Most of us are conscious of the language included in creating server-side scripts for web and mobile apps in PHP. PHP is the preferred programming language for over 75% of websites, featuring market leaders like Facebook and Wikipedia. There are numerous frameworks on the market that are functional with PHP. Laravel and Yii are the two separate PHP platforms that implement the (Model – view – controller) architecture out of all the well-known Web frameworks.

With its versatility and simplicity, PHP is the most popular server-side programming language. It is widely used for developing intelligent web applications with robust features. PHP frameworks facilitate the development of this language. They bring agility and scalability to the process. Code maintenance is easier in the frameworks and is far more secure.

The selection of the right framework is crucial for streamlining the development with rapid speed and enhanced functionality. Laravel is the newest entrant in this industry, and Yii is a veteran.

Laravel provides web designers with an approach to development that uses minimal coding and precise, expressive vocabulary. Additionally, this robust architecture enables the creation and addition of the most sophisticated features to the generated solutions while giving software engineers a great deal of creative freedom. Yii can brag about its straightforward data processing and rapid development thanks to a wide range of pre-built capabilities. It is frequently used to create web apps with less need for core functionality or immediate, standardized solutions.

The most well-liked ones right now are Yii and Laravel. They have become more well-liked across numerous sectors for a variety of causes. Discover their critical distinctions and learn why they would have emerged as developers’ top options.

What Is Yii?

YII Vs Laravel

A high-performance PHP framework called Yii (Yes, It Is!) was introduced in 2008. The framework has already seen several updates by 2021, the most recent being 2.0.43, debuting in August 2021. The 3d version of Yii has gained popularity among designers. The split of the future framework into practical packages represents the most anticipated aspect. They may choose the modules that Yii developers wish to use in their projects, and they can do upgrades more often.

In addition, the 3D variant will adhere to PSR standards, improving the quality of the code and its interoperability with other libraries and looking for additional information about such a PHP framework. Check out the Yii framework’s main features.

Over 325,000 websites have utilized Yii for web design and development, and there is also public support on platforms like GitHub. It has far less significant support from the community than Laravel on Github, with only 14K Stars and 7K Forks.

Key Features of Yii

Here are the main characteristics of Yii to take into account while selecting a Programming language for developing web applications.

Well-Written Documentation

There is a small Yii community, which comprises the platform’s key developers who provide some hints and techniques for using Yii efficiently. Yii provides web developers with various online courses. Yii developers offer direct help on their framework through Slack.

Project Setup

When comparing Laravel and Yii’s project configuration, Yii performs better. Although both frameworks’ implementation is straightforward, you must install the application to use Yii.

Limited Development Time

Projects often require a given number of hours on repetitive tasks. Yii provides several tools to assist you in less time to speed up the development process.

Excellent Security

The security functionality is one of the main justifications for selecting Yii over alternative frameworks. This quick, reliable framework assists you in creating a more private web application and guards against online threats.

Structural Appearance and Regular Updates

Yii conforms to standards when establishing its files and provides MVC full support. It uses its stable version 9.0.x since, unlike other frameworks, it does not routinely release problem updates.

Easy to Set up

Since the composer manages the installation procedure, installing Yii is easy. Delivering quicker deployment and configuration processes will enable you to preserve time. Yii framework provides web designers with pre-made application templates that only require minor alterations to create various apps.

These frameworks provide the framework for developing applications with multiple settings for REST APIs and apps with separate front-end and back-end features. And other specific programs that may be created from scratch.

Extensible and Modern Technologies

Yii is renowned for its adaptability to user needs and gives the framework endless expansion of each element. Even so, it oversees an OOP architecture and utilizes some of PHP’s more complex capabilities, like static bindings, SPL types and interactions, and anonymous methods.

When to Choose Yii for Your Project?

Go with the Yii platform to build online portals, eCommerce access points, or CMS websites.

When NOT to Choose Yii for Your Project?

If you are a beginning programmer, you should refrain from using this framework since Yii cannot provide beginners adequate opportunities to gain expertise. This open-source platform necessitates a deeper understanding of PHP. Let’s move on to the following framework: Laravel.

What is Laravel?

Laravel Vs YII

A robust PHP framework for developing websites is called Laravel. This framework, which utilizes the model-view-controller layout design, includes many built-in capabilities to help Laravel developers. Even though you are a Laravel developer, you must use the most excellent Laravel software packages to produce the best Laravel web application. Utilize the Laravel installation or PHP task manager to deploy this framework quickly.

Laravel is the most popular PHP back-end development platform, having been used to create over 1,573,000 websites globally and enjoying strong support from the community on GitHub. It has 70.5K Stars and 22.8K Forks on Github. Laravel also offers the most recent version for development that is safe and effective. The most recent Laravel release is 9.3.1.

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Key Features of Laravel

It’s no secret that many PHP developers use Laravel to create sophisticated web apps. You may learn why such a Laravel PHP framework would be an excellent option for large-scale projects. It involves software development by reading the description of its essential characteristics that follow.

Templating Engine

Laravel is well known for its lightweight built-in frameworks. It is used to introduce dynamic material to generate user-friendly layouts. For Laravel programmers, the construction process has been made simpler with the help of these templates.

A robust templating engine that eliminates overflows in the constructed program by compiling and caching views before updating them, making work with the Layered architecture in the MVC design straightforward and pleasurable.

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Eloquent ORM (Object-Relational Mapping)

An Object-Relational Modelling (ORM) system that enables web developers to quickly and efficiently interface with the records of the built app. In addition to employing the Eloquent ORM by default, software companies may easily link their Laravel applications with alternative ORM systems like Doctrine 2.

Unit Testing

Before software is released, testing is crucial to ensure it is error-free. Web developers should use Laravel for unit testing. This framework can execute several unit tests to guarantee the bug-free operation of your web application.

Modular and Library

The Laravel PHP framework is the only one that includes pre-installed libraries. There is also a tonne of additional object-oriented frameworks and libraries.

When to Choose Laravel for Your Project?

It would be best if you utilize this framework for web-based applications, CMS, including ERP. Due to its vast supporting documents and queuing structure, this platform is suited for creating complicated applications.

When NOT to Choose Laravel for Your Project?

Laravel is a strategic platform. Thus, web designers might need help to work. Unless you are a novice developer, it is best to avoid Laravel, as you can run into issues while trying to expand the code. For novice developers, the information could be easier to grasp.

To further grasp their fundamental differences, let’s examine a thorough analysis between Yii and Laravel. We made an effort to provide clear explanations to facilitate your understanding.

In-depth Comparison – Laravel vs. Yii

They are effective enough to be the ideal option for numerous web platform cases. They support many testing systems, give outstanding debugging possibilities, and have robust security features. When creating a complex syntax program, Laravel is implemented. The high-performance platform Yii is used for rapid advancement. Hire dedicated Android app developers at easy prices with Octal Software.

Both frameworks provide a tonne of extensions that make it easy to build any particular bespoke feature. However, when they built projects using both paradigms, our specialists discovered several critical distinctions between Yii and Laravel. Let’s take a quick look at these fundamental distinctions.

Learning CurveYii is straightforward to learn and comprehend. Yii is regarded as among the most advanced and effective PHP frameworks. As a result, it is frequently cited as the best option for creating networking apps and websites. This is due to the platform’s perfect learning curve, which makes it easy to operate. Any programmer may quickly set up and use the platform since it is so simple. To use this platform, you can be a professional.Laravel may have specific challenges with the learning curve. However, they are minor problems that are relatively simple to fix. For instance, Laravel may need a better reaction time compared to networking. Additionally, real-time data collecting takes some time. So, if you’re looking for a Laravel development services platform that performs slowly and steadily while using one, it would be a decent choice.
Form ValidationThe received data must be published on ActiveRecord before validations can be carried out employing a pre-written system of regulations. The development of unique validation scripts is required for each update or alteration to the data.Form validation is one of Laravel’s nicest functionalities because it can be done anywhere, at any time. To carry out the verification, it offers a different examiner class.
CRUD GenerationIt provides a simple-to-use Gii program for experimentation by creating whole CRUD interfaces or widely used data objects. The necessary snippets may be interactively generated by developers using a web interface that makes a Gii accessible. Those who like using the console can alternatively utilize the command-line functionality.It doesn’t come with a CRUD GUI by default. Developers typically utilize third-party CRUD compilers like Laravel CRUD Creator, Craftable, or CRUDBooster.
Community Support    Yii has quite a larger global community of developers than Laravel since it is an older platform and employs more web designers than Laravel. In terms of taking support from the community into account, Yii triumphs over Laravel.Many web application experts working with Laravel provide high-quality products. There is widespread support for this open-source framework in the market.
DocumentationSince Yii lacks systematic documentation, you would only begin simple coding using Yii. Designers and developers must devote more time to researching to learn new informationLaravel’s documentation is excellent. Compared to Yii, Laravel’s information is flawlessly organized. It is designed in a generalized style so developers can readily grasp it.Laravel provides simple and comprehensive documentation, which helps users get more done and could save time.
Security FeaturesRole-based access management, which Yii features built in, provides secure password management and many other features. In light of the security device, Yii shows better performance than Laravel.Due to security considerations, there may be better options for web developers who must use extensions to use tools. By default, there are still no embedded network management tools. Due to the abundance of third-party extensions that can be used to create sophisticated access restrictions, Laravel is not considered to be “poor” in terms of safety.
Development CostThe typical pay for a Yii programmer in the USA is $106,924, or $51 per hour, as per ZipRecruiter.A Laravel developer makes an average annual pay of $92,285 or $44 per hour (ZipRecruiter). 
Development TimeYii is a better option than the other two in-content websites. They feature admin interfaces that are more or less conventional, have minimal business logic, and have joint data operations. In this situation, the single code won’t be an issue, and building such a business on Yii will require less time.Laravel is quicker to create additional, unique features. Additionally, it provides many different packages for enhancing the platform’s capability, allowing users to do non-standard activities.
PerformanceIf you are developing high-performance applications, Yii offers the quickest PHP framework.Laravel moves more slowly than Yii. However, various techniques, such as classmap efficiency, configuration and route caches, plugin use improvement, etc., improve performance. Real-time performance can be optional for several types of projects. 
Installation After installing Composer, you may install the Yii application template by executing a simple command.  You can choose between installing it via the Composer PHP reactive programming or the Laravel Installer. An assistant that expedites installation too is available.
RoutingYii supports automated default routing. Every operation in the controller does not require its route declaration.The framework ought to offer a default route. Additionally, resource routing allows you to designate many ways at once. Within a single line of code, it provides common routes to a controller.
MigrationIn Yii, a migration function is quite helpful that developers may utilize to great success. The utility is helpful and makes migrating to the Yii system extremely simple. Yii offers a comprehensive tool for efficient and practical migrations. Additionally, it enables seeding the data by producing fixtures.The ability to incorporate seeders would be available to programmers working with a Laravel business condition, making the conversion process simple and hassle-free. It provides a seeder for simple data transmission and quick module debugging. 
TestingExcept for the PHP component and Codeception testing, it provides most testing tools.Along with many Symfony testing modules, including Httpkernel, DomCrawler, Browserkit, etc., it includes PHPUnit.
DebuggingThe Yii platform has a rich debugging console with several logging-level choices. When programmers do have to require database logging, this is helpful and also has debugging advantages.Given the numerous operations in the frameworks, such as Imho and monitoring, Laravel may be a better solution, if different, when debugging is discussed. Although the choices may be somewhat constrained, Imho is helpful regarding problems with the Laravel-debug bar add-on.
Templating EnginesYii does not use any default third-party templating engine. The developers can select the engine according to their preferences.Laravel has an exceptional templating engine called Blade that allows using the code in the views. It helps in building stunning layouts with minimized performance overheads.
Extensions    There are more than 2,800 extensions available to add different capabilities and improve the app.Approximately 9,000 extensions exist accessible to modify web application behavior following project requirements.

Overall, choose Yii if you want more safety and performance. Laravel, on the contrary, provides outstanding performance, improves traffic control, and provides a variety of frameworks for the programmer to employ. Choose Laravel if you want to construct such a solution.

Laravel vs. Yii: What to Choose?

Without question, Laravel is a top PHP web development platform. Many companies choose to use Laravel to create their web apps. It has everything needed to develop reliable, secure, tried-and-true, and efficient digital services for any company in any industry. So why do specific software engineers still go for Yii while working on web design projects?

There are defenses for it. Yii framework provides standardized out-of-the-box functionality that has the potential to automate significant web development. Autonomous code creation is made possible by its Yii extension.

Web designers may quickly create pre-made interfaces with Yii widgets and reconfigure them at any moment. Yii offers multiple robust suppliers and skinning features that make it simple to alter the website’s design. Yii is frequently utilized in the creation of web programs with admin interfaces or dashboards because of this.

Due to the availability of sophisticated caching capability, Yii has become popular. Yii is, therefore, great for websites with heavy traffic, such as communities and e-commerce platforms. Additionally, Yii’s framework outperforms Laravel in terms of performance. As a result, it is suitable for developing real-world applications, including social media sites where the accuracy of information processing is crucial.

What to select when will rely on company and project objectives. We reviewed the advantages and drawbacks of Laravel and Yii in the blog article. However, Laravel is now the best alternative between Yii and Laravel whenever product managers desire to create large-scale, enterprise-grade applications. Yii may also be employed to start small and medium-sized web applications to meet commercial needs.


The only thing left to say is that each PHP framework has advantages and disadvantages, and selecting the best one ultimately relies on the project requirements. Laravel emerged as the victor across all PHP developers due to its widespread appeal. It is the top option for many businesses, including all PHP-based projects. When developing websites, other platforms are frequently overlooked. If you are interested to build your own mobile app then contact us today.

 Although underappreciated, Yii offers certain technological benefits over Laravel. For more complex security setups, easier routing, and CRUD creation, seasoned engineers continue to use it. JetBrains reports that 67% of programmers favor Laravel, whereas 6% choose Yii. Laravel entices you with incredible features like testing procedures and intriguing design engines that will significantly assist you in rendering your task valuable.

You may hire a programmer from the finest organization, depending on your accessibility and the needs of the project, to turn your possible business concept into a workable system and complete the task.


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