The concept of daily deals app is nothing new, as it is the only solution that makes the user’s shopping experience very cost-effective. Nowadays, people are just addicted to mobile apps, and they simply love to glance the deals and at the same time they make the payments for availing the offers.

The reason being, they simply cannot afford to miss such deals that define their interest and preferred shopping domains. In case we dig a little deeper, daily deals mobile apps are not only meeting the user’s requirements but are also making the other linked stores highlighted and noticeable. They can simply showcase their deals and can attract the user base. This concept is nowadays ruling all the market standards and most of the new business are ready to perk with their own customized daily deals mobile apps.

So, in case you are on the journey for finding out the one, then certainly this post will help you in exploring the best features of the daily deals mobile apps. Well, not only that the article sheds some light on the technical parameters, required team structures but on the cost and other advanced features that are required for making your app ranking the charts on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

The Basic Architecture of Daily Deals Mobile App

When it comes to daily deal app development it becomes quite important for the developers to bring on the screen the most significant features that would make it user-friendly and easily navigable that would reflect in great profits.

User Panel


This would be the main panel that your users would access. It is here that they can register and login and find your services for their use. The features that our mobile app development experts have integrated in the past projects are:

Sign Up: This is the first segment of the app. Users can register with their social networks or email account credentials.

View Deals: All the deals related with dining, clothing, beauty, grocery and much more can be viewed and availed by the admin

Invite Friends: Users can invite their friends as well for using the deals and offers of different categories so to explore the vast set of shopping opportunities.

My favorites: Users can store all the deals of the different categories under this section. They can avail the deal later on as well but obviously before the validation of the deals ends.

Use Coupon Code: Users can use the coupon code while shopping. They can redeem the codes as and when required owing to their convenience.

Browse Store Specific/ Category Wise Offers: Under this section, users can customize their preferences. They can select a particular store and can analyze all the related offers so as to shop in a convenient way.

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Merchant Panel

When talking about the merchant panel it becomes quite important for the daily deals mobile application development team to take care of the merchant’s needs too.

Add and Manage Deals:  Accordingly, the merchants and the store owners can add the deals corresponding to a particular section. They are responsible for managing the deals as well.

Track Status: All the deals and offers along with their status are managed by the storekeeper. They can check the number of users that availed the deal and if it requires an extension on the ground of date and products.

Manage Orders: All the orders assigned by the users are managed. The deals that are used while making the orders are also verified In order to avoid any confusion later on.

Mail System: The dealers and the merchants can mail the users as well for making them aware of the incoming deals and their benefits.

Redemption of Coupons: The merchants are responsible for managing the coupons that are redeemed by the users. This helps greatly in making the shopping and billing systems very transparent.

Acquired Deals: Under this section, all the deals used by the users are managed. The deals that are being used widely and are loved by the users are also stored.

Coupon and deals app development would reflect well in the presence of merchant’s availability. It is important that the features in the work are arranged well.


Admin Panel

When it comes to the admin panel, we make sure that our experts make it a point that all the major aspects are covered well.

Manage Deals: All the deals that are introduced by the merchants along with the arrival and ending date are monitored by the admin.

Manage Coupons: The entire coupon related details such as its code, store from which it belongs and the category is recorded and analyzed by the admin.

Categories and Subcategories of Deals: All the categories of the deals such as and the products that can be purchased under the deal are clearly monitored by the admin.

Manage Merchants: All the store owners that are associated with the app along with the address and the products they are selling are managed by the admin.

Content Management System: All the content related to the FAQs, policies, about us, Buying guides are managed by the Admin so as to maintain the overall consistency.

Share Deals: The Admin can share the deals on social networking sites as well for increasing the app visibility and popularity.

Review Deals and Comments: All the comments made by the users for the concerned deals can be checked by the admin. Accordingly, the admin can suggest any improvisations as per the user requirements and demands.

These are a few features that your deals app development service provider needs to install to your work. If you are looking forward to making interesting solutions then hire our hybrid app development team today!

Advanced Features

Navigation and tracking: Well, almost all the users want to avail the deals that are nearby to their location. With the help of Google Maps or Apple Maps users can identify the deals related to dining, grocery, shopping and much more. This way it really gets easy for the users to avail for the best deals that are running in their areas plus also befits your businesses and attracts the users as well since it adds to their convenience to a great extent.

Price comparison: The users just love the concept of shopping at fewer prices and with maximum discounts. They just hate when the product they have purchased is being showcased on the other sites as well on a low price. Therefore, here the price comparison feature in your deals daily application comes as a great rescue. Users can compare the price of products on different stores by applying their coupon codes and offers. They can simply check the prices and can shop conveniently under a minimum price structure.

Payment Gateway (Credit, Debit, Wallet, Net banking, Paypal, Braintree): There are distinctive payment gateways that are available nowadays. Braintree, Stripe, PayPal’s Mobile SDK and Apple Pay can be used in the daily deals mobile app for making the payment procedures transparent and sound. Therefore, provides convenient approaches to the users for making the payments with a very convenient and hassle-free approach.

Gift Cards: Well, this is said as a major feature, as it attracts the users and keeps them attuned with the app. You can offer gift cards to your users so as to encourage them to use the offers and coupons. They work as a great deal in keeping the users attentive and motivates them to avail of your services when required. Moreover, Gift cards and other promotional activities help to increase the visibility of the business. Therefore, embedding into the daily deals app can make it a big hit across the entire industrial niche.

Social Media Integration: Let your friends know about what are you shopping for? What are the best deals that you have availed? This feature can be embedded by the App Developer into the app so as to allow the people to share their experiences and deals in a group which is a more advanced and sophisticated part. In a way, it is a promotional and smart advertisement practice and hopefully, with the App Developer may get more user engagement when keeping the option open to share things in the social feed.

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Cloud Environment: Implementation of cloud technology is important for managing and storing the data in a safe and reliable form. All the processed and the raw information associated with the users, merchants, deals, stores attuned and payment details are stored on the cloud for making the workflow of the business very seamless. Daily deals mobile app imbibed with the cloud technology helps a lot in making the business scalable and handles all the communication on secured servers thus protecting the overall business integrity.

Real-time Analytics: Real-time analytics is very useful for extracting out the processed information out of chunks of data stored in a daily deal mobile app. It helps to determine the correct and productive statistics that are associated with the different deals and stores and help to reap out the perfect decisions to make the business flourish. Likewise, it can grapple the areas from where the maximum deals were utilized, the stores that are ruling the app, order categories, the number of added or deleted stored, verifying the deals and much more so as to establish a transparent working ecosystem. Analytics comes as a great deal in making the business process more fluent and at the same time outline, a clear idea about the improvisations required. Several analytical tools such as Open Source Analytics Tools, Apache Spark, Apache Storm, etc can be integrated into the app for delivering streamlined growth to the businesses and store owners.

Push Notification: It works great for augmenting user acquisition and retention. Daily deals mobile app developed and entailed with the push technology help greatly in notifying the user pertaining to offers, discount and the about the various coupon details. Needless to say, Push notification can prove to be quite productive in enhancing your business visibility and at the same time keeps your clientele glued to the.

These are the brief features that an ideal daily deal app development service provider would integrate in your solution.

Involved Technologies for Daily Deals App Development

The most important technologies that our on-demand mobile application development team  works on for cutting edge technology are:

  • Bandwidth, Twilio – For Push Notifications
  • Nexmo – For SMS, Voice and Phone Verification
  • Braintree & PayPal – For accepting payments
  • GWT – For Powerful Programming
  • Datastax – For Data Management
  • Mandrill – For everything related to emails
  • Debian – The universal Operating System
  • Database – MongoDB, Hbase, Cassandra, Postgress, Mail Chimp Integration
  • Cloud Environment – AWS
  • Realtime Analytics – Hadoop, Spark, BigData, Apache Flink, Cisco, IBM

Cutting-edge technology reflects in interesting and innovative solutions only if the development process is being taken care of.

Daily Deals and Coupon App Development Process

Now, once all the requirements and attributes of the daily deals mobile app have been finalized, now is the time to embark with all the development procedures so as to engineer the app inclusive of the above features. Since we are here talking about the development, hence it is very imperative to select the right development model in order to be seated with the best and excelled mobile app. Certainly, it is toil and tedious, but sticking to the below development phases will definitely help in creating superior quality daily deals mobile app.


Analysis: This step is the core process before beginning with app development. All the requirements and the features are finalized and documented in this step. Therefore, clearly validate all the specification and technical domains in order to pave a clear way for processing out the other steps in a very effective and efficient way.

Design: Once the requirements and the associated parameters for developing an app are being finalized, all the design and the graphical elements can be outlined accordingly. Developing a comprehended design resonating with the core idea of an app is a very crucial step, therefore; it must be processed with the right infographics, catchy content and images.

Development: The app developed can be said countable if it comprises all the features engineered in the right way. Therefore, it is required to process all the development activities with correct planning and analysis. Right from the platform selection, to the integration of the features, it is in this step where the app is modelled and framed according to your app idea and business model.

Quality Assurance: Once all the development related activities are accomplished, the app is finally rolled over the testing phase. Standardized testing tools and different testing techniques must be applied for identifying the bugs and stringent measures should be applied so as to affix the prevailing bugs.

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Launch: Upon the successful completion of all the testing activities, the app is made ready for the launching process. An app tailored with all the documented data and working seamlessly across all the platforms for sure top the charts on the app stores. Needless, to say an app processed out of the above phases conserves a seat ahead of their competitors on the grounds of performance and quality. Therefore, it becomes very important to discover the best Mobile App Development Company such as Octal IT Solution for engineering the best mobile apps for your business organizations.

Team Structure: You Need One proficient Team

Eventually, the journey for app development is not said to complete in case you have explored the best mobile app development company. There are several other individuals that are involved in developing your app from scratch. You require the discernible squad of Mobile App Developers, expert designers, astute testers headed by a couple of project managers. The function of your daily deals mobile app depends largely on the method, that is deployed in developing it. Hence it becomes very crucial that you find the right and deserving candidates that are imbibed with the real passion and potential for engineering the perfect mobile app.


Here are the major key person that plays a great role in contributing true quality and perfection to your app:

Project Manager: She/he should have excellent command over managerial skills and should be smart enough to identify the best product solutions tailored with the business requirements.

Developers: Android App Developer, IOS App Developer, Back-end App Developers

Designers: expert UX/UI designers, Graphic Designer,

Testers: A team of proficient and skilled QA experts for delivering a smooth and rich experience to users.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop a Daily Deals App?

The daily deals mobile app development Companies usually charge on per hour basis according to the complexities involved and time-line. The current standard as per hour ranges from $30-$40 which can be considered reasonable for developing such apps. Costs also include paying for UX/UI designers, Quality Assurance and the Testing Team as they are as important as back end developers. However, the cost of developing an app depends on the physical location of the developers as well.

For instance, US-based App Developing firms take around $40 – $250/hour whereas in Western Europe and Eastern Europe these charges range from $50-$170 and $20-$150 respectively.

The cost of developing a simple daily deal mobile app with limited features in India is as low as $20 to $120/hour. So, according to the cost structures, it make it take around $25,000 for iOS and $35,000 for Android for developing a daily deal app such as Groupon. The continuous innovation makes the costs of developing the daily deals app is likely to become more pocket-friendly in the coming years. So to turn into a profitable investment, one needs to spend more on the unique features which the previous apps lack right now and then implementing the App at the right time to gain the advantage.

Wrapping It Up!

While you step into the world of Mobile App Development it is easy to estimate the basic cost of app. An App Developer may not be able to estimate total cost from the beginning itself as prices vary within case the number of features increases. Needless to say, the process of developing a mobile app is a lengthy and complicated process and can take a much longer time.
Reach to our experts and get the solution that can help you earn great ROI in no time.

Design Team Lead

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