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Top 10 Web Development Trends in 2020-21 Every Business Should Know

The total number of websites on the internet today is more than 1.8 billion. Every site has its own concept and strategy, whether it is related to development, design, content, or digital marketing. But in this ocean of websites, how many sites are following the latest web development trends?

The answer is ‘very few’. It is worth noting that the technology landscape is rapidly evolving, which also comprises web development. We witness new trends emerging every year, and the great web developers keep a track of these trends to ensure that they are up-to-date with the latest elements and not following the traditional paths. 

More than one-third of the website visitors today prefer to stick on a site whose content and layouts are new and attractive. As a result, outdated websites see a decline in conversion rates. That’s the reason it is important for businesses and developers to know about the current web development trends. What does the future hold for web developers? 

In this article, you will learn about the web development trends in 2020 and for the coming year 2021. 


Best Web Development Trends for 2021


1. Dark Mode & Low Light UX

Websites with dark mode and low light user experience have been a trend for the last couple of years. This trend will continue to dominate in 2021 as well. Dark modes look great even when the visitors are browsing it in daylight. 

dark mode website design

Furthermore, we will see more websites that exhibit an option to switch between the dark mode and light mode user interface. If someone is visiting the site at night, he can switch to dark mode, the way some mobile apps offer this functionality. This feature will grow in 2021 to become appealing to the end-users. 

A few reasons behind the growing popularity of dark mode UX include an ultra-modern look, highlighting design elements, power saving for OLED and AMOLED screens, and minimizes strain on eyes if the visitor is browsing in low-light conditions. 


2. Interactive & Responsive Elements

People love visiting websites that have highly-interactive and responsive web elements. These elements add a human touch and work like the heartbeat of the site. 

While the interactive elements are difficult to implement and expensive, the advantages and ability to grab the user attention is worth it. As this trend emerges in 2021, we will see new tactics and automated web development processes to optimize the costs and development process. 

A good example of a website with great interactive elements is Webflow. This site not only exhibits appealing elements but also parallax effects to engage the visitor and make the content look attractive. 


3. Voice UI

Voice User Interface (UI) and voice commerce will be one of the fastest-growing web development trends 2020-21. This is because of the rise in the usage of smart speakers and voice recognition technology in devices like Amazon Alexa and similar devices built by Microsoft, Google, Apple, and other tech giants. 

latest web development trends

These speech recognition-powered devices have revolutionized the way people search on Google and other search engines today. Users now seek information with actionable words, rather than simple two-three word keywords. There are questions and orders from humans. 

Additionally, nowadays, users prefer to do voice search rather than typing what they are looking for. They are looking to use eCommerce features as well with voice search, such as ordering things online. 

Since the global smart speaker market is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 23% year-over-year till 2025, the number of websites powered by voice UI will significantly increase.


4. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

PWAs are a modern website development technology that is being used by many leading businesses today. A progressive web app offers the benefits of both a native app and a classic website. This works great even in offline mode while enabling faster loading, responsiveness, and an app-like experience.

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Companies like Twitter and Uber are relying on this technology to provide a great user experience. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the web technologies used to create a PWA. These types of websites are well-known for offering an offline experience, the way Google Maps do. The web developers store the static files of the site in the web browser cache. When the visitor browses the site, the site fetches those static files and serves well.

We will see a high number of websites following this trend in 2021 and the coming years. 


5. One-page Websites

One-page website designs are great for individuals, portfolios, freelancers, brochure websites, startups, and specific product sites. These websites consume very little space, bring in more traffic, and make it effortless for end-users to find the things without navigating to multiple pages. 

Furthermore, the essential things can be kept in focus for website visitors. Such sites are also easier to create and manage, as there is only one webpage. 

To offer a vivid and easier web experience, many entrepreneurs and freelancers are opting for single-page websites today. As the number of freelancers, startups, and individuals working on their own increases, there will be a higher number of such websites in 2021. 


6. 3D Visuals

Three-dimensional (3D) visuals and elements have always been something that pleases the visitors. To integrate 3D visualizations in web development was an expensive deal, which kept this trend on toes throughout the years. However, things have changed now. There are new technologies and development frames using which 3D elements can be added to sites at an affordable cost.

web development trends - 3D visual design

With time as virtual reality (VR) becomes a norm and cost-effective, more websites and blogs will get powered by realistic 3D visuals. Such elements lift the elements on the screen and create an enticing user experience. 

In 2021 and over the next few years, 3D visualizations will be one of the most trending things in the web development arena. Not only gaming sites but also business websites will be leveraging this trend. 


7. Motion UI

When discussing current web development trends, motion UI is quite popular. This is because of the smooth animations on a website that powers a stylish look and feel. Along with the look & feel, the motion UI trend is also compatible with other web technologies. 

Motion UI design

The motion UI can be added to multiple elements of a site, including headers, menu bar, scrolling, hovers, backgrounds, etc. This makes the website fun to browse while bringing important elements into the focus of the user. The content and page hierarchy can be set accordingly so that the visitors don’t get distracted in heavy gradients and see what’s more important. 

Smooth animation and motion UI are already a trend in 2020, and this will continue even further in 2021. 


8. WebAssembly

The performance of a website is very crucial for user experience and search engine optimization (SEO). WebAssembly is a new framework for web applications that don’t depend on specific programming languages or platforms. It executes the code faster than JavaScript (JS) and optimizes the website performance.

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WebAssembly made its debut in 2015 and is now gaining popularity as Google prioritizes web performance and user experience for improved rankings. For this reason and higher security, a large number of businesses will be adopting this trend. 


9. Graphics overlapping on images

To unleash creativity and add excellent graphic designs to a site, we will see the trend of mixing graphics with images. This will be more implemented on eCommerce sites and business websites to make the product images appealing. Such effects are also great for adding some seriousness to the things that are supposed to be in focus. 

Along with graphics overlapping on images, we will also see more use of organic shapes in the form of fluids. Such shapes don’t have straight lines or simple geometric designs, but asymmetrical shapes like wind, river, lake, etc. Organic designs look natural on websites, unlike regular shape dividers. 


10. Mobile-First Design

Over the last few years, the mobile-first approach in web development has gained traction. In 2020-21, this will be a non-negotiable trend for every website. This is because the number of mobile users has surpassed the number of people using desktop devices. 

Mobile-first design is more than just responsiveness on mobile devices. It means that the developers will create websites with a mobile-approach in mind and then think about a desktop. Previously, it was about creating a desktop site and then taking care of mobile responsiveness. 

This web development trend will only grow with time as most of the internet users prefer a smartphone to a desktop for browsing. Moreover, Google is now considering the mobile-first design as a ranking factor for websites to improve performance in SERP. This trend can’t be ignored by any business, startup, and even bloggers. 


Wrapping up:

2021 will be all about fast, clean, and eye-catchy websites. Every website developer and web development company should keep themselves updated with the latest trends to ensure that they are creating relevant sites. Traditional websites should look for transformation to modern, mobile-friendly, and appealing designs.

Which website development trend do you think will be the most relevant for you? Discuss with the Industry Experts.

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