Team spirit is knowing and living the belief that what a group of people can accomplish together is much larger, far greater, and will exceed that which an individual can accomplish alone.” 
– Diane Arias

Teamwork is very essential in almost every arena of life. There was a reason that since childhood we’re constantly reminded of this fact and every team sport or group project made us realize the significance of teamwork. Later on, as we stepped into the workforce, we became all the more clear why teamwork is actually essential. For any organization, the team plays an important role. As the business has continued to grow, different teams have come into existence in the business arena. Development team, design team, marketing team, sales team, HR team, etc. help you run business in the easiest way.

Some teams need not be a part of the business for long. For example, the web development team need not be a part of your business forever if your business doesn’t provide such services.
If you are planning to provide outsourcing services to people around the world, then be sure that you come up with a web development organizational structure that can impress your clients. 

Understanding the Organizational Structure of Web Development Company

So, you recently decided that it is the right time that your business gets a web application and you start looking for a good organizational structure of a web development company.

Now as you are in the process of hiring a web development company, you need to be careful about a few important points that need to be considered. Executing research on the development firm is integral before you struck the final deal, like knowing about their past projects, client satisfaction ratio, and there are several crucial aspects. And one such aspect is knowing the web development company structure you are going to work with. After all, it will help you in further communication if you know the web development team well, as they will now be in charge of the project. Each individual in the web development team has their own specialty & role, and they work towards a common goal. And now as you begin the web development & design project, it is necessary that you know about some important roles that will be part of your web development project.

Website Development Team Structure

A lot of advanced software technologies, high-speed hardware, and huge financial capital go into the making of a web development project. However, none of it will be executed well, if your web development team is not well-skilled & qualified, and fails to deliver value to the end-user, hence your team is the greatest asset. Now every company will have its own range of services and even the number of web developer team members will vary. However, there are some typical ones that any web development company can’t do it and they will be crucial for your web development project as well. So, let’s get to know them:


  • Requirement Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Ui/Ux Designer
  • Web Developer
  • QA Engineer

So this is a typical team application development organizational structure you will find in most development company and you need to ensure that they are a part of your web development project as well. Meanwhile, in case required the team can also be extended with the addition of a few more members. Like, Development-Operations specialists may come on board to deal with issues related to deployment & app maintenance.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Web Development Team

Now, on your app, it’s crucial that you very well know which team members will be responsible to handle what specific task. So, let’s start with the Requirement Analyst’. This person will be the first team member you will work with, thus we will begin by describing this role first.

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Requirement Analyst

Once your web development project kick-starts, you will first require communicating with the Requirement Analyst. As you share your product idea with the analyst, they will turn them into absolute technical specifications. Requirement Analysts will be responsible to understand your expectations with the project and how you want it to be like & then the information will be communicated to the entire web app development team.

Meanwhile, the role of a requirement analyst is not over here. Next comes gathering the project’s functional requirements. Once it’s done, the analyst will accordingly help in determining which features must be present in your app. Next, the analyst will translate the raw data into solid product specifications, which the team can then consult on. It includes a description of how each block of the web app should perform, what each feature should attain, which button will be responsible to achieve a specific business objective, & so on.

In fact, the work of requirement analysts in web design team structure is not over even after the project development has kick-started, as the product requirements will change frequently even during development.

Thus, you will be contacted by the analyst throughout the development process so as to clarify & approve changes for new requirements. Basically, a Requirement Analyst is required to fulfill three tasks, they are:

  • Elicit Requirements
  • Analyze Requirements
  • Document Requirements
  • Communicate Requirements to Other Team Members
  • Develop Required Documentation
  • Manage the Project’s Scope

Small web development team structure makes it easier for the clients to connect with you and define their requirements to a set of people who would understand and relate with their business objective.

Project Manager

This role is crucial for every project and the same holds true for web development projects, as the project manager will be connecting all dots of the entire development procedure. The manager will discuss the client’s vision & expectations with web applications, translate it into the language of web developers & designers, accordingly assign tasks, coordinate the development flow, & finally will approve the final product. In simple terms, “A project manager will identify the main problem required to be solved, and determine, with the response from sponsor & stakeholder, how to deal with it: What will be the project objectives & scope, and which activity will be useful to accomplish objectives. Accordingly, the manager plans & schedules the tasks, supervises daily execution & monitors progress. In the end, s/he will evaluate performance and capture the lessons learned.

UI/UX Designer

No web application is complete without the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design. However, many people have trouble differentiating UI & UX design, and if you are one of them, then let us clear your confusion. No application development team structure is incomplete without designers.

Basically, a UI with no UX is more like a fashion designer sketching a design without thought, whereas UX with no UI is more like a frame of a sculpture without any paper mache onto it. A remarkable product experience requires UX followed by UI. They are both crucial to the success of a web project. UI design is crucial to determine how the website’s surface is laid out, while UX design will cover the way a user interacts with the website all through the user journey. Although UX design is more about analytics & testing, ultimately both UX & UI are vital parts of contemporary website design. In the web development team, generally, one person is responsible to manage both UX & UI design.

Web Developer

In the web app development team structure, software engineers are divided into two categories:
Front-end developers

  • Back-end developers
  • Front-end Developers

Front-end Developers

So, the front-end development side is the one that the user sees and can interact with. It comprises design elements, whose behavior is defined by the code written by the front-end developer. Like, when a user will scroll down the web app, they’ll get a pop-up registration form. Front-end developers are the ones implementing functionality but just for the front-end. As a user clicks a button on a webpage or submits information via a contact form, then he will interact with the website owing to the JavaScript.

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It’s the responsibility of front-end developers to ensure that these buttons & forms (web app’s interface) are functioning correctly. At the same time, front-end developers also need to ensure that the web app is looking great on screens of every size and performs well in all browsers. Mostly, front-end web developers are an HTML+CSS+JS specialist, and thus one person performs all tasks of client-side development. However, in some development firms, these responsibilities are divided between two people: a JavaScript Developer & an HTML+CSS specialist.

Back-end Developers

Next comes Back-end developers, who manage operations that are though invisible to users but still hold great value in the functioning of a web development team. The backend part of a web app usually consists of a server, database, and server-side apps. Back-end developers are responsible for the implementation of the web app’s business logic & designing of a server architecture for a web app. A back-end developer is responsible for writing server-side scripts, implementation of security standards, creation & management of databases, development & integration of a Content Management System (CMS), and integration of the app with cloud-computing services. Apart from these, a back-end developer is often responsible for development-operation work, like maintenance of server infrastructure, updating & release of new versions of the web app.

Quality Assurance Engineer

QA & Testing is essential for any web app development process. It holds the same significance as front-end, back-end development, designing & management. This is why every web app development team must have quality assurance specialists, who are responsible to design the tests and then apply them during the entire development procedure, thus solving any issues prior to the production work for a product begins. QA Team holds great significance when it comes to web application development team.

A QA specialist is involved in tasks like software design, source code writing, source code control, code review, software integration, test program, change management, configuration management, and also release management procedure.

The main idea of testing is the prevention of low-quality products from being released into the market. QA engineer analyses the code from another side, which is not available for the person who is writing the code. Testing is also crucial to save tonnes of money as it reveals the bugs during the early stage of the development process itself.

If you are looking forward to extending your services further to a wider clientele you must understand what are the factors that clients consider to make a choice.

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What Makes You the Best Web App Development Team for Your Clients?

When it comes to hiring a web development team, your clients have a bigger number of alternatives than you may realize. And the other factor is managing remote work is complex and you need to convince your client of 100% productivity and punctuality. Furthermore, around there, if we try and understand that brands and new companies hope to reevaluate their application to an application development organization, then the common reasons for the same must be known.

Answering  who, when, how, what won’t help here.

These are the inquiries we put forward as we considered building our team. But at the same time we addressed that organizations ask when searching for somebody who can plan their iPhone or Android application.

In the course of recent years, we’ve worked with huge loads of brands and new businesses to transform application thoughts into real factors, so we realize the main strides to take when picking an organization to rejuvenate your application.

1. Discuss Your Clients’ Budget

One of the principal things that pretty much every organization would try to work on is the budget. Money is a significant piece of the discussion paying little heed to how cool your thought is or how extraordinary a chance this is by all accounts. You ought to consistently endeavor to go into these conversations with an unmistakable image of the amount you need to go through and be straightforward with your possible accomplice. Be straightforward with your numbers, as genuineness is the most ideal approach to start any association.

2. Share Your End-To-End Process

The best application businesses suffer a heart attack, a proper arrangement of steps they follow as they plan and fabricate applications. We start every one of our customers on our Mobile App Blueprint measure, which allows us and the customers to more readily comprehend what they’re building, why they’re building it, whom they’re building it for and what the primary model will resemble when it’s an ideal opportunity to compose code.

3. Maintain a Strong Record

The most ideal approach to decide if an application team can deliver expected solutions is to survey their previous work. You don’t really have to see customers that fall into precisely the same business as you, yet you do have to see applications that dazzle you. Moreover, you need to guarantee that the application development organization is definitely not a one-stunt horse—preferably they’ve made applications that are to some degree assorted.

4. Share Your Pricing Structure

Some application developers just form applications for a fixed rate while others charge their customers hourly. You need to get some information about their methodology, as realizing the evaluating design will unavoidably prompt more inquiries.

5. Bewilder Them with the Research Process

In the course of the most recent couple of years, we’ve chipped away at huge loads of various applications, and the best ventures have consistently utilized exploration. Doubtlessly that one of the fundamental reasons we were named one of the world’s top application organizations was our obligation to investigate.

Prior to employing an application office, make certain to ask how they approach research and what sort of information they assemble before composing any code. Discover what their cycle resembles for leading quality UX research.

6. End the Project with Positive Notes with Past Clients

Let your previous clients do the talking for you. It is sure that the business before hiring you would do a little market research. Make sure the projects that you delivered in the past are up to the mark and can help you prove your credibility and word talent.

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7. Trust Your Clients and Potential

Try not to be hesitant to search out discussions with more than one office. As you converse with different offices, you will actually want to all the more likely separate the offices that are interaction and exploration driven from those that are definitely not. The examinations will help you acquire an understanding of which office may be a superior fit for their organization at this stage in your application plan.

Picking an organization is an energizing cycle yet in addition one that should be done well. These basic advances can assist you with choosing which office is the best one to help rejuvenate your application plan.

So, if you are looking forward to entering the market with a strong web development team structure, make sure that you understand the value of the task in hand and you ca deliver exactly the product as and when expected.

Time and your presence would make the most difference in the process. So, just be available to connect with the team and make sure that you help them stay updated with what’s going with the work.

Final Note

Now that you have understood the roles & responsibilities of web app development team members, next we would like to inform you that at times the team structure for similar projects may vary. It could be due to your own preferences, the difficulty of the project, or owing to the development time frame. However, now as you know it all about the development team, then it will be easier for you to communicate your requirements, concerns, queries to the right individual.

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Palak Khandelwal is a seasoned tech blogger with a passion for exploring the ever-evolving landscape of technology. With years of experience in the industry, Palak brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her engaging and informative blog.

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