With the competition that brick-and-mortar gyms face against mobile fitness applications, taking advantage of the tough times is a smart move. In the past couple of years, we have seen how technology has transformed the way businesses work no matter what size and domain function.

Entering the market with a strong plan to build a solution that is engaging and unique can help you see your business profits skyrocket.

Don’t believe what we say? Then trust the numbers here:

The World Economic Forum published an article in September 2020 that stated the download of fitness and health mobile apps increased globally by 46%, a number strong enough to drive the market to a destination. Also, after the outbreak of the pandemic, the awareness regarding mental and physical well-being has increased at an appreciable level.

The active number of users in the US for several fitness and health apps in 2018 was around 68.7 million and this number rose to 87.4 million in 2020, the year the pandemic hit us.

After the cities and organizations gradually unlock, the number dropped to 84 million in 2021 and is expected to show an upward movement in 2022 with 86 million users.

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to the sudden rise of fitness applications and awareness around health and hygiene. The ever-expanding network of fitness studios and gyms through the platforms.

Basic Features of Gym Workout App

Workout Application Development

1. User Onboarding: When talking about adding to the application solutions that would make it interactive and engaging, the onboarding process must be designed and determined in a way that is easy to understand.

  • Login: With basic details, the user can log in to the application and make a customized dashboard for themselves that would make it easier for them to continue with the workout schedule.
  • User Profile: A well-defined user profile would make it easier for the users to interact with the application and take care of their health needs and exercise activities.

2. Set Fitness Goals: Make sure to set goals that would make it easier for your customers to have a fixed exercise schedule without any extra costs or registrations.

3. Synchronize with Wearables: Our experts affirm that with assistance from the wearable app development team we add some extra features. One can always check their progress, heart rate, and basic other health-related things that would make it easier for them to track their fitness and consult the doctor if required.

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4. Monitor Activities: Sometimes you continue to exercise hard but tracking the progress becomes difficult. We make sure that the solutions that we deliver help end-users track their activities, calories count, and other details.

Exercising without tracking the activities and results would make no sense and cannot help you build your presence in the market.

We understand the terms and technicalities and affirm that your users make the best of the solutions that are delivered to you.

5. Workout and Exercises: When talking about workout and exercise details, we make sure that the solutions that are dropped to you have the best quality. We have been working in the direction of developing mobile applications that can help the end-users workout and exercise exactly according to their requirements.

Some may need to stay fit, some may need to lose weight, and some may need to build their body, so one can easily choose a customized solution for the same.

6. Push Notifications: What if laziness takes over enthusiasm? Well, no worries. The push notifications would make it easier for the users to stay motivated. You can send quotes, remind them of schedules, share rewards for milestones, etc. This would make it easier for the end-users to be consistent and engage with your application on a daily basis. We make sure the solutions that are dropped to you are well in accordance with your customers’ needs.

7. Audio/Video Player: Simply reading the instructions wouldn’t be motivated enough to choose your application and interact with it. We affirm integrating audio and video players with the application where one can see and hear the instructions that would make it easier for them to follow.

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With clear video instructions from your instructor, the user can experience a real-time training process that would make things easier and better for them.

8. Payment Gateway: If you are looking forward to building an application that requires payments for subscriptions, then an in-app payment method can be a great choice. Not just this, we make sure that the solutions that enter the market are the one-stop solutions to your users. Also, we integrate popular payment methodologies to affirm that you do not face trouble during transactions or upgrading your plans. Our eWallet app development affirms that the solutions that are dropped to you are strong and highly rewarding.

Unlike most applications, we make sure that the solutions are engaging and interesting.

9. Admin Panel: Along with a well-defined user panel, we do offer an admin panel that makes it easier for you to review and check the details of the users. You can check their subscription plans, tenure of the subscription, and other details that would make it easier for you to maintain the data and build a strong presence with user engagement.

As many customer requirements, you are aware of, you get the best results on the screen and higher engagement.

Higher the engagement better the profits.

These are some of the basic features that your gym/workout application must-have. A well-developed Gym/workout application development company includes these features along with advanced technology to make sure you stand ahead of your competition in the market.

Other than these basic features, there are a few advanced features and some interesting gym quotes to keep your users motivated. These features are defined by the advanced technology that we implement.

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Advanced Features

When talking about the advanced features, these are the extra sets that you can offer your customers. Not including them in your application would not harm you, but including them would surely help you earn great profits without much trouble.

Workout Application Development

1. Geolocation

With geolocation integrated into your application, one can choose the exercises and the diet according to the area they are in.

Also, with the right location, they can be suggested what to eat on a particular day of the time and where one can get them from.

2. Social Media Sharing

When talking about social media sharing, it is a kind of free marketing. Let your users share their progress reports, their fitness journey, and your application with their friends and family.

Power of word is a strong source that adds to the credibility and utility of the solutions that make profit-earning an easier business for you.

3. Coaching Content

Instead of adding simple instruction videos why not add coaching videos where the real person teaches how you can perform the activities the right way. Our mobile app development team affirms to integrate solutions where one can exercise with the instructions from the real-life instructors.

Also, with advanced technology, you can perform the exercise in front of the app-build cam and the AI would correct your posture and help you through.

4. Filters 

To let your target audience customize the solution we make sure to add all the required filters. These filters define how things function and what would be the requirements of your clients.

We make sure to bring to your notice the solutions that are interesting and engaging and make things easier.

5. Add to Cart

If there are various solutions and plans that one can pay for on your application, one needs to have a choice to add these to their carts. We make sure to add a simple add to cart feature where one can check the subscription plan and service they want to avail themselves of.

Not just this, if any item is added to the cart for long, there would be a reminder message to remind your client of the items. This would increase the chances of sales by a few folds helping you make some good profits.

These advanced features would provide a competitive edge to your application. If you want to build a solution that is a game-changer in the market then do not miss adding these modern features to your application.

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Modern Features to Keep Your Competition Behind

1. Gamification

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy!

We have come over a long space and affirm that the solutions that are deployed to you are ladened with advanced technology. We make use of artificial intelligence-based solutions that make it easier for your customers to cope with the bots on the other side and perform the activities.

2. Augmented Reality

With augmented reality-based solutions in the picture, our experts affirm your solutions are updated and offer a never-before experience to your users. We build gym/workout solutions that are interactive and can help you enjoy the real meaning of the applications. They can easily perform the exercises with virtual assistance making it easier to earn better.

3. On-Demand Videos

When talking about solutions that help customers be fitter, why not let them decide what videos they want to watch. If there is something that they are missing from the standard set of solutions, we let you upload on-demand solutions that make it easier for you to interact with your customers and fulfill their choices.

4. Live Streaming

One can always choose to opt for live streaming of the videos to see how to perform a particular exercise. If you want your customers to popularize your solution, offer them a solution that is built exactly for them.

5. Monetary Incentives

We make sure the solutions that are offered are interesting and engaging. Not just this, you can offer rewards and cashback to your customers to keep them motivated to perform better and help you earn great solutions. Entering the market with a solution that offers exemplary features would always keep you one step ahead and help you reach the zenith without much effort.

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Cost of Developing a Gym Workout Mobile Application That Earns Great Profits

When talking about mobile applications that can make things easier for you, there are a few things that need to be well-taken care of. The most dominating factors that define the cost to develop an app are:


The region of the development team plays a dominant role in defining the cost of development of the Gym/Workout application development team.

  • America: $75 to $150 per hour
  • Europe : $60 to $ 100 per hour
  • Australia: $50 to $120 per hour
  • Aisa: $15 to $25

Thus, depending on your budget and the ease you can choose the developers from the required regions. Hire the best fitness app development team in India to affirm that you get the best results at minimum investment.



Choose the platform you want to run your application on. You have two choices here:

Native App Development 

Choose a team that can help you build an application for a specific platform. You can develop an application for either Android or iOS or any other platform. Our native app developers can help you with some loopholes that would add an exemplary feature to your application.

The cost of developing a native app would be around $50K to $120k.

Hybrid App Development  

Hybrid app development is quite a feasible way to reach a wider audience. You would get solutions that are accessible and compatible with all the operating systems you can work on. The cross-platform app development teams help you earn the best results in no time.

The cost of developing a hybrid app would be around $80k to $150k.

Team Breakup: The cost of the mobile app development is defined by the number of members involved. You would need developers, designers, QA, sales team, project manager, etc. who would take care of the complete development and deployment process.

Feature Set: More the features, the higher the investment. We make sure that the solutions that are dropped to you meet the standards of your business. If you want the solutions with a basic feature set, the cost of development would be minimum as we go a little higher on the technology and modern feature-set the cost would rise accordingly.

No worries!

Our on-demand mobile app development services are available at the most affordable rates in the market and the solutions deployed are unique to your business.


As we discussed, with the pandemic the need for all the facilities at home is increasing, the idea for gym/workout development would surely reflect well. All you need to do is hire a team of experts who can help you build solutions that are interactive, aesthetically engaging, and easy to navigate.

Hire our team to be your tech partners and as we focus on building your application you take time to engage in the marketing and scalability of the solutions!

Workout Application Development
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