The software development and mobile app development sector have moved leaps and bounds over the past couple of years. Mobile apps and web development are now built using various kinds of technology stacks. Selecting the most popular web technology stacks 2022 for your software development helps in enhancing your business prospects and boosting your profitability ratio. There are multiple tech stacks available in the market today.

Stats for Web Development Stacks

According to the most recent stats by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), this industry is estimated to reach $31 Trillion by the end of 2022 with an annual increase rate of 5%. The total number of worldwide sites developed in the same year is 2 Billion.

Web Development Stacks Stats

More on web development statistics of top companies are:

  • The number of sites owned by Amazon is 70k.
  • The number of web sites owned by Google is 3M.
  • The number of active users on Facebook is 2.4B monthly.
  • The monthly number of active users on YouTube is 1B.

These stats are attractive enough to extend the worldwide use of web development and emerging technologies in 2022.

What are the topmost Web Development Technology Stacks of 2022?

A lot of business people have an assumption that it has gone extremely high, in the days of yore you can turn into a front end engineer simply by knowing HTML, CSS, and a touch of JavaScript, however, not any longer and that is the reason it’s fundamental to be comfortable with an alternate arrangement of advances regardless of whether you are not master of those.

If by any chance you are a full-stack web developer or somebody who try to turn into a full-stack Software engineer then you ought to be comfortable with several front-end and back-end web development systems like React and Node, yet that likewise relies on your experience, e.g., regardless of whether you are basically from Python foundation or Java/JavaScript foundation.

It’s smarter to gain proficiency with the structure which is viable with your essential ability like a Python designer should profit more from learning Django than learning Angular. Likewise, a JavaScript engineer ought to figure out how to React and Node JS as opposed to learning Django and Node JS.

Before choosing any of the web development technology stacks for the project make sure that they fit with the requirements of the organization.

  • You must select that tech stack that matches the current trends
  • Pick that tech stack that has major community support
  • The tech stack must be matched with the industry standards and easily adaptive.

Read on to know more of the proven 10 web development tech stacks that will be popular in 2022.

1. The MEAN Technology Stack

Taking the topmost slot is the MEAN technology which is the best stack for web development services in 2022 with its numerous benefits for software developers. MEAN Technology Stack comprises MongoDB (NoSQL DB), Express.js (backend web framework), Angular.js (front-end framework), and Node.js (open source cross-platform server) and is used in developing complex mobile and web responsive applications. JavaScript is the single language that is used throughout the stack and that is why it tops the best web stack 2022 list. The components are JSON savvy and great in data transmission with free module library access. This means that the code can be reused across the entire app without reinventing further. A team of JavaScript developers is self-sufficient to work on this technology stack. This stack is efficiently used to create fast, highly efficient, and scalable software applications.

MEAN stack popular Web Development Stack

The technologies comprising MEAN are open source, free, and bear the support of a large community. Further advantages include the database which handles usage spikes impeccably and scales on-demand. The applications created on MEAN are flexible and extensible and can be seamlessly cloud-hosted due to having their own web server.

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The MEAN stack development helps teams by saving complex development time with popular plugins and tools. It assists in the faster deployment of web apps, API’s and websites. It’s a win-win proposition for building all kinds of websites and interactive apps.

When to use MEAN stack for web development?

  • MEAN technology supports fast real-time web apps.
  • Reduce the execution time of the project.
  • Faster integration with client and server panels.
  • More flexible and adaptive with technologies.
  • Freely available as open-source.
  • Project developed in MEAN is well fit on a budget.

2. The MERN Technology Stack

MERN is nearly akin to MEAN with a slight change in technology wherein Angular.js is exchanged with React. The major benefit of using MERN is the integration of React, its powerful library source, its capability to use codes simultaneously on servers and browsers along with its full-stack development (frontend and backend)  possibilities. React uses JavaScript XML and Virtual DOM whereby component work and changes can be seamlessly implemented.

MERN stack popular Web Development Stack

Moreover, React is a popular framework known for being flexible and performance-oriented that enables the building of top-end single-page apps with interactive interfaces. The MERN technology stack comes with an extensive suite of tools for testing, is open source with community backing. It is the second most popular web technology stack of 2022.

When to use MERN?

  • Power-packed with numerous libraries and codes
  • Faster emulsion with client and server-side
  • Presence of extensive tools due to its open-source platform.
  • The project is the best fit on a budget, and higher on performance.

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3. The MEVN Technology Stack

MEVN stack a popular Web Development Stack

Being similar to the MEAN stack, Vue.js replaces Angular.js as the frontend web framework in the MEVN web development technology stack. Vue.js popularity has risen over the past few years due to its incorporation of the topmost features of React and Angular. It offers out-of-the-box functionality along with a great set of tools. Using third-party services, one can further extend the functionalities of Vue.js. The Vue.js development services bring forth a lightweight solution in comparison to the Angular.js framework. Vue.js has a clear programming style, is easy to learn, and exhibits superior performance for web applications, and has made itself a safe space in web development stacks.

When to use MEVN stack for web development?

  • One of the biggest advantages of MEVN is Vue.js presence, which makes the file size smaller and faster to download.
  • Strong focus on UI due to its linear learning curve.
  • Easily handle the prototypes, animations, and interactive graphics.
  • The great bond of integration with an existing application.

4. Ruby on Rails Tech Stack

Ruby or Ruby on Rails (RoR) is a developer-friendly web development programming environment that is open source, object-oriented, and uses Ruby which is a dynamic programming language. The ROR or Ruby on Rails development framework enables the development of lightweight applications that boost flexibility. Ruby on Rails works in tandem with HTML, CSS, and JS for developing interactive user interfaces and XML or JSON for data transfer.

The server-side web app development needs lesser know-how to work on when written in the Ruby programming language. It equally is supportive of the development of SEO-based URLs. RoR enables the use of default structures for web pages and database management. It provides developers with a detailed error log to create bug-free applications. It also benefits working interactively with third-party apps by allowing each entity to attain its unique attributes.

When to use ROR for web development?

  • Supports a huge array of communities.
  • Provides the user with error-free detailed logs for the applications.
  • Allows the defined structure of web pages and databases.

5. Flutter

Flutter is a revolutionary technology stack of the cross-platform development industry. The major components in Flutter comprise the Dart platform, Flutter engine, Foundation Library, and Design-specific Widgets. Flutter is an open-source user interface software development program used for developing applications for the Web, iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux from a single codebase and business logic.

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Using Flutter, one doesn’t need to compromise on speed while building user interfaces, adding new features, or fixing bugs. When building software or applications, it is very essential to employ a consistent, steady, and standardized modern web development stack. The backend needs to be created with a set of tools that complement each other which helps in the reduction of development time and coordinating resources.

When to use Flutter?

  • Very high on performance.
  • It offers high-end integrations and libraries.
  • It has a mild learning curve that controls the regulated adhere of technologies.
  • This saves money and time for the project.

6. The Serverless Technology Stack for web development

The time is ripe to build applications on the cloud infrastructure. To put it simply – latch on to the Serverless technology stack. Infrastructure management has become easy and more simplified with the provision of services and tools that are offered by Serverless computing platforms.

Serverless Technology for web development

With the Serverless stack, one can easily scale up to thousands of users immediately during sudden spikes and scale down too as the spike subsides. The first Serverless platform offering Serverless computing services was AWS Lambda followed by the Google Cloud.

When to use a serverless tech stack?

This tech stack easily connects with thousands of users.
Stable user experience.
Reduced the cost of app building.

7. The LAMP Technology Stack

LAMP is an age-old classic industry standard when it comes to time-tested web development stacks which comprise Linux (Operating System), Apache (HTTP server), MySQL (Relational Database Management), and PHP (Programming Language). The LAMP stack is open source and free. It also runs efficiently on all operating systems. In web development, it delivers the best performance, cost efficiency, and flexibility. The LAMP stack components can be modified or interchanged within the same stack.

The Linux OS can be replaced with MacOS to change it to MAMP, while for MS Windows it changes to WAMP. The PHP programming language can be replaced with either Perl or the popular Python language. The LAMP is one of the most popular tech stacks and is used by popular open-source CMS such as Drupal and WordPress. In recent times, the simplicity, power, and stability of the LAMP technology web development stack have made it the chosen platform for the development of new custom web applications for 2022.

When to use LAMP stack for web development ?

  • The app developed using this stack is dynamic and reliable.
  • It is completely open-source.
  • Easy documentation encourages new developers to build custom and advanced apps.

8. The Django Technology Stack

The Django tech stack consists of JavaScript, Python, Django, and MySQL. It is an up-to-date, secure, and consistent technology stack that can be used across various platforms. The Django stack is part of the high-level Python web framework that boosts rapid development with a clean, logical design. The Python programming language is dynamic and object-oriented that is used in various kinds of software development.

When to use Django?

  • It runs independently on platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, and PC.
  • Supports excellent documentation for the real world.
  • Have batteries of Django with layers of security.

9. TensorFlow Stack

The TensorFlow is an open-source platform used for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning apps. It boasts of an all-inclusive, flexible environment of tools, community resources, and libraries that allows AI and ML researchers and developers for developing and deploying AI and ML-powered applications.

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The open-source core library helps to create and train Machine Learning models using high-level APIs for easy debugging and model iteration. TensorFlow is a flexible and simple architecture that helps in the process of the culmination of new concepts from ideas to code to the creation of advanced models.

When to use TensorFlow?

  • It offers a multitude of abstractions to train different models.
  • Use of high-level API like Keras to easily go with ML.
  • Easily train the models with the use of JavaScript inside it.

10. Meteor.js Stack

Meteor.js is an open-source development platform used for building JavaScript applications much faster for web, desktop, and mobiles. T It can integrate the popular frameworks, tools, and technologies that you already are using. You can focus on creating different features for building apps for different devices. You can utilize the same code for developing either desktop, web, Android, or iOS applications.

With Meteor.js you get an integrated JavaScript tech stack that ranges from the applications’ database to the end viewer’s screen, this means that what one can accomplish in a few lines might not have been possible in more than 100 lines. More than half a million dedicated developers globally use the Meteor.js platform for creating applications that are scalable, easy, and proficient. The developer community globally supports Meteor.

When to use Meteor.js?

  • Flexible client-server communication.
  • Easy debugging of codes.
  • The vast presence of libraries and packages.
  • Simple to cater testing tools.

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Final Thoughts

Choosing the right technology stack for your development project can be a daunting task. You may have got a better idea to guide your decision for choosing the suitable tools and technologies in tandem with your project goals. Every project has its own pros and cons. It is better not to be dependent on popular web development technology stacks that work for big organizations. These are the top web development stacks in 2022.

Hiring our team would mean uninterrupted support and assistance. If you want to connect with us at any moment of the day we would be available. Also, if you want some customizations or changes in your work, we would be more than happy to help. So, if you are looking forward to hiring a dedicated development team then you surely are at the right place. Octal IT Solution can help you earn the best results in a limited time, that too without hurting your pocket.

Selection of the wrong technology stack might turn into a nightmare for your development project. So it is best to leave the selection of the best stacks for web development 2022 to the web development experts for developing top-level web applications with the best functionality, design, and features.


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