Important tips for Games App monetization

Mobile games have garnered great acclaim over the last few years and today you can find tons of popular games out there in the app market. Owing to the great efforts put in by app developers you can find mobile games loved by people of every age group.

Lest you are also planning to develop a mobile game or plan to build one, then you must look for ways to monetize it as there’s a lot to attain than simply entertaining the gaming lovers around the globe. You can easily monetize your games in order to make good money and for the same, you must keep a few things in mind. So, here, let’s uncover them:

Offer novelty regularly

It’s advised to update your game app on a regular basis while also offering the app users some novel in order to entice them to stay in your app for the duration of time. Like, you can give handy customization options, small rewards for sharing details about your game among friends and family, etc. Also ensure the smooth functioning of different UI elements incorporated within your app, such as the button functions, cursors, font size, keyboards, etc. besides, you can go for one of the most notable mobile application development companies which help in proper alignment of your app’s UI elements.

Opt for Pay-Per-Episode Monetization model

Pay-Per-Episode monetization model is useful in making money from serious games as it allows you to break down the mobile games into bite-sized episodes that can later be sold at discounted prices as compared to the original one-time cost of the entire game. It’s a great option to monetize your games as well as it allows your app to enjoy a higher presence on app stores that are already loaded with hundreds of look-alike game apps.

Make the most of in-app purchases

Offering the players an opportunity to purchase in-game items using the in-game currency is another effective and easy means to make money. However, you must not design the app in the context of a game where it is necessary to grab the in-game items to play the game. You can woo the plays via in-game content available in the form of new characters with unique abilities, appealing power-ups offering a unique player experience, enticing skins, new levels with distinguished challenges and a lot more.

You can offer Cash rewards as well Offering cash rewards is certainly a successful concept to monetize the game mobile apps. Now, as you are an app developer, you can get on with taking stake for the players, enabling them to make several bets on the result of a particular round in the mobile game. Like you can create a bowling game and offer players a choice to place their bets starting at $0.50 about how they will perform in the game. This is the right means to augment your advertising revenue.

Cross-Market your App Just as an ad exchange program, you can also cross-market the app as it’s a contemporary method of advertising your game app to the world of game lovers. Simply connect with renowned mobile game app developers and ask them to display your app’s download link within their app. You can also provide a link to the apps developed by the significant other. At the same time, you can opt for an effective affiliate marketing program, wherein you can advertise other developers’ mobile game apps within your app-receiving a specific amount of cash from them.

Conclusion With these easy monetization tips for your mobile games, you can get maximum returns on your mobile game helpful in growing your income greatly.


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