The clash between the two most popular operating systems Android and iOS is not surprising at all as these are two rapidly evolving markets worldwide in the realm of software development. Almost every mobile app development company that provides iOS or Android app development services endeavors to create a high-performing and feature-rich app for businesses to boost their current processes and revenue. However, whenever it comes to mobile app development, they always get puzzled between choosing Android and iOS operating systems.

Talking about enterprises, they must consider key nuances such as performance, user interface, speed, cost, profit, and many more when it comes to iOS vs Android. To make the right decision, they can look for a leading Android or iOS app development company that can guide them onto an exact path. Before that, they can go through the below guide to compare Android development vs iOS Development and have an idea of both operating systems.

Difference Between Android vs iOS: A Quick Glance

Speaking of iOS vs Android, these two operating systems power billions of smartphone users worldwide. The real challenge arrives when you compare which one should you prefer between iOS and Android app development services. Let’s get to know about both of them in detail to make the right decision.

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What is Android?

Android is a popular mobile operating system launched by Google LLC. The first version of Android was introduced in 2008. Briefly, we can say it is an altered version of the Linux Kernel and other similar open-source software. Android offers a responsive UI and supports a diverse range of mobile apps from the Google Play Store. Android is popular among a large base of users due to its open-source nature, provided customization options, and Google service integration. Android apps can be developed using programming languages like Java, C, C++, Kotlin, etc.
Businesses who want to acquire Android app development services can get help from a well-known Java or Kotlin app development company to build solutions with Android’s latest version. At present, Android 14 is the stable version, but there has been news about to launch of Android 15 soon.

What is iOS?

The second most popular mobile operating system after Android is iOS launched by Apple Inc. It mainly supports Apple devices such as iPhone, iPod Touch, etc. Previously, it was named iPhone OS. iOS was first introduced in 2007 and is known for its robust security features, user-friendly interface, and smooth integration with Apple’s ecosystem comprised of services like Apple Music, iCloud, and the App Store. Programming languages used in iOS app development are Swift, C, C++, etc.

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Comparison Table between Android and iOS

For iOS VS Android, here we have provided a comparison between so that you can compare these two operating systems based on different parameters:

Founded Year20082007
Release DateReleased on 23 September 2008Launched on July 29, 2007
FounderGoogle LLCApple Inc.
First-NamedAndroid 1.0, AlphaiPhone OS 1
Kernel TypeLinux-based KernelHybrid Kernel
Programming LanguagesC, C++, Java, Kotlin, and othersC, C++, Objective-C, Swift, etc.
Voice AssistantGoogle AssistantSiri
Preferred LicensesGNU GPLv2 and Apache 2.0.GNU GPL, APSL, and Proprietary.
Targeted DevicesAll Smartphones of different companiesApple devices, iPhones, and iPads.
Available Languages100+40

Comparison Between Android vs iOS Development: Key Differences

The decision between choosing Android vs iOS development depends on diverse key factors including market share, tech stack, speed, performance, user interface, security, cost, and many others. Further, consideration for target audiences, user retention, revenue, and features will also help to choose the suitable one. Let’s discuss all these aspects in detail.

US Market Share Android vs iOS

As per the Statcounter, we can see the Android vs iOS market share in the below graph. Currently, Android had 43.12% market share in the USA and iOS had 56.53% in April 2024. Talking about worldwide, Android had a 71.31% market share worldwide and iOS had a 27.95% as of April 2024. Both platforms have their own loyal user base along with a boost in terms of both iOS and Android app development services. Before choosing one, be sure to consider the US market share of iOS VS Android to see which has a significant effect worldwide.

US Market Share
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Programming Languages: Android VS iOS Development

For Android app development, the most common programming language is Java but it is hard to understand and execute, hence, Android app developers prefer to use Kotlin. On the other hand, iOS app developers choose Swift which is a high-performing, fast, and secure language. There are also used Objective C, C++, etc. for iOS app development.
These are the different programming languages used for Android and iOS app development to create proficient applications. As per the flexibility, you can choose one among them.

Android vs iOS Development: Speed

Speed is another factor to consider when you look for Android vs iOS development. Speaking of both operating systems, iOS app development tends to be faster than Android app development. The reason behind it is iOS experts use Swift which fastens up the development process by making it simple. On the other hand, Android experts must create a responsive app compatible with diverse screen sizes while handling the complexities of Java. Hence, it is a time-consuming process to create an Android app.

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Android vs iOS Development: Ease of Use

Discussing Android development VS iOS development, each of them has its own advantages but building iOS apps has less coding and a quicker development process resulting in reduced time-to-market. Also, the Apple App Store has a faster review process that helps to launch the app in no time. Whereas, Google follows a strict and time-consuming review process leading to delays in the launch. If you have enough time, you can go for Android app development; otherwise, iOS is best for you!

  • Android VS iOS App Design & UI

iOS provides its users with a sleek, latest look, and intuitive feel including a user-friendly and smooth interface. Also, iOS UI designers use gradients and shadows to include a sense of depth and easy navigation within the application to get the attention of users. On the other hand, Android also offers visually appealing and creative UI designs by comprising motion, responsive animation, layered elements, and vibrant colors to give the app a modern look.

Android vs iOS Security

Talking of Android vs iOS security, both follow their own security practices and mechanisms to provide their user base with higher security and data privacy. iOS development tends to be more secure compared to Android because of the strict review process and closed system. Also, it launched regular software updates while addressing all the security vulnerabilities.

On the other hand, Android has an open-source nature and is available to a wide array of devices making it vulnerable to various kinds of security threats. Currently, Google has been working for the security betterment of Android apps by launching features such as Google Play Protect to test apps for malware before downloading them. It is also planning to release security updates more frequently.

Android vs iOS App Development Cost

The cost of iOS app development is likely to be higher than Android app development. However while speaking of iOS vs Android, certain factors are accountable for cost variation. In iOS app development; it costs more because there is required to purchase a license from Apple, app testing for iOS devices, higher charges from developers, advanced security features, etc.

While, in Android app development; the cost depends on the added features and functionalities, long development hours, and others. iOS is always considered premium with a higher development cost, whereas, Android comes with diversity and affordability that makes them a better choice for businesses who are looking for in-expensive solutions.

iOS VS Android Development

Android vs iOS Development: Which One Businesses Should Prefer?

In this article, the above points have well described the Android vs iOS pros and cons to help you choose the right one. When it comes to businesses picking the suitable OS, there are more factors they must consider. They are user base, project timeline, must-add features, and revenue goals. Thinking through all these, they can make a better decision for Android vs iOS.

  • User Base: You must compare the iOS vs Android user base, which holds many users worldwide. Though Android holds a larger audience base, iOS is also gradually reaching that level as various women are interested in the iPhone. Also, iOS has an increased user base in Europe, North America, Australia, etc.
  • Project Timeline: It has been seen that Android app development is more time-consuming compared to iOS app development. To build Android apps; extended code is used to make them compatible with varied screen sizes, and codes are written in complex Java Language which takes more time. On the other hand, iOS codes are written in less complex Swift language leading to faster development.
  • Must-have Features: Android is open-source, providing more flexibility for the customization of features and functions. Though iOS also provides this advantage, customization is costly here compared to Android development.
  • Business Revenue: If your ultimate goal from Android or iOS app development is to increase the revenue, then, iOS will be the right choice as it generates higher revenue than Android. Despite the highest number of Android users, it has been seen that iOS earns great profit from its applications.
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In Essence,

While looking for Android development vs iOS development, it is important to take several factors into account so that you won’t end up making a wrong decision. These factors are cost, speed, ease of use, development complexity, and security. Based on these factors, you can easily evaluate if an operating system is worth going for or not. If your goal is to cover the entire market, go for cross-platform app development. And if you have made up your mind to go with iOS or Android app development services, have a thorough research first.
Octal IT Solution, a leading mobile app development services provider is here to guide you about which operating system you should go for between iOS vs Android. Our experts will understand your requirements, vision, future goals, budget, etc., and will assist you accordingly. Connect with our team for further discussion.


Are Android apps easier to build than iOS apps?
Creating Android apps is not like putting the cherry on the cake, it is a process that needs attention to detail. Speaking of Android VS iOS app development, both apps have their own process. Android apps are created using the complex programming language Java, whereas, iOS apps are created using Swift. Further, the development time will depend on available resources, features, etc.

Is Kotlin better than Java for Android app development?
Kotlin has become a preferred coding language for Android app developers due to its features such as great support, compiler, Android extensions, Null safety, etc. These have made Kotlin more efficient, easier, and ideal than Java.

As a business, what should I prefer between iOS VS Android?
It completely depends upon your preferences and what is better for your business. It would be good to go for iOS while comparing them both. Though iOS app development is costlier, but it benefits businesses with a steady interface, timely software updates, higher security, and others.

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