Humans are made to adapt to newer and better things. We want our things to be easy and make our lives better. Ever since the first digital technology was invented and introduced it remained no same the next year.

we all are the witnesses to that. Mobile operating systems came quite later, while we were already using digital assistance in the form of calculators, digital phone books and automatic reminders.

With time it became more authentic, resourceful and smart. The first smartphone we had with us was a balanced combination of PDAs and mobile phones. Well, that’s more than a decade now today we are blessed with the facilities that we would have never imagined in the early technology era.

The ever-growing sense of connectivity and ever-rising needs has made it important for the devices to be steady and fast in their communication approach. Device-to-device communication finds special mention when we talk about the evolved mobile phone technology. This gave rise to the technologies like Bluetooth, Infrared, QR code, Home automation systems, Ethernet, Remote lock-down, that took the concept of connectivity to an altogether different level.

All these amazing features ruled the world of mobile telephony and became the sustenance of mobile users a big-time, clearly suggesting that it would be taking leaps ahead to help them have something as advanced and revolutionary as Near Field Communication.

Near Filed Communication, nick-named as NFC, well translates the subsistence and importance of mobile phone technology. The advanced gadget communication system helps you to go beyond your mediocre daily-life approaches and have a savvy experience, using your mobile phone gadget. Just by touching the alternate gadget-chip and getting it done, NFC has made the transportability of data a really handy thing. Mobile phone users having NFC functionality integrated in their phones can get leveraging benefits in sharing, delivering, processing and obtaining data.

The futuristic technology lets people not just easily share files using mobile phone gadgets with their friends but also helps them doing important payment transactions, download and redeem codes, do ticketing activities, manage check-ins, use info tags for grabbing information on different areas, latest deals, etc.

NFC has not just presented us with easiest ways to deal with different modern-day practices but also offered us with a most secure and versatile way to deal with all those propositions. With NFC it is no way like earlier when we used to take our payment cards all along with us. Now with NFC, Phones could tap and go, using communication infrastructure already consigned for payment systems such as MasterCard’s PayPass program or Visa’s payWave.

Digital Wallet, another advanced facility in the payment section, lets you use coupons and offers following the NFC-based coupon programs. This helps the users in utilizing the convenience of RFID and tagging their phone with ease coupon redemption options besides helping the retailers to track the coupon receivers and the use of the coupons.

In transportation too Near Filed Communication plays a great role. Using this technology, contactless smart cards and readers can get integrated with the public transit payment systems that already use a smart card swipe.

NFC touches every part of your life. It has endless applications. If you are running a diagnosis campaign in your clinic and want the patients to get tagged the moment they visit your place, it will do that in a highly uncluttered and advanced manner. You can get information of them collected, presented and stored in real-time. Even with schools installed with infotags students can daily reports, announcements, timetable and more just by scanning them and referring to them on their smartphones. One can even use NFC for tracking the time your employee came in and entered a particular place. You can count the visits and also get helped in tracking attendance, the modern way!

Near Field Communication technology offers phones with interactive facilities to not just share information but also to perform calling and other regular functions in a highly interactive manner. For e.g.; you can simply tap on the photo, to call the person. The embedded NFC tagged photo would transmit the information to the phone and it connects the number automatically and performs the action.

The amazing technology has completely transformed the way we used to communicate through our smart gadgets. It has made it highly dynamic and easy for the users to interact with different information systems, processes and facilities. Near Field Communication is something that has made us believe in the brilliance and resourcefulness of the mobile phone technology ever more and has eminently served the technology world with absorbing benefits! For More Information Mobile Application Development Please Visit


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Kamal Kishor is a digital marketing enthusiast and a seasoned writer with a passion for exploring the dynamic world of technology. With a background in computer engineering, Kamal brings a unique blend of technical expertise and creative storytelling to his tech blog.

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