How Many Jobs Are Available in Real Estate Investment Trusts?

Recent years have seen a tremendous shift in how the world has started Investing. And one of the most traditional domains to invest in is Real Estate. 

Post-pandemic, the number of job openings in the market saw a substantial paradigm shift in the domains of jobs that people are interested in. It was majorly influenced by the fact that the audience is looking forward to investing in the traditional business domains than experimenting with something new. 

One such domain is Real Estate Investment Trusts! 

Not sure what are REIT and the jobs they offer? Here’s a brief of A to Z of the domain and how many jobs are available in Real Estate Investment Trust. 

What is Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)?

A real estate investment trust (REIT) is a company that owns, operates, or finances income-generating real estate. These could be residential or commercial buildings or both. The companies that own these buildings are Real Estate Investment Trusts. The facilities/properties owned by the trust are a source of income and relative stability depending upon long-term leases that let the investors generate profit without directly investing in the property. 

Depending on the property type and services they cater the real estate investment trusts can be classified as: 

  • Official/Industrial 
  • Lodging/ Resort 
  • Health Care 
  • Data Centers 
  • Residential 
  • Infrastructure 
  • Retail 
  • Timberlands 
  • Diversified or Combination 
  • Mortgage 
  • Specialty 

If we talk about the stats, around 145 million Americans invested in REIT stocks in recent years. In most cases, the exposure to real estate investment trusts is rewarded by their employer-sponsored 401 (k) or other retirement plans. 

These trusts offer consumers several other benefits, including dividend yields, independence from the S&P 500 performance, easy liquidity, and advantageous tax savings. 

Now that we have seen the tax benefits of the Trusts, let’s further study the types of Real Estate Investment Funds in detail. 

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How Many Jobs Are Available in Real Estate Investment Trusts?

List of Jobs Available in Real Estate Investment Trusts – Real Estate Investment Trusts have plenty of opportunities no matter what discipline you are from. In the US, there are 326,000 jobs are available in real estate investment trusts, and there are an additional 3.4 million full-time jobs that are indirectly tied to the REIT sector. There are several high-paying and intriguing positions available in real estate investment trusts, ranging from asset acquisition to property management.

If you are still unsure how many jobs are available in real estate investment trusts, here is a list that can help. 

Job TitleNumber Of Jobs In The U.S.2020-2030 Job Growth RateJob Openings
Administrative Assistant854,000+-7%73,000+
Real Estate Broker150,000+7%23,000+
Real Estate Sales Associate148,000+7%150,000+
Real Estate Consultant147,000+7%30,000+
Property Manager117,000+7%20,000+
Real Estate Sales Supervisor77,000+7%26,000+
Real Estate Escrow Officer69,000+8%74,000+
Leasing Consultant62,000+7%15,000+
Property Appraiser33,000+7%22,000+
Title Examiner20,000+6%3,000+

Property Developer

As you work as a real estate developer, the first thing expected from you is to generate huge profits and constant support in expanding the industry. You would need to coordinate with the contractors and the subcontractors to plan and inspect the new properties that are under construction or completed. If you have a professional degree in disciplines like civil engineering, architecture, business, or urban planning, then indeed, you are the one who could assist the team here. 

The fundamental abilities of a Property Developer are: 

  • In-depth understanding of how finance works 
  • Insider knowledge and resources who could keep you updated with the real estate market
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills to get things done from the respective members

Property Management Role

The following designation in the list, property manager, is quite similar to real estate developers. One needs to consider only a few factors while discussing property management. Property managers need to adhere to a few requirements. Engaging with clients and selling or renting out properties at the best pricing based on market rates are the major expectations from a real estate property manager.

The following skills are necessary for a property manager working in REIT to succeed.

  • Managerial Skills 
  • Expertise in Marketing 
  • Customer service abilities
  • Good Understanding of Finance 
  • Aptitude for Solving Problems

Acquisition Team Member

The acquisition positions entail the complete in the domain. The opportunities for an acquisition team member are abundant as there is no limit to the properties one can get listed under the investment trusts. 

These jobs are high-paying and in great demand. If you have expertise in finance, marketing, business, or capital market, this is exactly what you have been looking for! 

Pull out your resume from that file, share it with the companies you want to work with, crack that interview and get going!

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Asset Management

Asse Manager is undoubtedly one of the highest-paid positions in the REIT industry. If you join REIT in this position, you are to take care of the operational and financial deliverables of the assets in the portfolio. Asset management is the next step after property management or acquisition management. Someone with the required skills can outperform in the domain and get the maximum output from the market. 

This profile needs the employee to connect and communicate with other departments like acquisitions, accounting, development, and finance. 

So, if you think you can help a REIT expand its business, then this is the job to match your vision. 

Investor Relations Management

The investor relations department mainly works with REIT stakeholders to control all communication. Their group is in charge of planning and assembling data for the annual meetings, such as the proxy statement and annual report.

A person working in investor relations in middle management may receive a commendable income. Individuals must, however, possess a foundation in accounting and finance and an undergraduate degree to be considered for the post.

Real Estate Sales Supervisor

In charge of managing the daily business unit activities, including sales, equipment rental, repair and maintenance, daily locker rentals, repair services, guest service trails, and staff management, this job plays a key leadership role.

Leasing Consultant

The leasing consultant is the face of the real estate sector. They help clients choose homes and properties that suit their needs and budgets.

They help the customers to make a purchase. 

A leasing consultant is an excellent opportunity to start if someone wants to grow in their profession and take on positions like marketing director. To succeed as a leasing consultant, you must be thoroughly aware of the local real estate market.

Along with this, a candidate for this position needs to be proficient in advertising and promotion. Prior work in the hospitality or retail sectors may be helpful because it helps improve soft skills like interpersonal abilities.

Real Estate Property Appraiser

An appraiser for real estate determines the value of a residential or commercial property. Several market and economic factors affect the value of any property. Real estate appraisers note each element to calculate a property’s worth.

One must pass an appraiser training course and get a certificate before working as a property appraiser. For accurate property assessments, candidates also need a background in real estate, finance, economics, and other relevant fields.

Real Estate Investor

Being an investor is one of the real estate trust industries’ highest paying jobs. Real Estate Investor is among this industry’s most lucrative career paths. Real estate investing involves buying assets, adding value, and reselling them for a profit.

Although profitable, there are several difficulties with the profile. An investor must have a deep insight into buying and selling properties to earn a respectable return. Therefore, detailed market research is required.

REIT Analysts Jobs

A REIT analyst collaborates with the real estate and financial departments to buy, sell, market, and financial assets. They support market trend research, analysis, and monitoring. They assist the company in making knowledgeable property decisions.

To build financial models for the company’s current assets and acquisitions, REIT analysts must employ a variety of financial instruments. They must, therefore, have exceptional knowledge of the financial sector.

A few requirements for employment as a REIT analyst include:

  • Extensive understanding of the regional real estate markets, especially macro and micro developments in business
  • Bachelor’s degree in real estate, finance, economics, or a closely connected field
  • Organizing skills,
  • Analytical skills
  • Research skills

Real Estate Attorney Jobs

In real estate investment trusts, attorneys are crucial. To begin with, they act as a mode of communication between clients, sellers, and the REIT firm. Contracts must be signed to purchase real estate. As a result, lawyers must act as a mediator on behalf of all parties.

Attorneys resolve legal issues involving property ownership and transactions. They discuss documentation, title deed issuance, transfer, and other real estate-related legalities.

Lawyers can offer legal advice to clients in both the consumer and corporate sectors. Ensuring everyone follows the proper protocols helps prevent disputes in real estate transactions.

What Are the Types of Real Estate Investment Funds?

Before you think of how many jobs are available in real estate investment trusts, you must be aware of various real estate investment funds. Let’s have a quick look at these funds so that you can easily choose the job that you want to take. 

Retail Real Estate Investment Trusts 

Who doesn’t trust the growth of the retail industry? 

According to recent numbers, around 24% of REIT’s investors choose to invest in retailers in 3 independent malls. In America, no matter what shopping mall you visit, it is most probably covered by REIT. 

Before you start investing in the retail business, you thoroughly study it and have an insight into its present and prospect in the market. 

The retail funds invest from the rent money that the tenants pay. If the retailer has a cash flow issue due to fewer sales, they may miss the monthly payments. The consequences of this condition are pretty complicated. 

The vital point is that retail REITS must make money when renting their space. If the tenant fails to pay the rent due to poor cash flow or other reasons, there would be no money or gains. It might reflect in bankruptcy and a search for a new tenant. 

Considering their demand and market value, you may invest in a home decor store or a grocery store. Once you have studied the market and want to invest in REITs further, choose a domain with good revenue, looks strong on balance sheets, and has the least debt to clear. 

As the economy declines, there is a strong probability that retailers with ample cash would further invest in REITs as property rates would be declining strongly. The best fish in the market would benefit from the situation, making it big in the domain. 

Residential Real Estate Investment Trusts

As we talk about the residential real estate investment trusts, they are the ones that own and operate residential buildings of all kinds. They include multi-family rented residential buildings as well as other housing properties. Before you decide to jump into this kind of investment, you need to take into account a lot of things. There could be a chance that the best apartments in the market are cheaper in some cities compared to the rest of the country. 

For bigger cities, the cost of single homes is rising, forcing people to rent, and allowing landlords to charge what they want each month. 

Thus the best residential REITs would focus on the large urban centers compared to small cities. Another factor to consider here is the population growth and job openings in the property of the city you are planning to invest in. Mathematically speaking, when many people choose to move to a town, it is generally for the job the area offers and the growing economy.

 If there is a decline in job openings and growth, there would be a rise in rent. When the number of properties to rent is low in the market and the demand rises, the residential REIT would outperform. 

And before the investment, do not miss to check the most prominent capital and balance sheets of the trusts you are investing in. 

Healthcare Real Estate Investment Trusts

Another fund that you can invest in is healthcare REITs. This is an exciting area to explore, considering the rising stats around age and healthcare costs in America. Healthcare REITs invest in hospital real estate, nursing facilities, medical centers, old age homes, etc. The success of the healthcare investment trusts is directly proportional to the advancement in the area’s healthcare sector. The primary income of the industry comes from medical compensations, registration fees, occupancy fees, and other essential service charges. 

As healthcare financing grows, there is no loss in investing in healthcare real estate investment funds. The main thing to focus on here is a diverse set of clients and investments in various real estate properties. It would be great if you could focus on one domain, as spreading out may be risky. The demand for healthcare services is generally reflected in the increase in healthcare real estate funds. Thus, when looking for clients and assets, do not miss the experience and the benefits the property you are investing in offers. 

Office Real Estate Investment Funds

Another vital fund to invest in real estate is in office buildings. The offices generate rental income from the businesses that are on lease for long-term or short-term in these buildings. Make sure you choose a real estate investment fund that efficiently invests in the economic strongholds. 

A growing space in a developing city is much better than a prime space in a city that sees no further growth.

Mortgage Real Estate Investment Trusts

If we trust the numbers, around 10% of the REIT investments are in mortgage properties compared to real estate properties. Some of the best companies that invest in mortgaged property are government-sponsored. The investment in mortgage property risk factor is no less. Any rise in the interest rates would reflect a declined mortgage book value which would reflect lower equity prices. 

Not just this, mortgage funds raise high capital through secured and unsecured debts that they offer in the market. 

As the interest rates continue to grow, future financing is getting expensive and reflecting a significant decline in the loan portfolio. As we talk about low-interest-rate environments with the higher ones, you would see that most REIT trades work at a discount rate on the net asset value. 

The only way to see your money grow is to choose the right investment platform to talk to. 

Real Estate investment funds seem to be a strongly growing field. Why not find a job in the domain and grow professionally and earn profits personally? If you aren’t sure how many jobs are available in the real estate investment trusts market, then continue reading. We have listed here some of the profiles that are in the most demand. 

Largest Real-Estate-Investment-Trusts by Market Cap (Top 10)

How Many Jobs are available in Real Estate Investment Trusts

Wrapping the Whole Story Up!

So, this is all about real estate investment trusts. If you are looking forward to entering the market with a job in the domain, this is the right time. Buckle up your belt, share your resume with various companies and get ready to start a new journey. 

With real estate mobile applications in the market, job opportunities are expanding to offer you a healthy lifestyle. 


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