Mobile games have changed the way we play and enjoy online gaming. The graphics, video, and sound quality have improved so that the users now get an immersive playing experience. The mobile gaming trend has led to an exponential increase in mobile gamers and mobile game development companies. Mobile games have become a big business and a smart investment for tech companies—all Thanks to new innovative game development technologies. But you must partner with the best mobile game development companies to create awesome mobile games that deliver amazing user experiences to gamers. Leading Mobile game development companies are working continuously to introduce more and more innovation and mobile game development processes to secure a place on the list of best mobile game development companies.

In this writing, we’ll explore how technology has made mobile gaming awesome, why tech companies should invest in mobile game development, and what are the top mobile game development companies that can help you develop mobile games with amazing user experience and stay ahead in the gaming competition.

Top mobile game developers

With the huge popularity and potential of mobile video games, businesses, and investors are looking for the top mobile game development companies that can meet their unique idea of mobile game development. Getting a team of top mobile game developers to build powerful, scalable, robust, and feature-rich mobile game apps is important.

To help you find a reliable and top mobile game development company, we have consolidated a list of the best mobile game development companies in this article, which have been building high-quality mobile games for many years for their clients. In this article, we will also go into detail about how to choose a mobile game development company and several other aspects.

Mobile Game Statistics (Development, Industry, Market)

You would be surprised to know that in 2021, the global gaming market was valued at $173.7 billion, and it is expected to reach a valuation of $315 billion by 2027, mobile phones are playing a major role in such high involvement of video games.

As per a report of, nearly 72% of the active mobile gamers in 2020 were aged between 23 and 38, and 68% of the gamers lie in the age bracket of 39-50 across the world. Some other interesting statistics of the mobile gaming industry are:

  • PUBG, a highly popular mobile game, made the highest revenue of $226 million in May 2020
  • With 24 million installs, Garena Free Fire was the most downloaded mobile game in January 2022.
  • With an average session duration of 25 to 35 minutes, card and casino games have the longest duration.
  • Of those between the ages of 23 and 38, 90% said they would rather play games on their smartphones than on a PC.
  • Over 30% of players on mobile devices play games every day worldwide.
  • Women will make up about 63% of mobile gaming globally in 2020.
  • About 38% of mobile gamers in the USA in 2020 were between 18 and 34.

Top Mobile Game Development Companies

Here comes the most awaited part of the article i.e. the best mobile game development companies:

1. Octal IT Solutions – Florida – U.S.

Octal IT Solution

With more than 16 years of experience in mobile app technologies, Octal IT Solutions can bring your imagination into reality like no one else can. The company is based in Florida, USA. It has a team of proficient mobile game developers who can manage everything from ideation to development and optimal maintenance, guaranteeing the maintenance of the mobile game as per the industry standard and ensuring smooth functionality. The company has received multiple awards and accolades from highly credible platforms such as Clutch, Appdexa, Appfutura, EXTRACT, appliance, Goodfirms, etc.

Whether you require an Android gaming app or an iOS gaming app, the mobile app developers team holds years of experience and is familiar with the latest technologies to create a robust gaming app of any type. You can Hire Mobile App Developers for your next mobile game project.

Contact at: Octal IT Solution

Mail: [email protected]

Phone no: +1-817-717-1793

2. Niantic Labs – California, U.S. – Best mobile game development company USA

Niantic Labs

You must have heard about the Pokemon Go game, which was in headlines across the globe as a highly addictive augmented reality game. Yes, Niantic Labs developed the Pokemon Go game. The company was founded in 2001 and has developed many popular games like Peridot, Monster Hunter Now, Pikmin Bloom, and others.

The company has great experience in utilizing AR and games to build connections and communities, offering AR game development services. These days, Niantic goes beyond just video games. With their Lightship platform, developers can create innovative augmented reality experiences that will change how we play, study, and even attend events like festivals and museums.

3. Activision Blizzard – California, U.S.

Activision Blizzard

Call of Duty, Candy Crush, and Hearthstone are among the highly popular games developed by Activision Blizzard. One of the best mobile game development companies in the USA, the company is highly committed to developing the most epic interactive gaming and entertainment experiences. With experience of more than 4 decades, the company has released multiple games in the market that received solid responses and appreciation from gamers.

This massive American company, which is currently a part of Microsoft, has five game studios, ranging from Activision Publishing’s action-packed thrills to Blizzard Entertainment’s enormous fantasy realms. One pixelated journey at a time, Activision Blizzard continues to enchant the world with hundreds of millions of gamers unified across mobile, console, and PC platforms.

4. Tencent – Shenzhen, China


Tencent Games is a part of the leading conglomerate company Tencent, based in China. It is one of the largest video game vendors and has released highly popular games like PUBG, League of Legends, and Call of Duty mobile. This Chinese mobile game development company boasts 140 games and has attracted millions of video game players from nearly 200 countries.

Tencent Games is a diverse entertainment giant that is reshaping the game industry, not just a publisher. Their capacity to develop internal talent, take advantage of strategic investments, and serve a variety of customer bases guarantees their continuous dominance as the world’s largest gaming company.

5. Nintendo – Kyoto, Japan


Founded in 1889, Nintendo is a pioneer in the gaming world and reigns as a supreme of the family fun and innovative games. The company has more than 7,000 employees and has developed 200+ games. One of its highly popular games Mii Builder, was released in 2016 and was an accessible game for everyone.

With a $58.82 billion market capitalization and devoted followers from all generations, Nintendo’s success is largely due to its ability to make age-appropriate games, innovative hardware concepts like the hybrid design of the Switch, and strong mascots like Mario and Pikachu.

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6. Apple – California, U.S.


Apple has not positioned itself as a mobile game development company, however, it acts as a powerful facilitator and gatekeeper for mobile gaming. Their carefully chosen App Store provides gamers with a reliable source for top-notch games, while their hardware, platform, and support tools enable developers to craft incredible experiences.

7. Electronic Arts – California, U.S.

Electronic Art

Highly popular for its soccer video games, EA is popular for developing & delivering games, content, and online services for Internet-connected consoles, mobile devices, and personal computers. With its cutting-edge games, innovative services, and powerful technologies, EA brings together 600 million gamers across the globe.

8. Bandai Namco – Tokyo, Japan

Bandai Namco

Born in 2005, Bandai Namco is a popular Japanese entertainment company specializing in video games, toys, and other products. It has developed several iconic games like Pac-Man, Tekken, Soul Calibur, and Dragon Ball Z. The company has expertise in developing

arcade-style action, fighting games, and anime-inspired experiences.

Leading the way in worldwide entertainment, Bandai Namco engages and entertains audiences of all ages with various offers, renowned IPs, and innovative techniques. Although they have obstacles to overcome, their flexibility and commitment to excellence put them in a strong position to succeed in the ever-changing entertainment industry.

9. Ubisoft – Montreuil, France


Ubisoft has developed many popular games, such as Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, Rainbow Six Siege, and Just Dance. Top mobile game developer at Ubisoft excels in open-world adventures, competitive shooters, and unique, genre-bending experiences.

Ubisoft, a top-notch game development company, is a frontrunner when it comes to creating expansive, realistic worlds and engaging gaming experiences. Even though there are still difficulties, their dedication to diversity, creativity, and captivating narrative puts them at the top of the game world. They never stop trying to surprise and please players, as a constant reminder that games can be exhilarating journeys and happy times spent with friends.

10.  Square Enix – Tokyo, Japan

Square Enix

Square Enix is synonymous with epic RPGs and pixelated nostalgia. It has made a presence in the mobile market with popular titles such as Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] and Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.

It has become an attractive company because of its timeless RPGs, diverse offerings, and dedication to storytelling.

11.  Konami – Tokyo, Japan


Konami is a Japanese entertainment giant founded in 1959. The company owns popular gaming legacies such as Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill, Castlevania, and Contra. They create and release video games for a variety of platforms, including consoles, mobile devices, and arcades. However, devoted followers of its vintage franchises have criticized them for their recent emphasis on Pachinko and smartphones.

12.  Zynga – San Francisco, California, U.S.


Founded in 2007, Zynga became a popular social gaming company on Facebook and now is a reputed powerful mobile entertainment company. It has developed popular social games such as FarmVille, Words With Friends, and Zynga Poker, creating an era of hyper-engagement on Facebook.

Zynga continues to dominate mobile gaming by utilizing its live operations, casual competence, and social legacy to maintain player engagement. Despite ongoing difficulties with competition and revenue, their flexibility and grasp of the mobile market place them in a great position to engage and amuse players everywhere.

13.  Nexon – Tokyo, Japan


Founded in 1994, Nexon has pioneered the entertainment software industry that mainly involves video games. It has made a lot of innovations in this industry, with the biggest being the world’s first graphic multiplayer online playing game and the first free-to-play game. It has released more than 80 games, which are played in more than 190 countries.

14.  NetEase – Guandong, China


NetEase Games is a leading global developer of video games across various genres. It has many popular titles such as Knives Out, Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, and others. It doesn’t only operate localized versions of many Blizzard games but any other titles.

15.  Jam City – California, U.S.

Jam City

This is an award-winning mobile game development company and has developed hugely popular games such as Cookie Jam and Panda Pop franchises. It has also developed the most popular RPG game Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.

16.  Gameloft – Paris, France


Gameloft has been developing astonishing mobile games for more than two decades. It has a huge portfolio of high-quality games, global reach, and innovative approaches. A trailblazer in video game development since the early 2000s, this company has consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation to craft novel and captivating gaming experiences. With two decades of mobile game development expertise, the company employs interactive content, game mechanics, and innovative concepts to assist brands in fostering meaningful engagement. Gameloft prioritizes respecting players’ interests and ensuring a positive experience, creating a bridge between brands and audiences through the power of gaming.

17.  Supercell – Helsinki, Finland


Supercell became the most popular with its release of the Clash of Clans game, which attracted mobile players across the globe. The company has a huge reputation for developing engaging games.

How to Choose the Best Mobile Game Development Company?

There are certain factors that you must consider while selecting a mobile game development company for your requirements:

1. Past Work Experience:

The selected company for your mobile game development should have relevant experience in developing video and mobile games, especially for your requirements type. The game should be able to manage at least 10K+ concurrent users. The simultaneous users’ capability reflects the company’s hassle-free workflow and ensures scalability. Also, prioritize a mobile game development company with diverse genres, platforms, and game sizes in its previous work experience.

2. Company Portfolio:

The existing portfolio truly signifies the quality and capability of the mobile game development company. Check the portfolio to know what type and size of games they developed earlier and if they have any semblance with your requirements. The company has a strong reputation if it works with popular brands such as MPL.

3. Check Previous Client’s testimonials and feedback:

The feedback and testimonials by the old clients of the company show the working ethics, quality of work, and other parameters of the company. Positive reviews and testimonials are paramount to ensure that the chosen mobile game development company will meet your requirements.

4. Specialization In Gaming Type:

Not every mobile game development company can develop any game. Suppose you have requirements for developing an Aviator Casino Game Development, but the potential company you are choosing has expertise in only arcade or action games. In that sense, it is not the right company for you. The chosen company must have specialization in the domain to meet your requirements.

5. Technical Expertise:

The best mobile game development company has strong technical expertise in all aspects of mobile game development such as frontend, backend, QA, graphic design, sound elements, and others. The company must have an in-house team of designers, front-end/back-end developers, QA engineers, and other entities.

6. Post-development services:

The mobile game development is an ongoing process, and it doesn’t end after the game’s launch. There will be regular fixes, new updates, and maintenance activities. Thus, the company’s post-development services matter a lot. The company should have a dedicated team for maintenance to ensure your game runs smoothly for all users.

7. Check for creativity & innovation:

In the gaming industry, creativity & innovation in graphics, sounds, and other elements can matter a lot. These attributes are enough to make a game a huge hit in the market. The chosen mobile game development team should have a strong creative vision for the game.

8. Communication:

Effective communication is a key element for the successful completion of a project. Evaluate how the company will communicate with you, how regularly they will provide updates, whether there is any dedicated Point of Communication assigned for your project and other things.

9. Pricing & Budget:

Although cost should be the deciding factor, it still plays a predominant role in deciding the mobile game development company. Request a price quotation of your requirements from the company and check if it aligns with your budget. Always remember that a company offering low prices may also compromise on the quality.

What Services do Top Mobile Game Development Companies offer?

A top mobile game development company offers a variety of services which the high-end game development services include:

1. Mobile Game App Development:

The first service would be robust mobile game development services that can thrill users across different platforms. The company has skilled mobile game developers who have vast experience and expertise in developing feature-rich, highly interactive solutions.

2. Web3 Game Development:

The advanced game development companies think of the future, which is Web3. Such companies have a talented team of developers who can assist in developing Web3 games of any scope, scale, and genre.

3. AR/VR Game App Development:

The companies offer various AR/VR game app development services for multiple platforms in different genres with profound creativity and uniqueness. The company’s AR/VR game developers have all the required expertise to bring creative gaming thoughts and visions to life.

4. 3D Game App Development:

With gamers’ involvement in the 3D experience, companies have started offering 3D game development services with an easy-to-use interface and surreal graphics.

5. Metaverse Game App Development:

With the rapid popularity of metaverse, the companies have now started offering metaverse game development services to help businesses dive into the wave of digital gaming. Whether it is a play-to-earn (P2E) game, player-vs-player (PvP) game, move-to-earn (M2E) game, or any other engaging game, the companies can build an eyeball-grabbing metaverse gaming environment.

Mobile App Development Tools

1. Immersive Technologies:

We have witnessed huge growth in immersive technologies over the last few years. The applications have paved the path from healthcare to the gaming industry. The most common immersive technologies that are being used in the gaming industry are Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). In 2024, game developers will harness these technologies to their maximum potential while pushing the limits of interactive gameplay.

2. Cross-Platform Play:

Cross-platform play refers to the ability to play the same games on different devices such as laptops, consoles, and mobile devices. It improves the portability and gaming experience. It also fosters a sense of inclusivity and community among gamers.

3. Cloud Gaming:

Cloud gaming is probably the biggest trend in the gaming industry. Earlier, the players had to invest a lot in hardware like consoles and other gaming infrastructure, but with Cloud, things have changed a lot.

Cloud gaming is becoming ubiquitous with gaming due to the availability of high-speed internet and advancements in cloud infrastructure. It boosts gaming convenience since players can play from anywhere and anytime.

4. AI & ML:

AI & ML have left no industry or sector with their touch and the gaming sector is probably the most influenced one. Through AI & ML, gaming companies can create more responsive and immersive technologies.

5. Mobile Gaming:

As mentioned above, mobile gaming statistics are creating new records every year. The prediction is of a dollar market by the end of this decade. The mobile-compatible market is already on the rise, with more and more companies focusing on developing mobile-responsive gaming experiences.

How much does it cost to hire a mobile game development company?

The cost of developing a mobile game depends on several factors, such as game type, complexity, design layout, development time, expertise of the team, and others. Here is a rough estimation of the cost of different game types in India:

S. No.Mobile Game TypeDevelopment Cost (in USD)
1.  Mini-game2k to 10k
2.  Simple 2D game5k to 10k
3.  Social Game App5k to 20k
4.  Mid-Level Mobile Game10k to 50k
5.  Business Mobile Game10k to 100k
6.  3D Game50k – 100k
7.  AAA Game300k – 500k
8.  Real Money Game10k – 100k


The mobile gaming industry is rising since the fast internet and smartphones are available to everyone. Thus, investing in this sector is always fruitful, and if you have a unique idea, then this is the right time to make it into reality. At Octal IT Solutions, the best mobile game development company, we have expertise in developing mobile games of every type. Let us know your requirements.

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