Cricket is not just a game. Alone in India, more than 80 crore people watched live cricket in the world cup and T20 matches. This could be the better reason to serve entertainment to millions of people before the actual war happens on the ground. And this is exactly where fantasy cricket website development comes into picture.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the pinpoints to create a fully-fledged fantasy cricket website. Let’s begin.

What is a Fantasy Cricket Website?

The fantasy cricket website is referred to as the virtual environment that allows users to create their team and play against other teams. There are multiple teams available to choose from, you can offer choices to the user to create their team and play matches. Based on the past performance your user can pick the best player in their custom team. Users can buy or drop any player and use the field manager and general manager as participants as well.

What makes it so alarming and attractive is its experience close to reality? Technology makes everything close to real. Especially AI, VR, and IoT; these three combined technologies could turn into the thing that was next to impossible before.

Fantasy cricket website development company keeps in mind everything from wireframing to the final process. 

The platform places every thrill on the plate and serves your audience and lets them enjoy it. It is sufficient to say; 2024 is the right time for you to invest in the fantasy platform.

Why Focus on the Fantasy Cricket Website Development?

If we look back to two years the fantasy sports industry was whipping to $18M, the rate increased by 13% in the forecast period with $43M.

India is a land full of cricket fans. In such a great place, we can’t ignore the importance of user demands in fantasy cricket website developer in India.

There are some reasons why you should look into fantasy cricket website development.

  • Top players in the cricket market are Gray-Nicolls, Slazenger, woodworm, and a British cricket ball.
  • Quality products are in all-time demand in the sports market. The global cricket equipment market is estimated to reach $16.92M by 2027 in the forecast period of 2020-2027 with a growth rate of 3.19%.
  • The global fantasy sports market is expected to hit $22.3B with a 9.5% growth rate.
  • The website creation helps you to better connect with your customers
  • It will help in garner trust and awareness for the audiences to the platform.
  • Brings great traffic to the website
  • Gives the best opportunity to the businesses to cycle their revenue via AdSense.

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Key Fundamentals Required for Fantasy Cricket Website Development

Every successful platform is a mix of features, technologies, ideologies, and touches of current demographics. The feature plays a crucial role during the development process. Our custom fantasy cricket website developer can help you in deploying the best industry features with your ideas.

Let’s find out the fundamentals for building the website;

1. Fundamental features

It is known as the number one thing while developing the platform. The feature is the core of the website structure. It emphasizes the specialty of your website to the audience.

Fantasy Cricket Website Development

a) Easy login process: This feature saves the user time while making them secure using the platform. For the first-time user, input all of the details, in the beginning, to get sign-up on the platform. Every other time he needs to just login using the credentials. Specify only the important input fields so that your user can’t get bored and leave your website.

b) Responsive landing page: Your first identity once the user enters the platform is the landing page. It should be concise and only aligned with useful sections. It should be beautiful with the proper placement of an important trigger or CTA at the right place. Make it minimalistic and visual at the same time.

c) League area: This is the most intellectual entry page for the user. So keep it separate and awesome. It is the place where the user interacts with many things at a single time without moving. Users can find out here; contest rules, participating fees, tournament dates, duration and size, and new leagues. This is the right place to engage your audience and make them convinced to play more matches.

d) User dashboard: Users always want their dashboard to be clean and attractive. Keep in proper updates of notifications, upcoming cricket matches, live scores, reward points, transaction history, and bonuses in an infographic and graphical way.

e) Admin dashboard: Admin is the supreme authority on the website. He can create, delete or modify the game, or manage the user. The user can restrict the anonymous user who wants to enter the website or any mischievous login. He set permission for everything.

f) User account management: Users have full rights and control for the user account management dashboard. He can create, edit and manage everything from this interface.

g) Contest management: This panel gives the broad view of the user about any contest going to happen sooner or later. The user can manage their matches and select the play when they want to play with the button ‘pay to play’.


2. Develop structure using frameworks

Your platform is workable or not depending on the ground it has been developed off. Frameworks are the fundamentals pool of libraries consisting of APIs, and code structure supports fantasy cricket website developers to create an advanced website. So depending upon the type of platform you can use the native framework corresponding to it.

The platform is divided into native, hybrid, and cross-platform. You should be aware of the budget, and features that come around for different platforms. The cost factor varies according to the platform.

3. Add right monetization model

Building the platform is not only the premise you need but you have to earn high returns, in the end, to drive your business in the longer term. There are a few of the monetization models you should adopt to succeed in the race.

The model is distinguished between ad-based, e-commerce, subscription, commission etc. Every model has its benefits and adversaries. Advertisement is the best way to trigger a large user base to the platform. Or you can gain profit via an e-commerce model. In this model, you can sell sports merchandise through your website. There are great chances to get returns in hand.

How does the Fantasy Platform Work?

So finally you have planned to create custom fantasy cricket website development, to make it successful you need to apply some of the following things.

Fantasy Cricket Website Development

Here they are;

  • The first and foremost thing before proceeding is you should have a functional platform.
  • Start your website with a unique domain name for the niche fantasy cricket. Research well for the existing platforms, their functionalities, and what they have served to the fans.
  • One important thing is hosting service providers. It is important to take services from the best hosting provider in your area. Keep in mind that your audience would not bear any halt or buffering while they are using your website. It should be fast and functional.
  • What’s seen is sold. The proverb best fits into the current scenarios. Even if you have a great website but without any users, it’s seriously of no use. Apply some SEO tactics to filter your website at the top.
  • If the website is great, and with potential traffic, it would make a clear mark for your success.

Challenges faced while building the Fantasy Cricket Website

SEO is missing

You are already aware of how intelligent search engines are in today’s time. Google is the most famous and optimized search engine page, responsible for allowing only the best and optimized websites and content to be the priority.

And without faster reach to the audiences, chances are you have waste to create your platform. Right infusion of technical stack, platform architecture, responsive integrations, the beta mode for users as well, and other important things are great to start with your website.

Information security

Security is an important ethic needed to consider in the digital world. There are numerous hackers or impudent persons responsible for fraud activities in the middle of the payment. The platform must be vulnerable smart to limit any such activity in the beginning.

Fit with the technical aspect

The platform must be well fit with the outside environment. The app developer must be well expert to fit the platform with the new trends happening in the world. If the platform is not agile for any future update then chances are it will diminish in the market soon.

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Things to Consider for Fantasy Cricket Website Development

A vivid fantasy platform for the godly played sport; cricket, surely boosts your confidence and at the same time inspires millions of die-hard fans who are just waiting for that feeling to see their lovely players play and win.

Why focus on important areas to start your fantasy website platform? Below look out some of the main reasons for it.

  • Revenue Generation

For businesses, the market of fantasy cricket platform development seems to be a golden era for entrepreneurs. They have a bright chance to rebuild their brand value and gain thick profits at the same time.

The new study report from KPMG has predicted that the fantasy sports market will shift from 1.36B INR to 290B INR by the year 2026. That straightly increased to 113%.

Jumping into the industry just like a novice could be irksome; just use some kind of strategy, ask with some good frim, and use business models to open your chances in the marketplace.

  • Grow User Base

Alone in the Indian cricket fantasy market, the user base had turned to cross 50M number. Dream11 is the leading fantasy platform that raises hope for industry leaders. It is such a great example for the newcomers to invest in a similar domain. Another one is My Team 11.

  • Entertainment and Growth

Entertainment is the nerve cause for the sports industry, especially in India. People are reminded of something attractive for a long time. That’s the fantasy platform that serves their fans. Trying to attach something kind of real-fun to the dashboard makes them more engaging and relieves them of a never-ending experience.

  • Data is the key integrity

Data is in a desegregated form available at the verse here and there. Your main goal is to place it in sorted form. Mixing data is of no use. But the question is where the data is to be used?

The data is used in so many ways in the fantasy platform. The game majorly depends on crucial data of the past statistics of players. Stats like player’s information, league matches data, a score of the player, everything relied on some data and displayed on the user’s dashboard.

Graphs and color displayed information would be interesting for the user to understand.

  • Easily handle traffic

Once users start coming to your platform, they will perform several navigations till the point they reach the right place. Make sure that the website handles a huge amount of traffic without any delays like server breakdown or buffer, or redirection to null page.

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Technical Stack Implementation for Fantasy Cricket Website Development

Technical alignment assures the user that they are on the right platform. While developing a bulletproof fully functional website the cricket website developer fuses some core technical stack.

To start with the fantasy cricket website we would require;

  • Fantasy sports analytics software: analytical software helps to depict the real-time insight and accurate stats of every team and player.
  • Fantasy scoring system: there are three scoring systems- standard scoring, individual player, and points per reception system.
  • Mobile technologies: Java, Swift, Flutter, Kotlin
  • Database storage: MongoDB, MySQL
  • UX/UI framework: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe After Effects
  • With the fusion of tech and digital platforms new technologies taking part in the horizons. AR and VR technologies peek into the cricket sport and help the users to evaluate the better performance of their players.
  • Haptic sensors and VR allows players to practice wherever they are in their comfort.


Known to be one of the most secure platforms for gaming. There are high chances to win exciting rewards and chances to win cash upto 5 crores. First-time users can get a bonus of Rs. 50 as credit. You can easily start playing on Blitzpool, choose the game, select the pool, and create your team to run a match against each other.

For beginners, there are free games to play and win. Join with the 15 other teams, there is a free pool to practice your game and enter into the MEGA pools.

My11 Circle

Next to the growth of My11 Circle, there has been a rise in similar platforms. This platform encourages players to play cricket virtually but win the cash in real. This global venture is managed by Games 24*7 Pvt ltd.

Many more things this fantasy platform offers to the users. With the high demand for downloads growth in the niche industry. Users can participate in live matches, or other leagues, or create their team to enjoy the win and legal cash. More than 1.3+ crore downloads are found on the platform.

Cost of Fantasy Cricket Website Development

Prepare the right budget to finalize the cost of a custom fantasy website development company. The cost factor includes the nature and complexity of the fantasy platform, technical implementation, proper architecture, domain-hosting cost, hiring cost of a mobile application development service, post support, and many more things.

If we conclude everything right from the research plan to the launching and marketing, the cost of the fantasy cricket website lies around $25k-$50k.

However, the cost to build the advanced-level app is $55k.

Wrapping Up!

The market of fantasy sports boomed into the industry recently with its adoption of current technologies and user interfaces. With the platform, people face an ultimate experience to create, win and play.

Hence, there are high chances for you to enter into this market of opportunities. Hire the best mobile app development company that has built some robust solutions in the past to gaze masses.



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