Online auctions are not in the limelight, but participating in online auctions through the best auction mobile apps and websites is one of the best ways to get your hands on valuable products cheaply. Maximum auction websites are mainly for vehicles and properties; however, an online auction participant can also find other products on the bidding platform. In this article, we will discuss the best auction apps and top auction websites you can access to participate in online auctions and find some excellent and valuable stuff for yourself. Our team evaluated all the existing online bidding apps on various parameters and handpicked the top app where you bid on items and can sell your stuff.

Online Auction Industry – Facts and Stats

Here are some unique facts and stats related to the online auction industry that exhibits its growth and rising popularity.

  • The online auction industry is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 11.35% from 2022 to 2027.
  • According to the report of Statista, the sales value of the online auction market was nearly $27 billion in 2022.
  • The United States alone has a 37% share of the online auction market.
  • After the United States, countries like China and the United Kingdom have the highest share of auction sales.

List of Best Online Auction Apps and Websites

eBay – Best Auction and Bidding App for iPhone and Android

ebay top auction mobile app

The first name on our list of best auction Apps for bidding on items is eBay. Individuals can easily trade anything on this auction platform, from smartphones to four-wheelers. eBay has a large user base with over 100 Million downloads. This auction app is packed with amazing features like buyer and seller ratings that help the new user quickly identify if the person they are trading with is trustworthy.

Ratings – 4.7/5

Number of Downloads – 100M+

Download – iOS | Android

Sotheby’s – One Of The Top Bidding Apps for iPhone and Android

Sotheby’s - bidding platform

This auction platform is a famous app for bidding on items for buying and selling rare and expensive objects. Sotheby’s has a marketplace where uncommon things are traded; it includes fine art, jewelry, and antique items. The online auctions conducted at Sotheby’s are highly reliable and offer proficient services.  sotheby’s id surely one of the best bidding apps.

Ratings – 4.3/5

Number of Downloads – 100K+

Download Link – iOS | Android


ShopGoodwill Auction website bidding platform

Goodwill is an NPO (Non-Profit Organization) with multiple retail stores nationwide. The revenue generated through these stores is used to help people with disabilities. ShopGoodwill is an effort by Goodwill to auction items like art, musical items, electronics, etc., through their auction mobile app and website. The platform collaborates with over 130 Goodwill organizations in the United States and Canada. Together, they curate an impressive collection of distinctive items available for auction, encompassing art, antiques, collectibles, apparel, jewelry, electronics, and various other fascinating products.

Ratings – N/A

Number of Downloads – N/A

Download – iOS | Android



LiveAuctioneers is another of the best live auction sites on our list for bidding on items, with over 100K+ downloads. This particular live auction platform is famous for hosting live auctions at a specific date and time. Participants can place bids in real-time and have access to thousands of live auctions across the world. LiveAuctioneers has integrated a user-friendly interface in their auction apps to let the users operate smoothly. Objects like jewelry, collectibles, and art are traded online on such auction sites. 

Ratings – 3.4/5

Number of Downloads– 100K+

Download – iOS | Android



Another name in our list of top online auction websites is AuctionZip. This auction platform is highly recognized for hosting live auctions and bidding on items. The participants get the option of live bidding, meaning they can bid for the items in real-time. Most of the time, objects like antiques and farm machinery are auctioned at AuctionZip. This online auction platform has hosted hundreds of auctions and is trusted by thousands of users.

Ratings – 3.9/5

Number of Downloads – 100K+

Download – iOS | Android

PropertyRoom – Property Bidding Platform App


The govt. Officials regularly seize objects and properties. Law enforcement has the right to auction the seized and unclaimed properties found. PropertyRoom is a top auction platform that makes all these seized items available to the public. Interested candidates can sign-up for the auctions by visiting the PropertyRoom auctions website and get to buy art, electronics, watches, and property at a cheaper price. PropertyRoom has worked with over 4,100 law enforcement and municipal agencies.

Ratings– N/A

Number of Downloads – N/A

Download – iOS | Android

DealDash – Bid & Save Auctions


DealDash is one of the most famous online auction apps available for both Android and iOS devices. People love using DealDash as they can bid on brand-new products like household appliances and electronics. Purchasing electronic items from auction apps like DealDash can help users avoid retail pricing and save money. 

Ratings – 3.9/5

Number of Downloads– 5M+

Download – iOS | Android

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IRS Treasury Auctions

Best Auction App

This online auction site is famous for offering a treasure trove of items that cannot be found anywhere else. Everything listed on this bid on items app is under the Internal Revenue Code. All the items listed in their auctions are seized for non-payment. The items on IRS Treasury Auctions are high tickets, such as homes, lands, and vehicles.  

Ratings – N/A

Number of Downloads – N/A

Download – iOS | Android

Catawiki – Leading Auction App

Catwiki - bidding platform

Catwiki is one of top auction platforms with over 1M downloads. It is recognized as a leading auction website as its team authenticates every product listed for auction. The authenticity is checked before the auction date to keep the bidders safe. The auction hosted by Catawiki primarily includes antique, rare, and unique objects.

Ratings – 4.1/5

Number of Downloads– 1M+

Download – iOS | Android, LLC – Real Estate Bidding App

Best Auction Website is the largest real estate marketplace. This auction platform specifically hosts real estate-related auctions for their customers., LLC has an exclusive listing of 25K real estate properties worth $42 Billion. Interested candidates can bid on their favorite property through this sort of online auction site. With 500K+ users, this online auction app is quite popular among bidders.   

Ratings – 4.3/5

Number of Downloads – 500K+

Download – iOS l| Android

Emirates Auction – Best Auction Platform in Emirates

Emirates Auction

Emirates Auction mobile app is a comprehensive mobile app designed to facilitate various types of bidding and auctions, ranging from vehicles and real estate to art and jewelry. Operating in the United Arab Emirates, the bedding app provides a user-friendly platform for both buyers and sellers, ensuring a seamless and transparent auction process. Users can easily browse through listings, participate in auctions, and track their bids in real-time, making it a convenient solution for individuals and businesses alike.

DownloadiOS | Android

Auctions by CarDekho

CarDekho’s bidding platform mobile app is tailored specifically for the automotive industry, offering a platform for buying and selling vehicles through auctions. With a focus on providing a trustworthy and efficient marketplace, the online auction app Cardekho allows users to access various cars, including used and certified pre-owned options. The intuitive interface and robust features make Cardekho auction app easier for users to explore, bid, and manage their automotive transactions seamlessly.

DownloadiOS | Android

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FindAuction - bidding platform

FindAuction is a versatile bidding platform mobile app catering to various auctions, from antiques and collectibles to electronics and more. The app facilitates the connection of buyers with sellers in a global marketplace, offering a convenient means to discover and participate in various auctions. With a user-friendly interface, FindAuction allows users to browse through categories, place bids, and stay updated on auction status, ensuring a dynamic and engaging experience for both seasoned auction enthusiasts and newcomers.



Invaluable - bidding platform

The Invaluable Android and iOS mobile app is a bidding platform that connects users with live and online auctions for art, antiques, and collectibles. As a global platform, Invaluable enables users to explore a vast array of items, participate in real-time bidding, and enjoy a secure transaction process. The app also provides features such as personalized alerts, auction previews, and a comprehensive database of auction results, making it a valuable tool for art and antique enthusiasts.

DownloadiOS | Android

IAA Buyer Salvage Auctions

IAA - bidding platform

The IAA Buyer Salvage Auctions mobile app, operating under Insurance Auto Auctions (IAA), enables buyers in the automotive salvage industry to actively participate in auctions for damaged or total loss vehicles, offering a specialized platform for acquiring such vehicles. The auction application IAA is a go-to tool for automotive salvage and rebuilds professionals with features like detailed vehicle information, bidding capabilities, and seamless transaction processes.

DownloadiOS | Android

The popularity bar of online auction apps is rising consistently; lately, most people have started installing auction apps on their smart devices. The primary task of auction applications is to let sellers exhibit their products online at a minimum price and allow buyers to buy the desired item by setting the highest bid possible. Real estate, jewelry, antiques, collectibles, and rare items are a few of the products that are generally traded at such auction platforms.

What Are Different Types of Auction Platforms/BIdding Apps?

Depending upon the objects being auctioned and the personality of the bidders, the auctions have been classified into different categories. Therefore, here we will cover different types of auctions.

Reverse Auction

 In a reverse auction, multiple sellers try to sell their products to a single buyer. Here, the sellers try to offer the lowest price to the buyer to crack the deal.

Penny Auction

 The buyers must first buy the permit to bid in the auction. It is famous amongst bidders as they pay less for the items.

English Auction

 It is the most common sort of online auction. Here, the seller exhibits their items with a minimum set price, and the buyers place a bid to buy a specific item. The buyer who places the highest bid wins.

First-Price Sealed-Bid Auctions

Like English auctions, the buyer with the highest bid takes the prize. However, the buyer gets a single chance to bid. Once the buyers have placed their bid, the seller reads the entire bid, and the buyer with the highest bid wins.

Dutch Auction

The Dutch auction is similar to the reverse auction. The price decreases as the auction goes on until the buyer accepts the bid. The key difference is that there is a single seller in the Dutch auction instead of multiple sellers.

Vickrey Auction

In this particular auction, the highest bidder pays the amount the second-highest bidder has offered. This strategy is in use to prevent placing too low or high bids.

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How To Do An Online Auction For Free?

To conduct an online auction for free, consider using social media platforms or dedicated auction websites that offer free listings. Here’s a brief guide:

  • Select a Platform: Choose a platform that suits your needs. Social media sites like Facebook Marketplace or local community groups allow free listings. Alternatively, use dedicated auction sites like Listia or eBid, which may offer free basic listings.
  • Create a Detailed Listing: Write a clear and detailed description of the item you’re auctioning. Include high-quality photos, condition, starting bid, and any relevant information.
  • Set Auction Rules: Specify the auction duration, bidding increments, and payment methods. Clearly communicate your terms and any shipping costs, if applicable.
  • Promote Your Auction: Use social media, local forums, or relevant groups to promote your auction. Share the listing widely to attract potential bidders.
  • Manage the Auction: Monitor the bidding activity, answer questions promptly, and update the auction status as needed.
  • Close the Auction: Once the auction ends, inform the winning bidder, arrange payment, and handle item delivery or pickup according to your terms.

Remember that while these methods allow you to list items for free, some platforms may charge fees for premium features or enhanced listings. Always review the terms and conditions of the platform you choose.

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Our team has exclusively handpicked all those mentioned above online bidding websites and apps where you bid on items. You can pick any of the online auction sites above to buy any product, motor vehicle, or real estate. All these applications offer a variety of products to choose from. The auction participants can bid for the product conveniently from their smart devices. Apart from buying, a candidate also has the option to sell their products at the best price on some of the online auction websites. 

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