopping experience here. From traveling essentials to the things that are your trip companions you can get everything on eBay. With buy, bid and sell options available on eBay, a user can complete all the major holiday shopping through this app. Even you can buy some amazing books for your holiday on this shopping platform.

Bestbuy (Free)

Best Buy

What is a holiday without a handful of gadgets and electronics in your backpack? These are travel essentials and everyone needs it to even elevate the holiday experience. Your camera, music player, headphones, the list goes on. There are many high-quality accessories and electronics available on best buy and therefore, it lands to one of the convenient platforms to buy any electronics easily. It is a convenient app with proper order updates, past purchases, and astonishing deals for the best buy.

Grab Amazing Deals with Daily Deal Mobile Apps

As you are planning your vacation, there are a handful of things every traveler would need. To fill that loop, there are some apps that offer daily deals and amazing offers. How can one miss on that while filling the cards with relaxation on top? So, check that out

Groupon (Free)


The unbeatable deals at flat 50-70 %off can only be availed at Groupon. The best stuff to do, eat and see from your next door to across the globe, this app has wide options of offers. When you are holidaying how about getting the best deal on the coolest restaurant in the town? Just Groupon and here you get the best deals at sheer discounted price. Even you can get the spa or take a beauty package and rejuvenate even more on your holiday. How cool does that sound?

Living Social (Free)

Living Social

Another cool app that elevates your try something new? skills would be best accompanied by Living Social. The city you are heading to can be more fun while trying different activities along. This app is all about doing fun things apart from the best deals in the latest products. From the restaurant, beauty, spa and some hundreds of deals in your area, the best is offered to you through this app. A huge saving can be grabbed on some unique products or essentials you may need while traveling. It is best suited for binging food from a famous restaurant at slash down prices.

Pick a Spot for Food and Restaurants

What is a holiday without food? Yes, lip-smacking food that satiates your soul to the bottom. Well, but being on holiday, you don’t find the best place to eat. But don’t worry, here you have some food mobile apps to select the restaurant or food spot for a sumptuous food experience.

Yelp (Free)


This app lets you find the best place to eat that too using the local language. It is a travel app that provides local knowledge on where to eat, drink, dine and shop. With this, you can easily find the nearby places to the destination you are traveling and even add reviews, photos and find direction. More to it there are many filters available to find the choice of food, local food knowledge and even more. So, add this app now to distance the barrier of finding the best food while holidaying.

Foursquare (Free)


To find the best place in your area for food, parties, and entertainment, go no elsewhere than Foursquare. Forgoing out with friends for a series of entertainment, food, and drinks, foursquare has got the best options for you. It is a local search and discovery mobile app that offers immaculate search results for its users. No matter you are anywhere in the world, you can fix the spot with this amazing app. With Foursquare City Guide you can land to the perfect spot and even get positive and trusted tips from the global community.

Zomato (Free)


The highly used app for finding the best restaurant nearby you is Zomato, The super-quick filters offer plenty of options from finding the best restaurant deals. Not only that, the trending places in town to a list of cafes, rooftops, night clubs, dining, etc is offered by this app. Zomato let you order your food as well. So, why to worry when you can explore the amazing food options all through your smartphone?

Photo Editing Mobile Apps coz We all Love Clicking

Holiday accounts for fun and bountiful of PHOTOS. How can you resist clicking pictures while you are living around a surreal place in the world? Yes, this is one quintessential element to cherish the memories whole life. Today, smartphones have taken over the world and while you are spending the best of time, a click is mandatory. You can click pictures and edit it without any pain through numerous apps for that flawless click. Let’s find the apps supporting the best editing features:

Airbrush (Free)


To have perfection in photos, take no rest other than this app. With amazing editing and filter technology in hand, airbrush does the magic right to your fingertips. It is one of the most precise, subtle, and easy-to-use photo editors with flawless results. If you are taking a selfie or for that matter even taking a shot of the landscape around you, this photo filter app has got some astonishing results to offer. So, hey selfie squads, you get the best tools in hand to make a flawless and eye-capturing selfie right here.

Photo Editor Pro (Free)

Photo Editor Pro

Another simple yet powerful photo editor is Photo editor pro. It flaunts easy-to-use features of image enhancing, retouching, filtering, cropping, borders, and several best features to make your selfie game on point. You can choose the brightness; saturation and even give a whole new look to your image through several photo editing features. Every traveler can enjoy this app to add more shine and energy to the clicked picture. Very comprehensive photo editors help you get pretty much everything you want your photo editor to do.

Map and Navigation Mobile Apps

While you are on vacation, you get to find the routes right. With the language barrier and many hurdles, one should have to find the route right. Today, everyone likes to explore the new location on their own, and for that sake having an idea of the routes through GPS is just like pedaling your own bicycle without any drift. So, people, let’s find a way with things on your phone.

Google Map (Free)

Google Map

Make navigation faster and easier with Google Maps. One can find the best places in town and all the instructions to get there through Google Maps. So, while you are on holiday and facing the fuss to reach somewhere, look no else than navigation helps except Google Maps. With satellite imagery, street maps, 360 panoramic views of streets, and real-time traffic conditions, you have the world in place with this app.

CityMapper (Free)

City mapper

There are times when navigation in complex cities, equals to more pain than fun. In such cases, CityMapper works as smooth as butter. It is the ultimate transport app making cities easier to use. It is reinventing the transport app making and is built for commuters and their daily needs. It is one single app for travelers who make the commute through city life easier.

LiveTrekker (Free)


A highly ambitious app is responsible for creating a digital journal of all your travels. It is great for cherishing your time while vacationing as you can look back on your trip on an interactive map. For a globetrotter, it is just another thing as it marks a red line along with the map on the exact route you took back then. You can easily add pictures, videos, and text along with making a multimedia travel diary for life. Isn’t it Uber-cool?

Taxi App for Hassle-free Commutation

Uber (Free)


Taxi booking Mobile App Uber has made life easier with instant ride availability to drop at your desired location. For traveling, this is another superb app to let you go with convenience. It is an instant taxi app with reliable rides in minutes- day and night. With low fares and easier availability, Uber has helped travel and reach quite a thing. All you need to do is tap to request your ride, and with navigation enabled, you can be picked up at your place and dropped off wherever you desire.

Music Mobile Application As We all love Music

How can music be off the list when your soul is craving some ecstasy? Yes, music is life and to chill your soul it helps instantly. With some music mobile apps, you can listen to the music of your choice instantly all with your smartphone or tablet. Let’s find

Google Play Music (Free)

Google Music

You get complete access to the cloud-based music while on the go. For a music junkie, the app has pretty much everything to settle the right rhythm. It is clean, lined with handpicked playlists and custom radio stations. More to it, while you are up for a trip it displays the music of your choice and presents smart recommendations depending on your previous listening taste.

Soundcloud (Free)

Sound Cloud

An overzealous community of musicians, rock bands and the like, it is one dose for all the music enthusiasts. This app is capable of retaining all the hallmarks of the full site. This helps to get everything one could look for. Right from searching new artists to follow, listen to songs in your feed, and record your own audio and post it. This app is just the beginning for a lot more to do.

Pandora (Free)


Despite the dwindling user base, Pandora is a mainstay app of the streaming realm. It is with custom radio stations and giving the music that only gets better with feedback. It makes use of advanced algorithms based on a specific track or artist. Coming to the interface of Pandora, it is just amazeballs. A perfect pick for travelers to enjoy new music and old favorites as well.

Dating Apps – As some spice to your journey

While on the go and having some gala time, who knows you find the gorgeous woman of your dreams? Or if not that sort, dating mobile apps is no bad idea?

Tinder (Free)


It is an app for newbies. It has changed how people meet around the world or one can say human mating. With easy installation to your phone, you can meet the person around your travel destination. It is always fab to accompany someone if you are single. So, why not take the best help? Tinder is a location-based social search service application that aids communication between mutually interested people.

Okcupid (Free)


For free online dating, go nowhere else than OkCupid. Yes, it plays the cupid for fixing the match. It is the only dating app that finds the match based on things you really care about. It is a social networking website for offering an incredible amount of user interests. Next time, you are on holiday you can find some dating fun with this vivid app for some heart full of love souls. It features member-created quizzes and multiple-choice questions to find a mate.

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Mobile Apps for Holiday Packing

Packpoint (Free)


Packpoint is a mobile app that serves as a free packing list organizer for some serious travel pros. It helps you plan what you need to pack in your luggage beforehand keeping a track of travel duration, weather conditions at your destination, and even for various activities you have planned for your trip. It is a planner that encapsulates listing of travel essentials without a miss. It has its own travel podcast which is helpful for every aspiring traveler.

Currency Converter Mobile Applications

Next, comes currency. You can’t travel without that in any country you are eying for. Though travel cards may also work but having a handful amount in your pocket is imperative if you are on a travel. So, we have got the best currency converter mobile app to give you an idea of what it may roll down to:

XE Currency (Free)

XE Currency

A go-to site for currency conversion on the web. It is one of the most popular travel apps with nearly 20 million downloads since its launch. For travel, this is one master app to convert any currency of the world. This app comes with lots of business features but for travelers, it is great as it works online too and saves the last updated currency rate. It is great for areas with limited connectivity or if you are low on data.

Apps for Splitting Expenses

Traveling accounts for not one but many hurdles. If expenses could be split who won’t like it? Well, many times you can account for splitting expenses and there are many mobile apps that work lightening here:

Splitwise (Free)


An app that split expenses the easiest way without any mathematic game on the head is split wide. It is the best way to share bills and IOUs and ultimately get paid back. Traveling in a group may lead to splitting of bills and expense and with this app you can easily keep a track of your money. So travelers if you are traveling and facing the splitting thing, make sure you have this app on your phone ready.

Venmo (Free)


With this app, one can easily split the bill, cab fares, and much more. It is a digital wallet that helps in making and share payments with friends. While holidaying with friends or family you get to share the fare and there are n number of moments wherein you can’t jot down the expenses. There this playful app works great in keeping a track of your money and splitting the fares accordingly. So you can be safe and calculative with the money.

Mobile Passports (for US citizens)

mobile passport

An app that is certainly helping many US citizens amping up their travel with US customs. It is simply an app that speeds up through US customs and entering the USA at 1 cruise port and 20 airports! It is quite a help to sideline the traditional white and blue paper form declared by US travelers by air or sea. It is officially authorized by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. MOBILE PASSPORT allows travelers to submit their passport control and customs declaration information via their Android device/iOS device and bypass the regular line to enter the United States. It reduced the formality of time and was quite a relief for travelers.

Language Translating Apps

Many times, the problem is not with one but many and language is one HUGE barrier that distances people from actually understanding the essence of the country. Well, language-converting apps are a real relief in this business. The apps that solidify your take here are:

Google Translate (Free)

Google translate

With Google Translate the barrier has certainly been reduced. Now travelers can get the notch of other languages by literally typing it on their smartphone and getting the best result in the desired language. It translates between 103 languages by typing. Even while offline; you can translate 52 languages when you have no Internet. More to it, your camera can be used to translate text instantly. This app is a perfect travel buddy for globetrotters.

iTranslate (Free)


Thinking of the best translator app, go nowhere else than this app. Translate has a name attached to a seemingly amazing tool that helps to learn and speak several other languages. You can translate text or websites, initiate voice conversations or lookup words, meanings, and even verb conjugations in over 90 languages with iTranslate.

Event Finder Apps

TimeOut (Free)

Time Out

It says the best thing to do in cities worldwide. Do likewise. With this app, you can find the events of your interest across the globe and make your presence. It is a global guide for art, food and drink, entertainment, film, and several miscellaneous things to do. It is a personal guide to visit the best of places that might go amiss if you don’t have this app.

Time Zone Tracker App

Traveling accounts with serious time zone differences and there should be something to keep you on point about it.

Circa (Free)


It helps to keep a note of multiple locations and time zones when you are traveling. With this, you can be aware wherever you are and connect with people accordingly so that you won’t feel all messed up about the happenings in the world around. It is another best app for travelers that helps in collaborating across the globe. Now you have everything you could plan to take off anytime soon. But still, there are some apps that are key helpers. It will be interesting to have a notch of them as well:

VPN Proxy apps

Hotspot Shield VPN Proxy (Free)

Hotspot Shield Free

This is one of the world’s best-trusted VPN proxy apps. With Hotspot Shield’s free VPN, you get high privacy, security, and access to blocked content. It has more than 400 m downloads and offers a wide network for security. It makes use of advanced encryption for a safer browsing session. It connects the world closed knit without any security threat. Travelers should make sure to get this app on their phones to secure their overall network.

Stay in Touch with Family & Friends

WhatsApp (Free)


Whatsapp is an instant and free messaging app for fast connectivity with options like video calls, audio calls, SMS, and sending media. This has taken the world by storm and people cannot boast any less about this app. Well, in many smartphones today, WhatsApp is installed already but if you do not have it, make sure to get your hands on this basic but major necessity for no-charge connectivity. Make sure you are connected with data.

Skype (Free)


Skype is nothing new to the world. Since ages, people are connecting brilliantly through Skype for media sharing, video calls, and calls or for every sort of communication. Skype app provides video chat and voice call services. It ensures the exchange of digital documents images, text, video, and many others.

So, We’re Saying?

The world is revolutionizing through apps but who knew that it would breach the differences so widely that having a smartphone could benefit in almost every need while you travel? Well, the app business is real to get everything in line. So, make sure you have these travel apps ready for your next trip.

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