Bringing a child into this world is a big decision. While it is important to make sure that the child gets proper care, it is also important to keep in mind the various precautions that have been taken during the baby’s development milestones. Most new-age parents are confused about what to do. To add to this is the plethora of information available over the internet, and this is where a baby milestone app OR newborn milestones app comes into the picture. 

So, how can you track your baby’s development? How to track if your baby has the right growth path? All these could be solved and made easy with the bountiful baby development milestones tracker apps available. With the help of baby development tracker apps, parents can easily monitor and celebrate their child’s progress. There are also various ways to keep track of your child’s development, such as the right milestones and the right growth path.

This post highlights and helps you understand some of the best app for baby milestones tracking.

What is the Baby Milestone Tracker App, and How Does It Work?

Adjusting to the baby’s sleep and feed timings and the additional responsibilities building up is all stressful. From breastfeeding timings to diaper changes, proper guidance is required for every new parent to deal with the babymoon phase. The baby milestones app comes in handy not only during the initial stages but also during every stage of the child’s growth. A child development app can help new parents keep track of their child’s development. Baby milestones tracking apps can also help them identify early signs of certain birth conditions and childhood diseases. Monthly growth monitoring, food and nutrition of the child, and body developments are tracked and monitored by the baby tracker apps. This will help parents better understand how their child is growing.

Why Do We Need a Baby Development Milestones Tracker App?

One of the most important factors in a child’s development that should be monitored is its progress. Having a good understanding of a child’s development is important to help develop a healthy routine for your child. A variety of baby development milestones apps can help parents identify their child’s strengths and weaknesses.

Early childhood development is also important to monitor as it shows that a child is developing as expected. Reaching milestones earlier can allow a child to be more advanced than their peers. It can also help prevent children from contracting nutrition-related health issues.

A child growth tracker app is a tool that can help determine if a child is being properly nourished and growing. It can also help parents identify areas of concern, such as their child’s weight. These apps help in a comprehensive understanding of the child’s behavior.

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What Is a Baby Milestones Tracking App?

A baby milestone tracker app can help parents keep track of a child’s development throughout the first few months as well as throughout their child’s growing years. It can also help them detect early signs of childhood diseases and other birth conditions. These apps also monitor the child’s food, nutrition, and monthly growth.

Having a good understanding of your child’s development is very important to help parents make informed decisions regarding their child’s health and well-being. It can also help them develop a healthy routine for their child. Various baby development milestones can be used to identify your child’s area of interest.

Here is the list of the best mobile apps to monitor your baby’s development:

Application Name Available On Revenue Model Publisher
 The Wonder Weeks Android | iOS In-App Purchases The Wonder Weeks
Babysparks Android | iOS In-App Purchases BabySparks
 Kinedu Android | iOS In-App Purchases Kinedu
Baby Connect Android | iOS In-App Purchases Seacloud Software
Glow Baby App Android | iOS In-App Purchases Glow Inc
Baby Daybook Android | iOS In-App Purchases Baby Tracker by Baltapis
Baby Tracker Android | iOS In-App Purchases Amila
Growth: Baby and Child Charts App Website | iOS In-App Purchases Clafou Ltd
Huckleberry Android | iOS In-App Purchases Huckleberry Labs Inc.
Hatch Baby Android | iOS In-App Purchases Hatch Sleep
Baby Nursing Android | iOS    
Playfully Website   Playfully
Baby and Family Memories-Moments Tracking App Android | iOS Free Rsky
Qeepsake: Journal & Milestones App Android | iOS In-App Purchases Qeepsake, Inc.
Tinybeans Family Album Android | iOS In-App Purchases Tinybeans USA Ltd.
CDC Milestone Tracker Android | iOS Free Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

1. The Wonder Weeks – Best Baby Milestone Tracker app

The Wonder Weeks

Developed based on a best-seller book The Wonder Weeks, this childhood development app is available on both IOS and android. The app helps track a baby’s developmental milestones.

App Description:

The Wonder Weeks app is an essential tool for parents who are struggling with a sudden change in their baby’s mental development. It can help them keep track of their child’s progress and provide them with the necessary tools to support their baby’s development. You can also keep track of all of your child’s activities with a calendar option.

The app features a variety of mental leaps, which are significant changes that happen during the first two years of a child’s life. It will help you identify when these changes will start and end, and it will also provide you with helpful hints about when a leap is about to happen. This will help you track your baby’s development in an easy way  

App features:

  • Can be used on a subscription basis on both IOS and Android.
  • Generates leap charts that help track baby development milestones.
  • Audiobook and calendar sync available.
  • Count down timer option for organizing feeds and diaper changes.
  • It is the widely accepted and preferred baby development tracker app.

2. Babysparks – Best App to Track Toddlers Development


 Babysparks is one of the best apps for toddlers. The baby development app helps parents track their child’s growth and mental development with the help of certain playful activities. Each activity helps parents unlock new stages for monitoring a child’s development.

App Description:

With BabySparks, you can help your child develop their skills and confidence through a personalized program that’s designed to meet their specific needs. This app features many video-based activities that are designed to help children reach their goals. Available in both English and Spanish the baby milestone tracker app is developed for both iOS and Android. The app can be downloaded for free but the in-app features are unlocked only with a subscription.

App features:

  • Available on both iOS and Android.
  • In-app features for baby milestone monitoring unlocked with h subscription.
  • Baby tracking using interactive activities.
  • Best for infants and toddlers

3. Kinedu – Popular Baby Milestones App


With thousands of interactive games and activities for children, Kinedu is a great way to introduce your child to various concepts. It also provides parents with information about their child’s development. Available on iOS with a yearly subscription of around $90 Kinedu is the best app for toddlers and preschoolers.

App Description:

Kinedu is a baby milestone tracker app that provides daily activities for your baby. Each day, you’ll find new ideas that will help boost your baby’s development. With over a thousand activities and articles, Kinedu is designed to help parents create a solid foundation for their child’s development. It features various activities and articles that are designed to help parents develop their child’s physical, cognitive, and emotional skills. Each activity is accompanied by a short video that will help you quickly learn how to participate. The app can be used from pregnancy until your baby is 4-5 years old.

App features:

  • Available only on iOS.
  • The free version supports a few games and activities that help track baby milestones, while the paid version supports thousands of activities, and this helps access in-app features.
  • Many articles by experts can be accessed.
  • Can add and monitor up to 5 babies from a single device.
  • All activities are supported by short videos, making them more fun.

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4. Baby Connect – Best App to Track Newborn Development

baby Connect

The Baby Connect app is an all-inclusive baby development milestone tracker app that records various details about your child’s daily activities and information, such as their feeding, sleeping, and mood. It can be used to send and receive messages and photos from the child’s care providers. With an easy-to-use interface, you can exchange information with your spouse, nanny, or other childcare providers wherever you are. Available in both IOS and Android, this is the best baby tracker app for working moms.

App Description:

With childhood development app Baby Connect, you can monitor a child’s daily activities and ensure that they are on track. It’s an ideal app for parents and other caregivers to keep track of their child’s daily activities and information, such as their feeding, sleeping, and mood. It can also be used to send and receive messages and photos from the child’s care providers. All of the details are automatically synchronized with the app’s user account.

App features:

  • Baby Connect is a paid baby development tracking mobile app.
  • The child’s development can be tracked with the help of graphs and other data representations.
  • Help to store all information regarding the baby, this includes medical information as well.
  • The app has an in-app reminder that helps you track each stage of your child’s growth.

5. Glow Baby App

Glow Baby App

Available on the IOS platform, the glow is one of the best and smartest all-in-one baby tracker apps. The mobile app helps you track your baby’s growth hassle-free. The app helps you monitor your baby’s routine, which includes feeding, diaper changes, and other activities. The app also features many pediatricians-approved articles.

App Description:

With Glow Baby, you can track all of your baby development milestones, such as feeding, sleeping, and diaper changes. There are a variety of baby trackers that can be used to keep track of your child’s development, such as a breastfeeding tracker, a diaper log, or a solid tracker. Glow Baby’s comprehensive feeding insights feature allows you to compare and contrast the data of different babies. It also provides a variety of sleep insights, such as how long it takes for babies to fall asleep and how tired they are before going to sleep. All of the data collected with Glow Baby is presented in attractive and well-designed charts, which help parents keep track of their child’s overall health.

App features:

  • Paid app is available only on IOS.
  • The baby tracker app has an online community that helps parents and caregivers get valuable insights from others as well. 
  • The baby development tracker app help keep a log of all activities like feeding, diaper changes, and medical information.
  • Attractive charts and representations to monitor your child’s developmental activities.
  • The baby’s milestones can be easily monitored.

6. Baby Daybook – Popular Infant Milestones App

baby Daybook

The Baby Daybook app is a versatile tool that can help parents keep track of their child’s milestones, photos, and sleep logs. It features a variety of convenient functions, such as photo albums and feeding schedules. The app is easy to use, and it is as well-designed for new parents. The information on how apps collect and share data is also reflected in the privacy settings of the app. The baby development tracker app collects various types of data, such as the name, address, and financial information of the user. The data is encrypted and stored in transit.

App Description:

You can start and stop nursing sessions or switch sides with a single tap. The baby tracker apps help you monitor sleeping trends and the baby’s daily routine. You can also compare a baby’s progress against the World Health Organization’s averages. The baby daybook app features a variety of charts to help visualize the trends. It also allows you to filter activities by their type, keyword, and date range. It’s additionally great for pediatricians as it allows them to keep track of all of your baby’s activities. You can additionally create an album of photos to remember the most important moments of your child’s life. The baby development app can be accessed from anywhere, including the lock screen. You can also export activity logs to a PDF file for easy printing.

App features:

  • Help keep track of your baby’s development easily.
  • Photos and other information related to your bay can be stored and maintained easily.
  • Help pediatricians track your baby’s developmental activities.
  • Timely reminders and logs for all baby development milestones and routines.

7. Baby Tracker

Baby Tracker

The Baby Tracker is a baby development tracking app that lets you keep track of all of your child’s activities, including feeding, sleeping, and nursing. It’s also a great tool for parents who want to keep track of their child’s diaper changes. Designed for busy parents, Baby Tracker is a simple and effective way to keep track of their child’s daily routines and health. It can be used to record their feedings, diaper changes, and sleep patterns. You can also add photos and details later.

App Description:

One of the best baby milestone tracker apps available both on IOS and Android. An all-in-one baby development app that helps you schedule the baby’s activities. The Baby Tracker app lets parents keep track of all of their child’s activities, including nursing, feeding, and sleeping. It’s also useful for parents who want to monitor their child’s diaper changes. This app is designed for busy parents who don’t have time to monitor their child’s health and daily routines. It can be used to keep track of their baby’s sleep patterns and feedings.     

App features:

  • Available on both IOS and Android.
  • The baby development app helps with the prior scheduling of the baby’s activities.
  • Photos and other information for monitoring the baby’s milestones can be saved and accessed easily.
  • An all-in-one app that helps parents get a detailed overview of their child’s growth.

8. Growth: Newborn and Child Milestones App

Growth: Baby and Child Charts App

This app includes various charts from the CDC, WHO, and IAP. The development app also comes with a variety of age charts and an adult chart that helps track weight and BMI for all ages. The baby milestone app shows your child’s growth curves and provides the exact percentiles based on the most accurate data. The app is ideal for children of all ages. The development app also includes preterm charts and corrected age charts. Users can send their baby growth charts to other devices via email. Transfer of data to other devices is possible using the baby development app’s export feature. Users could use the development app to compare their baby’s growth and development BMI chart with the World Health Organization’s percentiles.

App Description:

The growth chart app shows the typical progress of a child. The child development tracker app also displays the percentile for various factors such as height, weight, and head circumference. With BMI scores, users can easily see how their child is performing. The growth tracker app is ideal for children and babies who are premature. Users could also export the baby development milestone data in various formats, such as PDF, CSV, and HTML. The growth chart development app helps its users keep track of a child’s progress from birth to adulthood. the baby development tracker app features a dedicated gestational age chart for premature babies. The app also allows users to compare the growth rates of multiple children at the same time. The baby tracker app uses the most accurate and authoritative data to plot a child’s growth curves.  

App features:

  • The Baby growth chart app is available on IOS and Android
  • The baby development app features various health and safety charts from the CDC, IAP, and WHO.
  • The growth chart app also comes with an adult chart that helps track your child’s BMI and weight. 
  • The child development app also shows your child’s growth curve and provides the percentiles based on the data collected.
  • The app for children is ideal for parents who are looking for a fun and interactive way to keep track of their baby’s development. 
  • The baby tracker app has a variety of charts, such as age charts and preterm charts. 
  • The baby development app can also be used to compare the growth rates of different children at the same time.

9. Huckleberry – Best Newborn Milestones App


Getting good sleep for your newborn can be a challenge, transitioning your child into a new room or having a sleep regression can be a bit distressing. Having the right time to put your child down can be a bit challenging. Huckleberry a baby development tracker app will allow its users to track all of their baby’s activities, including sleep, feeding, diapering, and more. It also supports multi-category tracking, which enables users to see which child is being monitored.

App Description:

The huckleberry app helps users monitor their child’s sleep logs while you’re at work with the help of app. the huckleberry baby tracker app can be used by both parents. The development app was built to help parents keep track of their child’s natural habits. the baby tracker app also provides users with the guidance they need to make informed decisions regarding their child’s future.  

App features:

  • The new search interface for solids ingredients allows users to search for and create their recipes as per the child’s food preferences.  
  • The development app also displays suggestions for the various types of ingredients.
  • The baby development app features a timer that helps activity tracking.
  • The baby’s milestones can be easily recognized and monitored.

10. Hatch Baby – Best for Infant Milestones App

Hatch Baby

The Hatch Baby app is a comprehensive tool that helps you keep track of all your baby’s vital health data, such as feedings, diaper changes, and sleep. With its visual charts and activity summary, you can easily visualize your child’s development.

App Description:

The Hatch Baby app helps parents keep track of all their child’s vital health data, including their feedings, sleep, and diaper changes. Its activity summary and visual charts can help users visualize their baby’s progress. The Hatch baby app also provides a smart changing pad. Users can use the baby development app on its own or connect it to Smart Changing Pad, which has a built-in smart scale. The Smart Changing Pad measures how much breast milk a child is drinking at each feeding. The data collected by the app will automatically sync with the Hatch Baby app.

App features:

  • The Hatch Baby app helps parents keep track of their child’s vital health information, such as their feedings, sleep, diaper changes, and activity summaries.
  • The development app provides visual charts and activity summaries that can help parents visualize their child’s progress.
  • The app can also be used to connect to a smart changing pad, which has an integrated smart scale.
  • The provides a daily photo gallery to help parents visualize their child’s progress.
  • Sleep and feed timings can be monitored timely.

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11. Baby Nursing – Childhood Development App

Baby Nursing

The baby nursing app lets parents track their baby’s progress and provides them with information about when and how long they’ll be nursing. The baby development app also lets parents know when to nurse their child and which breast to use first. The mobile app also allows users to keep track of other important details such as diaper changes, sleep, and medication schedules. With this app, users can also see daily, weekly, or monthly averages.

App Description:

With the baby nursing app, users can monitor the daily, weekly, or monthly averages of their baby’s nursing. the baby development app is very helpful for busy moms with newborn babies who are tired of looking after them. A dedicated personal assistant who can help organize all of your baby’s activities is a dream come true for moms who are busy looking after their newborns. With the app, moms can easily set a schedule and keep track of their child’s nursing. 

App features:

  • With Baby Nursing, you can organize all of your important documents in one place. The baby development app keeps track of all of your child’s medical records, including vaccinations, doctor visits, and feedings.
  • The baby app provides easy-to-use real-time timers.
  • They can be used to track various activities, such as nursing, bathing, and sleeping.
  • The baby nursing app also helps its users keep track of a child’s immunization records and other health records in one place. 
  • The app can be used to view growth charts, doctor visits, and medication records.

12. Playfully


Playfully is an app that helps busy parents spend more time with their kids. The app features a variety of easy and fun activities that are designed to help parents keep their kids entertained and active.

App Description:

Many D.I.Y. activities can be made using materials that are already in the house, such as playing with a pillowcase filled with parchment paper, which helps cognitive development for up to two months. The app also offers a daily list of new activities that are designed to keep kids entertained and active.  There is a library that lets users pick and choose from a variety of activities. 

App features:

  • The app features a variety of activities that are designed to help kids reach various baby development milestones. They are designed to hit four important cognitive, physical, social, and emotional skills.
  • The app’s video classes guide the users on how to do the activities
  • The baby development app has a variety of other activities that are designed to help parents keep their kids entertained and active. 
  • The app also has a Development Experts section that explains shortly and clearly manner why certain activities are important for your child’s development.
  • Users can also record their child’s progress and keep track of all of their activities. Each activity has its profile and can be used for multiple kids.

13. Baby and Family Memories-Moments Tracking App

Baby and Family Memories-Moments Tracking App

The Moments Baby Journal is a beautiful visual journal that captures a baby’s most precious moments and family memories. It will keep you updated with all the details of your child’s life.

App Description:

The free baby photo album app allows you to capture and preserve your child’s early milestones. The moments baby app features exclusive and beautiful baby stickers, growing-up frames, and artworks. it is the most user-friendly baby photo album app for new mothers. the app helps you create a personalized and beautiful photo album for your child. this help in preserving all your baby’s photos

App features:

  • Many art pieces have been curated by artists to create unique and personalized portraits for your baby.
  • Milestones by date is a great way to look back at your child’s milestones and see how they’ve grown. 
  • A personal journal lets you record the details of the event and keep track of all the beautiful moments of your child.

14. Qeepsake: Journal & Milestones App

Qeepsake: Journal & Milestones App

The app’s baby book concept is designed to help parents keep in touch with their loved ones. The Qeepsake app is also a great way to send updates to friends and family daily. Users could authenticate Qeepsake to ask questions to keep you on track.

App Description:

With the Qeepsake app, users can easily create a personalized photo book that’s filled with all their favorite memories. The app also lets users preview their family’s photo albums and journal entries right from the app. Once saved all the photos and journal entries, the users can then print the book at any time.

App features:

  • Qeepsake will prompt users with a couple of questions a day about their child.
  • Users can choose how many times they’ll receive these messages. 
  • Each question is gender-neutral, and it’s based on the child’s age. 
  • The Qeepsake app also allows its users to opt for a printed book/journal of all their child’s photos and other baby development milestones.

15. Tinybeans Family Album

Tinybeans Family Album

The best baby book and album app are built to help you organize all of your baby’s photos and videos.  With a variety of features, including private sharing and advice, Tinybeans is a place to stay connected with family.

App Description:

The app is a great way to keep track of your pregnancy and newborn growth. With unlimited storage and invitees, it’s perfect for grandparents, parents, and moms-to-be who are looking to keep track of their baby development milestones. The baby milestone app helps its users organize photos and videos that can be easily shared with family and friends. Tinybeans is a place to stay connected with family and learn more about parenting.

App features:

  • The tiny beans app helps its users store photos and videos of their babies in an organized manner. 
  • The app lets parents keep track of their child’s milestones and photos. 
  • Perfect for grandparents and other family members who are looking to keep up with the changes in their child’s life. 
  • The app can be used to organize photos and videos and share them with friends and family.

16. CDC Milestone Tracker

CDC Milestone Tracker

One of the best apps to track your baby’s milestones. The development app provides the checklist and activities to help you monitor your child’s growth progress.

App Description:

Available for both iOS and Android users the milestone tracker app help its users track all important baby development milestones of their child. The CDC app also helps its users keep track of all development activities using specialized checklists and growth trackers.

App features:

You can easily add a child or multiple children to the app and track their development through the Milestone Tracker. It features an interactive checklist that helps you look for important milestones. The CDC app also provides tips and activities to achieve each milestone. The development app will also help parents monitor their children.


What is the best app for tracking babies?

Wonder Weeks, Baby Connect, and Hatchbaby is all the best apps for tracking babies. All these apps help parents track their baby’s development. The apps also provide activities and trackers for every baby milestone. To help keep track of your child’s developmental milestones several baby apps will allow you to keep track of your child’s various activities and baby development milestones. If you’re worried that your child is experiencing a sleep regression, these apps will allow you to monitor their night wakings.

Can both parents use the Baby Tracker app?

Yes, most of the baby tracker apps help both parents to log in from their devices. This will help both parents track their baby’s development from anywhere. This app lets you keep track of your child’s various activities and milestones, such as their sleeping habits and feeding patterns. It also has a list of recommended vaccinations, and it can be used with other family members. Aside from being able to record all of your child’s vitals, the tracker also has an archive of articles that cover a variety of topics, such as medical advice and play ideas.

Is the baby tracking app free?

The baby tracker apps offer a free download on both IOS and Android platforms. The apps are free for a few days and then the users have to avail of a paid subscription. The free version does not give access to all in-app features like growth charts and timer settings.

Is there an app for tracking baby feedings?

Baby connect, and Glow baby app are all apps that help you track your baby’s feeding. These apps also help you set timers and reminders to help you feed your baby periodically.

How can I track my baby?

You can track your baby, development using baby tracker apps. These apps can be operated on a phone or desktop. Most baby tracker apps developed can be used on IOS and Android platforms. They are compatible with desktop OS. These apps help you identify your baby development milestones through a set of activities and growth charts.

What can I track my newborn in?

The baby apps help moms keep track of their child’s progress. A good idea of their child’s eating habits can help you make informed decisions. Baby tracker, Huckleberry, and Growth are all baby development apps that help you track your newborn.

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