It’s the era where mobile apps seem to be basking all the glory from business and audience across the world, yet one still can’t deny the significance of the web applications. They are very much around and help in keeping audience intact to the brand through its own charm. They continue to help businesses in developing and attaining its objective way faster, like they help in targeting varied clientele & customers at one time. Thus, no wonder organizations are very much embracing several aspects of web apps creations in order to meet their business objectives and demands.

Web apps can be great for your business in a multiple ways:

Marketing your business & Brand building: Without the proper support of a web app, it’s not possible for business to aim for growth in the market share. The aim is reaching new customers and let them know about your organization & services it offers. They are also crucial in branding and serve as a proper & effective communication channel between the potential customers & business enterprise. Besides, one can’t question their ability to enhance opportunities of services & products selling. All in all, e-commerce developers help business to get an all new market to ease sales.

Customer Support: Web apps allow business to offer better customer support. Like, good apps can serve as first line of contact b/w potential consumers & business. What adds to the significance of these apps is they can be easily accessed any time. In fact, even location doesn’t matter much with their help.

Competitors: The present business scenario is intensely competitive and thus it is vital for business to have web apps devoted to the enterprise, as they can prove to be an essential tool to garner customers.

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What are the types of web app projects?

To start with, most web projects (like around 80% of the web apps) can be divided into four categories. They are:

Basic Web apps: These are the sites with the basic functionality, elementary Internet stores, simple landing pages, minimum interactive elements and minimum content. To implement such a project, it takes around one month and the app development cost is certain to vary between $3 to $17K.

Pro-Level: These web projects are way more exciting, designed professionally, has interactive pages and offer much information. Among these web apps, we have e-commerce sites with moderate complexity, along with the prototypes for the future multi-functional Internet portals, web representation of the small business, and much more. These web projects are certain to cost around $17-55K, and it takes about 3 months of development.

Complex Projects: These kind of web apps are the customized one that has high complexity level, with exclusive CMS & thoughtful UX/UI design. These are aimed to bring their owners stable project and help them in automating the business processes of the company. Their development cost can be around $55-250K and the development time might be six months.

Corporations: This kind of web app is demanded mostly by large firms & promising start-ups with a good outset. Herein, the clients are willing to pay more than $250K and to spend more than six-month time to create a web app.

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            What affects the cost of Web Application Development project?

The cost of your web app project will depend on a number of factor, and once you have determined them each, you will be able to calculate the required cost of the project.

App Complexity: This certainly is the most determinant factor in your web app cost. You need an answer to what you want in the end? What are the functionalities you require in the app? Once you have gathered answers to these & other similar questions, you will gain an idea of price range.

Business nature: Yes, this also affects the web app project cost. Like, the more specific is your business niche, the more it’ll be difficult for the web specialist to figure it out. Thus, they would require to spend a lot more time on the development process, which surely would increase the project cost.

Urgency: In case you have limited time in hand with strict deadlines, you must expect to increase web app development cost.

Web development firm: In order to come up with an app, these are the necessary expects you would need in the development team, like Project Manager, Web Developer, UX/UI Designer, QA engineers. Look for specialists professionals where each of them plays a significant in the successful execution of your web app project. Now, the web development firm will affect the cost, as per the region they are in, and the qualification and experience of their professionals.

Ad Campaign for web app launch: This again is a crucial factor affecting the cost. With the help of an advertising campaign at your web app launch, you will be able to recover your expenses and also attract potential customer real quick.

Support: Well, you need to know that the app development is just the beginning as there will be a lot more in future where support team will be needed to monitor your web project activity. Hence consider this factor as you plan your budget.

Next, it’s time to describe the stages which go in the development of a web app

web development lifecycle

What stages does a Web App Project goes through?

Here, let’s consider all the basic steps in web app development:

Idea Formulation: So, you thought of creating a web app, then there sure be an idea you have of the future of your web product. Now, you are required to formulate that idea clearly: what are you expecting to receive as a result of aligning with the web app development? Do you intend to supplement your store with its web version? Or maybe you want to advertise your service via a landing page? Give a lot of thought to it. Understanding your requirements will be helpful to pass the following stages of the development process more effectively.

Carry on a Research: Here you require analyzing the support & demand. Like, you need to create a web app that is not only interesting to your customers but is also able to overtake your potential competitors’ similar offerings. For this, it’s crucial to execute a survey. Now you may choose to seek professional help to gather best results.

Requirement List: Once the information has been gathered, next it’s time to prepare a requirement list for your future web app.

Discuss issue with your development team and form up the requirement specification

Now, presuming that you’ve successfully found a good web app development company, it’s now the time to tell the developers about your desires and wishes and create a list of important app features with their assistance.

Prototyping: This is the stage, where a prototype is created & wireframes are built. Thus, this step will help you have a clear understanding of how the finished product would appear.

Design: All of us have an innate liking for appealing visuals, and always go after things that are visually appealing. This applied to web application development as well. Thus, ensure that the interface design of your web app is modern, appealing & user-friendly. Thus, ensure that the development company chosen by you offers a brilliant and experienced set of UX/UI designers with great taste.

Development: The development process of the web apps consists of front-end & back-end programming stages. With backend, it is dedicated to program a website & fill it with great functionality, whereas Front-end development it about creation of a public part of a web app that your users will be directly interacting with.

Testing: Even though many client may neglect this step out of their ignorance, but testing is an integral step of any development project and same goes for web app development. The repercussion could be lethal as your web app may fail to work correctly as the users use them.

Now, it would surely not be possible to conduct all necessary tests on your own, thus you require professional help from the QA professionals. Being excellent and experienced at their job, they will be able to ensure that your web app works just the way as you expect.

Launch: A project launch is crucial, yet a very difficult task. After all, the intention was to create a web app that is of supreme quality. Thus, you will require help of all the experts hired by you, in order to ensure that your web app is successfully launched in the market.

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Who all are involved in the Web app development process?

To begin with the web app development lifecycle, these are the required professionals who helps in running the project smoothly & excellently. They are:

  • Product owner (As a client, the product owner is responsible for validating that the product delivered to them meets their business needs & expectations)
  • Project Manager (the one who manages the project all along its competitions, and mends the gap between client & the technical team)
  • UX/UI Designers (Front-end developer)
  • iOS Developer
  • Android Developer
  • Back-end Developer
  • Quality Analyst (QA)
  • System Administrator

How much does it cost to create a web app?

As the cost of web app project is calculated, it is vital to monitor all your expenses & income opportunities. The ultimate goal here is reducing the first point and increasing the second one. So, let’s find out a way to attain it:

Look for the best option for web app developers

Without qualified help, it is impossible to create a quality web app. But you must know that different web app development firms have different rates and just a higher cost doesn’t always lead to higher quality. A lot depends on the company’s reputation and name, its experience in the arena, but it’s the location that proves the pivotal part.

For instance, the web app developers in US charges at the rate of $150-$250/hour, while experts from Western Europe charge moderately around $80-$150/hour. Then there are web app specialists from the Middle East, South America or Eastern Europe who tend to charge at $30-$80/hour. And then, there are developers from India, who doesn’t charge more than $50/hour. Big difference isn’t it? And that too with the assurance of quality. The professionals have great experience in IT arena and their web app projects have clean & understandable coding.

Clear requirement Specification & documented development process

Creating detailed requirement speciation and documentation at each stage of development procedure is highly recommended. It is advised to you specify all deadlines and maximize various options for succeeding events. This will protect you from unforeseen situations and thus, unplanned & unnecessary expenditures.

MVP Model: Developing an MVP model is a great option for the businesses whose budget doesn’t permit them to implement complex & multifunctional web app. Thus, it gets possible for them to offer their users a product with minimal functionalities and features. Later as the project starts to pay off, the businesses can gradually integrate more features to this. Also, this approach offers businesses a great advantage. Like, they will be able to find their consumer’s opinion regarding what feature they desire in your app and then you can accordingly act as per that.

Usually, the MVP model cost ranges between $50-$200K, and this depends on the requirement list and app development company rate.

Next, it’s time to work to increase the income.

Why web apps still hold significance in the world of mobile apps?

Well, there are several reasons that make web apps very much important even when the world is mad about mobile apps. Like, there is no need for downloads, they improve your search rankings, and also make your business reachable from any mobile device that has a browser. Thus, with web apps it is a win-win situation, cause often there are chances that mobile apps may not even be downloaded by customers as they hold a lot of space in their mobile device, as with most mobile users having less space, say 64GB, it might not be possible for them to install most apps, other than e-commerce.

And the arrival of Progressive Web Apps (PWA) have further changed the game for the customers, with them enabling business to reach customers with an entirely native experience, sans the hassle of creating and maintaining two apps. Such is the value hold by PWAs. Like, they even offer access to push notifications on your customer’s phone, access to their phone camera & GPS, ability to use gestures on their phone, as well as access to device’s local storage (for the offline functionality). Isn’t this reason enough why you should be giving though to web apps, with new technologies intact?

Now, as you are familiar now with the importance of web apps, you now must be pondering over the cost to develop a progressive web app. Well, thing is that you can never really predict & estimate the cost of every tiny detail of  web app development process, but you surely can get as close as possible.

In this article, we will be explaining various aspect of the cost estimation, and here we have first started with the types of web apps. After all, they certainly affect the cost of progressive web app development.

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