Today, businesses of all types and sizes need to have an online presence. No matter the budget, their ticket to survival lies in having a website or app. Because of mobile phones’ prevalence and ease of use mobile application serves as a great utility. There are a few businesses that are running entirely through the web or mobile apps. It tells a lot about the need to have a cost-effective framework. MEAN stack technology offers that budget option and is an excellent fit for modern businesses’ app development needs.

Decoding MEAN stack

MEAN stands for MongoDB, Express js, Angular js, and Node.js. Having a stack with all the elements promoting user-friendliness and quicker functioning helps developers deliver the application in no time.

Some of the best features of MEAN stack are:

  1. It is an open-source framework; thus, the developers can make changes in it without waiting for permissions. If getting stuck at any point, they can get the help of a community of developers and immediately fix the issue.
  2. It is a quick development tool having an element of the added organization. The developers follow a prescribed sequence in development, and this stack is designed precisely according to the sequence of activities involved.
  3. All elements are designed using JavaScript. Thus, there is uniformity across all the applications’ tiers.
  4. This stack is versatile in the sense that it is useful for developing both mobile and web applications.

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Functionalities of all elements of MEAN Stack

Why MEAN stack makes a wise choice for development can be understood if we take a look at the functionalities offered by all of its elements:

  1. MongoDB: It is no less than a repository of the application’s data. Utilizing JavaScript for coding both the application and DBMS offers uniformity in the flow of the object. The task of field addition becomes more comfortable with MongoDB. This database’s exceptional storage and performance ability make this element of tool a trusted resource for a MEAN Stack developer who works on data-enriched applications.
  2. ExpressJS: ExpressJS is a minimalistic tool that serves the needs exceptionally well without exerting much stress on the app’s resources. This tool ensures smoother interaction between the front-end and database of the application. The overwriting of variables becomes possible to achieve with ExpressJS.
  3. AngularJS: This element of MEAN is the template library of the stack. It is the front-end framework based on JavaScript with a server of its own. The server is utilized to develop the client-side of the application. This portion is responsible for the engaging UIs you find in modern apps.
  4. Node.js: Seamless and quick data serving is the function of this Mean stack’s element. This element has an in-built web server that enables easier deployment of MongoDB on to the cloud. The element is made fairly scalable to ensure that millions of connections can be supported simultaneously. Both resource-intensive and resource-efficient job requests can be carried out with Node.js development.

Working of MEAN stack

If we look at the MEAN stack working, we will find it fully supportive of all functions one wants to do on an app. Thus, an app full of user-friendly features and support for quick processing of user requests becomes possible to achieve with the MEAN stack.

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Here are some highlights of the functions done by the MEAN stack:

  1. Angular JS is the client-side language part of the app’s code. It is the Angular JS that processes all requests received from the client.
  2. Now, the information, which is an input, moves to the server-side of the application. Here Node.js is present to process the request.
  3. The request enters ExpressJS part where inquiry is sent to the database
  4. Now the response travels back via the route ExpressJS to NodeJS to AngularJS development.

All the information provided above shows why the MEAN stack has become the first choice of app developers. Some of the advantages that are the outcome of the features and anatomy of MEAN Stack are explained below.

Advantages of MEAN Stack relevant to the modern developers

Facilitates isomorphic coding

In overall development strategies, the developers need a system where information flow is fast, smooth, and sensible. MEAN enables the flow of information in JSON or JavaScript Object Notation format. This format empowers applications to deliver better performance in terms of smooth data transfer and speedier processing. The quick transfer of code from one framework to another is another advantage that the MEAN stack developer enjoys. It is helpful in real-time testing of changes or to test the response time of the app.

Superior flexibility

MEAN stack framework is cloud-compatible. Thus, the flexibility feature of clouds can be leveraged to achieve the seamless development and testing process. Developers can build or design and test applications using cloud technology, and with the ease of introducing new fields in the forms, the developers can make applications more information-populated. Full cluster support and automatic replication enabled by MongoDB serve the need of having a flexible application work environment.

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High speed, reusability, and ease of maintenance

MEAN stack- based applications have the characteristic speed of operation not so easy to find elsewhere. If the non-blocking architecture of NodeJS renders considerable reusability to the app, the AngularJS, with its open-source nature framework, offers developers ease of maintaining apps. Additionally, testing also becomes fluid and real-time with such frameworks. AngularJS offers several UI libraries based on JS. Its ease of blending with HTML and browser-independent, the code-less framework makes the applications conspicuously demarcated in terms of logic and presentation.

Cost-effective development

MEAN stack development can be done with fewer people onboard. Thus, the reduction in per head cost of employing developers becomes possible to achieve. Since all the stack elements are using single language JavaScript, the single skill-set is sufficient for handling the app development job. Besides, the employment of application in an organization is not a tedious task. The organizations can adopt the applications with the same set of existing resources without adding to the cost in any manner.

Single language means quicker and simpler development

Since both front-end and back-end development are possible to develop in a single language, the developer can attain better seamlessness across all layers. The ease of development combines with the quickness of process and allows companies to roll out their applications in a really short time. The seamlessness also leads to neatness in the app’s look and makes it look native-level simple, and user-friendly.

Another advantage of developing both layers in the same language is that of added compatibility between them. It makes the order processing time shorter and yields a better level of immediacy. Since the customers are most likely to abandon the app if they do not get the desired results quickly,MEAN Stack development company can help improve the customer retention rate. Thus, your app will be among the high-rated apps at the app stores, as abandonment hits the app rating the most.

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Added seamless across layers is also attributed to JSON, which is present in all parts of the application. All stack elements such as MongoDB, Express JS, Angular JS, and Node JS use JSON. The need to rewrite or reformat the flow of information to make it readable by the layers is eliminated. All this brings more smoothness in the operations at the client-side and makes the app quite robust on the server-side too.

Quickens debugging

Single language use means that the manipulation of data across the layers becomes easy to identify too. The ease of tracing the execution thread and applying debug tools uniformly on all layers facilitates smoother, quicker, and complete debugging. Since the assessment is not required for each layer separately, the debugging becomes faster and high on quality.

The utility of MEAN stack in web and app development

The utility of the MEAN stack in web and mobile app development for the businesses is quite palpable. Their offerings become lucid in feel and quite accommodating in action. The high degree of freedom and flexibility allows businesses to improve their day to day functioning.

MEAN stack is bringing more and more seamlessness in the functioning of apps. Both the web and app development become more comfortable, quicker, and eventually, the apps are more responsive to customers’ needs. The open-source nature makes this stack easy to modify and employ as per the companies’ requirements. The streamlined workflow also improves the quality of results and the features that the app is designed to deliver.

The best way to extract the benefits of the stack is to hire MEAN Stack developer who is well-conversant with the app features and business processes. A seasoned developer can help streamline processes more lucidly and speed up the workflow to deliver better outcomes. 

It will not be an understatement if we say that MEAN stack has become the trusted and result-oriented tool for developing apps. MEAN Stack development services are a way to build and deliver apps that well serve end-user’s needs that validate business’s purpose and idea of a tech-led programming solution most firmly and effectively.

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