There are few of the technologies that come only to stay and Angular JS is one of them. Here is everything that you would like to know about Angular JS, as a developer, as a user, and as a technology enthusiast!

What is Angular JS?

AngularJS is a client-side open-source Javascript framework maintained by Google and a community of developers, used to help manage and assist web applications. It was 2012 when AngularJS came off in the loop with a series of Javascript MVC frameworks and libraries.

The best part is it is completely Java Script based so it supports and runs on everything that comes within that range.

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AngularJS is primarily aimed at building single-page applications that are by virtue of their orientation more architecturally sorted and maintainable. Further, only-29kb-size makes it highly compressed and easy to implement. The way it is designed makes it highly compatible with new generation tools and makes it work with them in a seamless manner.

AngularJS Features

Two-Way Data Binding

Considered as one of the most useful and important features of Angular, Two-Way-Data-Binding goes with everything that modern web apps are all about. It reduces the number of refresh cycles by interlocking the resources of the View to those of the Model. This also cuts the amount of coding to less than 80% of that you do otherwise when you have to manipulate and respond to DOM through coding. This way these features makes your work less complex and synchronized.


Exclusively available with Angular, Directives are simply the app-separated stand-alone elements that can be reused for DOM manipulations. Most importantly, this power-packed, reusable and highly useful feature allows you to define your own HTML syntax specific to your application.

HTML Template

AngularJS doesn’t use any rendering engine. Yes, you heard it right. Rather it works it out with browser with HTML templates parsed in the DOM, which acts as the input for AngularJS compiler. It traverses the DOM template which is now behaving as a rendering unit and makes it perform Directives. The input here is the browser DOM instead of HTML string, which is the one factor that clearly puts Angular ahead of other frameworks.

Dependency Injection

When you add service as a parameter Dependency Injection provides you an instance to help you develop, test and manage your application with ease, without having to do it manually. This saves a lot of time and you are able to put things up in a comprehensive order of preference to refer from.


Testing with AngularJS comes quite easy as this framework has kept everything in place keeping testability in preliminary notion at different layers of execution. The thorough test runner set-up allows great options to work with quality check and appraisal.

Why you should use AngularJS?

Well, all the reasons mentioned above come strong with the Parallel Workflow offered by the framework. As a developer, you would always like to work within an environment that allows you to work on both designing and development, side by side.

With AngularJS, developers can grab the data available and write properties and test around them with designers manipulating and crafting the developed application until they achieve the desired design, all on the parallel basis and in a highly collaborative manner. Further, handling dependencies comes easy with the dependency injections and dynamic loading with your app divided into multiple manageable modules. This allows you to just test the modules that you find important at that particular event and unfold your application to run in a full mode, leaving the rest of the testing to be done later on when needed. Apart from this, the structured design workflow that helps locate an element and execute tasks in small parts makes it really easy for the development plan to correspond with the line of action.

Flexibility with filters is another important facet to it that makes AngularJS so helpful working on HTML tables. This even works without JavaScript. As a developer, you would find structured UI as a great plus to work on the application design. With the declarative UI, you can confidently go ahead with different features and resources and validate your app to perfectly work with the interface. This will help you get the idea of how to place web components right and arrange for the functional resources to work with web applications most appropriately.

All these features put together make AngularJS a great way to conceptualize and convert far-reaching ideas into applications based on modern web needs. Using AngularJS makes sure you get the most authentic and rich supplies to work on advanced web needs, you don’t get to see easily otherwise.

If you are looking to hire an AngularJS developer for your next project, feel free to contact us at Octal IT Solution.

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