What is the first name comes to your mind when you think of a Q&A website or web apps? Quora, indeed! Well, Q&A web platforms are nothing new to the world of the internet, in fact with time they are attracting more and more users.

The main aim of these platforms like Quora (the one reigning the race) is sharing knowledge, hence one can be assured that the need for these services is never going to expire. Yet, it is not easy to stay on the top, and that’s why even biggies like Answers.com, Yahoo, Amazon’s Askville, & Stuck Overflow are finding it tough to secure their users. With Yahoo Answers, despite making so much effort, it is slowly losing its prominence.

So what does Quora has, which others doesn’t? What makes it prosper at all times even when its counterparts are struggling to survive in the market? This and a lot more, we will find here, in this blog. So, let’s start with understanding Quora.

What is Quora and how it works?

Well, to put it simply, Quora is a web platform, where it allow the users to ask questions, and other users can answer them, Here, one question may get many answers, showing opinions and outlook of the different people. Here, the users can’t just respond to the queries they have expertise in, but can also arrange & edit them.

Quora App Development

What sets apart Quora is the Quality. Yes, it’s basically the quality of user-generated content this platform provides that makes it popular among the masses. This also comes from the fact that here the users are required to use their original identification/names while registering as this reduce number of bots. Now this is one great feature, but what is that makes Quora remarkable, making the audience return to the platform all the time.   

Focus is the answer. While starting out, for a really long time, Quora had its eyes set on niche market instead of trying to capture all the categories of questions. In the beginning, it mainly concentrated on topics such as marketing and entrepreneurship. Now it started out with one niche, and thus its founders successfully created a domain where the like-minded audience were sharing their experience. Later on, this engaged community expanded hugely and it started collecting knowledge on many business arenas, like software development, beauty, fashion, and what not. Thus, today it serves such enormous audience. 

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What steps were taken by Quora to attract the audience?

The developers of this platform took things in their own hands, and in the starting for few months after the launch, they were themselves creating content for the platform. They asked and answered questions from their own accounts. Meanwhile, another similar and successful platform Reddit chose a complicated way instead. They didn’t use their own accounts, but instead made many fake accounts, to make it seem as if the posts were being published by the different people. Its creators now reveal that it took them sometime gain the users and before they stopped publishing posts on their own.

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How to proceed to develop a platform like Quora?

If creating a Question & Answer website like Quora is in your mind, then you first must create a community. This strategy will absolutely work for you. After all, nobody wants leading discussing on empty web platform. So, fill content all by yourself before the users join them. You can choose the strategy, whether Reddit or Quora, as per your liking, as both approaches are beneficial. When you create profiles, your platform won’t look like it’s managed by numerous people, whereas content is added from the personal profiles, it will make promotion a lot faster & easier.

Another important aspect to keep in mind, is sticking to a less variety of content and instead emphasize on things you are ace at, when creating content by yourself. In this manner, if you can provide high-quality content to your users and resultantly increase chances of their website visit again.

Why it will be profitable to create an app like Quora?

Below is the answer. Yes! Just have a look at these Data Analytics and User Statistics showing the success of Quora Web page. These numbers itself are motivation to create an app of your own like Quora and join the bandwagon.

  • Daily Page views are 3,421,990
  • Daily Website Visitors are 1,425,829
  • Daily Website Revenue is $12833 USD
  • Daily Bandwidth is 65.84 GB (1.99 TB/month)
  • The Website is worth $4,693,471 USD
  • IP Address is
  • Server Signature is nginx

In case, you are now thinking about the investment to develop Quora-like Web platform, then this concern will be answered in the later part of this blog. Next, let’s find ways to manage a Q&A website.

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How to manage a web platform like Quora?

Well, basically, its success depended on the content & audience. So, here we tell you how you should be managing these aspects to appeal to your users and keep the content relevant.

Right use of emails & notifications: Sending out million emails to users never results in increased visits, instead it ends up annoying them. So, put your efforts in sending few newsletters and notifications but add as much value to them as possible. Like, it’s a good idea to send weekly/monthly newsletters based on your users’ preferred topics. Also try inserting the links to most relevant questions and notify your users about latest answers to the questions they posted. In case of mobile app, you can replace emails with the push notifications. This way they won’t duplicate each other.

Relevance of information provided: Offering relevant information to users not just saves their time, but it also turns them loyal. So, the next time they are looking to an information, they are certain to search it on your web platform instead of others. Content organization is also vital. Like, we have Facebook, Instagram as examples to putting most relevant content on top, or the latest content is on top. Hence, this will make your audience feel that they may miss out on something important, and thus they will be opening the web page time and again.

Then, it will also work that you indicate users who have expertise in certain areas. It will certainly encourage those users to share their expertise and knowledge and get the “expert” badge.

User-engagement is essential: The time spent by the users on your website serves as best indicator for how intrigued your audience is with your platform. This is why, every business must try increasing this time, so to turn their clients into their customers. Even though websites as Quora are not selling goods or providing any services, they are constantly working to engage people so they stay online longer. More the views, a website has, more will be the revenue it can get on the advertising front. Hence, if your monetization model is through advertisements, then time & amount of traffic should be your focus.

But how exactly shall one engage their users, making them stay longer at their websites? Well, if we see how Quora does it, then it enable its users to follow numerous topics, users and categories. So, as they open the webpage, they are served with new piece of information each time. Also, each question has this section called, “Related Questions”. This way they make it interesting for their users to enjoy surfing the website for a long period of time, and this obviously increases the amount of page views & time spent on website.

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Features of Q&A app like Quora

Once you have made up your mind and ready to develop the Q&A platform, it’s time that you take a deeper look at your main competitors, such as Reddit & Quora. The foremost thing you will notice is that they have this simple yet very intuitive design. As users open the web page for first time, they get to see latest questions from the random categories and they will read answers if they’re interested. Once the account is created, users can also select categories and then they will receive questions on the selected topics wither via email or directly in their feed.

Here, we have mentioned the basic and advanced features that must be include in app like Quora:

  1. User- Frontend end who use the application or website
  2. Admin- Backend user who manage the entire application/website

Features of User Panel:

  • Register/Login
  • Social media login
  • Search
  • Feeds
  • Specific topic Q&A
  • Forum
  • Answers of questions
  • Edit Questions & Answers, Topics
  • Answer Later list
  • Hide identification
  • Personalization
  • Post Questions or link
  • Request Answers
  • Manage Post
  • Messaging System
  • Stats
  • Manage Ads
  • Push Notifications
  • Add Campaign Management

Features of Admin Panel:

  • Login with Username & Password
  • Manage Ads
  • Manage Users
  • Manage Topics
  • Manage Posts
  • View Stats
  • Manage Notifications
  • Personalization
  • Real-time Reporting

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Advance Features:

Social Media API Integration: In order to enable your users to share content with others, integrate social media API into the website and web apps, as that will allow your users to connect to their social media accounts.

Cloud Storage Integration: In order to securely store the information and data, Google cloud storage and Amazon data servers can be used.

App, PWA, & Website: It really work wonders to implement the system in the website, PWAs & mobile apps, so that it can be accessed on any of the device.

CMS Integration: To manage the website and web app content, you need to integrate them with Content Management System (CMS).

Which KPIs to consider to create Quora-like Web Apps?

Audience Engagement: It work wonders to increase the audience engagement with the app, and with Q7A apps it can be done in a fun manner. Create your app in a manner that your users love to use it. Try coming up with your own unique features like upvote for a likeable answer, downvote to dislike, go anonymous, special thanks, answer edit suggestion, & inbox the chats to further discuss on topic as that will promote the app.

Retention Rate: You can increase the retention rate by allowing your users to synchronize the app with their social media accounts. Send a notification to their contacts each time a new person from their friend-list joins the platform. Ensure a favorable user retention metric through push notifications which help in drawing user attention to your app throughout the day.

User Acquisition: It really works when your total number of active users is constantly growing and this can be done by encouraging your users to have more number of followers by making them invite their friends on your platform. You can grab more users by understanding the value of your application, as then you can plan a strategy accordingly. Also have a good understanding of your target audience and show them how it can be beneficial for them to use your platform.

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Monetization Model for Quora-like Question and Answer App

Same as any other portal with huge database of users & their interest, these kind of app will also make huge sum of money through the advertisements. Same is with Quora, which begun as a beta test, showing advertisements from the limited advertisers. However, today is making big chunk of money through massive advertising.


Required Team Structure:

To create an app like Quora, you will require to hire a special Quora-like mobile app development company. The team must consist of the following set of dedicated professionals, who work to understand your requirements better and deliver results as desired:

  • Project Manager
  • UX/UI Experts
  • Android/iOS Developer
  • Back-end Developer
  • QA Analyst
  • Delivery Manager

How much does it cost to create an app like Quora?

Various factors go into the making of a Quora-like-app, such as features, region of mobile app development company, development platforms (Android/iOS or both), time taken, design, backend, and few other factors. Also in case of Q&A app, it will also involve artificial intelligence, machine learning, NLP (Natural Language Processing), & Algorithms.

Usually, creation of Quora like app is a time-consuming process and it is most important that you choose the right web app developer for the job. Choose an organisation on the basis of their past performance. Calculating all the expenses, it should take somewhere $20000-$30000 to create a Quora-like app. However if you want to add more sophisticated features and tech-stack , the cost could reach around $50,000-$70000

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